Can Theo Walcott give Arsenal an immediate boost?

Can Theo Walcott start producing the goods right after returning from his knee injury? by SE

Theo Walcott, after enduring an excruciating 9-month period due to the knee injury he picked up in January, isn’t too long from returning to action for Arsenal, which will be crucial to the North Londoners’ prospects this season. Unlike last season, the Gunners have been far too pedestrian in their passing, and Walcott’s pace and propensity to retain width could just be the answer to Arsenal’s tethering problems. However, given the length of time that the Englishman has been out of the game, can be start producing rollicking displays from the off?

Walcott would have done a fair bit of running, in addition to the strengthening exercises during the last one month, before he steps out in Arsenal colours in a competitive match. As a result, the Englishman shouldn’t have too much of a discomfort from carrying out his positional tasks, either as a winger or striker. Now, Walcott, in no way, would play the whole of 90 minutes during the initial period after returning from his knee injury; thus, he should be able to give his all for Arsenal in the cameo roles Arsene Wenger puts him into, starting this weekend against Burnley at the Emirates.

For Walcott to start making an impact for Arsenal right after returning from the long injury layoff, the Gunners have to put themselves into good positions in their upcoming games, making it easier for Walcott to find the 25 and 30-minute cameo roles without scrutiny. Wenger, in his post-match thoughts after Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Sunderland, was quoted as saying that the nature and state of the game was too tight for his liking, which retrospectively was the reason behind Walcott not finding those 10-15 minutes towards the end of the game at the Stadium of Light.

Mentally Walcott shouldn’t be too suspect in getting his act together, as and when he returns to action and starts making his time on the pitch count. It’s the physical side, as always, that might take the Englishman 3-4 games to get up to speed, which might inhibit him from producing his very best for Arsenal. Having said that, don’t be surprised if Walcott turns up for the last 20-25 minutes of a game and gets into the groove straightaway, as the cameo roles are designed to do just that.

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  1. Ofcourse he can wit him & #17 on the flanks hell yea wish #11 was healthy to feed them some lovely passes thats when I feel #11 iz gonna shine

    1. Cant wait for walcott’s return, we so need him badly, cant remember when last we had 2 functioning flanks! Walcott on left with ozil on right is going to be killer. Been a long while i have been excited to go see an arsenal match

      1. So sorry edited below

        Cant wait for walcott’s return, we so need him badly, cant remember when last we had 2 functioning flanks! Walcott on left with SANCHEZ on right is going to be killer. Been a long while i have been excited to go see an arsenal match

  2. Walcott is ready to bang in dose goals and assists to help reduce d pressure on Sanchez. Sanchez Wellbeck Walcott, enough pace to burn. bring on burnley, Glory days ahead.

  3. OOOOOOOoooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man….
    Sanchez Carzola Walcott
    Monreal Mert Chambers Bellerin

    Arteta is more defensive that Ramsey & Wishire and they are both out of form so the bench is where they belong. Arteta will spray passes and Carzola will be the creative hub.
    the pace here will destroy oppostion!!!

  4. Walcott only gives us more attacking option. He is not better than other players. He will play as a sub for sure, after 9 months out.

  5. Anyone wants a good read , google- Money to Burn – The Guardian
    You will be amazed how Leeds did business than, complete out of the box thinking by their director Peter Ridsdale.. Sorry for them that it failed, but brilliant write up. One of the best articles I have read in a long time.

    I really am amazed how only a 60million debt lead to the downfall of such a big club.

      1. Did you read it? Guess not.
        Anyways we took 400 million debt during that time for Ashburton Grove. We still are in the top echelon of English Football. Guess due to whom? 😉

        P.S.- Read that article. You become more appreciative of finer things in life.

  6. Overlapping runs from Chambers, Bellerin and Theo will have any defense nervous.
    Through balls from Ramsey and Carzola (if he finds his boots) and factor in big Welbeck’s turn of speed with Sanchez pulling defenders all over the left side of the pitch and we could (if Wenger doesn’t slow it down) have some beautiful attacking/counter attacking football on the horizon.

  7. My wish is that we really go for goals against the worst team in the EPL. We are at home to Burnley and we have some attacking players desperately in need of a rest and others desperately in need of a start. 4312 would be my formation for this one
    bellerin mertesacker chambers monreal
    ……..Ramsey Wilshire rosicky
    …………..Campbell podolski

    1. @atid it’s professionally tested that. RAMSEY + WILSHERE =no reaction! so one should be on the bench, which is jack

  8. @drew you are right with arteta of a thing, but may Ramsey_arteta was once working well for us, Wilshere and flamini should wait on the bench!

  9. An immediate impact not. A sub player first yes. We have to be cautious with him, as he and Gibbs are two good players who do get injuried to much. 2 players i dont see playing at Arsenal ever without getting injuries. For this reason alone i think Wenger has bought Sanchez.

  10. Walcott is a poor footy player and very wasteful with his chances, but his speed brings oppesite players into staying behing, as on counter attack can be deadly bec of him.

    The problem with having walcott in the team is when other teams do park the buss, during such a situation he is uselsless.

    1. Couldn’t have put it better… Whippets are ok against frail defences otherwise he’s a last 20 mins man ….

  11. Don’t be disappointed if it takes him a few games to get to his best, but Walcott is the real deal of top quality and passion for Arsenal. If anyone could make an immediate impact after long term injury, it’s Walcott. Also with Theo and Alexis on the wings, I hope this will convince Wenger to place Ozil or Cazorla in the centre where they belong.

    Also hopefully more goals will be produced

  12. I do think Walcott can hit the ground running, hope he does.

    BUT lets keep things into perspective. Walcott is returning from the same injury as Falcao, and he has not yet set the world on fire for Utd. So if Theo goes through some dry spell, please lets support him to gain momentum, because frankly we abuse players on this site after 1-2 match performances. I still remember Theo being called headless chicken beginning of last season, now we want his pace. In short, lets have some patience with a guy who has been off for nearly 9 months from football.

  13. debate on it or not……. Theo is integraL to this team …… He used to be our former sanchez ….. Now he’s found a perfect tag-team …..quoting theo “many team won’t be Looking forward to playing with us both around” ….. #speedmatters#

    1. He was never on the same footballing planet as Sanchez … But I know fourth place junkies wax lyrically about his pace … Pity he can’t do much with a ball at his feet

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