Can the current Arsenal Squad Win the UEFA Champions League?

Since the turn of the year, the team has been impressive, and we’ve witnessed some exciting play from Arteta and the boys. As a result, we might see the gunners back in the UCL next season, given that the team is up to 4th and there are only three games left. Therefore, Arsenal might be back into the Champions League predictions fold.

Arsenal’s biggest game of this season is against Tottenham, the Gunners’ North London neighbors and biggest rivals. This game is exciting because both teams are fighting for the same top-four spot. Therefore, a win for either side makes it harder for the other to enter the Champions League qualification spot, with another London rival, Chelsea, sitting 3rd on the log.

Although qualifying for the competition is one thing, winning is another. Therefore, looking at the current Arsenal squad, even though they play well under Arteta, do they have what it takes to compete at the toughest stage in Europe? It is different from facing other English teams. So, are the boys ready to take on Europe?

Even with the Invincibles, Arsenal still couldn’t win the UCL title. And ever since 2006, the team hasn’t made it to another final. So, the goal is to improve the benchmark and get as far as possible. The team is undoubtedly still in its rebuilding phase with Arteta at the helm, and we look forward to how far they can get. 

Keep reading to learn what we think about this current squad and their chances of winning the UEFA Champions League.

Arteta Tactics

One of the key components to Arsenal’s future successes is Arteta’s tactics. For one, it will determine how long he remains as manager, meaning that he either has plenty of time to work with the team, or we would find ourselves with a new manager at the helm bringing something new. 

In that case, we look at how Arteta has refined the team’s play and improved the defensive side of their game. They went from shipping goals to keeping a reasonable amount of clean sheets. Although Arteta didn’t take the team to the UCL spot for the last two seasons, there has been progress, and winning the FA Cup shows the team has a winning spirit.

We know that Arteta loves the possession-based style of play and coaches the team to play counterattacking football. However, we think the style is evolving with the addition of “gengen-pressing” to stop opposition teams from holding the ball too long. This has helped Arsenal throughout the season.

The Youngsters and their Future

The current Arsenal squad is one of the youngest in the Premier League, and they are doing wonders, showing how incredible they work together. Each of them proves that they deserve to put on the Gunners’ shirt, and even those who were a doubt have stepped up to the pressure. 

We now have multiple players hungry for success, and this team will be a winning machine in a few years. Saka has been one of the bright stars in the team, and since he came on the scene as an 18-year-old, he has shouldered the pressure of the team and consistently delivered. 

In addition to Saka, other top performing youngsters in the team are Martinelli, Smith Rowe, Tomiyasu, Odegaard, Ben White, and Ramsdale. In recent weeks, Eddie Nketiah has stepped up his game to show he can also be part of this budding squad. 

Squad Depth and Competing on Multiple Fronts

Going forward, squad depth is important if the team wants to compete for multiple titles. Playing multiple games in a week can be tasking for players, leading to them being tired and out of form. As a result, the team’s overall performance can be affected. Therefore, if Arsenal wants to win the champions league, reinforcement is needed in strategic areas.

Most of the top teams have squad depth. Therefore, they can easily rotate players for different games, leaving key players to get enough rest and rehabilitation. As a result, they come back firing, giving them a better chance to compete for multiple titles. Arsenal needs to become a part of the top teams for a chance to win the UCL in the coming years. 

Our Thoughts 

Arsenal is a team with exciting youngsters that can hold their own against tough opposition. The boys only need a few years, and we might see a special team with enough playing time with each other. They can be the equivalent of Manchester United’s Class of 92. However, there are still a few things missing from the squad. Therefore, the future seems set for the team, and with an addition of a few World Class attackers, we might see a UCL winning team in no time. 



  1. A bit of a strange article, it seems to have been written when we still had three games to play but is placed in the present time, or am I really missing something?

  2. Well the manager predict the process to deliver the trophy next season, so you are not wrong to think we might win it..
    Unfortunately, we won’t be participating talkless of winning it.

  3. No, of course not, not even a snowballs chance in hell. If they had not totally screwed up the last three matches and managed to qualify the most likely outcome (with the current squad) would be maybe scaring up enough points from two games against some obscure team from Eastern Europe or Cyprus or Kazakhstan to finish third in the group stage and wind up in the Europa League where they are now anyways.

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