Can We Stop Arsenal’s Season Being Shrouded In Negativity?

It seems like a lifetime ago since Arsenal won the FA cup. The euphoria of beating City and Chelsea to lift the FA cup thereby winning an automatic promotion to the Europa league group stages, not to forget the dominant display against Liverpool in the Community Shield.

Suddenly, all the doom and gloom disappeared into thin air, our fanbase found optimism again, we found hope again- our manager is the best manager of all time, he is the perfect one for the job and we even dared to dream we will make the top 4 and challenge for the Europa League.

Then the redundancies happened from top (Raul Sanllehi) to bottom, transfer window tension, Aubameyang contract saga, Francis Cagigao, the mascot. We signed Gabriel and Partey and then the exclusion of Saliba, Sokratis and Ozil.

Looking at the above sequence, it was an adventurous rollercoaster, but the extension and signing of Aubameyang and Partey respectively means the general mood around the club was positive going into the season, but a decision will always come back to haunt us; leaving out Ozil.

Winning the FA cup and the Community shield the way we did has made the majority of us expect more from Arteta and the team, but from the look of things it seems like we have to be very cautious in our optimism, we must allow perspective and realism, we do not want to derail our season with constant negativity do we? Afterall, it is the hope that kills.

I have seen many people say enough of Ozil talk and all, but it is the same fans that are so quick to bring up the subject whenever we lose a game. Look, the truth is, we are just getting started as far the Ozil and Saliba situation is concerned.

What is even more frustrating is that some people are so much blinded by their love for Ozil that they find it hard to be honest in their assessment, I have seen a lot performances like that Leicester game where he is so ordinary, why can’t they just accept that he is past it and is just trying to play victim here. What do I stand to gain if I hate an Arsenal player?

I love Arteta and I support him, but is he making questionable decisions? Emphatic yes! Is he making mistakes, Yes indeed! Is Ozil the solution? Hell no!
I hope Arteta is able to take his stand till the end as far as this issue is concerned because it will be mentioned on Thursday, on Sunday and throughout the season.

Make no mistake, some fans are happy that Arteta is facing all the heat and pressure from the media and they, low key, want him to lose, either by bringing Ozil back in January or Arteta leaving the club, because from the look of things, Arteta can never win even if we went on to win 10 straight games and lose one, we must have lost the one game because Ozil or Saliba is not playing, but that is just lame and juvenile.

See, my point is, it is alright if rival fans, the media are coming up with negativities as they always do, but we as fans should not join them in doing so, criticism is part of the game, but we must be objective in doing so. Pep is a fraud today and a tactical genius tomorrow, Mourinho is finished today but a winner tomorrow, Klopp is the best manager today but long ball specialist tomorrow, that is the game, no manager or player is free from criticism, but perspective and realism is needed, especially when you compete against the best in a crazy league with terrible officiating, just adjust or remove your expectation and dare I say it, sense of entitlement.

I will end this by quoting Wenger, “we are in a business where everybody has an opinion”. It is not a crime to have an opinion, but it could be if you are trying to force your opinion on others.

Onwards and upwards


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  1. Mustafi played against Leicester because Saliba and Socratis were omitted from the squad. In fact Arteta could have include either Socratis or Saliba. Gabriel kept calling Mustafi to get back to shadow Vardy. Mustafi ignored him. Vardy scored. Are we supposed not to notice this. Are we supposed to not articulate this. We are human, thankfully, and are noticing the truth. It’s called mindfulness. The opposite is mindlessness. Better mind FULL humans, who discuss with honesty. Negativity is not being honest and ignoring reality. I hope all the good people here can speak openly, honestly and without others telling them what to say or not. To me there are ethical problems with the squad choice. Arteta has to take responsibility. I support Arteta, but that doesn’t mean I suddenly become mindless.

    1. Right lool all those years hpunded wenger for the ” good of the club” its nice having a blog of your own where you can write whatever ypu want.

  2. ‘Our manager is the best manager of all time’. This is an insult to Arsene Wenger. What have Arteta achieved that is better than what Wenger achieved? Arsenal players are not being treated equally under the leadership of Arteta. Arteta is guessing regarding the selection of best 11. Arteta lacks experience and professionalism. Besides that, the writer of this article say we gonna regret for leaving Ozil out the senior team. The writer cannot assess correctly what is good and bad for Arsenal. Ozil is bad for Arsenal.

