Can Troopz leaving give Robbie a chance to fix AFTV’s image problems?

In any business sometimes you have to shake off a short-term loss to benefit in the long term. So, while Robbie Lyle will be aware that Troopz moving to America means he’s lost a route to subscribers, it gives him a chance to take his channel back to basics.

A man had a vision to record fans speaking after each game. Not only has it grown into a business which attracts sponsors, he has changed the lives of people he has met.

While Troopz’s delivery isn’t my cup of tea, it’s hard to begrudge a man who, before AFTV, was on hard times, but has now been given a platform to better himself and his family.

Yet while those involved have benefited, the YouTube channel has divided opinion among the fan base, and regularly gets commented on as a reflection of how fickle supporters have become.

Once upon a time maybe you could argue any publicity was good publicity. Yet with advertisers to appease, your image is crucial, especially with the world in a sensitive time.

While a pioneer in the Fan-led content, AFTV was in danger of becoming the Katy Hopkins of their genre. Getting views based on someone saying something controversial but not because your product is enjoyable. That’s a model you can’t sustain forever.

Losing two ‘regulars’ in the space of a couple of months gives AFTV a chance to get back to its roots.

Their host always preached they were a voice to all gooners, not simply recycling characters they created. It wasn’t that these personalities had outgrown the station, but by growing brands themselves on social media, they were suddenly acting based on trends. It made their opinions less organic.

Were we hearing their true point of view or was it self-interest? For example, I will never forget Arsenal scoring against Wolves and Troopz, instead of celebrating, glaring at the camera and nodding before pointing to the back of his shirt with his own surname on the back.

It was a fascinating social observation. A man who had got a following online now believed in his own hype. He was acting like he had proven doubters wrong, that Arsenal winning or losing was his doing.

I’m not criticising. It’s a natural human reaction but it was also not what AFTV was meant to be about…

I like DT, think he’s honest in his appraisal of the team. Yet he gave Robbie a wakeup call in a debate pre-Community Shield. With Troopz shouting over them, Liverpool fans tried to have their voices heard – to which DT said: ‘There’s a reason I’m sat here and you’re in the audience’. Essentially, he was saying his opinion held more weight due to his rise in fame. There’s something really unlikable about that comment.

He’s been able to make a living off the right to express his opinion. When he was verbally abusing Mr Wenger, he said that was his right. So, he can question the greatest manager in our history, but he feels his opinion is worth more than other fans?

Think about that…

So, while as a friend Robbie will be sad not to be working with his mate Troopz, professionally it’s a chance to rebrand his creation and fix its image.

It may be his last chance to make it the voice of Arsenal fans that he advertised…

Dan Smith

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  1. AFTV isn’t a fans forum it’s a business. You can even see the way Robbie presents himself these days is much more business like than even 5 years ago. They are promoting everything from gambling companies to shampoo. They will never be in a position to reset back to having that voice for the fans because every interview they make will be a commercial decision. If someone is on and doesn’t get views, that person even if they come out with the most rational well thought out opinions will never be back on again.

        1. Go for it, Dan 😝🤣

          Just started watching ‘The Duchess’.on Netflix…. really good. Katherine Ryan is hilarious!!

          1. Think that’s what my misses as been watching sue the one with kathrine Ryan ,not for me that one .
            I would have put the bet but now everyone’s seen that they are totally shit after one game then the odds will be about 2/1 now 😂

  2. It’s really sad seeing some of the comments on here. AFTV have different set of fans who wants to aire their opinion differently. Johnson’s comment above shows its nothing more than jealousy what does this have to do with Africa?, can just arsenal leave AFTV alone and focus on themselves. I am a fan of both sites so lets stop being judges as they do not spend time criticising just arsenal.

        1. I was referring to Jonnos comments which has now been taken down. I am not against fans expressing their opinions respectfully, but i just don’t see much difference between AFTV and just arsenal it’s just different platforms for fan to aire their views. Nothing has been said on that platform that has not been said here by fans.

  3. AFTV has gone the unfortunate way of many once fresh start up ideas that outgrow their humility and become a platform for less than bright regulars to become “stars” in their own opinion, though not in the opinion of many others. It is now too late to regain the precious real fan platform it ONCE had.


    AFTV has become disliked by many ordinary Gooners and that very ordinariness was the very idea that once made it so fresh and new. They have let personal ambition spoil what could and should have been a longterm and cathartic platform for multiple Gooners to share their views. Robbie made the mistake of keeping it essentially as a platform for him and his regular mates. And so it has been found out.

    Shame but you reap in life what you sow!

    1. You talking rubbish. That channel is exciting. Stop your jealousy man. They are 1,2 Million and growing fast and that hurts a lots of haters. If they were that bad then their numbers wouldn’t be where they are, that tells you that they are doing something right. Wouldn’t you agree?


