Can Ozil show some pride and follow Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s lead?

Henrikh Mkhitaryan has just had his Arsenal contract terminated so that he can join AS Roma for free permanently (BBC).

It is good news for Arsenal as he has now freed up space on their wage budget for another player to come in.

One player that needs to do the same thing probably even more than Mkhitaryan is Mesut Ozil.

The German remains Arsenal’s top earner and one of the players who refused to take a pay cut when the club asked all their team members to do so.

We understand that playing football is his job and that’s how he puts food on the table for his family.

But being involved in the games with your teammates is one way that footballers remain happy.

Money, they say, isn’t everything and that has proven so for the likes of Alexis Sanchez who took a huge pay cut to join Inter Milan and I suspect that Mkhitaryan will have done the same thing because teams in Italy rarely pay as much money as Arsenal or other English sides do.

I wonder if Ozil ever thinks of his reputation when he hangs up his boots, if he does and still wants to stay on the bench at Arsenal just to make money, then that says a lot about his character.

I truly hope that Mkhitaryan’s recent decision will influence Ozil a little and he will walk out of Arsenal with some pride.

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    1. Please stop crusifying Ozil. When he signed for his contract he made commitments to his charities that he supports for a good cause better than the entrainment you after. Now you want him to have his contract terminated . When his contract is up or finds better paying job he can leave . Such is life.

      1. I think its important to see that when he was asked to take a wage cut it was on his wages, he could have then could have still given as much as he normally would to charity.

        Dont get too wrapped on in his commitments to charity, hes on a very big contract and it doesnt barely make a dent.

    1. I would if I was offered 300,000 plus additional perks tax free for 3 years.

      From a strictly financial standpoint, Ozil will net more money taking the lesser, but tax free amount… not counting the perks, which could save him a considerable amount of his salary that he would otherwise have to spend.

      There is an even greater advantage to accepting the deal in that it is a three year contract. Why? Because nobody outside of China is going to pay Ozil, who will be on the downside of his career, £ 350,000 a week for the two years after his Arsenal contract expires… especially not if he continues to rot on the bench at Arsenal this season (and the Chinese won’t offer Ozil a big contract because of his criticism of China’s treatment of Uighurs). No professional coach/manager wants a player on his squad who would rather sit and collect a paycheck than play. None. And no team that can afford to pay Ozil what he wants is going to want to give a big contract to a player who does. So, he would be cutting his nose off to spite his face by turning down the Saudi offer.

      Finally, if Ozil is sincere about helping the Uighurs (and I have no reason to think he isn’t), he has a much better chance of being able to get the means to do so while playing in a Muslim country, with people who have a lot of money to spend, than by staying in London, where the government and people aren’t as interested in helping the Uighurs as people in the Muslim countries.

      1. If he leave for suadi, we the know is motive in agreeing to seat on the bench all this while is due to money which I object. He’s not the all money man from my perceptive. He’s just proofing and leaving by his principle of fair justice. He was once on Arteta’s plan, then boom he was off it. Ozil from my point of view is not the person whose decision is on money. He didn’t strongarm arsenal like Ramsey. He’s just a man of principle not afraid to speak on matter pressing like the scapegoat he was made off in the national team.

        1. You can object as much as you want the main and only reason is money mate, he didn’t strong-arm arsenal to give him that contract the club did if their freewill and if he is a nan of integrity as you say follow sanchez and mikhi take a pay cut and play somewhere else then you’ll forever earned our respect

    2. I hear u. Am equation quick to resolve 350k/week and London life are fine for Ozil.

      Kroenke did this and glad OZ didn’t take pay cut, all Billionaires became way richer during Covid, Kroenke too. Like Amazon asking pay cut.

      How can Kroenke gets away that way, so slick, always hiding, trying to make more money by saving some…

      Ozil is a lost for him, his trickeries back fired. Probably thought he will sell him high. Same for Pepe unless he blows up this year. Maybe need to hit the gym and do a Traore.

      1. So, let me get this right. If a player under contract but whom the club (or the fans) no longer wants refuses to walk away from the contract, then he has no ‘pride’ (as suggested by the headline of this article). However, if a player who the club wants to stay but is under a long-term contract, then he should ‘honour’ his contract, or ‘show some loyalty to the club/fans’ by extending the contract if he is near the end of his contract.

        Us football fans are funny creatures, and most of us seem to forget that loyalty is a two-way street. In asking for loyalty from the in-favoured players to the club/fans, we fans and the club should also extend that same loyalty to out-of-favour players, no?

