Can Smith-Rowe and Odegaard play together or should they rotate?

Arsenal suffered terribly for the first half of the season when we didn’t have a proven Number 10 in the squad, especially as Mesut Ozil was sidelined, but on Boxing Day, Emile Smith-Rowe burst onto the scene and has hardly missed a game since.

But just a month later, Mikel Arteta managed to secure Martin Odegaard on loan from Real Madrid (hopefully with an option to buy in the end) and the Norwegian youngster has proved himself as another brilliant Number 10 in the squad.

There has been much discussion about whether they should both be in the starting XI, so it was no surprise that Arteta was asked about this problem in Arteta’s press conference. The boss replied: “The plan was to have more options and to start to create relationships with players that, in our opinion, could play together.

“We work together as a club to try to identify those talents, good players and intelligent players that can always play together. We have to find the right structure for them to maximise their potential and this is what we are trying to do and we will try to do that even more with some of the players that we have with the same qualities.”

So Arteta admits that they both have the same qualities, and when you consider the games are coming thick and fast every three days, do you think that they should take turns at being rested, or should Arteta just play them both together as much as possible.

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  1. They have shown they can play together and the two duracell bunnies will force many oppositions to make a lot of long clearances. Smith-Rowe is versatile enough to play well centrally and on the wings, so he can build good partnership with other young attackers

  2. They can play together, one can also replace one in case of injury or fatigue.

    Saka, ESR, Odegaard and Tierney. Very impressed with the young guns..I will also add Martinelli in that mix as I feel He has a part to play in the team during the season or next season. Odegaard might be a gunner if he wants to stay and if we want to get him but it all depends on Real Madrid.

    1. Getting Ødegaard on loan for another season with an oblogation to buy at the end would be the perfect scenario as he will then be going into his last year of his contract at Real Madrid. If we have the money to buy then by all means get the wallet out!

      I’ll also include Saliba, Dino & Matteo along with Azeez, Moller & Lopez as are young guns too to add to the list of impressive young guns we have then the guys out on loan like Willock, Niles & McGuinness.

  3. It shouldn’t be one or the other, it should be both options depending on the opposition being played and/or form

  4. In answer to asking should they play together, I believe in leaving those decisions to the professional manager in charge and reflect that as I HAVE NEVER WORKED IN PRO FOOTBALL, AT ANY LEVEL, – like most others on JA too- I am wiser to leave those decisions to those who know best. And that is not me, nor anyone else on JA. Is it!

    Had a different question been asked instead, such as “in your opinion , do YOU think both can play together”? I would have been glad to give my opinion, which is that yes they can, as they have proven already, to me .

    Whether MA shares my opinion we have yet to find out BUT whatever he decides, he knows far better than me. Doesn’t he!
    I would point out that had the question been more intelligently phrased when asked, I would not have needed to make my whole point in this post.
    Perfectly fine to ask our individual opinions but when the question is asking do we think the manager is right or wrong – which is what was strongly implied- I HAVE TO MAKE A STAND.

  5. They have proved they can play well together. Their mobility and usage of the ball complements each other.

  6. They have played well together, but I suspect Arteta will rest ESR for the Hammers match on Sunday.

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