Can this Arsenal side really win the Premier League?

Arsenal – genuine title contenders? by SE

It would not be an anomaly to call Arsenal as one of this season’s genuine contenders for the Premier League title, in addition to Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool. And, one of the reasons for that has to be the kind of squad Wenger possesses; Yes, Arsenal could well do with a Fernando or a Matic kind of a defensive midfielder but, still, the North Londoners have reinforced their squad in the best possible way, and the new signings have looked good, too.

Secondly, Wenger seems to have rejuvenated himself, after a couple of not-so-impressive campaigns that underlined his ineptitude to trounce his counterparts, in those potentially title-deciding games. Arsenal are yet to click into top gear, just like their title rivals, but you can already see that intent and prospect of the Gunners putting up a much better challenge this term and, with a bit of good fortune, maybe going on to bag the Premier League title, as well. But, on a realistic note: Can the current Arsenal side bag the Premier League title next May?

Arsenal’s Defence
Having last weekend’s clash against Everton, as the barometer to determine how different Arsenal are from last season: I thought that the first half was totally opposite to what Arsenal would have ideally wanted. The Gunners went 0-2 down, and the defence was at fault, once again. Yes, going forward, Arsenal were second-best to their opponents on the evening; but it was the defence that would have concerned Wenger more. Now the lowdown between this and last season is that Arsenal conceded goals early on and hence found themselves behind the eight-ball, always. So on the defensive front, Arsenal still look wobbly and that is not going to bode well for their title ambitions.

Arsenal’s Engine Room
Arsenal’s engine room looks quite good, despite the major talking point of the lack of a genuine defensive midfielder. Ramsey has continued from where he left off last season; Wilshere, albeit oblivious for large parts, has made his present felt, sporadically. Arteta has been par for the course, and hasn’t been subject to a costly mistake, so far.

But looking beyond the aforementioned trio, Flamini has continued in the same vein of incurring one caution after another. That will be the primary problem for Arsenal, as they do not have a solid backup for any one of their midfielders. After Cazorla’s sparkling display against Besiktas in the second leg, it’s high time that the manager takes note, and gets the Spaniard playing in the middle of the park a lot more than what he normally does.
All being said and done, Wenger would be hoping that Arsenal’s engine room gets in on the act and performs to the levels it can, as it will be crucial to Arsenal keeping up with Man City and Chelsea, who are off to a good start.

Arsenal’s Frontline
A long injury layoff to the club’s premier striker, Giroud, is definitely a colossal blow for the Gunners, who are managing with Sanchez’s versatility up top. Wenger’s 4-3-3 system has also meant that Ozil can only play on the flanks, and not really orchestrate the tempo, like he did while playing in the hole. And, having played just 160+ minutes, after returning to action, the German playmaker would want to improve personally, more than anything else.

Chamberlain has looked lively, and been one of the most impressive players for Arsenal so far. However, it is a bit baffling that Campbell is not getting enough minutes, to weave his magic. But, over a long campaign, his time will come and, for Arsenal’s sake, the Costa Rican can be ready to go. Walcott is yet to return to action, and Arsenal can be a lot better offensively, with the return of the lighting quick English winger.

Final Thought
With only 2 games into the new season, Arsenal, palpably, haven’t yet gone through the gears they can, once they warmup to the rigours of the Barclays Premier League.

Defence is very much a worry and Arsenal have to sort it out, before they face Man City, Spurs and Chelsea, after the international break culminates. Chambers has looked good at central defence, but with Mertesacker taking his rightful place, Arsenal’s backline will be tested big time, during the coming weeks.

Their Engine room and frontline still has time to acclimatize and unleash their full potential on proceedings. Arsenal’s strength is attack and not so much defence; but if they are to compete for the Premier League title, they will have to become watertight at the back, which, if they can manage, would take them a long way to realizing the Premier League title next May.


