Can we stop with all the ‘Hector Bellerin leaving Arsenal’ rumours now?

There have been numerous Arsenal rumours since last summer that have variously accused Hector Bellerin of demanding a transfer during the summer window, and even more recently saying that the club had decided themselves to move the young Spaniard on to fund our own spending in this coming close-season.

The latest reports have been saying that Juventus and Napoli from Serie A have both declared an interest, but now Bellerin’s agent has made it clear that he has had no contact from either club and he finds it ‘very difficult’ to see him leaving Arsenal. “There’s no contact for Bellerin, no-one has sought me out,” Albert Botines said on Italian radio..

“He’s happy, he’s recently renewed and he’s playing consistently. It’s true that every player always wants to grow, but right now it’s difficult [to see him leaving].

“I have a close relationship with Cristiano Giuntoli [Napoli SD], he’s a friend. I also know [President Aurelio] De Laurentiis and I follow Napoli.

“If the Azzurri were interested in some of my clients I would listen, because – just like Juventus – Napoli are not only a great team in Italy but also now in Europe.

“They play the best football in Italy, very similar to the Spanish one. As a club I’d compare Napoli to Atletico Madrid.”

So if Hector’s agent can’t imagine Bellerin leaving the club, why do all the rumour-mongers think he will?

Sam P


  1. ThirdManJW says:

    There’s rumours, because he wanted out in the summer. I am not sure if Bellerin has changed his mind, but I’d sell him asap anyway, and invest in a quality replacement. Bellerin has been awful for a long period of time now, and apart from pace (which he doesn’t even use properly), and stamina, I am not sure what he offers?

    1. Chris K says:

      Lucky you’re not the manager then… Bellerin is still young. Yes he’s had a poor season, along with the whole team. Singling him out and selling a young player with so much potential when we’ve no adequate backup is completely mindless.

      Maybe if we bought in some proper competition for him he’d be more likely to develop as a player… Just a thought…

      The solution is not to sell Bellerin, but to buy another (Preferebaly established and experienced) right back to give him competition (And a break when fatigue starts kicking in)

      Of course, this is all just my opinion and I’m quite happy to be wrong.

      1. jon fox says:

        Lots of players are young, which you appear to think is a good reason to keep Bellerin. Personally, I prefer quality, irrespective of age. Bellerin has not the first idea of how to defend. Can’t head, can’t mark, can’t tackle and positional sense, well he doesn’t have any! Anyone mad enough to offer the rumoured 50 million must be barking mad. We MUST bite their hand off!

        1. Tas says:

          John fox I agree with what you say about young players let other teams develop them I could support Belerin a bit more but I do belive he wanted out so his not a true Arsenal, him and others should look at Sanchez what his going through with all that talent, I’m just saying that other teams are not so accommodating as many Arsenal players who left to find out, and about Lucas we could of used him this season but he wanted out and now look what’s happening to him, I think OG will not have a successful time at Chelse, OX is in a same situation as he was at Arsenal the only thing is his secured a CL spot for next year, the grass is defenetly not greener on the other side of the fence,

          I think Aaron should get a new contract his a game changer when his fully fit

  2. Phil says:

    I’m with you TMJW.Bellerin has been consistently poor this season and has shown no progress from his early promise.He has lost the ability to go past his man and hit the line.Instead he just cuts inside and passes (poorly) sideways and backwards.His crossing is hopeless and he offers nothing at all going forward for us now.
    He was ambling for a move last summer.The fact the club had him tied to a long contract at least allows us some control with this player.
    I would sell him as there is better and more consistent full/wing backs out there.I honestly believe him leaving will never come back to haunt us.

  3. andcliff says:

    I think he has actually gone backwards over the past two years. He certainly hasn’t progressed considering the game time Wenger has given him over that time. I agree that he has had little competition but that cannot be an excuse for his performances, he is supposed to be a professional footballer. Did Henry, Bergkamp and Viera have competition?

    Wenger likes him because he has pace and came from the Academy and I would not be surprised if he is not a bit disappointed with him. He rarely gets behind defences, can’t cross a ball, poor defender and often makes the wrong choice. I can think of another ex-Academy player who has similar faults i.e. Alex Iwobi who has also had plenty of chances to prove himself. I think they should both be sold in the summer and replaced by proven quality but I fear it will not happen if Arsene Wenger stays on.

  4. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Their talking in the region £40-£50 Millions for Bellerin, maybe we should keep it qiiet the fact his been awful for the past 18 months. To be honest , I’d take £25 millions for him.

    1. jon fox says:

      I’d take ten bob!

  5. RSH says:

    Bellerin is a player that could become great under a different manager. Wenger doesn’t improve anybody anymore. Everyone seems to be going backwards as of recent seasons. Hector needs confidence back, and someone who will actually coach him. He looks so clueless defensively, but I think he has the potential to be so much better. Bould does nothing, and neither does AW when it comes to our defensive players.

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