    1. Err he is talking about it being bad because Arteta will be asked about it in every press conference, not because he is not being selected…

      1. Arteta himself said it – that the Ozil question would be recurring, especially when we lose games.
        Put a good string of wins together and people would talk less, if at all, of Ozil and all that.
        For me, if Arsenal had to drop 2 players due to the home-grown requirement, Ozil certainly had to be a candidate. I don’t see who else should have been sacrificed for him.
        We lost to Leicester because the players just didn’t put in enough effort; not because Ozil was absent. If they continue to play with that kind of listlessness and lameness, we would continue losing, Ozil or no.


  3. Same way you are trying to force your opinion on others so please check yourself first. Whoever made the Ozil decision should have thought of the spiral effects if they are responsible enough , Man Utd dealt with Sanchez and there was no noise , that’s a serious club. Whatever the outcome of the Ozil situation ( and he isn’t trying to play victim at all) someone should take responsibility and make amendments . And Arteta should learn from history and stop taking responsibility otherwise he will be classified a yes man. It was very irresponsible of a club to delist a usable resource , not replace it and yet continue to pay for the unusable , nothing in the world explains it except abysmal resource management. The club’s interest never put into consideration at least the player is staying around and willing to do the club’s interest and whether that is PR we will never be able to qualify. The club have failed the fans as always and the earlier we face being a football club instead of a political party the better for all.

    1. Sanchez made his case easy for ManU to handle because he wanted out to go and play football even it meant making personal sacrifices.
      Ozil wanted to prove the point of “no-one can force me out” by staying put.
      That’s the difference.

  4. MA is negative tactical coach….
    We won FA cup that’s good but I think Anthony Taylor helped us winning that…
    In no world Kovacic would have been sent off…. Taylor Made big error their… I am not saying because of that Sent off we won but that Red Card Helped us…
    Every team knows how MA’a team play…
    Sit back and hit them on counter… But now every team knows that so instead of attacking us they let Arsenal keep ball.. we are so negative in tactics that our attack can’t unlock opponent’s defence… Pep did this..
    Rogers did this…
    Against Leicester we named 4-3-3 formation but we played 3-4-3 with Xhaka occupying Left sided CB… if you want to play 3-4-3 then play proper 3-4-3 like Chelsea used to play with Antonio Conte…
    Such a rubbish tactics and football..

  5. This article was written by someone who want us to believe what he says. We need articles from an open minded person

  6. “I love Arteta and I support him”. That’s your statement.
    I support Arteta but I don’t love him. He has a long way to go before we should start to ‘adore’ him. He’s in many ways still on trial with the supporters, and clearly has some strange characteristics. With his ‘Ruthless’ attitude he may just snooker himself. Look at Leicester, we had to play Mustafi. He really was shouted at by Gabriel to get back, left Vardy….and Bingo….we lost. Would Saliba or Socratis have done that. I doubt it. Like I said Arteta may snooker himself.

  7. We don’t have to go too far from home just look at other side of London to see what ambition and deleting the level high can do for you. I am talking about Chelsea before Roman took over Chelsea they were at best mid table team now look where they are. They have corssed in the top ten rich list of clubs, won more trophies in last two decades then us and even won Europeans trophies with champions League being the biggest prize of all. This all because of Roman unlike our fans was not content with mediocrity and mid tabel mentality. He had ambition to turn Chelsea into power house of EPL which he has done now we are not the biggest club in London they are, any one in denial of this is just a fool. Compare Roman’s mentality and ambition to our fans and you will see why our club is going down the hill year after year because we are happy and content with below power performances, lethargic football and low margin defeats. We fans have just hard wired into our head everytime we will visit top 6 clubs away from home or even at home then we will lose. If we manage to lose by little goal scoring margin or manage a draw then it’s a big achievement. The club hierchy have clocked on to this and thus are happy to go along. Fans dont demand performances and behave like mid table club fans so why should they put them selves at hard work and accounting for such poor displays. Before the club can give us excuse our fans already make up the excuse for them. If we want to be big club again and to join the elites of Europe again then we as fans need to first start from ourselves, we need to stop being content to this below avg mid tabel team football and performance, demand better and more. We need to be ambitious and set high bar for players and manager alike.

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