Can returning star really steady the Arsenal ship?

There is no doubt that Arsenal have had a major problem to deal with over the last month or so. Even longer really, because Arsene Wenger has not been able to call on the Spain international Santi Cazorla since the Champions League win over Ludogorets Razgrad in mid October and just about any team in the world would miss the talents of the little magician.

It has been much worse for Arsenal recently though, because the reckless tackle of Granit Xhaka and the harsh red card it brought saw the Swiss international banned for four matches (Man United’s Juan Mata got away with a much worse tackle on Vardy this weekend as did Milner on Moses last week).

We also lost Aaron Ramsey and that meant that the inclusion of Mohamed Elneny in the Egypt national side at the AFCON tournament left the Gunners on the bare bones in central midfield. Now the Egyptian is back though, and a report in the Evening Standard suggests that Elneny could have a big impact for Arsenal.

We could certainly do with someone to steady the ship but will Elneny really make that much of a difference? Wenger will have Xhaka back after the next EPL game against Hull and you would not think we need two defensive midfielders against the Tigers. Perhaps he could replace Coquelin this weekend though, and that would gibe Arsenal an extra edge in the passing and creative parts of our game.

Do you really think Elneny’s return will be a big boost for Arsenal?



  1. Wilshegz says:

    we dnt miss Ramsey pls.. n some players have to be benched against Hull so they ll seat up. Cech for Ospina
    ,Ozil for Iwobi (welbz play LW)
    Monreal for Gibbs (permanently)
    Walcott for Lucas

  2. Wilshegz says:

    we dnt miss Ramsey pls.. n some players have to be benched against Hull so they ll seat up. Cech for Ospina
    ,Ozil for Iwobi (welbz play LW)
    Monreal for Gibbs (permanently)
    Walcott for Lucas
    Coquelin for Niles

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Wenger will probably rest Elneny, after his ordeal.
    it’s not as we are desperate for some side passing and back again, add to that him not being allowed to shoot ? smh with a super sub lamppost ?

  4. leo...fourteen says:

    every one returning is always a big boost and like a new signing for the club..please which of the following returnees have been a big boost
    iwobi…always trying to get media attention….
    giroud ..boasting about their temporary form…
    ramsey….giving themselves false hope.
    per..stupid talk about togetherness and unseen passion….
    ozil…talking about how he has gotten used to the epl and we don’t see any of this things…

  5. Kostafi says:

    A home game against a team 18th in the league spells easy on paper but Hull drew United and beat Liverpool. They are in a relegation battle. Hull will be physical and if Clattenburg does as he did at Goodison, a lot of bad tackles will go unpunished. On paper, this is not a match for 2 holding/DMs but given what Silva is trying to do with Hull and our recent results, it is what we need to grind out a respectable 2-0.

    If El Neny is not jaded and has done well in training this week, then he can sub on or start. I am really tired of seeing a clueless AW go for broke and replace Coq with a forward expecting a tired Iwobi and Ox to pull a shift in midfield. If you are going to throw more forwards in, at least leave a midfield workhorse to anchor the team.

    I have been really surprised City managed this with an ageing Toure while Fernandinho was suspended.

  6. Onochie says:

    Arsenal players don’t make use of the gym,am yet to see any picture of them in the gym,that’s why they get bullied off the ball easily. We are so predictable before and during matches,the opposition knows whom Wenger would bring on and what that person can do. Arsenal is like an old movie,whether Elneny returns or not,it wouldn’t help. Serious changes need to be made in team selection depending on the opponents but Wenger can never do that. Hull are in a relegation battle,so they would be physical and tough on Arsenal players,we shouldn’t expect the referee to come to our help. Watching the replay of how Ramsey turned away from a shot reminds me of that skertel’s goal with Per mertsacker completely bending down and dodging.

  7. Mimo says:

    I’m seriously surprised how almost everyone avoided answering the article’s main question about Elneny’s potential impact on return and this is quite shocking especially after a serious of excellent displays for Arsenal throughout last season and this one. I know Elneny still have a few tricks up his sleeves that will surprise quite a few especially those who still struggle to access his genuine potential (Majority of people on this particular blog seems to suffer form this Problem!!) yet he is for a fact a top notch world class holding midfielder in the making and mark my words he shall be a serious revelation signing for Arsenal this year and for years to come. He’s extremely over shadowed and under rated because not many understand modern game tactics and he’s an extremely efficient tactical player with high sense of position and movement and you could seriously sense his absence when hes not around and no one more than Egypt felt it more in this years’s AFCON edition which i followed thoroughly!! Yet If Arsenal want the best out of him then Wenger must show serious trust in his abilities even after Xhaka’s return because part of Elneny’s slight turbulence in form this season has been due to the addition of Xhaka who’s presence seriously affected Elneny’s moral and those who deep into things would’ve noticed the difference between last years Elneny (prior to Xhaka’s acquisition) and this year’s Elneny with majority of games Elneny coming off the bench yet the very last few games he started before the AFCON have boosted his confidence back and that very much reflected on his last performances before leaving to an extent that surprised quite a few!! To know Elneny’s real potential you need to go back to his roots with FC Basel because their he showed his true colors on a very consistent scale which caught Wenger’s attention in the first place and I was personally following up him even then that’s how I learned what he’s really capable of and how much he has been restrained by Wenger’s antics!!!!

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