Can we wait four years before Mikel Arteta earns a first Premier League title?

Jurgen Klopp has just won Liverpool the Premier League title, and it took him four years to win his first major trophy for the Reds.

When he joined the Reds, their situation was similar to what Mikel Arteta has walked into at Arsenal.

The Spaniard has made some progress and fans can see what he is trying to do, even though he hasn’t been our manager for up to a year yet.

Success takes time and building a team that would eventually be the envy of others also takes time as Liverpool has shown to us all.

With that being said, are we as Arsenal fans willing to wait for the next four years for our first major trophy under Mikel Arteta?

Now, let me be clear when I say major trophy, I am not referring to the FA Cup, Europa League or Carabao Cup, I am talking the Premier League and Champions League only.

Arsenal fans endured years of mediocrity under Arsene Wenger. We watched as teams like Manchester City bought their way into success faster than anyone else.

Arteta himself has talked about the similarity of the task he has and what Klopp had to overcome at Liverpool.

I think that Arteta should be given time to rebuild this Arsenal team into title winners.

If we win the FA Cup this season that would be tremendous but will it buy Arteta the time he will need long term, I am not so sure. Look what happened with Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham just six months after he got them to the Champions League final.

At the end of the day, it is the Premier League that matters the most and success in that will not happen overnight. Hopefully, he will get the time he needs but finishing outside the top four for the next couple of seasons will not be enough.

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  1. I think next season focus should be to return to Champions League. Minimum should be top 4. Personally I don’t mind to wait as long as the effort is there and the progress is seen.

    It doesn’t infuriate me that we lose, it infuriate me the manner and the teams we are losing to. It is very easy to score against us. You can see the goal coming from the middle of the field.

    It doesn’t matter if we lose to top teams next season as long as we make them fight hard for the win. And he should improve on not losing to the relegation battling teams.

    I long for the days when playing Arsenal means a certain defeat to certain teams. We should have been comfortably in top 3 had we managed to turn our draws into wins. That is another area he should focus also.

    Next season there will be no excuse for him. If he has to follow in the footsteps of his mentor we have to see the progress next season. The lack of transfer funds is no excuse as I have always been singing this squad is good enough it’s just that they play like robots. When they are given good tactics they can beat anybody as they have already proven this season.

    1. This squad isn’t anywhere near good enough in my opinion, we have to admit that Arteta has found a way to make our average players punch above their weight, and instilled that grit and fight we’ve been lacking into them. Up until Arteta took over, I had already given up on Mustafi, Luiz, and even Xhaka, but look how well they are performing now. And about lack of transfer funds not being an excuse, I should like to know why you think so, because even the Liverpool and City would be looking to strengthen their squad, so again, why do you think a team that’s bound for finishing, miles behind them doesn’t need to?. And Arteta himself has said it, the board has to invest to make progress.
      I do hope we make the right acquisitions in the right places and properly challenge next season…… COYG!

      1. Good additions are always welcome as long as they are correct additions. When we go and spend 70 millions on the unproven Pepes instead of proven Zahas it’s no wonder we lack transfer funds.

        I don’t see that we are lacking much except one addition in midfield and if we can get a reliable winger.

        But even without additions the players we have are capable of serious challenging and winning the title. It’s not just my words they have proven it, They have beaten Liverpool and City in a space of few days. They just have to do it consistently.

        The desire should be there. Our players lack that desire. When our team lose I don’t see that we are beaten tactically rather I see mindless zombies running around without direction or purpose. There should be better organization on the pitch. If the opponent is too strong for us why not pack the bus and hit them with counter attacks? We have speed to make that our weapon and it’s a viable strategy.

        1. Doing it consistently is the hallmark of world class players… and even though Mustafi, Luiz and Xhaka have been putting in great performances of late, I’m not entirely convinced about them. I would like them to prove me wrong though, and like you said, additions are always welcome, as long as they are the correct ones. Here’s to hoping we win the FA Cup, and have an awesome season next year…… cheers! 🙂

  2. Depends on what type of Recruitment we are doing because from 15-16 season to 19-20 we have spent 423 Millions on acquisition of players but still we are no way near of title winning team….
    So spending money is important but how you spend money that is much more important….
    Werner 50 Millions is damn deal… Yuri Youri Tielemans had release clause of just 40 Millions…
    So identifying right talent is much more important than spending money…
    We bought Tierney for 25 Millions and Mustafi for 35 and you can see the difference… Even though Tierney is not CB still he seems to have better understanding of game… Better reading of game and much more better positioning and far better on the ball….
    Few season back Liverpool bought Robertson for just 8 Millions..

    1. We all agreed the last regime failed us, and this new regime, though sloppy and seems to have internal issues e.g jerobiach super agent things, but they have not perform woefully, I still give them a pass mark and I hope they get smarter in recruitment

    2. And Salah for 30 iirc. I completely agree you with you. It’s not that we don’t spend it’s a hit or miss. For every Tierney we get the Mustafi ( I love Luiz so I will be biased here) for every Martinelli we get the Pepe.

      Mkhitaryan, Lacazette, Mustafi, Pepe, Kolasinac, Papastoporous can be considered flops but a lotta money has been spent on them in transfer fees and salaries.

      I believe they can do better with better organization but still.

  3. If there is a significant improvement such as we can see, why been hostile, I can wait, if we achieve top 4 next season with Europa league cup and a good performance in UCL it’s OK, I can wait 5yrs for EPL provided there is accountability in the team

  4. Why do we have to wait four years ? I feel very confident that Arsenal will do so much better next season. I hope Auba will sign a new contract. I have been very impressed with Arteta and i think he will turn this team around.

  5. Il wait 4years for it. This sort of process takes time and patience.

    If we can get into the champions league spots next season that’s the main point to build from there. That’s the target and anything better is a bonus.

    This season the FA Cup is a must now for Arsenal to get at least some Europen football and we should be aiming to do very well in next seasons Europa league, maybe even aim to win it this time.

    If we dont get any European football then the pressure is on as all we have is the league and cups to focus on and TOP4 is a must.

    Aug 1st let’s be having you. If all goes according to plan could be a nice ending to a disaster season.

  6. “ At the end of the day, it is the Premier League that matters the most…” I don’t know you’ve been smoking but it’s what matters to the owners most that ultimately dictates what a club wins.

    Kronke most wants to earn money, and he wants to earn it at the lowest risk to him. Spending big is no guarantee of a higher % return on his investment. He has calculated he can make a higher % return if he spends a reasonable amount and finishes in the top 4. He is not chasing glory.

    Arsenal fans can forget expectations of winning the PL or Champions League while Kronke is the majority shareholder.

  7. If Arteta plans his tactics to the teams we are against, yes prepared to wait.
    Currently, the counter attack against the high pressing pool and man citys has worked. Still to be convinced about his tactical savvy against bus parkers like spuds .

  8. The question should be is MA willing to stay at Arsenal for 4 years if he doesn’t get proper backing up?

  9. Your mad.
    We can’t even contemplate EVER winning the league from where we are at the moment.
    I would imagine if there is continued improvement in league position Arteta will get the time.
    BUT it is grossly unfair to expect or compare us with Liverpool’s timeline.
    VVD is a once in a generational talent, who knows if there will be another player so dominant in their position to come along in the next couple of years.
    If we had bought VVD this Jan we’d be equipped to amount some sort of challenge next season.

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