Can we have some more of this Arsenal Transfer Frenzy?

Transfer fever! by Brighton

I am in dreamland as a Gooner and my hopes are very high in this market. Seeing that we have changed our approach this summer, I hope we will do something significant…so far so good – but not yet a ‘wow’ signing…just one Lichtsteiner.

We needed 7 new players….GK, 2CBs, RB, 2DM, AW….

● We got our new Goalie who is ok.
● We got our RB cover to Bellerin.
● We got one CB and still feel we need another CB…Soyuncu? (is good for the future) and if we were to lose Mustafi (to me he is still good)…..Koulibaly is the “only” replacement.

We now NEED 2 Holding Midfielders… I am excited with our links to Lucas Torreira and Steven N’Zonzi…no other option…please just go for them…

We also NEED an Attacking Winger….our prospects are exciting too (Christian Pavon, Hirving Lozano) ♥ I also desire we go for Riyad Mahrez please or Louis Zaha or Anthony Martial (proven EPL players)

■ All these players are replacements for the players we lost….Mertesacker, (Koscielny), Debuchy, Coquelin, Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott…of course for Oxlade-Chamberlain we got Lacazette…and we are likely to lose Ospina too!
■ I am happy to see Lucas Perez back to give Welbeck the competition…I am still worried with our Left Back position…I still feel we can go for Van Aanholt (Crystal Palace) as a cover to ageing Monreal and unpredictable Kolasinac….
■ I feel we have some of the great Playmakers in the EPL…..Mesut Ozil or Aaron Ramsey or Alex Iwobi….but they are not hungry enough to shoot and score…maybe Ramsey…

Who else would you bring in in this transfer frenzy!



  1. RSH says:

    Highly unlikely we will get another DM after Torriera. We won’t play with 2 DM’s either and N’zonzi is not a backup type of transfer. Some may not like it but Elneny is most likely remaining. 2 CB’s also is stretching it a bit considering we have a total of 6 right now. Very likely we will have to make do with what we have which is more than reasonable. Winger just seems to be the main position we are lacking in as we don’t really have any true ones on squad. Getting 7 first team quality players in one summer was never going to happen. I’d be very happy if we ended up with 5 though. Leno/Sokratis/ Lichtsteiner/Torriera/ (new winger) would be an amazing summer. Could never imagine such an efficient summer if we still had AW.

    1. I says:

      Well said

  2. Chiza says:

    Emery is in deep talks with pavon and he is close to signing for around 30m upwards… Things want to kept secret as for now but Brazilian clubs are very hard to deal with,so expect the unexpected,although pavon really wants to join…….. But my sources tell me that there is something concrete going on with Lozano,i hear dusan tadic was signed as a replacement for him without anyone knowing…Lozano is surely leaving Ajax.. But to which club??..i don’t know yet.. I know Emery likes him and he is keeping a close eye on this situation…Emery has told Sven,gazidis and raul(the three musketeers) that he wants a winger… I have a deep feeling that Lozano is coming to arsenal,maybe we are using Pavon as a distraction,expect Lozano rumours to gather alot of pace very soon

    1. ACE says:

      Pretty sure Lozano is a PSV player mate

      1. RSH says:

        and Pavon plays for an Argentine club, not Brazilian.

        1. Trudeau says:

          Looks like Kev’s got some serious competition…

  3. Chiza says:

    Who do you guys prefer…Lozano or Pavon??…we are surely getting one of them unless Emery decides to change his mind and go for a left footed winger

    1. Unai Emery says:

      Out of those 2 it’s Lozano any day,,, Pavon is overrated , even his most glamorous YouTube videos isn’t half exciting…..
      As for lefties, who wouldn’t want Mahrez. But Florian Thauvin also seems good….

    2. GunnerJack says:

      Probably Lozano for me. However the question for me is this – do we actually need a winger? Or even worse, two?
      So many on here have jumped on the ‘we need a winger/left winger/inverted left winger blah, blah, blah’ bandwagon but not sure how many have thought it through.
      For example all our 3 main attackers, Auba, Laca and Miki like to drift out to the wings occasionally before making incisive runs inside to pass or shoot. Ozil too is often found on the wing. This causes trouble for defences who would much rather have them all in a nice neat group in the box so they can easily defend against them, which could happen if they are all there waiting for the winger to cross the ball. Having our attackers in the box is what used to happen in the Wenger era but this rarely worked because defenders quickly learned to just pack the box against us.
      And who do you drop to make way for the new winger? Miki? Laca? Certainly not Auba. After all they’ve only been here 5 minutes!
      Yet another problem would be for Ramsey. In order to make his runs into the box he would need a bit of space and would not get it if our attackers are already in the box, along with their markers, cluttering up the available space. Far better if at least one central defender has been dragged out wide by one of our 3 attackers which would give Ramsey a bit of space to make his runs into the box and score.
      It will be interesting to see which way Emery will go but if we don’t get a winger I for one could not care less!

      1. Dalinho says:

        Gunner jack
        Forward ms drifting out on the wing or packing the box won’t get any space unless someone is out wide stretching the defence with the ability to dribble with the ball insteat of the usual pass and run style football that can easily be stopped with good marking and positional sense! We need a player who can run with the ball like Alexis and open up defenders or beat them, so winger is the name buy and Alexis replacement is the idea! We lack a couple of players like that really but one will do for now! I like Lozano a lot I’m just a bit worried about his size and strength coz he ain’t as fast as Alexis either! Apart from that he’s my number one choice the Pavon but I still think we should look at Golovin or kovovic if he’s available which I doubt and if we sell Mustafi the yerri Mina would be perfect if barca don’t won’t him! Now that jacks gone we probs need another CM but who knows I’m excited tho

    3. Willy007 says:

      We don’t have money for any of them, Ben Alpha is a free

  4. Unai Emery says:

    @Brighton U are the only dude on the planet who would buy Louis Saha instead of Wilfried Zahahahahaha

    1. Gooner Manyex says:

      really hahahahahaha sorry dude you right its Wilfred Zaha…was taken aback a little kkkkk But truly we need another scary scoring winger…most definately i think we need another DM apart from Torreira in Nzonzi…I would break the bank fo Mahrez

    2. McLovin says:


      Louis Saha is like +40?