          1. Ok, and what would you say if next year, Auba’s form tails off after ‘signing da ting’, and the club wants to get rid his ‘massive wages’? Would you then say please have some pride and go? Because I remember everyone (or almost everyone) associated with Arsenal was clamoring for Ozil (and Sanchez) to ‘sign da ting’ at the time.

            Also, what would you say if an on-form player under contract wants to leave the club? Would you then say to the club to have some pride and let the player leave on a free, and would you call the club ‘greedy’ and ‘money-grabbing’ for wanting a high transfer fee to release the player of his contractual obligations? If not, why not?

            I do not recall that Ozil has refused to train or play, nor has he asked anything more than what he is entitled to under his contract. What then is the problem with Ozil staying at Arsenal as is his right under a mutually agreed contract? How has he erred in any way, for ‘fans’ to launch vicious personal attacks on him?

        1. When Ozil signed his contract no one thought he would give up the he has. Call is what you want, change in team dynamics etc. But they didnt hand out that contract expecting the performances he put in since, so your i think having some pride is more to do with that he has performed no where near what that contract has asked him to.

          We all have jobs where if you under perform and your not worth your wage you get the boot… this is no different.

  1. Why are you questioning his character? Nobody forced Arsenal to offer this contract to Ozil. Kroenke has not lost any money in this covid crisis. In fact he has made a lot of money during this time so why should Ozil take a pay cut? Facts are something we should all look at.

    1. But it is about his character. Look at AMN as a great example. Looked like he was finished under Arteta, but got his head down, changed his ways, worked hard, performed well, and forced Arteta to change his mind.

      Emery gave Ozil a second chance, and got no response, Arteta gave him a really good chance, and again, Ozil offered nothing.

      So it’s all about character. Ozil is happy to coast along doing the bare minimum in games when played, and is now happy to play no football for a whole season just to earn money, he doesn’t even need. I said Ozil retired the day he signed his lst contract, and he’s only proving me right.

      1. And how is that a problem? Ozil won’t go anywhere till next year, just to spite the board. Ozil is not needed in the team, I agree, but I also support him no leaving, serves the board right!

      2. Bull S&#%:*’ Ozil played for Arteta.. Refused to take a pay cut.. COVID came along.. Post COVID he was off the team.. How does a player become useless while there are no games being played..
        Wake up people..
        This is political football and Ozil is perfectly fine to sit and take their money because they are idiots.
        He earned that contract. And should never walk away. They have to pay every penny of it.
        Please don’t compare Mikhi to Ozil. Not football wise.

    2. The fact you are trying to justify him earning money for doing practically nothing only emphasizes how much this does have to do with character…

  2. Leave Ozil alone!!! Two aspects: He wanted to leave the club but Arsenal pleaded with him to stay which he did because he loves the club. Second, Ozil is a world class player but the club fails to utilize him to his strengths.
    Third, human beings earn a living through their talents depending on the value, which Ozil is doing. And Arsenal pays Ozil was by mutual agreement. How is that selfish on the part of the player?

    1. Well, to be honest, does he really love the Club ?
      He SAYS, he loves Arsenal, but you know, loving and talking about love are two different things, isn’t it ?
      You right about his contract: both parties agreed on this , I believe there were no guns pointed heads etc
      His contract is still on for antoher 12 months and he has all rights to sit on it and be paid.
      Is it selfish ?? Hmm, maybe not. But I will tell you one thing and do whatever you wish with it:
      Being proffesional footballer , blessed with huge talent is something huge. You are paid top dollar for playing football !! Having fun in the park ! For f**k sake ! Not wake up every morning and start 6 am shift in local recycling plant for some shitty money.
      How many of you were thinking as a kid, how I wish I would love to be one of them.
      And NOT for money, but for admiration , thousands of people screaming in the stadium, that atmosphere, etc.
      How many times you also heard from top footballers: playing football makes me happy, blah, blah, blah.
      Sorry for the pathetic part 🙂

      So if Ozil loves playing football, what is he waiting for ? Sanchez went to Inter, agreed to get his wages cut, just to play. Same Mkhi . Many players in the past did the same. But not Mesut.
      You can say whatever you want to defend him, but you can’t say that ambition drives him, can you ?

    2. Özil is history . Just soaking up the money . Problem left over by Wenger. If he loves football more than money he’ll move on and play elsewhere. Just my thoughts.

