Can we stop picking on Aubameyang now?

Just what the captain ordered!

Although some people will never stop saying, “he never performs in big games, does he?” A statement in which I disagree with 100%.

There have been times that our captain has been criticised as not performing when the big games come round, but within the past three months, he has helped us beat Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United and has led us to two trophies!

He may not always be at the forefront of everything in a game, he may not be in everyone’s face, but I would say he has a decent enough record against the top teams as well as the not so top teams wouldn’t you?

Fans of course have been worried about his lack of goals recently, but we are not a one-man team and so we should not be overly reliant on just Aubameyang, we would be stupid to be anyway.

But after his rather nervy yet well taken penalty against Manchester United on the weekend to finally get Arsenal their first win in 14 years in an away game at Old Trafford, surely, just surely this will be the confidence booster that Aubameyang will need to continue his scintillating form that he had at the end of last season right?

And if it doesn’t then is it really the end of the world? no it isn’t, and why you may ask, well because he is not the only player in our team that can score goals and as nice as it would be for him to score in every single game and to get us the wins, we are realistic fans and we know that that won’t happen in every game.

So, congratulations Aubameyang in always scoring and performing under the most intense pressure for our team and for getting us the win after 14 years of pain at Old Trafford. Long may it continue hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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    1. Reggie the most annoying part is some are starting to compare his goalscoring ability with Lacazette 🤣🤣🤣

  1. Elneny made Bruno Fernandez looks like a dried straw in a field. He was no where to be seen throughout the game. I only noticed him when he was substituted in the second half. Gunners were firmly formidable.

  2. Well some fans were only reacting to the strange happenings with him, he has never gone 5 games without scoring.
    Hopefully the floodgate has been opened for lots of goals.

  3. Mark this: come next summer partey will be very difficult to keep, we havent done business with madrid for year, they will come knocking.

    Elneny’s value rising above 25m.

    We need danny ings for laca or maybe bamford of leeds, the burden for goals is much for one man

    1. Bamford from Leeds are you serious nowhere near the sort of player Arsenal should be looking to sign if they want another striker plus ings looks like he picked up a bad injury and could be out for some time next ………………..!!

  4. People can say whatever they want about the big six and the records, but under Mikel I haven’t got a problem now playing any of them because we are more organised and know what we’re doing.

    “We have got a guy up front [Aubameyang] who if he gets chances will finish them and it’s a whole different structure at Arsenal. They can talk about not beating that top six as much as they want, we are going into a different era. (Ian Wright)
    That’s someone who knows football, for the past 4 matches aubamayang didn’t receive any clear chance but some are already trying to bring him down.

  5. Yes Arteta we behind you no matter what decision you take. You proved everyone wrong and they are eating a humble pie . including myself. Well done.

  6. Aubameyang is no different to any other player at The Arsenal.
    Lacs is criticized at every opportunity it seems, but surely there can’t be one rule for one and not for everyone amongst the fans surely?
    As it happens, I believe he had a great game on Sunday, but not really sure why scoring a penalty suddenly makes him immune from fair criticism.

    Watching Kane miss an open goal from about four inches out, proves that anyone can have one off day, but he is so consistent, so let’s hope Auba can get back to the same kind of consistency of these guys:
    Son (8), Calvert Lewin (8), Salah (7), Kane (6), Bamford (6), Wilson (6), Vardy (6), Ings (5) as examples.

    It’s not as if he’s laying off assist either (as we see with kane and son) as just one goal and one assist is his PL stat this season….compare this with Lacs who has scored three goals.

    I hope he does find his goal scoring boots, as we all know how deadly he can be – but critiquing and discussing any player is something fans should always do and Auba is no exception.
    Perhaps that salary is weighing him down?

  7. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is the first Arsenal player to score a penalty at Old Trafford in the Premier League, with neither of the previous two attempts being converted (Robin Van Persie in 2011 and Gilberto Silva in 2006). Confidence.
    Sweet 👌

  8. Not only Auba. Crazy people were calling Willian a flop!!!

    Willian is just too dynamic… Even without scoring, he is just too good for the quick passing game.

    Add on some self-proclaimed prophets saying we have a squad that cannot compete.

    Me I’ll keep saying it,,, our squad is a title sustaining squad. They just need to be told to play courageous football and everything goes into place.

  9. This is the problem with some fans . When you criticize a player or a coach you are automatically labeled a monster, an Arsenal hater or even a traitor. As an Arsenal fan why would one complain about Mourinho or Kane or Pogba? The opposite is true the more they screw up the better.
    Fans deserve the right to cheer when the results are good and complain when they ae not and nobody on the team is immune from criticism unless of course they visited the coiffeur 😁

  10. Last season Auba scored six Premier League goals (out of his twenty total) against top half sides, the season before just three. In yesterdays game his only other chances were one shot wide when well placed & a cross from Bellerin that he didn’t quite connect with.
    I suppose it is a little early to be criticising, but I’ve seen this before from another highly regarded Arsenal forward who’s contract negotiations were just as protracted prior to getting a lucrative deal (twice) before slumping into mediocrity. He didn’t do any better at Everton either.
    I think we should be expecting more elite performances from a so called elite striker who’s report-ably going to be paid something like £50 million over the next three years.

  11. Peeps
    We have to get it out of our heads that critiquing a performance is not ‘picking on a player ‘
    The fact is Auba has been poor so far this season and that’s only being honest
    We could say all players are amazing all the time ?
    What you can’t do though is hammer some players but make others immune
    So if you were to question Willian and Lacca , you have to hold Auba to the same standards

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Dan the same auba that has scored over 20 goals in his first two seasons with us, the same auba that we bought in January but still managed to outscore Lacazette who will bought in the summer, the same auba that scored 11 Europa goals that took us to the final, the same auba that scored both of our goals against Chelsea and city in the fa cup, yea right let’s start bashing him.

      1. Oh and if you were trying to say auba scored more goals then lacca in laccas first season , that’s a lie
        As is the year we got to final of Europa he didn’t score 11 goals
        Why do you not include how he.played in that Europa final?

    2. Don’t think I said that
      I think it’s okay to say he had a poor game at City and Liverpool ?
      I would expect a fan over the age of 10 to be able to handle criticism if a player doesn’t play well

    3. Noice bro…💯
      Your arguments are mostly based on logic than emotion👌

      And to add on it Auba didnt play well at man utd either.
      But as a fan whoever gets on that pitch representing Arsenal will have my support even if his whole career was poor…

  12. I didn’t think it was a nervy penalty from his point of view as it was a cracker

    A man low on confidence might have fluffed it.

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