Can we now stop talking about Aubameyang leaving Arsenal?

It must really be a difficult time for Aubameyang by Lagos Gooner

I am getting tired of reading a lot of things online about Pierre Aubameyang. The media seems to enjoy writing about Aubameyang and in most cases, quoting him out of context.

Just yesterday, a story about Aubameyang trended. Auba spoke to the official Arsenal’s website and he used the opportunity to reassure the fans of his desire to remain a player of Arsenal beyond this season. Fair enough that he keeps reassuring us the fans; but this whole transfer rumour or story, is becoming boring. Personally, I feel sorry for Aubameyang who may not be finding it funny any longer. Having to keep on answering questions on his desire to still play for Arsenal will surely get to him. Can the media just forget about all these transfer issues for now and give Pierre a rest? Pierre is an adult and he knows what he wants, and he has said what he wants over and over again. If there is going to be a decision to be made, both Aubameyang and Arsenal will not hesitate to let the media know.

I don’t know even know if he truly asked for a weekly wage in the region of 300k or he was quoted out of context? Whatever he wants, he surely feels he deserves it and I will be shocked if the club feels otherwise. Yes, he is getting closer to his non productive years as a footballer, but watching him play, I feel strongly that he still has another four to five years in him to play at the professional level. So, as for the pay rise, he may have a point but while we are still waiting for a breakthrough in the contractual talks, can we hush down on the matter for now, please? Can the press stop looking for stories where there normally should be no stories?

I don’t want to sound like I support Aubameyang in his demands but I just want the media and a whole lot of Arsenal fans to let him be, until the end of the season. Auba is a committed footballer who knows how to get his job done; the best he can get from us right now is our total support. Maybe this could be a matter of Aubameyang talking a lot to the press, right? If that be the case, then maybe Aubameyang should watch what he says henceforth to the media, or he should avoid talking to the press completely.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. He is not leaving Arsenal, so you better stop your articles. As long as he gets paid like Ozil or better, then he’ll stay

  2. Until Aubameyang signs a new contract the rumours and talk will persist. It may be Arsenal that are being reluctant to offer the wages he desires, hence the stalling.
    In my opinion Arsenal prefer to sell to the highest bidder outside the PL and reinvest the funds into the squad.

  3. Arsenal will be making a big mistake if they do not keep Auba. He is the man for the moment and Arsenal should do everything in their power to keep him. He loves Arsenal and the Club should respond to him by having faith in his abilities and give him a pay rise.

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