  3. Mkitariyan has allways shown interest in playing time. Play how much as he can…Ozil has not shown interest in playing football since he left the germany team and Is happly sat in the bench making money

    1. He turned up to training, declares himself available for selection… but if he wasn’t selected or been frozen out under somebody’s order, what can he do? You don’t fine it odd that after playing every game under arteta pre lockdown, suddenly he’s been frozen out post lockdown after the paycut issue? I bet it wasn’t Arteta who kept him out of the matchday team…

      If he agree to the move to middle east team, you will still attack him saying that move proved u r right… he’s a money grabbing assholes… so staying put is the best way to prove you wrong… prffttt…

      1. You just made up that last paragraph to cover up the obvious fact Ozil IS only staying for money. If he is not in the managers plans what else can he do??? Move to a different club! We have all been begging for him to do it for months! Why would we be mad if he actually did it? We would be overjoyed!!

      2. Mkihi was also fit and available and guess what he did when he was told he wont get playing time with us? He moved to a different club! A man who cares about football and his career.

  4. Ozil has now been benched by three different managers. It’s pretty obvious that his attitude is the problem. The contract, how much he earns, should he take a pay cut… who cares? He might have a contract but he also has an obligation, and it seems he isn’t living up to his side of the bargain.

  5. Vilifying people for no reason is evil and wrong. For the sake of honest and hard working journalists around the world, you should show some pride and stop this non sense.

  6. Mhikatarian is a professional footballer and has taken every opportunity to play. I wish him all the best for his future career at Roma. His agent cancelled his contract with Arsenal, by apparently paying £1 million compensation.
    It is reported Mezut Ozil has received an offer from Saudi Arabian side Al Nass’r of £15 million per season. Given this is tax free, Ozil would earn more than he does at Arsenal. There has been no mention of a transfer fee.
    It will be interesting to see if Ozil, similar to Mhikatarian, wants to play football. Mark 8:36

  7. He is no better than someone sponging off the government because its worth more claiming than it is to have self worth. Like to know the background of everyone who supports this leech. I already know.

  8. If I were Ozil, this is one big escape route lifeline chance that according to the media reports the Saudi’s club side Al Nasir are presenting to him on a platter to join them this summer on a reported weekly wages of £285k/week. Where else can it be better for Ozil to grab with his both hands and cuddle it careful to not drop it, sigh a deep sense of relieve to say, Ah! Thank God! I am after all free from the hands of these Arsenal people who doesn’t want to see me anymore in their club. So, I will take this big chance to go to Al Nasir and go there this summer. And leave these Arsenal people immediately without delays.

    But for the £75/w wage difference in his Arsenal wages to what Al Nasir have offered him which lower if he goes there, Ozil being the money greedy person that he is could turn down the beautiful offer that Al Nasir are offering him to come them and take to play for them to stay put at Arsenal for a full season to still be taking home the £350k/w wages that he’s been collecting at Arsenal not minding if he plays for the club or not next season. That the club’s problem and not mine. Ozil is believed to be telling those who are supporting him.

    But notwithstanding, still, Arsenal should try all they can to make sure they get rid of Ozil’s name from their wage bill books this summer to free space for a new incoming signing of a seasoned top quality grade central attacking midfielder this summer by Arsenal who can help the club achieve greater heights next season’s campaign in all competitions.

    1. Samuel, check out the tax regime in Saudi Arabia compared to the UK. Ozil would be better off financially.
      He just has to be careful he doesn’t fall foul of the Prince over politics; however he has no trouble being “best friends” with Erdogan.

  9. Only player in Arsenal shirt that dont care about playing football but talk nonsense and being lazy. Went I look back, seems all d players that left for playing time n to win trophy is real footballer. But this lazy bastard knows exactly he cant compete anymore, wont get such a salary anywhere else n big clubs dont want him. So he and his personal manager playing games on Arsenal.
    Arsenal just won 2 trophy without him. Its already speaks a lot.
    Shame on him. No self respect, tick face n no dignity.
    Its funny there is bunch of fools still support his decision. Wonder what kind of life n mindset they have.

  10. Ozil should take the opportunity and go. He is not going to be made penniless, far from it. The Saudi Arabian club are offering not far from the salary Arsenal are paying him, and I wouldnt be surprised if Arsenal were willing to pay the difference between what Ozil is on now and what Al Nassr are offering him.