      1. Look mate, I don’t know why you have such anger, but I can assure you that 1.2 million is chickenfeed as far as I am concerned. My numbers are not going to be used as a manner of boasting, but I assure you justarsenal has many more readers, and they do not abuse people like other “fans” forums.

        Think about that and calm down eh?

  4. AFTV don’t represent fans and they don’t represent Arsenal in any way. For the most part their brand “values”—creating controversy for clicks and spuriously attacking players and club staff any chance they get, are antithetical to the club’s values.

    This cesspool of negativity is an embarrassment to the vast majority of Arsenal supporters and generally plays a role that is in stark opposition to the role played by actual supporters—being the 12th man and supporting your own team while providing an atmosphere of adversity for opponents—something AFTV routinely gets backwards.

    Troopz never wasted an opportunity to attack players and truly believes himself bigger than the club, remember his hateful post towards Xhaka—an indispensable member of the team—telling him to “get the f#@k out of MY club”—demonstrating an ego without limits and antagonism towards players that knows no bounds. In fact, attacking our lads and demoralizing the entire team seemed to be what gave Troopz the most joy.

    Good riddance to this man who’s worthless contributions should see him live in infamy as far as Arsenal supporters are concerned, and good riddance to AFTV, who do nothing but recycle the tired and moronic complaints of the same recurring set of hyper-negative people and DO NOT attempt to diversify their speakers or include broader ranges of fans.

    Polite, positive “normal” people have never had a place on their show. AFTV should not claim it gives fans a voice, they don’t. They give a few guys a voice and that’s it, the tens of millions of fans around the globe have no voice, and for the most part have nothing in common with these sports tabloid parasites who serve to do little more but provide salacious drama for bigger rags like Daily Star and The Mirror to feed off of. AFTV brings nothing new or interesting to the table, they are simply an amateur tabloid that feeds off negativity and controversy. AFTV are an embarrassment. AFTV OUT.

    1. I think you’re talking about LEE GUNNER not AFTV. what you just said is a LEE GUNNER blueprint. Most fans are convinced LEE GUNNER is a Tottenham fan pretending to be Arsenal in order to access wider fanbase. As for AFTV you’re totally wrong the Troopz comment about Xhaka came directly after the incident where he (Xhaka) threw away the captaincy armband like it meant nothing. If you’re not a pretending Arsenal fan, you would have been angered by Xhaka’s conduct.

      What Troopz did was what any self respecting Arsenal fan would have done.


      1. Wow. Do you think you are on AFTV now? Abuse is not allowed on this site, and I can’t think of worse abuse than calling someone a Tottenham fan!

      2. Lee Gunner is a realist and wants Arsenal to be successful. He certainly is not a Tottenham troll. He speaks out about the Arsenal spin, the lack of ambition from those above Arteta and their lack of support for him.
        As for Troopz although I watch AFTV, I have many years ago passed on his comments and interviews. Unfortunately in my opinion Troopz is an inditement of the UK education system and the adoption by many young people in the West of American gang culture slang.

  5. Aftv is the number one Arsenal fan forum with over a million followers as far as I know, it’s bigger than troopz , I like his contributions and he makes it quite fun and the followers of aftv love him so I don’t see the negatives you are talking about, aftv will not be the same without him. Aftv is my first point of call after matches and any other day. Let’s stop the hate on aftv because of their success.

    1. I don’t get it. Where is the “hate” in this article?

      Do some people not even read them but just go on the attack if they see AFTV in the title?

  6. Here is what I know about fan sentiment. When the club is doing well, fans are more positive. If the club is doing badly, fans are more negative. It is pretty hard to have witnessed arsenal’s golden years, capped off by the invincibles, only to watch us go from bad to worse.

    Regarding AFTV, I am not sure whether anybody should have any particular expectation from football fans, provided they are not out there inciting riots and trashing hotel rooms. I have watched Troopz on several occasions. He is a very charismatic and entertaining character who is fun to watch. Is he always right? I am not even sure that should be a question. He is an arsenal fan. Fans are emotional, subjective, biased and raw. That is the fun of sport. This is real life. Fan reactions are not scripted. Robbie is a great guy too and if advertisers think his channel is worthy of sponsorship, why would anybody be mad at that? All these clubs have massive sponsors. Why can’t AFTV have sponsors? That line of attack is borderline weird.

    I have been a contributor and blogger on this site for about a decade. I have seen arsenal fans at their most optimistic and I have also seen them at their most negative. And what do I have to say about that? Nothing really. This is real life. Raw, unscripted and totally unpredictable.

