Can we still finish Top Four? The Arsenal players think we can…

The facts tell us that Arsenal have been nowhere near the Top Four this season, but in this topsy-turvy season where anything can happen, perhaps it is not such a big pipedream considering we are “only” 8 points behind West Ham at this moment.

In the Wenger years, Arsenal were famed for going on long unbeaten runs at the end of the season, often just breaking into the Top Four with just a few games to go, so we can’t say it is impossible just yet. Arteta has made it clear that he and the players have certainly not given up on it. “Well the aim is to go on and beat Burnley,” Arteta told “We have been chasing [a top-four place] for a while but it is not in our hands, the only thing we can control is our own results and performances. We are fully determined to do that better than what we have done in the past eight months.

“Of course there is [talk among the players of the top four] because that’s the aim and that is where we want to take the club back to. We’ve been out of it for the last few seasons but our eyes are always there.

“It’s true that it doesn’t depend on us and when that happens we have to rely on other people and that’s never good so we’ve got to do what we have to do first. Then, I’m sure if we do what we have to do, we’ll be in a much better position to see where we are with the last four or five games.

“I think the option to be in Europe [next season] is still available through two different paths and we have to maximise that as much as possible because the club’s history is not just related to the Europa League in recent years but the Champions League and obviously anything that is not at that level is disappointing.”

Arsenal’s form has taken a little upturn again lately, with getting past Benfica in the Europa League, and the great win at Leicester on Sunday, but we really need to keep our heads down and keep grinding out points over the next difficult run of fixtures. After that, if we don’t drop too many points, we have a relatively easy run for a while.

So, could it still be possible for Arsenal to finish in the Top Four?


  1. Mathematically it is very possible and if they go on a winning run as they have already shown they are capable of then we have a very good chance.

    Problem is they have shown they are also capable of going on the losing run and that lower my confidence. We will wait and see which run we are going to get.

    1. Haven’t seen Sue comments in a while Admin Pat. I may have missed the articles she has commented on but I hope she and her family are fine.

      1. Aww, HH 🙂 All good, thank you. Hope you are too. Work has been hectic, along with family stuff, so haven’t had much time for the Arsenal blogosphere lately.. wait, was that a cheer 😂
        I will make time for the predictions though!! You and Declan are on fire – too close for comfort haha!! Very exciting and I believe we’ll see some changes in the top 10 in the next few weeks. One of us has to catch Dan kit 😜
        Thanks again, HH.. keep up with the great comments (& articles!) 👍

        1. Glad to hear you are doing great Sue and I am wishing you all the best!

          I was on three points until Liverpool and Southampton saved my week. Amazing how only two games can make such big difference.

          Dan’s bad form has made it possible to close the gap but one good week from him and the race will be over!

    2. Your “very good chance” is statistically less than
      one percent! God knows what you’d call an outside chance!

      1. Haha less than 1%
        Sorry Einstein but has much as you tell us about your intellect ,your maths is diabolical,we have 100% chance of getting 4th place ,please next time you try write mathematically sums ,do
        Your bloody homework .

  2. If you look at the last 15 matches we are the 6th only 4 pts behind 2nd place man u so i’d say we have the quality to get top 4 BUT do we have the mentality to not crack under pressure if we get close that is the question ?

  3. We have 12 games to go. When we play 5,6 or 7 more games, I will know where we will end but for now, I feel the best and highest position we will get is 6th

  4. It was possible to win the league when we had 38 games to play. Because of our incompetence, we cannot do it. Mathematically it’s possible, but we are unable to compete. It’s just wishful thinking

      1. Always interpreting my comments twisting what I have actually said to suit what you like. For a self proclaimed intellectual your reading comprehension leaves much to be desired.

  5. That”s just common sense for every teams, we all know that.

    Reality is different : all season 10th and under…

    No way we catch Chelsea, they got coach who thought and was hoping to join Arsenal sitting in mid table.

    He got it wrong as this club is managed. And Chelsea got it right!

    He was told to respond this way by board; making no sense!

    We never had to rely on EL to get to CL because we always been in CL! Top4, fighting for title landing 2,3, then least is 4. With no money to compete for qa decade relying on Academy internal system…While paying stadium

    When paid for in 2013; No money promised, we miss Suarez and Kante in a year time 2013-2014.

    Adding Ozil in form, Alexis on fire; we would be champions 5 times and 3 CL.

    Chelsea,Reds, Barca benefited and won titles, beating us in EL final instead!

    I really hope.Prof comes back as head of club & football. Arteat would benefit as all club and football,!

  6. I really wished Arsenal could this season. But I dun see it coming.
    First we do not have enough rotational players to play and help with key players in the long run.
    Some key positions are not good enough.
    Killer instinct for goals not consistent enough.
    Much will depend on the few key players performance and rest and also New Summer add ons.
    Arsenal will be from 5th to 8th.

  7. Since Wèek 14 we’ve been averaging just under 2 points per game (23 points from 12 games). Keep that up and we’ll finish with 61 points. Unlikely that will get top 4 but in this crazy season who knows. I’d say 66 might do it so it will take a mighty run in.

  8. Arteta has these players totally wrong to even at this.

    Sad part, we have squad to do so and fight title but a coach in learning process….

    Like having a Ferrari but a driver who never drove at all. Finishes 10th instead to win, bunch of average cars ahead of and ready to pass infront of us…

    Chelsea got a driver, haven’t lose in 10 games, wins 8 and draw twice so upset to do so…

    We must get on nagelsman from liepszig, should already be in talk for next season.

    We attached to and Arteta, has potential but not ready, must learn how to race with a smaller car, not go off road every other round…

    This is not about him but us.

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