Can this Spanish hitman do a Vardy for Arsenal?

So we have finally got confirmation that Jamie Vardy will not be joining Arsenal, from the Leicester Chairman and from Arsene Wenger himself. So now it is time to consider alternatives that will come as cheaply as Vardy, as we know Wenger will not start talking in astronomical numbers! From the Vardy bid it looks like Wenger is looking for someone to cover until Danny Welback returns from injury.

One possibility is the Spanish striker Nolito, who scored for his country the other day. He is 29 years old as well, so will be a short term fix like Vardy, and is likely to cost much less than the Leicester hitman.

Just this week, Celta Vigo president Carlos Mourino stated: “I think that Nolito will leave Celta this year,”

“There are no numbers, no negotiations. He has a buyout clause of €18m. Who pays it, can sign him.

“Nolito is playing so good and is a player who we have had a lot of advantages from. He was in a second line and we knew how to recover him.

“If anybody pays us the €18m we will lose an important player, but we will have money that we have never had before to boost the squad for next season.”

The 18m euros only works out at around 14 million GBP, which is surely worth a punt as a short term backup to Olivier Giroud.

What do you think?


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  1. “If anybody pays us the €18m we will lose an important player, but we will have money that we have never had before to boost the squad for next season.”

    HAHAHA ? How desperate was that statement? ?
    If his that important, then keep him, even Morata was made to look good, against a poor Turkey! ?

    You obviously meant Cover for Danny Setbeck and not Giroud?
    What really bugs me is Why isn’t Wenger trying to sign a quality, long term Striker? , instead of looking for some old boy, short term cover, for Welbeck? ?
    It’s not as if Danny is in the same class as Aguero!

    1. In other words, we need a new striker, full stop! And not some short term cover for an average injury prone player!

  2. We should go all in for Lukaku. Did you see the goals he scored last night? He would be brilliant long term signing.

      1. Sadly, I believe you’re right. It’s a shame, because Lukaku is definitely an ideal signing and possibly a “new henry”

  3. Great! … Spanish Vardy L()L…….. Old……..injury proned and cover for giroud and welbeck

    we can’t be serious, can we?

  4. …Backup for Giroud?
    Are you saying Giroud is good enough to remain number 1?
    Just asking.

  5. please stop quoting the top strikers its just fantasy

    Wenger has stated he thinks Vardy will stay at Leicester

    he also just stated he will not be signing more than 3 players

    WE HAVE ALREADY SIGNED 2 just let that sink in for a moment !
    wether your a wenger in or out one thing is a fact Arsenal is just a money making company

    i predict a dark future for the club where top 4 will be a distant memory

    1. Everything you wrote makes sense until you get to the part where you suggest will Arsenal sink deep below the EPL top four.

      Wenger’s history portends another disappointing transfer season for the fans – that is true. But nothing in Wenger’s history or the Arsenal squad suggests a plummet down the EPL table .

      I rarely predict results in politics or sports because logic often fails here.

  6. No thank you! However when everybody is shouting out names can we remember that there are vew few toos strikers available, that it takes astronomical wages and transfer fee to sign top strikers for the future, plus the fact that not every striker is a mercenary and some have dream clubs they’ve always wanted to play for.

  7. Mr Wenger had the chance to buy a world class striker but unfortunately he bought Danny Welbeck. The situation is this, Welbeck, Walcott and Giroud wants to stay at Arsenal. Therefore, Mr Wenger is left with no choice than to buy a striker at an average price who is up and comming or a decent striker who is trying to rebuild his career and is willing to be rotated on a regular bases and can play the wide areas as well.

    In my opinion the striker who fits this description is Alexantre Pato. At his best his better than Walcott, Welbeck and Olivier Giroud put together.

  8. @Ny Gunner…..yea I prefer Jansen too but I know why some of us don’t like Milik…he missed some chances/sitters against Germany.

  9. Had bayern won the champions league in any of the last couple seasons, theres great possibility that we could get lewandowski this summer. As I think thats the trophy he really want to get his hands on but since they haven’t won it he will stay or go to Madrid or barca.

    1. Forget Nolito. We need the striker to replace Giroud. Lets go for Lewandowsky. A 50m pound bid. Bayern did not pay a transfer fee for the guy. Wenger should try.

  10. As I said beforw and I will say again arsene is not going to sign a top cf. Maybe D list player but nobody who can challenge wacky giroud. Arsenal will never win the league under their current ownership and managment. Let us stop over dreaming and be reaslistic pls. United will win the league before Arsenal ever will I promise you

    1. Thats not realistic. It is a guess and a PESSIMISTIC one at that. Well I can make predictions too. Wenger will definitely win the League next season. Okay?

  11. I would prefer not to have him… I feel we could get better with the same cash, Milik or Janssen appear to be better buys than him.

  12. No not for me. He is one of those players that can suit a number of positions but looks a midfielder most of all. He got something like 13 league goals in the Spanish league, Ronaldo doubled his tally over there and Id presume Bale would too if everything didn’t have to go through Ronaldo. I wouldn’t want to take the risk, the physical nature of prem would be a shock to him. Personally if I had to guess on who the striker will be, Id say one of Zaza at Juventus, Hernandez in bundesliga, or Mitsubishi off Marseille.

    If Lacazette could be got for 35m euros Id say maybe, but I think Arsene would have gotten him already if he was keen.

  13. Back up to O G? Really that man has lost the plot even his country fans don’t like him. He’s not a top player but a bench player and we need world class. RL and P.F.A go get both and shock the world

  14. Seems most of us are asking the same question and guessing at the answer. Wenger is a master at hanging people up behind the closet door so we`ll know the answer maybe sometime in August, meantime we can amuse ourselves at guessing what`s in Wenger`s mind and what his plans are. Truth is he probably doesn`t have a set plan he plays it day by day and see`s what the world has to offer. Many of our opinions are based on sentiment (and so they should be) but in Wenger`s world football is not always the deciding factor.

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