Can we please stop with the stupid ‘Arsenal chasing 100m Barca star’ rumours’

When will the crazy completely baseless Arsenal rumours linking us with a move to try and bring Ousmane Dembele to Arsenal ever stop? We had to put up with them all summer, and despite Barcelona and the player denying it every single time, they still just keep on coming, even after the transfer window shut for the first half of the season.

As if Barca would just ‘borrow’ us a player that they paid 100 million for just a year ago! And as for ‘with an option to buy? Don’t make me laugh! But with the interlull here to bore us once again even Guilleme Blague is trotting out the same old story, and even he said that Arsenal didn’t make an approach. He said: “The only approach from Arsenal was to get him on loan, with an option to buy. That was an intermediate, not directly from Arsenal.”

“And again, Barcelona did not listen to it. Barcelona don’t want to let him go in January either. They believe that they can get something out of him.

“They think he has the potential to make a difference like he did at the start of the season.”

What intermediate, what rubbish! Barca denied the rumours every time they were mentioned. Even Dembele himself denied all rumours during the summer. He said: Dembele said: “I’m staying at Barcelona and I’m ready to play the Spanish Super Cup.”

So Why Oh Why does this idiotic rumour keep coming up? As if Arsenal would spend even 70 million on anyone, never mind 100 million. Let’s get ourselves down offa that cloud can we?

Darren N


  1. I think we can forget players with that price tag

    With Kroenke as full owner, I’m unsure how much he will let Emery spend. My guess is not much. I hope I’m wrong

    I’m hoping Emery has talent for spotting top talent at low prices ie Players who haven’t been discovered or good players from average leagues.

    He did well with Torreira and Guendouzi

    I don’t think Emery will need to spend big necessarily for defenders but for wingers and central midfielders it will be tough without spending big

    I’m very concerned about our future with Kroenke in charge considering looking at his other teams history

    God help us

    1. The problem was never Kroenke spent or not, but was Wenger who was the biggest problem at Arsenal for believing what he believed including not let go players who were not good enough to play for arsenal since they were very loyal to him. Emery and Sven can fix that and getting cheap and quality players who are available everywhere – wenger couldnt do that because he ran out of ideas.

  2. I was actually thinking myself that 70m would probably get him. Was thinking, what would be the lowest that they’d accept. The longer he stays there without shining, his value will decrease. In the end they might have to accept about 40m, good ones go for 40m and at the moment we can not say that about his Barcelona career.

    There’s allot of good options out there, for forward minded players. I want us to get a really hard working one, one that could fill in at fullback if he was asked to do a job. Allot are probably thinking sure we have Nelson. To be a starter at Arsenal you need to be one of the best, at least you need to be making the top ten best in that position. There’s a number of good ones in Italy. I like that we’re finally looking at that market again. Wenger got some early joy out of that market but then he just turned his back on it. Clubs out there were not so quick to sell us some cheap flops, that might be some of the reason. The Croatian winger from the WC looks like he has a good mix, the one Mourinho was after, Pjanic I think, I’m hearing that Pep is interested in him now. Not sure if this is the guys agent or what not, those clubs usually get their targets. I still want us to bring one in even if we are going to give Nelson a pathway.

      1. Perisic is a tall winger that is not as agile as Nelson and Pjanic is a midfielder

        Dembele is skillful, but his forms are fluctuative and he couldn’t start ahead of Giroud/ Matuidi/ Griezmann/ Mbappe in World Cup

        I’d prefer a specialist in dribbling in the mold of Mbappe, Hazard and Traore. Nelson looks good as a forward in Germany and as an RW in the pre-season, but let’s see how he does when he starts in some EPL games

        1. Perisic yeah, don’t know much about him other than WC games. But if those two clubs like him, then he must be worth a look. Italians usually like midfielders that tackle too. Either way, I think we do need to look rather than bank on Nelson. We are a long way from making title challenges, definitely need to buy.

  3. Once again vindicated on another transfer.Loan move rejected last season and reject this season too.Ive forgotten the name of the reliable journalist who before the window closed last season said Barca rejected the loan move.Tbh, I don’t see Arsenal signing due to the fact that his wage is going to be very high.

  4. I think Arsenal will focus firstly on bringing the youth team players through, because 1) the players are a relatively known quantity and cheaper, 2) bringing in external players costs more and fills the gaps in the team meaning that our youth talent are forced to go and play overseas, possibly for a very small amount of money, (Gnabry springs to mind,) and we lose them.