    As for the people saying why should he go? Self respect, pride, the opportunity to prove the naysayers wrong, the chance to be a competitive footballer again. Also, his wife wants to leave London, (has done since the knife attacks,) and his freind Kolasinac looks to be leaving too. And of course Ozils love for Arsenal.

    If Ozil were playing well and starting most matches I wouldnt begrudge him the money he gets paid, but the truth is that what Ozil says gives the impression that he loves the money and loves living in London far more than he loves playing for Arsenal.

    The club are struggling financially, they were before Covid and now with no gate receipts, things will be no easier. His current contract was a mistake when it was made and its a burden for Arsenal now. If Ozil genuinely loved Arsenal he would see that and take the opportunity to earn massive amounts of money elsewhere.

    1. I can tell you those supporting Ozil knows that they’re hiding their true identity.

      He said he’s supporting charities in London so he can’t leave, apparently Ulghur charities. He can support them better if he moves to his kit and kins in Saudi or UAE.

    1. If Ozil decides to give up the rumoured offer, this may indicate that Qzil may be a man with a lot of pride and, instead of moving for more after-tax salary, he prefers to stay to pay back those who bullied and insulted him.

      This may not be that honourable, but an eye for eye.

        1. If I were ozil. I won’t move! The club didn’t treat him well, while should he? Vengeance is best serve cold!.. It will be better if he goes, but I don’t want him to.This board has been one of the most useless board I have every seen, they deserve what they get

          1. Simon
            I had no intention of getting into a pro or anti argument as I have decided that having any view on Özil has a desperately negative effect on this site or most likely any other site.
            Is Özil getting his own back really a worthwhile cause? I don’t know what he is thinking.. do you?

          2. the best vengeance will be MA eventually playing him after some injury crisis and he come out as a world beater. Then we fans begging him to stay and he leaves for free after this season.

          3. Protiq, it could be that Ozil does shine, if he has a Partey and a Diawara doing his tackling and ball winning for him in midfield. Without such players to shield him from and reduce the load of the hard work on him. However with out such team mates, playing Ozil will be like playing with 10 men, as he is a revolving door in defense. Arteta wants players who can contribute when the team is without the ball, as well as with it. That’s why Ozil is not being selected and the two trophy win, particularly the FA Cup, has proven Arteta right.

        2. In reply to Protiq

          I’m not interested in Ozil per se but I care very much about our club and how it is managed (I’m referring to coaching)

          I have a very firmly held view that Özil will play again only if Arteta thinks the team will be improved by his inclusion
          As they work together at the training ground, I think Arteta will be the best judge of that, not me or you which makes your analogy of Özil riding to the rescue as a non starter for me. I don’t believe Arteta is daft enough to exclude any player he thought would add value to match day.

        3. SueP, be honest here …. [ADMIN PAT COMMENT – Err Admart (as you call him) did NOT write this article so your agressive rant is even more uncalled for. I think you should calm down…] …. This is Miki making a move and Ozil is getting talked-trashed again by someone who doesn’t take a criticism well. Double standard!! [Double standards indeed]

          1. Mobella that was uncalled for(sorry). To be honest, cant see any rantings in Sue’s reply or anyone else’s for that matter? All I see are simple, balanced replies? At this rate I cant wait to see his(Ozil’s) back just for the sake of sanity. It’s amazing how some fans are so emotionally invested in Ozil! THB MA believes/thinks the team is better off without Ozil ATM and that’s a view shared by millions of fans if my twitter timeline is anything to go by. Perhaps less emotion and more facts?

          2. You should be embarrassed by your response as there was absolutely nothing in my post that was in any way other than polite
            Thanks James for seeing as it was intended

          3. SueP, that wasn’t a dig at your comment . In fact I’m in agreement with what you say I just found it convenient to put my comment in your comment.

      1. Didi, his professional football career is ebbing before his eyes. You only get so many years to play at the top level, thus Ozil can’t waste this time. He should move on to Al Nass’r, particularly when his post tax income will be greater.

        1. To some people like Ozil and Bale, getting revenge may be more Important than their football career. These guys are rich enough and they already have other plans for their next life stage.

          I cannot comment if this is right or wrong, but we cannot ignore this possibility. To find a solution will need something out of the box, or we can just let it be.

          1. Didi, at Arsenal he gets paid and doesn’t play; if he goes to Al Nass’r he gets paid more, but will be expected to play to earn his money.
            The question remains, is Ozil a “professional” footballer, who wants to play or not?

