Can we please stop with the unsettling Arsenal transfer rumours now?

Will Aubameyang’s suspension cost us in our next three games?
I pray this will be the last time I will write or talk about Arsenal transfer rumours until the summer. I don’t know where these media sites get their stories from, but I wish they could just leave Arsenal alone and concentrate on writing stories on other clubs. Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against the media reporting Arsenal transfer rumours when the window is open, but they should not write things to destabilize the club right now while Arsenal wishes to focus on finishing this season strongly.

According to the Sun, Arteta and Arsenal are looking at selling our top earners this summer, because the new coach has not been impressed with their games so far.

It’s being reported exclusively by The Sun that Arsenal’s head coach Mikel Arteta will be looking to revamp his squad in the summer transfer window and that he will be looking to sell top earners Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette and Mesut Ozil because he has not been happy with their performances in the last few weeks. The report claims that six players including those three have 18 months remaining on their contract and that they could be sold in the next transfer window since Arsenal’s head of football Raul Sanllehi has told Mikel Arteta that he won’t allow any player to leave on a free transfer.

I don’t know how true this is but I strongly feel we don’t need these type of stories now. A club like Arsenal is usually discreet in their transfer business, how come the Sun is reporting what the club wants to do this summer? Is it that Arsenal leaked the story to them or what? Is the story even true? The players whose names are being mentioned, how do you expect to take the story? Since they know they would get sold at the end of the season, do you think they will be motivated to give in their best from now until the end of the season? Is this story not meant to disorganize the team? Why is the Sun doing this?

I don’t know what the club thinks about Ozil and Lacazette, but I don’t think Arsenal would be thinking of letting Auba go! He is our highest goal scorer this season; he has actually been our highest goal scorer since he came to Arsenal. Would Arsenal risk selling a striker who is hot and knows how to score goals? Even if the club intends selling Auba, won’t it be proper to get a replacement first before letting him go? Like I said earlier, I don’t know where the Sun got their story from, but one thing I am certain of is that Arsenal would not let Auba go, without getting a proper replacement from him. Now that we are solving our defensive issues, it will be unwise to add another problem to the list the club is battling with, by selling a player who knows how to score for us.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. No idea if the story has any truth in it but as we are in the middle of the winter break then newspapers need stories from gossip to make money. I’m hoping that Qatar or anyone else come to that, want Ozil in the summer as I have lost patience. I’ll wait and see how this winter training camp works out in terms of results and reactions from the players

  2. Tricky one this Sylvester,I believe Sanlehi did say that free transfers are not going to happen anymore at our club,but that remains to be seen ,there is always going to be a mole or someone ready to leak things to the media or the media will simply make up their own rubbish to sell their papers,it is not going to go away mate transfer rumours get people buzzing but I get your point and it does get a bit tedious when your club is apparently in for all and sundry.

  3. The Sun – says it all!! Who knows what Mikel has planned… have to wait and see!
    We won’t have our Arsenal fix this weekend, but at least there are 4 PL games to watch! No darts though – How good was the Premier league last night?!! 🙂
    All I can say is TGIF… and the West Ham tickets go on sale at 10am! 👍 Happy days!

  4. Ozil can go and Laca can decide about his situation. But Arsenal should certainly not let Auba leave since he is our best goal scorer and our main asset. And I hope MA plays him in the EUL games because winning the EUL gives us the CL.

  5. obviously wasn’t paying attention as I was rather surprised when I clicked on the “just arsenal” link – looks good!

    As for stopping the stories, lets just agree that we will stop bad weather, ensure all transit is on time and that governments have the right balance of social programming and restraint that will make us all happy 🙂

    Don’t disagree with the sentiment, but it will never happen. Fact is, most of us in some way love to think and scheme in our heads about what can be done. We get mad at the papers (and often the stories are ridiculous) and of course, all of us on this site only have good balanced assessments of what is needed.

  6. I’m curious to see what Chelsea are going to do in this summer transfer windows.
    It’s said that Lampard has 150M to spend. Well that’s what I call an ambitious club !

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