Can Overmars provide the transfers that Arsenal fans demand?

I reckon that a lot of Arsenal fans spent the summer more in hope than expectation that things would change at Arsenal Football Club, despite various members of the board including our CEO Ivan Gazidis telling us that it would happen even though they had not changed the manager as many fans were demanding but instead gave the apparently unsackable Arsene Wenger another well paid two year contract.

We hoped for big changes, such as sorting out the medical issues that see so many Gunners ruled out with injury, improving and upgrading the training which some sources have said is the same old tired routine and changing the way Wenger deals with and motivates the p[layers.

Mainly, though, we were hoping for a significant change in the transfer policy of Arsenal and at first it looked like we would get it. Beating a number of top clubs to the free transfer of Kolasinac and paying the Bosnian a big wage was a good start and breaking the club transfer record for Lacazette was a good follow up, but then it all went a bit stale.

Apart from showing the determination not to sell Alexis Sanchez to a Premier League rival, Wenger did nothing but make the already rich club some more money and we were understandably furious, so it is hardly surprising that the Frenchman is getting so much grief about our sloppy start to the season.

There is some hope for us Gooners, though, because the former Gunner Marc Overmars is set to return as a kind of director of football and the Daily Mail reports that one of his main roles will be to assist Wenger in his transfer dealings.

So could the Dutchman, who has spent the last five years in a similar role at Ajax, provide the changes that Arsenal fans want and the club failed to deliver this summer?



    1. Maybe he would be hired because he has some good connections with Barcelona and Dutch clubs? Arsenal could be after some young talents from Spain and Netherlands.

      Overmars will not provide major change the fans are hoping, which is a change in the club ownership and managerial position.

  1. Champions League Football.
    Challenging for the title and achieving success.
    Those are the things that top players want and exactly what Arsenal cannot provide.
    Overmars will be just another boot licking Wenger yes man – he is even one of his ex players.
    Waste of time him coming here…
    We need to be getting Wenger and not getting a pointless director of football in…

  2. Hmm, a kind of director of football.
    As much as I love Overmars and really hope he can come up with some great finds, let’s not forget he is a Wenger appointment and Wenger only appoints yes man.

  3. I will pray for all of us Gooners during these terrible times, it just doesnt end. All fans with season tickets will surely be forgiven if you somehow coordinate a mass protest against the Dictator regime that holds this once wonderful club. I just dont know anymore, really.

  4. It will depend allot on what the cash flow situation will be like. Wenger didn’t want a director of football and he didn’t want to lose D Law. Hopefully he’ll have power to use his own judgement when needed.

    1. Wenger will continue to be dicatator. Overmars only reason for (possibly) joining is to wait patiently until Wenger xxxxs off.

  5. And the hiring of Jans Lehman sure has brought
    that much needed intensity and accountability to the dressing room.

    Love Marc as a player and he is an Arsenal man through and through but honestly this “appointment” is simply rearranging deck chairs on AFC Titanic.

    Would give anything to be wrong, anything.

  6. It’s a fake rumour. Wenger said it himself that Overmars isn’t coming to Arsenal in any capacity. Can we actually talk about what’s really going on and stop this shoddy journalism!

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