Can Walcott really be Arsenal version of Ronaldo?

The first thing that Arsenal need to do to give Theo Walcott any chance of having the sort of effect for Arsenal and England that Cristiano Ronaldo has for Real Madrid and Portugal, is to keep him at the club. Reading between the lines of what Theo has been saying since helping the Gunners to lift the FA cup trophy though, I expect him to sign a contract extension before too long.

And then the 26-year old is ready to focus fully on his football for club and country. He wants to find the consistency and influence that have been a bit too elusive in his playing career so far, due in part to some very bad luck with injury problems.

Walcott is aware that his career so far has failed to live up to its great early promise and so with the next few years likely to be the prime of his life, the pacy and prolific forward is determined to make the most of them and prove himself to be up there with the likes of Ronaldo, as revealed in a report by The Mirror.

He said, “It’s now or never.

“If I want to be known as one of the great players, I need to perform for England and Arsenal on a consistent basis.

“It’s been a gradual process to get here, but these have to be my years. I’m at the age where I need to push on, without a doubt.

“I’ve got to take my Arsenal form into England matches, which will be a big step for me. My career has all been patches. It hasn’t been at a consistent level. I know that in myself. What makes a great player? Well, positive thinking is always important, and so is actually affecting the game.

“You look at players like Ronaldo. Sometimes he might be completely quiet in a game, but then he will do ­something that matters and that’s all people will remember. I think big players need to turn it on in big games.

“When I’ve been given the opportunity this season, I’ve managed to prove myself.

“But just doing that on a more consistent basis is the next step. I think that when you’re needed in these big games, you need to stand up for yourself.

“Football is a team game, but ­sometimes you need an individual to do that extra bit. That’s what turns you into the best player you can be.”

Theo certainly has the attributes, with his pace, movement and finishing, to become a massive weapon in the Arsenal armoury and he certainly seems to do it for club and country over the rest of his career. Can you see Walcott achieving this lofty ambition?

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  1. I just read that Cech is coming to the Gunners! If so (I usually don’t trust these but it’s from Sun Sport) then this is awesome news!


      1. in my opinion, we have 3 strikers with different things to offer: Walcott, Giroud and Welbeck. We need a winger and GK.

        1. Wellbeck is a striker? As in goal scorer?
          He scored 8, yes 8 in all competitions this year!


          1. Some context – not that you will be interested as you appear to have made up your mind. But the guy, in his debut season and arriving late without pre-season has played CF for us for around 1200 minutes, or the equivalent of about 13 games to save you getting the calculator out. And 8 in last 17 for England in a striker role. I don’t see the point in denigrating a player in such a way, one who is clearly a squad option and not a starter – at least without giving him a chance.

    1. Wouldn’t trust that source but attributable Rosicky quote as follows:

      “I know some things from both sides but I will not interfere,” he told Czech newspaper Daily Sport. “It could even turn against me. Both sides know what they are doing. Arsenal are a top team in the world. Players want to be transferred there, that is nothing new. It is a fantastic club.”

      Draw your own conclusions.

  2. He can be but he needs to stay fit and improve on finishing and passing, driblling and ball control.

    1. Totally…

      Thats means hes not good enough….finishing, passing, crossing, dribbling and ball control…sums up all

      1. Yeh, he just needs a bit more time to become any good at playing football and scoring goals:)))))

    2. Finishing?
      Season 2014/15 he had a 75% shot accuracy.
      Season 2013/14 he had a 59% shot accuracy.
      Season 2012/13 he had a 63% shot accuracy.

      Season 2014/15: 87%
      Season 2013/14: 81%
      Season 2012/13: 83%

      This season shot accuracy = 59% Same as Theo last season which was Theos worst…
      This season passing was 82%.

      Cavani isn’t a unknown player… your saying Theo needs to improve those 2 areas then how about Cavani, that player who cost PSG over 60 million euros and stat wise well, Cavani just about on par with Theo last season.

      I could go on about Dribbling, Theos worst was in the past 3 seasons was last season at 30% and that is below Cavanis % by a whopping 1.25%.
      The other 2 seasons Theo got over 40% which kinda blows Cavani out the water, over 10% more than one of the most expensive strikers and you tihink Theo needs to work on that to lead our line?

      Theo has created more chances per 90 mins compared to Cavani.

