Can we blame Manchester United for Shakhtar’s stance on Mudryk?

Arsenal is struggling to complete the transfer of Mykhailo Mudryk and it now seems Chelsea will hijack a move for him.

The attacker has flirted with the idea of making the move to London for much of the last few months, having talked about it and liked posts discussing it.

However, it seems the move will not happen this month as Arsenal’s offers continue to fall short of the valuation Shakhtar Donetsk has placed on the youngster.

Their director, Carlo Nicolini, has now revealed they value him in the same class as Antony of Manchester United, suggesting Arsenal must pay as much as United paid for the Brazilian to sign him.

He said to Calcio Napoli24:

“Given that we have no need for transfers, we said in due time that we evaluate the player stronger than some other profiles, such as Antony. This is the benchmark.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Mudryk is a terrific player and wants to move to Arsenal, which should make it easy for us to sign him.

However, Shakhtar knows they have a top player on their hands and the interest from Chelsea is making them insist on a huge transfer fee.

If we want to buy him, we must be prepared to splash the cash to add him to our squad as United did for Antony, who has not been impressive.

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  1. Arsenal should forget about this guy and go for Dusan vlahovic to partner with Jesus and get back up for party

  2. The only way arsenal can sign him. He has to reget chelsea no matter the offer they put on the table

  3. Man Utd overpaid, as they have for years and that’s part of the reason for this.

    But the other factor is that Arsenal may still have a tag of being a soft touch. I hoped that was over now, but maybe not.

    Third, when you’re leading the league and your main striker gets injured, perhaps clubs like Shaktar think they can hold us to ransom.

    He’s an unproven quantity in the PL, already overpriced, so just let Chelsea have him – but appear to stay in the race to make them overpay 🙂

    After all, if he’s really a Gooner he won’t want to go Chelsea and looking at their league position even less so.

    One other factor – he’s Ukrainian – will he want to go to a club that got to their current position due to finance from a Russian oligarch? Not sure how he’d feel about that.

  4. The man will choose Arsenal even if Chelsea offer more money. An agreement will be reached Soon. OT:Aubameyang subbed on and subbed off in the Chelsea game. Brutal. Damn.

    1. Crazygoner, You are overloking the fact he is under contract and Shakhtar do not eant to sell him at all If Arsenal fail to make an agreement with Shakhtar he may well go to Chelsea or stay put.

      He is not allowed to choose Arsenal if his club deny him the move. SURPRISED YOU DO NOT KNOW THIS BASIC SITUATION , which is common to most clubs!

      1. @Jfox…….. I think you are wrong their, when u Take raphina as case study. Chelsea offered more money, Arsenal offered to pay upfront, but player insisted he want nothing except barca, Leeds were force to work it out with barca, who paid less and in batches

        1. In addition a player does not have to move if he does not want to and can remain on his current contract. So if Arsenal do not meet the valuation of Shaktar and Chelsea do, the player could refuse and wait to see what happens in the summer.

          1. You are all right there is a document that requires the kid signature for any form of movement.
            It doesn’t matter how Snra huffs and puffs it all will come down to what the kid wants.
            We have seen it with Vlohovic and Raphinha, this is a similar case.

            Arsenal seem not too worried about Srna very public visit to the bridge, it does has an element of desperation to it if one should ask me.

          HE may not leave at all but if the club accepts anoffer from Chelsea it woult then be up to him to either accept Chelsea or stay put. No club would accept al ower offer just because the player wants to go there. Not while he is under a contracrt with a lot of time to run, as he is. Simply put, you are mistaken!

    2. What about Mitoma? If we can’t get mudryk then why don’t we go for Mitoma of brighton?. He would cost a lot less and also plays on the wings. He showed us what he’s capable of.

  5. Antony for 85M was hardly a benchmark. In fact it was a panic buy to appease fans and buy time for the new manager who was struggling at the time.
    It’s hard to justify spending over 60M on a player to compete with Martinelli.

  6. I’m just getting tired with this rumour….if shakter are playing hardball let them stay with mydrik but they know the players heart is already set for arsenal and he will only feel betrayed by shakter.

  7. Let’s bang in a £80m offer with regression clauses rather than bonus. If he doesn’t meet certain terms such as assists in a season, code of conduct or goals then the fee payments go down. Why is it always add on payments, might not work but I’ve never heard of a deal structured this way so why not try it

  8. Chelsea lost 0-1 at home tonight to Man City in the Epl. But that still leave us Arsenal 5 points clear on top of the table.
    Going in into our next Epl NLD big game match to Tottenham Hs. It is now left to Arteta more than ever to build and setup correctly in the match the Gunners team that will play the NLD match at Tottenham Stadium to win the match and win it unfailingly.
    For, after the match has been played. Under no any circumstances should the Gunners not win the match and to not only remain on top of the League. Which of course will be so whatever the results elsewhere. But remain on top without dropping any points to Spurs to sill remain on top at a reduced points leading the League if they drop.
    But lead the League with 5 points or more on it. Depending if their closest Epl title win rival team this season Man City win their game or not.
    So therefore, there is enough time left for Arteta to put a big game NLD winning Gunners team together. And train them specially and specially to beat Spurs.
    Irrespective of whether if Spurs have an Ace striker in Harry Kane or not. Who hardly fails to score at home playing against Arsenal in the NLD. As againss us Arsenal who have Eddie Nkethia and who will lead the line for us in the march. In a kind of David vs Goaliath battling for supremacy in the match. But David ( Nkethia ) will prevail at the end of the match as Arsenal beat Spurs.
    Some of us Gooners have said that Arsenal should instead of trying to sign Mudryk go for to retry to sign Dusan Vlahovic. But Vlahovic has reportedly said he won’t join Arsenal when they tried to sign him last winter transfer window. But has he now changed his mind to join us? And at what transfer cost will Juventus agree to sell him to Arsenal this winter if they still want him?
    Nevertheless, let’s see what will finally happened in the pursuit of Arsenal to sign Mykhailo Mudryk this winter.
    As the new Chelsea owner Todd Boehley has appeared to have much money than Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke to spend on incoming transfers.
    So us will wait to see if Shakhata will sell their player Mudryk to the highest bidder for him. As against the player’s preferred wish to join Arsenal this January window.

    1. I just did a quick google. Todd’s net worth is USD 5.3 bil whereas Stan’s USD 12.9 bil (more than double Todd’s).

  9. Look at mudryk stats and you would know it’s not more than 50millions pounds maximum. Let chelsea have him. My question is would be have an instant impact of he’s brought in. 88million pounds for someone who hasn’t played two full seasons of senior football… Why not we go for hazard for the short term?

  10. Shakhtar officials have been spouting so much crap lately completely disregarding the little fact that it’s the player who makes the final decision! The CEO can posture as much as he wants, watch matches in other stadiums as much as he wants, use lopsided arguments/examples to justify his other-worldly valuations, but in the end it’ll come down to the player! Mudryk makes the final choice. Would be funny if the move falls through and Mudryk goes for 25-40 mil in the summer ’cause the market will be more flexible with loads of talent to choose from!

  11. Arsenal anyway need to 2 attacking players in the long run. So they should stop this discussion & sign someone else for now. This will remove this silly price competition & Shaktar will then realize Chelsea not going to offer any more that Arsenal & at that point Mudryk says no to Chelsea then Shaktar get nothing .
    This whole deal looks strange as if Arsenal wanted this player for long then informal agreement between clubs should have been reached long time unless Shaktar have changed their mind last min & being greedy

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