      2. Didi, at Arsenal he gets paid and doesn’t play; if he goes to Al Nass’r he gets paid more, but will be expected to play to earn his money.
        The question remains, is Ozil a “professional” footballer, who wants to play or not?

    2. All but one of your posts is just an angry rant
      Has anybody at Arsenal said that he is not entitled to his contract?
      It is the fan base and pundits who are getting hot under the collar not the club.

  11. This is more than football n moral it is politics n religion so we should think it out well before putting the blame solely on ozil, Arteta is a good coach but also at fault in this, he should have taken the responsibility to solve this n not take side. Kroenke has done worst financially to Arsenal than ozil but ozil should swallow his pride n go to Saudi n leave this hypocritical country.

  12. OT
    ” because teams in Italy rarely pay as much money as Arsenal or other English sides do. ”

    Tis is debatable….

  13. Ozil not treated well? He doesn’t do well in games since his 350k contract. Emery dropped him for not working hard.

    MA gave every player a zero beginning and yet he strolls in games and gets peeved when replaced.

    Ozil knows what’s he’s doing. He doesn’t do well in games anymore so he’s not been hardly done. He does poorly in games.

  14. I hope Ozil takes that Saudi Arabia offer!!! We can’t have his drama following us into the next season. Please please please, Ozil JUST LEAVE!

  15. I really don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, so I cannot write an opinion based on stories written by journalists or bloggers.

    I’ll base my opinion on what I see on the pitch.

    Personally, I think Özil was dropped because of his lack of pressing when Arsenal loses the ball.

    Like an Arsenal fan said in another article about Özil, the only players allowed to be passive when a team loses the ball are exceptional players like Messi and Ronaldo.

    Özil is a great player, but he’s not in their calibre.

  16. Ozil knows that when his contract expires, he will retire. He sees this as an opportunity to accumulate funds before retirement. The issue of Willian will be the as Ozil’s

    1. Top Gunner, his earnings as apparently offered by Al Nass’r will be higher than Arsenal, because of the tax regime. Also Ozil has less than 12 months on his contract and Al Nass’r is offering a 3 year contract. At the end of his current Arsenal contract his chance of bettering this offer is minimal.

  17. One point I would make concerning the suggestion that the departure of Mik will “free up” wages for a replacement, that is not going to happen.Our wage bill is currently way too high and you can be sure that a reduced budget has been set for next season.In essence,the wages of certain players we hope to unload will figure in that budget reduction.Unfortunately, despite rumours of his departure our highest earner is highly unlikely to move until his contract expires.

    1. Grandad, Ozil faces a choice, stay at Arsenal, not play, see out his contract and continue to divide the fan base, or move to Saudi Arabia, play games for A Nass’r, receive the adulation of their fans and earn a post tax income far greater than in the UK.
      His playing days are ebbing away in the meantime.

  18. Remember Dutch Bogarde? He remained two years at Chelsea without kicking a ball for them till his contract ended. Chelsea could not ship him and he insisted on fulfilling his contract. So sitting on contract became known as Bogarde.

    He tarnished his image at Chelsea and after his contract he could not play again. So Ozil is doing Bogarde.

    Ozil’s playing ability is gone. His stats says he provided only 2 asists and scored 1 goal before Covid-19. Not good for a player paid 350k a month that you people claims he’s being maltreated because he’s been dropped. The fact is he’s no more good enough for Arsenal.

    His kind of game is not what MA wants to play so he’s surplus to requirement simplisita. No hard feelings, he should just leave.

    He’s now training with Flamini, birds of same feathers. Flamini never got sold in all the teams he played and make sure he finished all his contract and refused to be sold.

  19. Sanchez might have taken a pay cut to join Inter but he also got a healthy pay off between 5 and 10M from Man utd,not bad is it?

  20. I genuinely think that Özil can still offer this side more as a substitute then by leaving. He deserves respect for the player he was for Arsenal. What you are failing to comprehend is that the money that would be secured from these contracts would end up in Silent Stan’s pocket. He has genuinely no desire to see Arsenal compete in the Premier League and I would argue he is even worse than Mike Ashley. He is the only Premier League club owner who has not invested his own money into the team. That’s where we need to raise our voice and say that enough is enough.

  21. Pride? PRIDE? Pride and Ozil go together Trump and humility. The very idea that this fraud has ANY self pride is delusional. If he has even a scintilla of pride he would work for his money instead of leeching off our club He has been the mortal enemy of AFC for years and will remain so for ever for the damage he has done to us. I truly hate him and all that he represents.


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