Can the Bundesliga really go ahead next weekend after Dresden lockdown?

Ahh those efficient Germans will have no problem getting over all the incredible obstacles to getting the Bundesliga restarted.

It must be noted that the Germans have no intention of using neutral venues, and we have just found out that the Bundeliga 2 side Dynamo Dresden, who were scheduled to play away Hannover 96 next Sunday, have now been put in quarantine for the next two weeks.

“After an intensive analysis of the situation, the health authority in Dresden decided on Saturday that the entire second division squad, including the coaching and support team, must now go into a 14-day quarantine at home,” Dynamo Dresden said on Reuters. “Due to the quarantine measures, [we] will not be able to travel to Lower Saxony for the away game on matchday 26 as planned.”

But the fact is that Dresden only had two players tested positive, although the German League (DFL) said it had registered 10 positive cases in a blanket test of players and staff in both top leagues. Does that mean that there may yet be other teams announcing full lockdown for their players once again as well?

This first cancellation will cause even more problems, and it is likely that Dresden will probably miss their second (and third) game as well, so when will they get to play their rescheduled matches. Will teams that are re-quarantined be able to stay fit enough to come back and play competitively straight away, especially if there opponents have got a few games already under their belts?

It didn’t take long for the Bundesliga to get their first spanner in the works, but how will the Premier League be able to avoid these problems when we get the go ahead?


  1. Having taken similar measures to Germany I can’t see the UK not going through the same problems if they were to restart the Pl now!

  2. It also being reported that a Brighton player has been tested positive – what else needs to be shown that bringing back any competitive sports game that involves physical contact is clear madness?
    Sure, slowly unlock the business side of the economy, where social distancing can be observed, but not anything that involves close contact.

    1. Ken I assume that you, like me, also think this mania to resume a sport that concentrates on close contact in all defending and attacking moments and which is therefore a proven danger to life, is madness. When hundreds are still dying daily, I personally am quite prepared to be bored for much longer yet (not that I ever am as I always find plenty to do) rather than care nothing for the healthof others in a rush to indulge my selfish need to watch football.

      Todays game is full of people, fans and players and owners etc who care nothing for others , but only for their own selfish pleasure and for money. I feel like I am in a snakepit much of the time and can’t stand it much longer.

      1. Jon, if it is deemed OK for Premier league players to play football, albeit behind closed doors, umpteen substitutes, neutral venues, less playing time, no fans and even a suggestion of it being played in a neutral country and with no contact allowed I fail to see why it is being called football?
        That’s without the moral aspect of people still dying as well – and for what?
        To ensure the season is finished in order to appease the media companies and those fans who are missing football!?
        It wouldn’t be resemble the game, well not as we know it anyway in my opinion.

  3. As a further discussion point, what if a certain player deemed as essential to his club, is tested positive after a “game” and therefore has to isolate for three weeks – how would that be seen as fair from said club’s point of view and also the clubs that still had to play said club?

    1. Where it gets interesting is if someone gets symptoms of covid, he has to self isolate and all in close contact have to as well. Football in any guise is a non starter, it just cant work or be justified. SENSELESS.

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