    Im sure Arsenal will buy players if there is a gap that needs to be filled or an exceptional talent, ie Torreira, Guendouzi, Sokratis and Lichtsteiner. They were all purchased with a specific aim in mind, and I suggest they have mostly worked out as intended or even exceeded expectations.

    Looking at the team now, the defence is in urgent need of sorting out, whether you think Mustafi is a problem or not, the big problem is the age of Sokratis, Lichtsteiner, Koscielny & Monreal. Some of them will play on longer than others, but at the moment, their age, speed & frequency of injuries is against all of them. I would expect at least two new players in the defence before next season, hopefully three.

    Yes the midfield needs some work, and maybe a wide player or two, but Arsenal may be able to get away with promoting some youth players and training them hard.

    I suspect that with any future player purchases the emphasis will be more on younger players where possible as that gives the club most opportunity to develop them and increase their value. Besides, younger players at smaller clubs or in less well paid leagues are much more likely to be willing to come to Arsenal than if they have already been spotted by scouts from PSG, Bayern, ManC, Barca or Real. More established players at any of the big European clubs would consider a move to Arsenal at best a sideways move, possibly a backward move for their career.

    So I would say that unless a player is truly gifted, Arsenal are unlikely to bid even for a £50m player, never mind £100m.
    Wasnt the club motto in the early Wenger era, “We dont buy stars, we make them.” I can see Arsenal hoping to get back to that way of working.

      1. Yes we have spent upto £56M on a single player and even had a £97M bid for Lemar rejected. I think it’s possible we can spend 100M on a player, times have changed and Kroenke has seemed wiling of late.

        1. I agree-and is this Dembele deal really beyond us?It certainly will not be his wages that are the problem.He will not be earning anywhere near what Lacazette and Aubamayang get paid and with Ramsey and his existing wage soon to be gone it’s only the fee that is the issue.
          Why wouldn’t Kronke look at this deal as a Statement of his intentions?The additional money we receive from Adidas next season is £30m per season for 5 years.Offer Barca £90m And they will snap our hands off.Thats only 60% of the additional funds we are receiving so still plenty more is available.In this calendar year alone we have a net spend of £100m+ so why will Kronke not allow this again?
          It’s his own personal investment now.If he wishes to take on 60,000 fans every week like Wenger was forced to then there will only be one winner there.As Wenger found to his cost.

          1. Just imagine if we got the £60M for Sanchez and £40M for Ramsey? Could have easily added 1 or 2 worldclass players and improved the team! Like Liverpool did with their Coutinho windfall. But now we have nothing to show for it other than Mkhitaryan who is suspiciously looking like a deadwood more and more each week.

        2. £97M bid rejected for Lemar i dont believe that, was just a continuation of mind games played by wenger to arsenal fans – at some point he was available for 35 million and jumped to 55 million and wenger said he was not going to pay that how can you believe him spend 97million?

          i am just glad wenger is gone he was a cancer at arsenal!

  5. The next transfer window is around the corner, so expect the usual tosh until February…Benzema anyone? Haha!

    In all seriousness, there’s two deals Arsenal HAVE to do in January. With Welbeck unavailable to sell due to injury, and likely to not be offered a new contract, thus leaving on a free, we then have to sell Ramsey, to avoid the financial disaster of both leaving on a free. Ramsey has done nothing under Emery, and has looked awful of late, so he won’t be missed. Especially with AMN back, so we’re covered in central midfield in terms of numbers.

    Secondly, we HAVE to sign a winger. Preferably a RW. I do not know what wing Nelson is best on, but either bring him back, or sign a natural RW. We’re so weak in that position. Miki continues to flop out there, it doesn’t work with Ozil on the wing, and Iwobi is better on LW, as is Auba when he’s not upfront. As Emery had almost nothing to spend in the main window, I guess he’ll have next to nothing in January, so selling Ramsey is vital, as Kroenke is not exactly going to dip into his pocket is he.

    1. Why would Ramsey agree to a transfer in January when he can sit tight for 4 months and get a free transfer with a massive signing on fee at the end of the season? We will get NOTHING from Ramsey, financially and performance-wise, just accept it.

      1. I’ll admit, it’ll be tough to get rid of him, but if the club orders him to play in the reserves as of now, and threatens to keep him there unless he leaves, then I think that would give us a slight chance.

  6. I don’t see Arsenal going out for dembele, but getting a RW should be our priority this January. There seem to be an unbalance in the team both attack and defense wise, as mkhi isn’t really a winger. Maybe the young Pepe guy from Lille or any other in the hazard mould

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