Can Tottenham really beat Arsenal in a fair transfer tussle?

Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal are believed to be going head-to-head in the race to sign Thomas Lemar from Monaco this summer, with the former believed to be leading.

The latest reports claim that Hugo Lloris is doing his bit to try and persuade the creative talent to join his side, making this somewhat of an unfair battle, but could they win in a fair pursuit?

Both clubs are known for their attempts to remain realistic when it comes to transfer fees, while the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool seem to throw money around like it grows on trees.

This coming season will be our first without Champions League football, having finished outside the top four by a single point, and our rivals will enjoy their third entry in the competition in over a decade, and will be the first time they have qualified in consecutive seasons.

Spurs fans will no doubt claim to have a changing of the guard in North-London, but after one year of finishing above us, I refuse to accept that they are now a better prospect to join.

Yes they have the likes of Harry Kane and Dele Alli, who would get into most sides first-teams without hassle, but there problem will come when the pair get fed up of being in a side who fail to win trophies year-on-year, and will also seek out a bigger pay packet eventually.

Spurs just enjoyed their best ever campaign in the Premier League era, and still finished with less trophies than our club, but some will claim that they have the better chance to challenge for the title next season.

Our club agreed a new extension to keep Arsene Wenger at the club, and he has been tasked with a strong transfer window, with the target of wrapping up his big deals prior to pre-season, and this window will no doubt be one of the most important in our recent history, but would players really prefer to join Spurs over Arsenal in a fair race?

Could Lemar snubbing us to join Tottenham be the beginning of a change in tide?

Pat J


  1. They are in the champions league which is attractive to players if you can’t pay ludicrously.

    1. Why you got downed I do not know. You just stated a fact.

      Apparently there are some on here that refuse to accept that Spurs are in the champions league or that this fact helps your attractiveness as a club above those who don’t have It.

      Mind boggles

    2. It’s not just Spurs being in the Champignons league but also that Pochetino has built a reputation as the best manager for developing young talent as in Kane, Ali, Winks, Dier, Trippier etc.
      If you are a young up and coming talent and you watched Spurs and Arsenal over the last 2 years then you want to be part of the young guns of Spurs not the fading giants of Arsenal. It’s Skepta versus Coldplay with Spurs as Skepta.

    3. Best transfer work spurs have done is getting wenger to sign another contract
      Mbappe going to the gonners don’t make me laugh y would he what can they offer?? A cup run
      Fans have no passion apart from wanting to fight each other and say how amazing wenger is 3 more years of rubbish coming up even Ozil and Sanchez want out

    4. And they have Levy to our Kroenke. He is shrewd and cunning when comes to spending money, or making some extra bucks on player sale. Kane/Alli might be good, but as long as they dont get BIG offers they are staying at Spurs. And I doubt that kind of offer this year for them. They have a good team which lacks wingers, Son scored many goals but he is not a top player. So Lemar might be tempted go fill that void, and play CL

  2. If we buy Mbappe we don’t need Lemar. I would prefer Dembele on the right
    A front three of Sanchez Mbappe and dembele would be worth watching

    1. If you think you will sign Mbappe then you need your head tested. Why play for a team in the Europa league. He also knows that the mosque is devoid of any atmosphere and the fans don’t stop moaning, even Wenger admits that Spurs fans take some beating for passion.

      1. @ Spud ??
        I don’t fancy your chances next season, your record at Wembley is piss poor. Let’s wait & see how your passion will be when you struggle to win any of your home games playing at Wembley. ??

  3. At the moment yes they can offer more, it’s as simple as that.

    Arsenal have to next season change that. But we have no CL and with players that makes a difference. Also with the toxic atmosphere last season from the fans do you not think this is going to effect a players decision? How some of our players were treated last season was not good, Bellerin being one of them. Frustrating being a fan but there is no excuse for how some fans were acting.

    The entire club needs to sort itself out and is fans have a part to play in that. If we do t then you will find some players will not come to a club with a toxic feel to it- would you as a player?

    So when players see this, other fans etc it will have an effect.

