Can Thomas Partey become the new Patrick Vieira?

Arsenal could sign a Patrick Vieira type of player in Thomas Partey

Since Patrick Vieira left Arsenal, the Gunners haven’t won the Premier League and even more tellingly, they haven’t gotten a proper replacement for the Frenchman.

The likes of Francis Coquelin and Alex Song have tried and failed to replace the midfielder.

Arsenal has recently been linked with another box to box midfielder in Thomas Partey and I cannot help but wonder if we could finally have a replacement for Vieira.

Partey has been underrated and possibly underpaid for much of his career and I am happy that people now see how good he is as a player.

The Ghanaian has been one of Atletico’s best players and his performances over two legs as they eliminated Liverpool from the Champions League showed his quality.

One of his best attributes is his ability to stay at his best for the duration of the game, in better words, he is consistent.

Against Liverpool at Anfield, when most players were tired, he kept on protecting his team’s backline as well as help them to start new attacks which culminated in three extra-time goals for his team.

We haven’t seen Vieira play for us in a long time and every player is also different from the other, but I think that Partey could become the new Vieira in our midfield if we sign him.

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  1. The real problem with this article was the use of “if”, as in “if we sign him”. The “IF” is what will prevent any of the rest of this article any relevance whatever! IF will not be happening, as realists know already.

  2. Jon is right. TP is too good to be true for Asn’l. And I react to this use of the word “new”. There will never be a new Patrick V. Or anyone else from older generations of players. How many poor young men for the last ten years haven’t been called “the new Thierry Henry”? Non of them have even come close. Once upon a time there was a young man who came from France and Monaco to the town of Manchester in England to be the new Thierry Henry… The discretion and the respect for the man (who isn’t so young anymore) forbid me to write out his name. If Thomas Partey had been something real for Asn’l, I would have been more than satisfied (delighted even) if he become the man he is, Thomas Partey. I didn’t wanted him to be someone XXX else. Thomas Partey would be enough.

  3. I have never once heard any Arsenal player described as the new Thierry Henry, Patrick Viera, or anyone else for that matter.
    And as for Anthony Martial, I would insist on him being part of any deal if Aubamayang goes to Utd. He’s as good and younger, and someone MA will make better, while Auba will only get older

    1. As you say, Tony Martial is one. Kylian Mbappe is another. So if we just use the letter M, and just use Ma-Mb, we have two of them. And there have been several others. But who cares. That’s journalism. Journalists like to compare, compare were there is nothing to compare. I’m not a big consumer of media, still I’ve heard that kind of crap more than enough. I can only say I’m glad that Asn’l haven’t found a new Henry, new Bergkamp, new Vieira etc. If they had I guess Asn’l fans would have been in the same position as Liverpool fans today: leading the table when the plague put an end to it all. Oh, sh*t!

  4. I hate the idea of self comparism, there is only one copy of you, one original copy of Patrick Viera, and of TH14, Bergkamp. Why is Messi a Messi and not the new Maradonna, Fantasy fans living in yesterday.

  5. I dont see us buying a midfielder this coming window.Its going to be paying for Ceballos,Soares and Pablo Mari.Then buying a replacement for Lacazette.Then we will get some cheap youngsters,you know,the Martinelli type.Remember the home grown rule also impacts alot on how a transfer window is handled

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