  5. Innit says:

    For a left winger, Id like Draxler
    For Right wing not sure?

  6. Innit says:

    Leicester want too much for Mahrez and Mahrez’ wage demands are too high. Otherwise Id love it if he came here

  7. DarlingBudofArse says:

    How can we have some more of this so-called frenzy when as reported, we have only £60M to spend and if my calculations are right, once Torreira is bought, there’ll be no more cookies in the jar. Actually we would have overspent. Then what? Please someone tell me.

    1. Arsene is Out says:

      Sell Mustafi 15-20M, Sell Welbeck 15M, Ospina 3M, Jenkinson 5M, Perez 5M, Campbell 5M

      That should give us 40-50M and quite a bit of room in our wage budget to bring in 1 or 2 players.

      So far we paid 19.3M for Leno, 17.6M for Papa, 0 for Licht and we agreed to pay Torreira’s fee in 3 8.5M installments. So far the cost this window including Torreira is 46M.

      We can easily get 2 more players for a total of 50-60M as long as we spread the payment a bit.

      1. DarlingBudofArse says:

        As they say, ‘sell first before buying’.

      2. Mobella says:

        And sell you for 1 pound to make 40-50 + 1 pound.

      3. Midkemma says:

        I read we might get £30 mil for Mustafi from Juve…
        We got £35 for the Ox and well… Who thought we would have got more than £15 mil, like you put for Welbroke?

        I slate Gazidis a fair bit for his past crimes to us fans but he done well recently so we might get a nice surprise in some sales figures… keeping my fingers crossed lol.

        Total of 50-60 million… That sounds too much like the reported figure he would be given 😛

  8. John Ibrahim says:

    7 signings?

    think we need 9 signings

    GK, LB, RB, CB, LW, RW, AM, DM and CM

    so far we have signed GK, RB and CB….6 more to go

    1. nonny says:

      Why 7 you can as well need 11
      you are playing fifa

    2. Patrick_G says:

      HAHA an AM? Really? we have Mhiki and Ozil, why would you even mention that……We don’t need another GK…..we dont need another LB…… we dont need two wingers, just one….

  9. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    KEV JUST got Wilshere contract with Fenerbache wrong lol. apparently, he’s signing for Westham. ??

    1. Abel says:

      Westham makes more sense for Wilshere. A club where they love crocked and ageing ‘has beens’
      He’ll have good company like Andy Caroll, Zabaleta, Evra, etc

  10. Sue says:

    I hope we buy at least 2 more players… looking forward to seeing the line up next season ?
    Looking forward even more to watching Torreira later… will have to do a supermarket sweep in Tesco after work to get back for 3! ?
    I really hope we announce him soon… it’s driving me crazy!!!

  11. Kibali says:

    Wilfred Zaha or Louis Zaha?

    1. S says:

      One has long retired, the other did crap at a “big club” and is more suited to staying where he is all career 😉

  12. Yakubu Hayim says:

    I will go for Xherdan Shakiri (Stoke City) religated… It will be a steal as he’ll come at a very low price (£17-£22)…. Wont need time to settle as he’s premier league proven, has experience at the top with Bayern, Will feel at home with Xhaka around, pacy, dribbler, left footed, creator, scorer and only 26 years old… What do you guys think…?

  13. Midkemma says:

    I do not feel we NEED 2 holding CMs, while I am not a fan of Elneny skill, I do think he can learn a lot and become better at being the holding CM if taught correctly. Elneny has the passion and I trust he would train with as much passion as he shows which means he will learn from Emery… At least I hope lol.
    I do not think Elneny will be as good as Gilberto, maybe an Edu though… Good all rounder who wasn’t really good enough for a starter in a team competing for the top.
    Only 1 DCM needed and that is Torriera, AMN and ElNeny can cover.

    2 CBs would allow for one of our promising ones to go out on loan, I’m thinking either Holding or Mavrop. 4CBs will give us 2 backups while trying to establish a consistent back 4.
    If we assume the worst for Kos and he doesn’t come back due to set backs or if he does but just not good enough due to his situation then we currently have 5, 1 more than needed which allows for a CB to go out on loan and to get game time. If Kev is right and we get Soyuncu then I think we all are guessing/assuming that Mustafi is the man who will make way, this is a replacement therefore the numbers do not change, still capable of letting one CB go out on loan. I think this could be good for our future.

    GK, glad we got Leno and hope he settles fast. Not writing Cech of either as he could show a good season with fresh coaching, not long term but I feel the perfect GK to start as number 1 as it doesn’t thrust Leno into a do or die situation, he will have the season to settle in and to claim the spot.

    Having a right sided inside forward would be nice, we have seen Auba bang in goals from the left and I am guessing he will be used from the left still due to Laca link up play and ability to bring wide forwards into play while being a threat himself. Someone on the right to bang in goals and we will have a front 3 that could be aiming to score around 80 goals between them… If Laca and Auba keep their scoring boots then all we need is a right inside forward who can get 20+ goals in a season… Theo did that for us once, we just need an upgraded consistent version XD Maybe Martins? Nelson as backup maybe?

    For this upcoming season, that is all I feel we really need, next season will be continued work to improve… We will not do it all in 1 window like some people do on FM.

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