    1. You have just said it all, kudos bro. For Auba to face time troopz shows even the players acknowledge them. You can either see the cup as half full or half empty at the end of the day we are all fans.

      1. Aftee reading what some on JA have said about and called some of our players, the saying “people in greenhouses shouldn’t throw bricks” springs to mind!!!
        I probably have watched no more than five minutes of AFTV as is my personal choice.
        I saw it as a way of supporting our club that I just couldn’t equate to.
        Just let them get on with running their site as they think best and if it fails or succeeds, it is down to them entirely.
        Meanwhile the accusation that they are ruining the club’s image, should be checked against views on here (and other websites), as it is only the language used that separates one from the other… in my opinion.

        1. Agreed Ken. I don’t like swearing lol.
          But I would like to make the point that our Dan is also a “fan” of AFTV, and obviously watches more than we do. Does that make him entitled to his honest opinion…?

  7. What a load of Rubbish. This the very reason why AFTV is thriving and traditional media agencies are jealous. It’s the misconstrued journalism that has an agenda. With AFTV fans are free to air their dissatisfaction about their beloved football club.

    1. ” It’s the misconstrued journalism that has an agenda.”

      Interesting idea, so is AFTV “journalism” WITHOUT an agenda? I think you need to explain that one

      1. AFTV is unscripted and it unpredictable just like our fanbase. Now should we criticize how our fanbase feel about their own club?

        This unwarranted attack on platforms that are merely granting ordinary fans a space to share their views is a DISGRACE.

        1. Okay you obviously feel very strongly about this, but I ALSO provide an unscripted forum for fans to air their views as they see fit, but the difference is that I don’t allow people swearing and abusing fellow Arsenal fans simply because they have s different opinion to the writer.

          A question of philosophy I guess, but who has the right to say who is wrong and who is right?

          Or is that your job???

  8. Absolutely Pat and, from what some say about AFTV, that is a further distinction regarding them and Just Arsenal… we can all voice our differing opinions in a civilised way as equals… no one is seen as a “star”.
    Well. maybe DAN, for his excellent articles.

  9. Maybe now that Troopz is gone, you can go reapply for a job with AFTV Dan, they may consider taking you this time as you seem to have given them more publicity.

    1. Dan actually cares about AFTV, or why would he write these articles? He CARES, can you not understand that?

      Read carefully what he says please…

  10. Just imagine AFTV creating an episode to criticise Just Arsenal blog, I bet you lot would take that very nicely but I bet they don’t even read this blog and if they do, I think they’re doing a better job of not giving you publicity by criticising you for coming at them. Which brings me to the conclusion, why bother about another Arsenal fans’ forum, I don’t see you talk about other arsenal fans blogs or forums to criticise them, which makes AFTV, being your one and only target for criticism, out of every platform out there, very fishy, maybe it’s to generate traffic for you (kudos because it worked, you got it).

    1. That is rubbish on so many levels. If you read the article, Dan is talking about how to improve AFTV so it caters for ALL fans, without the abuse. Is that such a bad thing?

      1. Pat, do you think AFTV is the only Arsenal fans forum that uses curse words. It is just A forum out of many more out there, I don’t get why you have to shine the spotlight on them every time, anyone who’s not comfortable with the cursing and swearing will not subscribe to their channel, but as you can see, over 1million subscribers are very comfortable with the cursing and swearing. It’s as simple as that. I wouldn’t be on Just Arsenal if I don’t like the content, period. I just feel all of this is unnecessarily giving them more publicity and you don’t seem to know it.

  11. Hmmm. In this age of human-rights norm and press freedom to say one’s mind freely. Which has allowed anyone to express his or her own view and opinion on any topical subject matters, but within the armpit of the Law.

    In this direction, the AFTV is looking to divide opinions of the Arsenal fans FOR and AGAINST. Which means it is democracy in action that benefited at the end as the Gooners have freely voiced their voices to make their opinions on this topical topic known without any suppression nor harassment to their voices to not to freely expressed them.

  12. Says AFTV has an image problem, doesn’t say what it is, then goes on to write a hit piece about Troopz.

    “For example, I will never forget Arsenal scoring against Wolves and Troopz, instead of celebrating, glaring at the camera and nodding before pointing to the back of his shirt with his own surname on the back.” – This is very telling, why would this upset you? Why would you never forget this throwaway moment? This is personal for you.

    Just admit you don’t like the slang, the vernacular, the attitude and you don’t like that his opinion gets attention.

    Yours or fans here or any other YT channel opinions aren’t worth any more than the ones on AFTV, and to compare(and dismiss) the views of fans on their to a racist, islamphobe, homophobic katie hopkins, under the guise of “attention seeking” is disgraceful.

    Why dont YOU think about that…

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