Can we get a better result from these same players next season?

Arsenal’s summer business looks like it could be an underwhelming one as the Gunners have financial issues to consider.

Although it would be Mikel Arteta’s first summer transfer window, the Spaniard isn’t guaranteed a lot of money to strengthen his team.

Arsenal has, however, ensured that they will keep a majority of his current players by giving new deals to Pablo Mari, Cedric Soares and David Luiz.

These players have been important to Arteta this year, even though Soares is yet to kick a ball for the Gunners.

If Arsenal doesn’t spend so much in the summer, it means that we would have to make do with the players at our disposal now.

Arteta has done an outstanding job in transforming the performances of these players. When you watch them get results, one wonders if they can still do better and if Arteta can push them to get even better, if not individually then at least as a team.

I often ask myself, what would be the worst-case scenario be if we start next season with these same players?

To be honest with you, I think that we would still have a mediocre season. This is because I consider some players in our team to be on their best form now and look where we are at.

If their best form cannot even get us into the top four, then why should we expect next season to be better with the same set of players?

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  1. Arsenal should be slightly stronger next season given Arteta will have been coaching these players for longer by then, and he may sign players to fit his system in the summer.

    Although, he’ll only be able to take us so far if the likes of Xhaka, Ozil, Bellerin, Laca, Luiz, Mustafi, etc, are still at the club. I have been saying it for a while now, but it’s more important who we get rid of, over who we sign.

    1. Yes, because in almost all games we have at least five no hopers who regularly fill positions and if and when they go,it is inconceiveable that worse players will replace them. Even in these parlous financial times , a great and well organised coach who insists on discipline and100% effort all the time, CAN improve the team. Question is though, by how much. That remains to be seen.

  2. Young players that he has at his disposal are full of potential and as a coach he should be able to get a lot more out of them. The older ones, not so sure but again consistent coaching and better attitude if he can achieve that would improve the team. My problem is the mediocrity that has been running through this club will be hard to shake off.

  3. On what basis has Arteta “done an outstanding job in transforming the performance of these players?
    As for next season, the same deficiencies in the squad need to be addressed: DM, CAM and CB.

    1. I am with you. The way I see it is that we do not have any identity now. We used to be a mixture of silk and steel during Wenger’s early years and hence tons of success, then we morphed into mostly silk, aka tiki taka, team and we were still a joy to watch. Now we are neither silk nor steel. And playing from the back does not suit our crappy defense. So I am confused as to why people are saying Arteta is doing an outstanding job. He needs time to prove himself, I will therefore defer judgment.

    2. Emery’s last 15 games -1 clean sheet
      Artetas first 15 games -8clean sheets
      That in my book is a vast improvement.
      He can only work with the players that was already here when he arrived and Personally I have been impressed with what I’ve seen so far ,remember he has to work with around 12 players (half his squad )which was left to him by Emery .
      We would have been better off sticking with Wenger until Arteta was ready to come here because Emery as set us back another 2-3 years and a squad which is a complete mess ,something which wouldn’t have happened if Wenger had stayed on .

      1. Once again Dan, you won’t acknowledge that Emery also inherited players and didn’t get the players he requested, either actual or a similar type in the positions we all knew were deficient.
        The Board and executive management were responsible for transfers during Emery’s tenure.

        1. And once again Ozzie you fail to understand that no matter how you sugarcoat it ,Emery left us in a right state ,who cares who signed the players ,bottom line is he had 12 players bought into the club and he left us in tatters .
          My point is that Arteta as indeed I proved us as you can see by the facts I wrote up top ,regarding the clean sheets .

  4. There is not a Manager on the Planet who could transform the likes of Sokratis,Mustafi and Luis into top quality players. On a brighter note, Arteta has a number of really talented young players who he can hopefully develope into stars of the future.I feel the current group of youngsters is the best I have seen during the past decade, so the raw talent is there for Arteta to bring on.

    1. We cant do much, however, we may not need huge investment to improve, I bet we can get value for some players and then use it to improve the team

  5. Keep Aubameyang and Ceballos. Bring in Party and Saliba. Wave bye-bye to Ozil, Lacazette, Socrates, Mustafi, Bellerin, Mavropanos, Mhykitarian and one of Torreira/Xhaka/Guendouzi. I’d be reasonably happy to see what Arteta could do with that to start the season.

  6. The squad will look something like:Leno,Martinez,a third GK,Salliba,Mari,Tierney,Soares,chambers,holding ,Luiz,Bellerin,new LB,xhaka,torreira,Guendouzy,new DM,new CAM,AMN,Willock,pepe,Martinelli,Saka,Nkhetia,,new CF, and a youngster!

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