Can Unai Emery survive as Arsenal manager beyond Christmas?

Arsenal have quite a difficult opening set of fixtures for next season, they start with an away game against Newcastle then a home game against Burnley followed by a massive doubleheader against Liverpool and Tottenham before they travel to Watford, a tricky game indeed.

After those five opening games, we could find ourselves on just a few points, as low as three, with Burnley really the only banker and if that scenario was to unfold then our season could basically be over before it has even started.

A poor start would see the fans turn very quickly, we are already an unhappy bunch following the end of season collapse that saw us miss out on Champions League football despite having what most people considered the easiest run in.

Once a manager loses the fans at the Emirates he is in trouble, just look at what happened with Arsene Wenger and he had been our most successful manager ever.

A poor start will be difficult to overcome and if Arsenal is outside the top-six after the festive period and the January transfer window just open then the Spaniard’s future would be in serious jeopardy.

Obviously, it could go the other way, 12 points or more from our opening five fixtures would be an impressive return, confidence would be high, we would probably have a North London derby win under our belt and an easier set of games to look forward to.

But those opening games do look tricky and could define our entire season and if Emery does not navigate them positively then his future could be in some doubt.


  1. New Saliba update:
    Personal terms on a 5 year deal agreed. St. Etienne are contemplating Mavropanos on loan.Bielik is also of interest to St. Etienne, but the player would only consider a permanent move. Arsenal realise a loan move is off the table, but reluctant to lose him.

    As stated earlier we and St. Etienne are trying to find a solution for Saliba. They want him on loan for a season but it is thought that we and the player are reluctant.The fee quoted is £25m.City still and will try to hijack but we lead the pack

    Claude-Maurice deal now edging closer and closer but not done yet

    1. Happy to hear Saliba deal, but unsure about Claude-Maurice

      The good thing about Claude-Maurice is he is quite young, therefore he might be more willing to risk his legs, compared to our no 10s

      He is also Guendouzi’s ex-teammate, hence there would be no problem in settling down and they can reignite their partnership in the field

      1. We’ve got Koscielny and Guendouzi from Lorient, both very unknown at time. Maurice scored 14 in 35 apps, assisted 6. I have a good feeling about him!

        We should sell Bielik, but insert a buy-back clause. Look at Ismael Bennacer! We don’t have buy-back option on him, but we can decide to match any offer made for him.

      2. Was thinking the very same, Maurice seems like a nailed on squad player. Danny’s replacement unless I’m wrong, is he a wide forward.

        Saliba has the physique for this league, should be good in the air and he looks really strong, hopefully he’ll stop growing though because right now he’s a good height at 18.

        I liked the sound of Andersens passing ability, any news on him.

  2. I can’t see him surviving beyond christmas if the likes of Mustafi, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Ozil and Mkhi are still first team players. Since i believe they will still be here, I can see Freddie Ljungberg taking over as head coach at some point this coming season. I hope i’m wrong though as i want him to have this summer to replace the underperforming players and improve his tactics with a more balanced squad, but what can he if he isn’t properly backed with sufficient funds.

    1. Based on Arsenal’s penny-pinching policy, I don’t think Emery would get fired. Because that would mean Arsenal have to pay the termination cost and it would be better if they let Emery’s contract expire next year, unless the team’s performance is really awful

      His replacement would also have to put up with our underperforming stars, so sacking Emery would be useless

      I predict Emery’s fate would be decided based on the results of the first five EPL games. If he can win against Liverpool and Tottenham, I believe most fans would be behind him

    2. I canot believe why everyone is so negative over Mkhi I thought he had a reasonable season with injuries, he was playing well last few games

    3. @Lupe

      Saliba seems like Mustafi’s replacement, Mustafi is our best at high balls situations and this kid is 6ft 4in. Chambers, Holding, Bielik and Mavro too, Emery will have watched them all season.

      Kolasinac and Monreal is a problem area, we need quality out there, one dreadful performance can affect the players around them, just like how a player can make someone look good, they can also make a player’s job all the more difficult. As for Ozil and Mkhi, it’s out of our hands, it all depends on whether they accept it and move on.

