Can this current Arsenal really repeat class of ’06?

It is perhaps telling that Arsene Wenger went as far back as 2006 in his Arsenal career to recall one of the best European nights of his long reign as manager of the Gunners. We certainly have not had too many glorynights in recent years, especially in the knockout stages of the Champions League which have become extremely short and painful times for us Gooners over the last few years.

The Guardian reports Wenger saying, “We come to a place with a good history for us,” the Frenchman added. “We came here with a very young team and beat Real Madrid, who had fantastic names. I will try to repeat that.”

He also said, “There is uncertainly [about the result] and that creates a tension. You can always discover new things in football. Every game is a new adventure. That’s why the excitement is the same.

“We know exactly what we need to do and that is an advantage. We need to score and to have a clear approach in our heads. The only thing we don’t know is will Atlético do the same or have a more cautious approach and try to catch us on the break? Atlético’s history [of clean sheets at home] has to stop somewhere. We created chances in the first leg and we have to recreate those situations.”

This current Arsenal team can put all that right tonight, but as Wenger suggested it will need the sort of performance the Frenchman referred back to in Madrid of 2006 if we are to reach the Europa League final. Back then it was a Real Madrid full of star players like Ronaldo and Zidane that Arsenal needed to get a result against and thanks to the only goal of the game from Thierry Henry we came away from Spain a happy bunch.

A score draw in the Spanish capital tonight would be enough, with a 1-1 finish taking the tie into extra time, but not many people think it will go that way and nobody thinks it will be an easy night for the Arsenal players facing Atletico Madrid. I personally have serious doubts bout the ability of the current crop to produce the kind of performance needed to get the job done.

Will our soft centre, on open display in the first leg despite all the dominance, be exposed once again tonight? I hope not, of course, but who really believes that the class of 2018 has anything like the class of ’06?



    1. we won’t lose in Madrid. we have never lost there. this is not about Wenger and his squad it’s all about we wont lose

    1. But the article did not indicate goaless draw in any way; it said a scored draw and that 1-1 will takr it to extra time. I thought that was clear and true enough.

  1. As already pointed out 0-0 is not enough.
    But to the question:
    Basically we have been more or less useless for 2 years against all top teams, except for maybe last years FA cup final and our home game against Spurs back in November.
    So there is not much to support belief. But we can hope.

  2. Hope is all we have, but at least we are still in with a chance. Unlike other 2 leg matches recently.

  3. I believe that the squad is really capable. But it is the Wenger tactics which kills the game..Instead of slowing down the game for maintaining possession and finally losing the ball at dangerous positions, go for sudden counter attack and finish the game…

  4. 2-2 We scoring first and giving fans a lot of tension to grapple with.
    Lacazette is at the peak of his confidence.
    Bring in that young Greek at the back and let’s have a view of the future. Young boys know how to deal with Costa (remember Holding).

  5. Had a rethink about Buvac and I now believe he wouldn’t be a bad appointment. Arsenal do not need another Wenger and bringing in someone to just purely coach the players and select the squad would be the answer to this. For to long Wenger kept his position for non footballing reasons and if you take that away and purely judge the manager on results we can quickly establish if they are right for the role. I feel the Raul and Sven are doing a good job in terms of recruitment and they should decide which manager would get the best out of the players we have and are looking to recruit not which manager should we bring in and let them spend all the budget. Ancellotti, Allegri and Enrique would all demand total control and that could lead to another Wenger scenario.

  6. —————–Welbeck——————-
    Lacazette has the fight in him and in the wing he will fight and overcome his markers and will get into the box and make shots off loose balls. Ozil in the Centre is a better Ozil. Welbeck closer to the goal can be devastating on his day. Maitland-Niles did well against Pogba, he can hold up to anyone thrown at him including Thomas Partey and Sual Niguez…Mavropanos for Mujstafi is obvious after he did well against Lakaku, sometimes you just have to take the decision. He will pocket Costa like he did Lukaku…

  7. Nikkogunners you would move Lacazette out wide so Welbeck can play upfront? The same Danny Welbeck who has less goals in his entire career than Mo Salah has had this season? Or the same Danny Welbeck who has less career goals than Lacazette in his last two seasons?

  8. I really, really want Arsenal to win in Madrid, then win in Lyon and then go and win the EUFA super cup next August! COYG!!!

  9. From what i saw in th3 first leg there is nothing special about athletico madrid.

    defending alot and saved by oblak.

    press them,take shots,pepper their box with crosses.

    we will beat them.

  10. 9 months 50+games.
    City are the PL champs
    but failed in all the cups.
    Utd/Chelsea play for the F’All trophy.
    Spurs finish with out a trophy
    Chelsea will be in Europa next season.
    Liverpool must beat RM in the CL final to win a trophy.
    Arsenal need to win the Europa to avoid another Thursday night season.
    England had 5 teams in the CL and only one in the semi.
    Billions spent, promises made yet for most little or nothing to show for it
    except qualification for a cup competition they won’t win.
    Only one team can win the league yet fans of 7 clubs always say
    “Couple of decent signings and we will the league”.
    Disappointment is guaranteed so too a season of condemning clueless managers
    over paid under performing players cheating refs and VAR.
    Can’t wait for next season 🙂

    1. Barryglik,
      And next season all the scenarios will be the same, but with, maybe, different clubs and managers.
      That’s what football and supporting a club is all about.
      Would hate to be stuck in a lift with you for even ten minutes, hari kari comes to mind!!

    2. @barryglik

      City didn’t fail in all the cups. They destroyed us in the Carabao Cup final, although to be fair, you may have wiped that from your memory like I’ve tried too. Haha!

      1. @barryglik, The “F’All trophy” is better than a kick up the arse!

        Also, Lets not forget we are guaranteed to finish under the Spuds again!

        Chelsea may well be in Europa League but if we lose tonight we will NOT be Europe at all next year!

        Under new management, this could be a nightmare for us all next year so there is much resting on a good result tonight and in the final!

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