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    1. hes right we need two things

      a C.M.D ( ecstasy tablet)
      FALCOW (a character from final fantasy 7 i believe)

    2. get over falco man both david orstein and guillem baleguea have said we are not going for him its all fake . we need a dm and cb

  1. With the current squad no.

    Man city and Chelsea are too strong.

    to win title we must
    1. Sign a Defender, DM and a striker
    2. We should have luck with injuries
    3. There should be no wrong refree decision

    1. or at least a player that can cover left and center (reus) and a player that can play as an enforcer and cb…

  2. probably have similar chances as last year, but if we fail to get 2 more players chances will drop…giroud is out, sanchez will be massivly overplayed, probably get injured himself, podolski doesnt have wengers trust…we are short as it stands…

    ps, chelsea will send torres to milan, costa injured, they might just go for falcao…

    1. Can’t overplay Ramsey like they did last year. That said he looks even fitter this season.

      Was looking at football related videos on Youtube and I found a post match analysis of an Arsenal game. Didn’t say which, anyway it was posted the 11th December 2013 and the commentator even asked Henry if they should rest Ramsey then. I wish Wenger had :/

      1. re giving ramsey rest:
        use ramsey in CL/PL and wilshire in rest
        wilshire prob should even play in some CL/PL

  3. Of course we have an excellent chance. We’ve shown we can win ugly too. Arsenal haven’t yet reached top form, but every game is looking more promising.

    But that extra quality is needed to challenge City, Chelsea, Liverpool. And we will have to last the entire season. It’s a bit disconcerting, perhaps ominous to have a few injuries come so quickly.

    CB, CDM and a Striker (if ‘he’ can play wing as well is an added bonus).

    1. @Tyno
      Atletico Madrid would have won nothing last year if Wenger had been managing them. That’s the difference.

      1. You may be right but there are probably very few managers, if any, out there that could have created the synergy and energy from that set of players that Simeone managed to harness.

  4. At the beginning of the transfer window we needed a DB, a DM and a Striker. Now at the end of the transfer window we still need a CB, a DM and a Striker. As things stand we have no chance. If Wenger wakes up and gets at least a top DM and Striker we will have a chance. But there us no doubt that Wenger could let us down. I hope he buys the players who can turn us from 4th/5thers to champions.

      1. *without significant injuries* all teams suffer injuries. Arsenal seems to be hit worse than others.

  5. Dude

    With United and Liverpool buying big name players even 4th is not guaranteed

    Im not being pessimistic but realistic

    Sanchez (as World Class as he is) is the only real additional signings we have made. Others have been replacements for Sagna, Fabianski and Vermaelen

    We NEED a CDM and either a top striker like (Falcao, Cavani or Martinez) or a LW like Reus

    Just 2 signings away from glory

  6. Well a lot depends on what Wenger does in the remaining part of the window. If he manages to get a top class striker (e.g Higuian) and a top, top midfield enforcer (e.g Carvalho) then I’d say yes. But if we end up with an aging midfielder with a broken back, or no one at all, then my realistic expectation for this season would be 4th/5th 😐

    1. A lot of people seem to be mistaken. Carvalho isn’t a top midfielder. He is one for the future.

      The same people today that criticise Wenger for not signing him are the ones tomorrow that come out with the deadwood jokes. I remember the M’Villa saga. It was painfully obvious to anyone that had actually watched him in matches that he wasn’t going to be anyone’s saviour. Yet Wenger got ripped for not signing him.

  7. Without injuries we can. But as we will get injuries all season long, we won’t be able to match City and Chelsea.

    Not ashamed to admit because it’s true and 2-3 players could chance that. 2 days left to determine our season.

          1. Ah Österreich, so East-Germany right? Just kidding. 😀

            I’m not German or Austrian, just lived there for 6 months..

            Any news on Arsenal?

  8. Arsenal can win it if Wenger choses to do so. Right now we are good enough for the 4th place. Aka, The Wenger trophy.

  9. We’ll struggle to win the EPL without top class backup in ALL areas. City and Chelsea both look v.strong, so maybe 3rd for us.

    That said, if we get 2-3 top class players in (whether loan or permanent) we might stand a chance.

    WE all know that, but Wenger is notoriously stubborn and single minded, so the outlook is not rosy.

    3rd or 4th it is then, unless Chelsea and City collapse in some way..

  10. 2 remaining issues:

    1. Finish transfer business

    2. Resolve LW issue – trying to go through the season with Cazorla or Ozil always on the left is just fighting a losing battle. Both excel in the middle and should mainly be played in the middle – rotated if necessary. On the left should be Ox, Campbell, or Poldi. This issue just won’t go away and it has been a problem for a long time that Wenger just refuses to address.

