Can Sunderland give Arsenal a perfect day after Man Utd loss?

I am not quite sure how it has happened to be perfectly honest, but after a pretty awful start to the season from Arsenal and with our big rivals for the Premier League title all setting off like rockets to leave us playing catch up, Arsenal find ourselves in third place and above Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham, although the spuds could go above us if they beat Sunderland today so hopefully the Black Cats can be unlucky for them and give Arsenal fans the perfect day.

We may only be ahead of Chelsea and Liverpool on account of our better goal difference but after losing to Jurgen Klopp’s team on the opening day, having a defensive and striker injury crisis to deal with and with United and Chelsea winning all of their first three matches, not many would have expected to see the table looking as it does today.

Chelsea are next up for Arsenal so the way they have lost form while we seem to be finding it could not have been timed better. And the way that Man United have gone wrong is a joy to behold. They were well beaten by Watford today, with all their big money players looking decidedly average. Pogba, Martial, Bailly and the often forgotten Memphis Depay were anonymous if not downright poor and Jose’s face was a picture.

Three defeats on the spin for the team that many had as pre-season favourites is all good news for the Gunners. Now if Sunderland can just do to Spurs what Monaco did on Thursday it will have been the perfect Sunday. So how are we all feeling about our EPL title chances now?

Sam P.

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  1. NY_Gunner says:


  2. luckyville says:

    To all the Negative Arsenal fans, here is a lesson for u. the fact that Man Utd has now lost 3 consecutive games even with their so called expensive calibre of players shows u that it is Not always greener on the other side. #IBeliveInArsenal

    1. NY_Gunner says:


    2. Arsenal007 says:

      I think we all have to understand something here…there are two MAIN set of fans on this forum
      1. Those that say no one should complain…saying everything Wenger does is right (win or loss).
      2. Those that complain when they feel things are not being done right (win or loss).

      What both sides have, or should have in common is that they WANT ARSENAL TO WIN.

      Anyone who wants Arsenal to loose for any reason at all is not an Arsenal Fan.

      So…please could we stop bickering against each other, and focus our energy on seeing Arsenal win…WHETHER WE ARE SATISFIED WITH THE WIN OR NOT.

      1. Juhislihis McLovin says:

        Grass is greener at Man City right now who lead by 5 points. That’s the team we should be worried about right now. Or anyone else who’s leading, if not us.

  3. Wayne Barker says:

    All that matter is where everyone finishes come may. No need to laugh at other teams and then look stupid like always come may.

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    First, I care about Arsenal’s performance as a priority
    But yes anytime Spuds get mashed, boiled, fried, baked….its nice 🙂
    So i send sunderland my best wishes 🙂

    That said Spuds are a good side this season like last season to be fair

    1. Godswill says:

      Like it or not, am happy the way Man U are losing.
      If it is Arsenal, we would be tagged relegation team by the British press.
      If Xhaka is playing like Pogba, they will say we were panic buying.
      We are and we shall be Arsenal, hate or no hate.

  5. Wayne Barker says:

    All that matter is where everyone finishes come may. No need to laugh at other teams and then look stupid like always come may

  6. tissiam says:

    i guess our win against watford a while back doesn,t look too bad now,i don,t want to blow my own trumpet but i said after that win that watford would trouble a few teams,they are a physical hard working team!!

  7. TH14-TW14 says:

    Where are the conspiracy theorists who always try to attribute genius to everything Mourinho does? I heard them say that he intentionally wanted to lose to Feynord in the Europa League since it’s a “distraction” to his title pursuit. Mourinho is very egoistic and wants an aura of invincibility around him. The last thing he would want is to lose back to back. He also understands that negativity sneaks in through prolonged defeats. So for those who made excuses for him in midweek what can you tell us about today’s defeat at Watford?

  8. luckyville says:

    If u listened to Pep Guardiola’s post match conference yesterday. he said they will surely drop points. And I begin to wonder y some Arsenal fans will feel Arsenal is an exception wen it comes to dropping points. One bad game and u see Arsenal fans coming on here saying negative tins and throwing all manner of insults on the coach and players at this early stage of the season with less than 6 games. thats not the way forward. #TwoWrongsMakeNoRight

  9. Uzi Ozil says:

    Listen to Pep talk after their win against Bournemouth and listen to what Mourinho said after the defeat against watford then you know why he is so irritating at times. Not saying pep or Wenger is perfect but at least they give credit to their opponent. What Mourinho do is blame the ref, weather, players, boot, stadium and the likes. I used to dislike Chelsea so much because of him. I like Conte. I now hate manu so much because of him. Well, he should continue his comics. We are enjoying it. When he does well, we call him genius. In our own case, we call Wenger lucky. Of course we criticize Wenger when things are bad but Lets give him credit at times.

    Not trying to focus on manu here but check out their next three games.. Leicester, Liverpool and Chelsea.

    We will likewise drop points in few games in as much as we wanna win all games….Arsenal can only improve and get better.

  10. TH14-TW14 says:

    On Ibrahimovic I have watched him in 3 games and I don’t see much use for him in the EPL. Yes he has great technique as evidenced in the goal against City and very dangerous in the air. However, he lacks the energy and pace to lead the attack. Against City Man U needed to press their box and the man to lead that was Ibrahimovic but he failed to do so. Today against Watford he had three different times he was failed by his energy and pace when he could have been one-on-one against the goalkeeper. He may score in every match but what he takes away in terms of energy from the team will be more damaging to the team than the contributions his goals will make. In addition, he would even wear out further as the season progresses. Wenger did point this out before the season started and he was berated by both media and fans as jealous. If you keenly watch games you will observe this and know that we did right to avoid him because he’s a player you can’t easily bench

  11. JAmerican says:

    We shouldn’t keep depending on other teams to do us favors, we’ve been doing this for a while now. I just hope the home lost to Liverpool doesn’t come back to haunt us in the end points wise seeing how City are racking up win after win.

  12. Uzi Ozil says:

    I personally want Arsenal to win all their games but the truth is we will lose some, draw some and win some. I just hope we win more.

    I am also a fan that want our rivals to lose. After all, in order to win the league you must win your games and hope other contenders drop points..It’s as simple as that.

  13. Scorchio says:

    What I’m looking forward to, is getting to the Winter break and NOT having half the team injured, and NOT spending the second half of the season losing to teams we should beat easily.

    I’ve heard talk about Wenger pushing the Academy players through – if that’s true, then it’s good for the team and good for the National squad. Can we have them now?

    Leicester proved, last season, that an average squad that plays well together can win. Watford are looking to try the same thing this year. Surely a major team with plenty of resources should do better each year?

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