      I have used Cavani as a example of a world class CF, you can compare it with Jackson Martinez… well Squawka only has his stats for the CL but Theo beats him in shot accuracy and passing.

      1. Good god you’re actually trying to suggest Theo is comparable (or actually superior) to Cavani….

        THAT is why people who lean solely on stats are living on another planet. Haha no words for what I just read.

        1. Agreed, many stats are dodgy and nearly all can be distorted to support almost any view. But there is a reason why, at law, eye witness testimony is the least reliable evidence available and nearly always is a thing of last resort. We all see what we want to see. Subconsciously we will all rate a striker of South American heritage with Dothraki looks and astounding goal returns in the past over a “one-dimensional”, “one trick”, English “whippet”. Bottom line is if Theo were to score more league goals in a season than Cavani then I don’t really care how good a footballer Cavani is or was. Latest bulls**t story says EC is off to United to replace RvP. I assume he will just have to do better than Falcao to keep his job.

          And there must also be good reason why most top clubs spend millions on more and more sophisticated statistical software and databases.

      2. @ midkemma

        I am a big theo fan but to try and make the case that he is better than cavani as a ST is not accurate. Cavani is a proven top level ST, theo still has to proof it but i think he can become a deadly forward

        1. Yes agreed, and i remember that allot of that shot accuracy was weak efforts straight down the centre of goal. Not always as Theo did improve allot over the last two seasons and now his finishing is a relatively strong point for forward/winger.

          Were having a go at Midkemma for comparing stats to Cavani but the Articles headline is asking can Theo become best player in world. Nothing too much wrong with comparing stats and since Cavani has been playing on wing in last two seasons well then why not. If only Theo had of been injury free could have gotten a better picture but at same time a little unfair on Cavani as he was learning new role after many years of playing one way… maybe should compare Theo to Sanchez, easier to do as we watch them week in and week out. I was just saying so no point in really looking for a point.

          1. Because dress the stats up all you like but Cavani has managed two 25+ goal returns while being “$hit” at PSG according to some, not to mention his three 30+ goal seasons in Naples…that’s five consecutive 25+ goal seasons.

            Theo has had 1 season in his entire career where he’s broken the 20 goal barrier (just), so to try and draw them as comparable is far beyond the line marked ‘daft’.

            The levels some fans will go to big-up our own is stunning. It’s a surefire way to stagnate as a club because you accept the mediocrity you have and dress it up as top class. Theo’s a good player, but he’s a couple of leagues short of Cavani for goodness sake.

            1. I agree with you, and think Cavani is the best striker up for grabs, hes simply one of the best on planet. Also i too think he gave a good account of himself playing in an altogether new role.

              Theo at the same time has improved his finishing, he had that standout season but unfortunately was injured the next, he took off where he left off in some respect as soon as he built up match fitness. Finishing and assisting i believe Theo deserves some credit, it is other aspects to his game i believe he falls way too short. Defending in a unit and dribbling skills, also no aerial ability. There is much room for improvement and especially if like you highlighted are going to compare him with Cavanis finishing prowess.

              1. No argument about Theos lack of defending skills also lack of ariel command.

                I was just defending Theo in the face of so called fans slagging him off, Theo is better than what that so called fan made him out to be.

                Is he better than Cavani?
                I wish Theo will get a full season fit to answer that question for me, his stats are improving and he has been a player who has looked to make stuff happen for the TEAM, why can’t Theo become better than Cavani? He has SOME attributes already, just needs to add to his alround game.

        2. I was pointing out how Theos shot accuracy isn’t that bad, Theos passing isn’t that bad.

          Is Theo better than Cavani?
          unfortunatly Theos last 2 seasons have been injury hit so it’s a bit too soon to say he isn’t.

      3. Statman!

        Not In this life or the next is Theo better than Cavani.

        I guess Wellbecks stats prove he is a prolific goalscorers by scoring 8 goals in 39 appearances for 2014/15?

        1. yeah yeah troll.
          I watch EVERY arsenal game without fail and yes, Theo has been that good for us, he may of missed a few chances but it isn’t like he is riding high on confidence.

          Someone talks about shooting not being good enough then shot accuracy has a meaning, if you have difficulty using RELIVANT stats then go back to school and let the adults talk.

          1. This is your default position when someone questions what you say, you start talking crap at them and behaving as if you’re superior.