  11. Unless Wenger sign’s a TOP CLASS STRIKER the answer is NO NO NO not a chance in hell.
    I watched Wenger on SKY Sports and he annoyed me with his smug grin and his I am in charge and you Fans know nothing but keep spending your hard earned money on
    Arsenal because the shareholders need it.

  12. Arsenal will be fighting for 4th place again with the current squad. Wenger continues to live in a fantasy world if he thinks this team can win the league. Wenger’s stubborn attitude toward new signings is Arsenal’s biggest weakness. Wenger is simply delusional. He thinks this team doesn’t need a striker even with Giroud out. Madness!!!

    1. When Giroud was doing well, Wenger insisted he wasn’t going for a striker, hoping to rely solely on Giroud.

      Now with Giroud out for about six months, Wenger’s changed his focus on Alexis for that coverage. Alexis is going to have such a burden on his shoulders, he’s going to have a difficult time coping with it. Not to mention the added pressure on the other team members, as well.

      With the way Giroud held his left ankle after the kick and the way he pointed his left foot toward the ground, indicates to me that he could have ruptured his achilles tendon. Hence his need for prompt surgery (typically 7-10 days after injury.) The recuperating period for a ruptured achilles tendon after surgery is typically six months with a tremendous amount of physiotherapy after surgery. The risk of re-rupture is high. If I not wrong about his injury, we won’t see him until near the end of the season. I’ve dealt with many similar injuries but I hope I’m wrong about Giroud’s injury.

      We seriously need to sign someone to cover Giroud’s position.

  13. Look city’s top 22 and ours. After that neither side have too much to boast about.

    Man city – hart aguero Jovetic negredo dzeko navas silva nasri toure Fernando fernandinho kompany mangala sagna zabaleta clichy kolarov milner lampard De michellis nastasic caballero

    Arsenal – Szczesney ozil sanchez Ramsey wilshire chamberlain rosicky cazorla podolski Walcott campbell chambers koscielny mertesacker debuchy diaby gibbs monreal arteta giroud flamini ospina

    The rest
    City wright guidetti boyata sinclair richards

    Arsenal martinez coquelin zelalem sanogo gnabry ryo

    I don’t see how their squad is bigger than ours?

    1. Balance of the squad is different. They have 8 first team quality defenders + Richards.

      We have 6 and one of them is the new kid Chambers at 19 good but inexperienced.

      They have Aguero Jovetic,Negredo,Dzeko

      We have Giroud,Sanogo,Poldi

      Only our midfield matches them in strength and not even on the DM area where they have class players and we just dont.

      So they have the balance of strength and numbers and we have a lot of CAMs and Diaby should not even be there as he is actually never available.

      1. Yes the balance is different hence the reason they have more depth in the striker department – they play 2 up front, we nearly always play just the 1. I would expect to see that discrepancy. And if you are putting second strikers such as Aguero and Jovetic in that list why not Sancehz and Walcott in ours? SA and SJ never play as lone strikers – something levelled at AS and TW. The biggest shortfall as you rightly say is in that CDM slot – have to see a bit more of Fernando to have an opinion but looks decent and mobile.

  14. Falcao or Cavani up front or Reus instead of a true striker is a must if we want to win anything this year.

    Also someone like Carvalho or Wanyama that can play DM and CD when needed.

    So everybody is right we need, a forward and a defensive player. All the fans say it, all the pundits say it, everyone who cares about AFC says it, but the one man who can actually do it, well he thinks his squad is good enough to win it.

    I really do hope he is right this time for a change.

  15. Watching the Dortmund game and Reus and Socratis scored. Also Reus doesn’t strike me as a player that’s dying to leave Dortmund anytime soon but could be wrong, hopefully.

      1. Don’t forget Reus’ assist to Sokratis!

        Reus is playing AMF and Mkhitaryan is on the left.

        If Kagawa moves to BVB, Dortmund’s midfield/attack will be quite crowded with Mkhitaryan, Kagawa, Reus, Grosskreutz, Hofmann, Aubameyang, Immobile and Ramos.

        1. Oh yes and his assist to Socratis. Hope to GOD they get Kagawa and you know who comes our way…

  16. i can wait for this transfer window to close tired of reading fantasy wish lists from the teens on this forum

    1. Well then, let me cheer you up.
      Let’s have fun at Man Utd’s cost.

      Q: What’s the difference between Utd and a triangle?
      A: A triangle has 3 points

      Q: What’s the difference Utd and a teabag?
      A: A teabag stays longer in a cup.