      Xhaka, this is the way I see it, either we have a player or a couple of players to play ahead of him, being more reliable, and better, or we don’t. If he ends up being the best we have in there to partner Torriera, well then we don’t have a better option.

  3. emery will not go anywhere.

    no other top manager would be happy with a 45M budget,
    the likes of mourinho,allegri,simeone would not fancy the arsenal job.

    1. Simeone is used to work with limited budget

      But I highly doubt he would want to leave Madrid, unless he is fired

    1. Until a fee is agreed it is looking increasingly unlikely that the move would happen as the days go by. There’s also a question of whether his club want to let him go and if he’s our first choice because we seem not to be pushing hard for him like Saliba and Claude-Maurice

  4. Mourinho, Allegiri, Simeone do have the guts to banish under performing players. Emery is scared, hence nothing will change and there will be a close shave to finish in top 6, forget top 4. Getting Saliba or Anderson is good, will improve the defense, but can we dictate the midfield through CAM or wingers? No. We continue to slow the game with the back/side pass and get caught on the counter. Begging Torrera to stay and maybe / hopefully we get someone for the wings to speed up things. Since no one is going (as on date) so no one will be coming in. So continue to see Iwobi one side, Ozil/Mkhi the other and Xhaka/Elneny in the middle.Even getting rid of Emery, may solve something if the new coach can do something about this this dreaded trio of Xhaka/Elney/Ozil . At least Mkhi has some physical presence for away games and Iwobi can dribble. Wish Iwobi gets developed into an all round player under FL.Hope we go back to the “1-0 to the Arsenal” and win ugly.For this you need determination, sadly too many players do not have that in them.

    1. It is hard to banish under performing players, if you have few player options for replacements.
      This is also difficult in your first season, when players don’t meet expectations.
      As others have stated, should Emery not have his contract extended at the end of the 2019/20 season, which well credentialled experienced manager/coach would be repared to come to the Emirates given the quality of the current squad, under performing highly paid players, limited transfer budget, management structure (“coach” not “manager”) and disinterested absent owner?

  5. I feel a little sorry for the boss. He inherited this team and should be given time to built what he wants. I feel however it goes this year he should be given another transfer window to really built his team. If after that he doesn’t perform then he needs to be replaced.

    1. Only if he can secure a 4th place finish. Failure to do so should see him out the door.i had very high hopes for emery, and I’m genuinely a fan of his but I was very disappointed the way we ended the season, he seemed to overthink everything and that was his downfall. I believe he’ll be better more experienced for the new season but if he still fails to secure a 4th place finish then we should admit it’s not working out and cut ties

      1. Arsenal may not have a choice; at the end of 2019/20 season as he may leave for a better opportunity with less constraints.

  6. If depends on squad, transfers. He has 45M, no way to upgrade team with this.

    Tout compete top 4, we need Dombele 60M and Koulibaly 80M; first.

    Then, 2 young talents compte at LB 20M & RB 20M and Frazier 20M.

    Total : 210M

    Sell; Xhaka 50M, Sokratis 25M, Mustafi 25, Miki 25M, Chambers 15M, Iwobi 25 + 45M budget

    Total: 210M.

    First team then looks like tbis

    Leno – Bellerin, Kos, Koulibaly, Kolas – Niles, Dombele, Torreira – Ozil – Laca, Auba.

    With Frazier, Gendouzi, Nelson as option in midfield upon game plan.

    Must show ambition and by the 2 main additions Dombele+ Koulibali first. Watch how Ozil gets his game and assist back, Auba & Laca on fire.

    If we don’t two beast in out back and middle, it is no way to bé above Spurs, Chelsea, reds, Man U, City, Chelsea with this team.

    WE beat up by Palace, Everton, Wolves and Leicester liké a joke; who all spend more money than us.

    That is our reality today, matches our ambition as a club; sell tickets, Shirts, TV rights,sponsorships;

    A business model with a stadium paid for. Board making money,jerking everyone.

    Ozil bé Gone as Auba & Laca by end of next season. Christmas will bé Bad for them and all of us if WE dont move on those 2. Spurs tries Dombele already!

    Peace gunnaz, soon WE Rip!

