Can righteous anger really steer Arsenal to glory?

On the face of things it looks like it was a bad weekend for Arsenal in our hunt to reclaim the Premier League trophy that has not resided in north London since the time of the invincibles, when it was still Highbury and not the new Emirates stadium that was the home of the Arsenal.

A damaging defeat to a direct rival in Manchester United saw us slip back out of the top four with Liverpool winning to go back above us and the top three all picking up another three points. The weekend’s woes were completed when the league leaders Man City scored a very late winner after it looked like they may be held by West Ham and that goal gives them a huge gap of 15 points over Arsenal.

Game over for another season you think? Perhaps so, but Arsene Wenger did not sound in the mood to give up just yet in an interview reported by Sky Sports. In fact the Frenchman was full of fighting talk and is clearly hoping that his players feel the same anger about Saturday’s result as he does.

The boss feels that his anger and that of the Arsenal players at getting nothing for such an impressive and dominant display could be used to spur us on to success in the coming weeks and months.

Wenger said, “I believe from the game, it has to make us angry and even more determined.

“If I am a player, and I think with what we produced, we have a huge potential, and we lose the game. We cannot accept that.

“That’s what you want, the players have produced a quality performance. What makes you angry is that you produce that performance and, in the end, you have nothing to show for it. That’s very difficult to accept.”

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino may have accepted his team are not in the title race anymore, but Wenger has not and I think you could argue that Arsenal have deserved more points this season while the spuds have got just wjhat they deserved.

“I am not Pochettino, I am Arsene Wenger,” said the Frenchman. “I am here to fight as long as I can.

“As long as mathematically it’s possible, you have to fight. You cannot give any other message out.”

So are the Gunners still in with a shot? Will Southampton feel the full force of our righteous anger at the weekend?



  1. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    Whatever abuse and criticism has been thrown at us in the past,there is no denying the fact that whenever people thought we eere down and out we stood up stronger and made them shove theri words. This time it might just be too late for the title race,but still it is well within our reach to reach the top 4. PROUD TO BE ARSENAL-HAPPY DURING TIMES OF SUCCESS;LOYAL DURING TIMES OF CRITISM…

  2. summerbreez says:

    determined to succeed

  3. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Or the Board could just sack Wenger and all the team’s problems would go away.

  4. McLovin says:

    Let’s put it this way:

    How many here honestly believe we can go to Old Trafford, or any other venue of the top 6 teams, and win 1-3?

    We had 33 shots against United, and lost at home. And we played against 10 men for 20 minutes. And we lost.

    We will never win in such fashion away from home. That’s Wenger’s legacy – jelly for spine.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    You can’t blame Wenger for the last type of game, our defenders brought that on us. We had to go all gung ho, and when you do that you leave yourself open to a countering team, we ended up playing right into their hands. This is manu, you can’t give them three on threes against our defenders, you need to make them commit players forward too. Off course we created allot sure we threw the kitchen sink at them, and another time it might have got us back into the game but at the same time it is those same circumstance that gave us our worst or most embarrassing defeats. Our stupid defenders brought it on us, it was very early in the game and the players just threw caution to the wind.

    1. Big G says:

      And who bought those defenders and instructs them how to set up and play each game ?
      One guess.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Bought: AFC.
        Coached: Wenger.

        This isn’t me defending Wenger, heck this can be used AGAINST Wenger if you think about Chambers.

        AFC bought Chambers and he was pushed out on loan when Wenger got other CBs, he performed so well on loan that he won the fans over with his performances, the team got relegated due to a limp attack and they had the def record of a mid table team. Clearly def better than credited and Chambers was part of that.

        We know what Wenger does to players he didn’t want and this is following that patten. Accepted until he can get someone he wanted in and then pushed out.

        Happening with Perez, we got Lacazette who Wenger wanted and bye bye Perez.

        While I curse Wenger for not trusting in Chambers more, I curse the board for not buying some of Wengers TOP targets and giving him players he didn’t want or plan for.

        I am hopeful though that with the changes in the board that Wengers top targets will be bought and after Wenger, the new managers top targets are bought. I can not blame the manager 100% if the board are not backing the manager 100%, for me the blame has to be shared. Gazidis is the CEO so he gets equal blame, he has been here long enough now that we can see his effects and those effects are poor to say the least. That is why AFC have had to hire Gazidis pal from Barca. I actually think this could be the turning point for AFC… Getting a winner in high up on the hierarchy.

  6. shark says:

    Wenger’s glory means 4th place, CL money for Kroenke, out of CL in the first knock out phase, keeping players more than 10 years at the club and 8 mil/year no pressure. He makes some people think that he is eseential to the club, that nobody is able to see what he saw in Sanogo or Akpom.

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