            Word of advice, spell the words you embolden correctly if you wish to belittle someone or you simply look stupid.

            In regards to your comment “Is Theo better than Cavani? Unfortunately Theos last two seasons have been injury hit so it’s a bit too soon to say he isn’t.” – Just what are you saying? Do you actually believe if Theo hadn’t been injured he would be considered better than Cavani……You say you watch every Arsenal game, you can’t be serious with this bias?

    3. Nothing wrong with working on the weaker areas of you game but…….

      Walcott really needs to work on being the best WALCOTT he can be – you cannot be other than what you are. And Walcott has plenty to offer. Then maybe someday a young player can strive to be like WALCOTT.

  3. Deluded.. You know how hard Ronaldo works for maintaining his physique and form? Not even messi works that hard who is the best player though. The player who is closest to being Ronaldo is Sanchez coz he works hard like him. Mark my words, if Sanchez keeps playing like this, he will be Ronaldo. and FK off if you think he won’t you bloody united fans.. Sanchez is Arsenal’s Ronaldo. Walcott lacks finishing and desire like Ronaldo and Sanchez. He has the pace but no hard work. Sorry to say but he is not world class.

    1. Ronaldo doesnt work hard like sanchez. Working hard in the gim and on the field ard two different scenario. How many times do cr7 get praised for his defensive contribution like sanchez? Messi doesnt need to work that kind of work (ala cr7) cos he is “borne supremacy”. Guadiola even said no amount of a managers brilliancy can stop messi from recking havoc. Theo was only referring to cr7 consistency and not his dribbling of selfish attributes and if theo can stay injury free for season then expect him to hit double figures.

      1. Messi does not work on defense at all…….. and that is exactly the way his coaches want it. He is just too valuable going forward.

    2. Theo is 26 and it’s not late to improve. I think Theo’s boundary is a WILL. Don’t need to be like Ronaldo at all. He has two living examples at Arsenal, AS17 and TH14. Theo has to push himself like Sanchez does but at the same time should learn how to be smart like Titi. Sanchez often push his “rpm” into red line but deserve rewards (goals) from his hard work ethos. Even if he failed he never stop trying. Titi is more like Theo but he’s smarter on making decisions. He knew when to use his pace, to finish or to make pass. Plus, he got eyes to evade tackles. Just emulate those two and we can call Theo TW14 one day.

  4. I think Walcott should be given a longer run as the ST of a front 3 since he is definitely hitting his prime… I believe that’s Wengers plan as well, hence why I don’t expect a incoming ST but more of a winger that’s versatile to play on the right since we’ve played countless CM’s out there.

  5. Staying out of the medical
    room is the greatest
    challenge facing Theo
    I don’t want Theo to be great.
    Playing 30 PL games a season
    making 15 assists and scoring
    15 goals would be great for the team.

  6. Seriously though I know a lot of fans might disagree but we really need to find a replacement for Podolski… But who???

    1. Podolski 90k p/w
      Diaby 60 k/w
      Sanogo 50 k p/w
      Campbell 40 k p/w
      Rosicky 60 k p/w
      Flamini 70 k p/w.
      Ryo 20 k p/w
      390 k p/w
      We could pay two top top players
      200 k p/w with those wages.

  7. World class strikers are made people. Who knew of Lacazette amd Kane until they hit top form this season? Now they’re in demand. We need to give Walcott a chance to be our no1 striker as he has shown the commitment and potential to do so. I’m sure Wenger isn’t buying a striker this window and i dont think he should. Instead, he should get a proper winger to work with Sanchez and the Ox. And then maybe a supporting player for Le Coq because to buy a “world class” dm would be a huge betrayal to Coquelin, who came in as a Saviour when we were drowning in defensive errors. My no1 striker: Walcott. no1 DM: Le Coq. We dont need a CB: Kos, Mert, Paulista and Chambers. Sanogo should go out on loan again.

    1. You are actually a very patriotic Gunner.
      I agree with you that Arsenal should give Theo a chance at being the no.1 striker.
      On the other hand, he can only thrive when there is great competition in the team.
      If Theo thrives if we get Jackson…then Theo is meant to be no.1.
      But…making Theo no.1 striker should not stop Arsenal from getting another striker if they can. Competition is good for team growth.
      You have a great point though.

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