  7. The question that this article poses is a disgrace and shows how little the Admin rates our excellent manager. Fortunately the men who make hiring/firing decisions have a far greater and proper regard for this excellent manager who has as yet, not had a proper chance to get ALL his OWN players in. MARTIN, YOU SHOULD HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME FOR THIS SCURRILOUS AND SILLY ARTICLES QUESTION.

    1. Wow Jon that is a bit harsh, if you read the article the question is based on us not being in the top six after Christmas and that is an absolutely valid question. I bet you will not be singing his praises if we 7th or worse come Jan 1st.

    2. Jon old friend,
      wondered what your thoughts were on the recent poll regarding UE,especially as you hold the polls taken and results made in such high esteem.

      Also Jon, how many players do you think he needs to replace?
      All of AW’s players, including the up and coming younger ones?

      After all, despite him not having a proper chance to get ALL HIS own players in, he used mostly AW’s players to reach a european cup final and finish fifth, when (as the poll indicated) he should have finished third.

  8. Only if he is below 6th. If we dont make top 4 again then his contract simply runs out. He’s in a huge lose-lose situation b/c he’s been given no funds to improve this side. The horrible decisions of the previous regime has ruined things with their horrible dealings.

    1. RSH,
      I am going to try once again to see if you can answer my simple questions.

      If, as you so often say, the previous regime has ruined things with their previous dealings, can you answer me the following?

      1. How did the previous regime finish in the top four, eight out of the last ten years?

      2. How did the previous regime win three fa cup finals in the last five years of their tenure?

      3. How did UE manage to take us to a european cup final and finish fifth (we all know it should have been third) if the players he inherited were all as bad as you state?

      I know he signed players, but (as it’s still being said on here)the bulk of the players were inherited.

      We are both passionate gooners, of that there is no doubt, but with different views on what exactly the last ten years of the previous regime achieved / left.

      I would love to know your reasoning behind your statements, especially as UE was so close to winning a european cup and finishing third, with no backing to improve the side (six new players and one loanee?).
      If he hasn’t been able to improve the side, then you are surely stating that the previous regime left a squad capable of finishing third and contesting a european cup final?…or am I missing something?

      1. ken, the majority of these players have failed for the last three seasons under two well respected, well credentialled managers in Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery. The squad without a major overhaul has reached its peak of fifth/sixth place. Teamsabove and below will upgrade and Arsenal cannot afford to tread water.

  9. Sue, it looks like another blind alley, both from RSH and Jon doesn’t it?

    I’m really hoping neither of them have had the chance to read my posts, as they are normally very good at replying.

    1. Ken
      My only disagreement with you is on Ozil but you always make a good point about the last regime even though I don’t want him around.

      I hate it when people talk about previous regime for cursing problem for a team. This was said about Fergie but what has happened after spending millions.

      Ranieri used most of previous regime to win the EPL, Most of Man city winning team in 2017/2018 were from previous regime and none of this two teams perform like previous regime but look at what an amazing manager did to that team with few players mixed.

      Emery don’t need to change all the players but only need to mix few which he did.
      He went 21 unbeaten and none say it was the work of previous regime but rather a magic perform by the good tactician of a manager but when he collapsed at the end of the season, it was because of the previous regime.
      This doesn’t make any sense.

      1. Bob, that is my point exactly and that is why I get so frustrated when fans say we have to make wholesale changes.

        UE did a really good job, overall, it was only the last few games that let him down.

        You have put my frustrations into clear and precise words, thank you sir!!!

        As for Ozil, everyone has their opinion and to be honest I am getting bored with the subject.

    2. Sorry Ken, I’ve only just seen this.. I bet you thought I was an ignorant sod too!! ?
      Maybe they don’t check old articles?? Or maybe you’ve – once again – hit the nail on the head & there’s not a great deal they can say!
      I have to say Ken.. since you’ve been back on here (last few days) your comments really have been top notch! I really look forward to reading them & I’m rather envious of how they come across..straight to the point, no messing!! Well done, Ken! I hope you get your answers – if not then I guess it’ll be a bonus for me, as I’ll have more of your comments to read!! ?

  10. As long as Kroenke is making a healthy profit, he is happy. He won’t fire anyone. He is much more interested in money than trophies

  11. Admin, why is it that when I reply to somebody’s post that it nearly always gets tacked to the end of the post section??

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