      Q: What do Utd fans and their players have in common this season?
      A: Soon they’ll all be watching UCL games on television.


  17. Heart says 1st.
    Mind says 3rd.
    But one thing is for certain. We will go a long way in the UCL.
    I expect semi-finals.

  18. Stiff competition comes from Chelshit and Citeh. Somehow Wenger can snatch 4 points from each of these clubs two games against AFC, then BPL title looks a distinct possibility. By winning against these two, a giant step towards the title can be taken. Knowing Mou he will not give up easy and will really want to thrash AW this season. Hope Wenger goes in well prepared, really need to sign up a WC striker!

  19. Win the league?
    The squad is just not “large” enough and quality wise (and power) we need to add more.
    3 days left…!!
    I know Wenger conducts his deals in secret (he said it again… Always thinks he is so clever…!!) and I hope, I really hope that something will be unfold at the end.

    We cannot go into those campaigns with only 5 or 6 defenders (a CB short)… That is not being cheap, that is suicide.

    We need a striker, but I think it is a “no go”… We will pay it heavily, like we did when Walcott got injured and Wenger just ignored the fact that 12-15 goals were going to be missing…!!

    A DM would be fantastic, but I think “the deluded one” has his mind set on Flamini, Arteta and even Diaby (yeah right!).

    Anyway, I don’t know why Wenger and the cronies just come in a press conference in order to state our objectives for the season?

    Yes, 17 years in the CL… One chance to win it in 2006… Since then, just a shadow of is great self and may be worse. There is not point being in the competition every year if not to win it… Well except for Arsenal, since it is ALWAYS and ONLY about the money anyway… We could not pass on that!

    We are supposed to be a top club (well, that is what Wenger says and some delusional fans) that NEVER challenges for the league and the CL!!!! Go figure!

    1. Wenger and Stan are a match made in heaven, they both believe that trophies especially the League and the Champions league are unimportant. Neither has put forward a strategy for a trophy winning team, and to be fair they are honest about that. Their starting point is sustainability – but how can you get that without a winning team? Arsenal is a brand, a brand that has been undersold internationally, and a brand that has not maximized its commercial revenue. A brand that is underpaid by its main sponsors.

  20. sooo looks like after just a few hours from loaning out torres chelsea on the verge of completing a deal to sign loic remy

  21. Torres to Milan … Looks like Chelshit could get Falcao … £20m for them is pocket change !!!

    AFC Need 3 signings, CB, DMF and ST to challenge …

  22. This guy Mou so fast in signing up’s. He must have a full team working on the process of signing up players. Looks like, Wenger is all alone.

  23. The problem with Wenger waiting till the end instead of finishing early. Torres is leaving Chelsea and Negredo may leave City. City, Chelsea and Madrid may go for Falcao

    We should have got Falcao, Cavani, Martinez or other top striker weeks ago. Also because of Ibrahimovic injury at PSG, Cavani is now prbably staying (although I just heard Ibrahimovic has returned to training)

  24. We need to score goals, to have a real threat upfront, look teams have noticed our attacking pattern thus become more comfortable pressing us and destroying our rythm a strong DM is useless when the opposition are pressing you comfortably knowing that you lack enough personnel who could run behind the defenders. Do you think Besiktas would have played the similar game against the forward line of pires bergkamp henry and ljungberg? No way they would have only parked the bus and wait for counterattacks

  25. Bookies have us 3rd favourites at about 7/1, CFC about evens and MC closer to 2/1. All sounds about right to me. To have the same squad depth as Man C/Chelsea we probably need a GK/LB/CB/2XCDM/LW/2XST and possibly a RB. £200-300M probably needs spending. No matter what Wenger spent this window the best we were going to do was to narrow those outside odds, marginally not significantly. If we keep players and continue to build as we are now in a similar fashion then I expect us to have parity in 2 seasons time. This I believe is the big disconnect between us and the board – what AFC are expected to achieve this season and what will be acceptable. Don’t know why after 10 years of low spending the fans suddenly think we are or should be top contenders this season for the PL.

      1. Haven’t heard anyone saying we are going to win the PL. Only noises I’ve heard is that we want to be competing for the PL title – normal mundane management chat.

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