    1. The first and most important step to get out the toxic atmosphere was not get a new contract to wenger…the second is get a new contract to our best player and show ambition…thats not happening…in the end of the day we will finish prizing the mediocrity, giving new contracts to who doesnt deserve them (wenger), paying double of what lazy players deserve to retain them (ozil), and keeping injury prone players who only want to get his paycheck and dont step up (walcott, wilshere qnd others). How can u want a nice atmosphere when the club doesnt show their passion, their ambission, and their will to step up and compete for the greatest honour?

  4. Hard to know a players mind and deciding factors. If one club guarantees he starts until bad form drops him, they probably have the better chance. Wages play a part also. Honestly ask yourself which appears the stronger club?

    Spuds improving no doubt or questioning that. Is Arsenal improving or merely treading water? I think this window is the most important in last few years. Can Wenger still attract top top talent? Can he still be competitive against the top clubs? Can he help players reach their potential talent – wise?
    I agree with him about judging him in May. If he fails to challenge for title, or misses top 4 again then he has to go; either sacked or quit. He has to win Europa League; anything less is an embarrassment to a club like Arsenal.

    I can only speak for myself, but I’m supporting the team as always and backing Wenger to succeed this year. He can’t afford a repeat of last year. Another failed year will finish job of ripping our club in half.

  5. which better, 2nd psition in league but none trophy, or sixth place with trophy.
    champion league, nah, totten dont have any chance at all to win it.

  6. Stop stressing about the spuds,The player has already stated that he wants a move to Arsenal. The real issue is whether Wenger actually bids for him or not and whether he does it before Chelsea snap up that other player from the same club ?Bayo- something I can’t remember his name. Anyways Monaco don’t want to sell too many of their players.

    1. some spuds fans on here today Fat, look at the idiotic thumbing down. lets see how they do at wenbley and then Ali will leave

      1. Hahaha ?? Don’t worry mate, at least some of our own muppet fans are getting thumbed up for a change lol (by them) let them enjoy this moment ??

  7. Champions League is not as big of a deal as people think. It didn’t stop Pogba, Ibrahimovich, Lindelof from going to United and won’t stop Morata or Fabhino either

    Lewandowski makes £160,000,per week. If Lewandowski was offered £280,000per week, I don’t see him not taking the offer because a club is not in Champions League.

    Also Spurs are in CL very rarely
    We have been in CL for decades every single year of Wengers reign here. Fans even say he is a Top 4 specialist.
    This is the first season we are out of it
    There is no guarantee Spurs will be there next season. City, Chelsea, Liverpool, United, Arsenal are also trying to be in top 4.

    Players will look for Money and Location first before Champions League

    1. There’s no guarantee any team will make the top 4. Chelski didn’t the season before last, Liverpool rarely do, and Utd are not the team they used to be. Whatever happens let’s all look forward to Mourinho imploding at Utd next season!

  8. Donnarumma will not renew his AC Milan contract which expires next summer. I feel Arsenal should offer them Szczęsny in exchange for him and maybe plus a few million quid. Szczęsny has solid experience in Serie A was the golden gloves winner with the second placed team. Besides, Juventus wants him which shows how highly rated he is in the league. I like Szczęsny and would love him back at Arsenal but this is also another way round should he want to remain in Serie A. It would be a win-win for all parties involved.

  9. far frm champions league..any team can beat us in the transfer market..becos is very funny we have been tracking lacazette for 3 years and we are still not close on signing him..u hardly see dat from other clubs..not easy being an arsenal fan

  10. Er cl higher finishingn position very exciting style of play and a younger upcoming manager
    I’d say yes.

    Ot cuadrado?? No surely no!!

  11. Spuds will never never ever be a threat to arsenal when it comes to fighting over a player cuz they have won nothing in decades and they are epileptic when it comes to CL so all Wenger need do is to be decisive in his decision.COYG

  12. It is nice that you’ve stated that we won something this season and they won nothing this season. But what about them being miles ahead of us in terms of quality and tactical approach?
    Do you know that they’ll only get better come next season? Way better. And do you know that we won’t, once we lose Sanchez and possibly Ozil? Any sensible footballer can see that Arsenal has become a mediocre club with 0 ambition to compete for top honors, therefore spuds will beat Arsenal in any transfer tussle this term and many terms to come.

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