Can Welbeck be Arsenal’s secret weapon this season?

With the pre-season ready to kick-in, every member of the Arsenal squad will be looking to impress the gaffer. After all, this is a big chance that can guarantee a place in the first team for the next season. This could be the trip that would open up a couple of spots and then close it out with the best performers of the pre-season tour.

That, of course, doesn’t mean the end of the world for the absentees. We are not talking about the forced absence for Alexis Sanchez who is taking a much awaited break. We are talking about the prolonged absence of striker Danny Welbeck. The England striker has been out of action since the semifinal of FA Cup in April and is still not fully recovered.

Just like any injured player, Welbeck wished to be fit for the new season. There is no harm in putting your long term plans ahead of anything else so long as you plan in the best interests – both individual and team. Welbeck thought he can be fit for the pre-season but he is now racing against time to be fit for the start of the season.

Where does Welbeck go from here? The England striker was rated very highly by Wenger even before he signed for Arsenal. Wenger always looks for a specific style of play in his strikers and Welbeck wasn’t entirely of the same ilk. Just check this – the much maligned former Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie played as a creative striker (or a false 9) as a Gunner while at Manchester he was more of an out-and-out striker.

Wenger wants more creativity from his strikers. He doesn’t count on his striker for goals alone; he wants them to bring other players into the equation. He wants aerial presence from his strikers to be a threat in set-pieces. In short, he wants Welbeck.

Wenger has Alexis Sanchez, Olivier Giroud and even Aaron Ramsey or Theo Walcott to call upon for goals. What he doesn’t get from any of these is the consistent ‘pestering presence’ of Welbeck. We have already seen in his limited games for Arsenal that Welbeck is a nuisance for the opposition defenders.

If he can stay away from injuries and continue to do the same, Wenger should be happy to welcome back Welbeck. The gaffer will be well served because Welbeck, Giroud and Sanchez complement each other so well that they can terrorize any defense. All this, only if Welbeck can stay fit for the season. If he can, watch out for him.

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    1. So Liverpool agree 49m£ for Sterling from Man City.Any doubt I had that Man City is insanse has been removed.

  1. Its an open secret that we desperately need a weapon of mass destruction upfront…sort it out Mr Wenger!

  2. Making 10 signings
    has been an amazing
    window for Arsenal.
    Can’t wait to see these
    new guys in action.
    Welcome to Arsenal
    Cech Rosicky Arteta Gnabry
    Wellbeck Walcott Chamberlain
    Wilshere Campbell Sanogo

  3. i’m so vexed at this Transfer window……. Almost every one’s gone……the last one to go was schneiderlin….. I’m scared; someone’s coming for Lacazette……and we’d be ere folding our hands watching…… Can’t believe we are Looking at the likes of Jeff Reine-Adelaide to save our season……and we have basically done nothing yet (oh! Pls spare me some Cech talk)….. 13days running….we can say to ourselves “THERE IS STILL TIME” , but this Leaves more time 4 rivals to get serious and snap up targets ferociuosly……. What exactly is our problem?….a minimum of 3players is all we need, why do we act like we need 11 men?

    1. @SoOpa AeoN
      That’s Wenger for you, mate…Will try a big deal late in transfer window and when it doesn’t work, expects credit from fans for trying.

      1. And if he pulls of a couple of stellar moves before the window shuts then what’s the narrative…. Will you give credit where it’s due or are you just going to be the sort to bitch and moan that it should’ve been done sooner?

        As plastic as they come with little outbursts like this. Only time to judge a window is when the door slams shut, get over yourself.

    2. Dry your eyes. What a completely hysterical view to have so early in the summer, at the end of the season fans said a GK/DM/ST were on the wish list….well we have 1 of 3 so far just what is your concern?

      United needed about 6/7 players and have 3/4 to go, we have 2 to go and you’re getting your panties twisted over nothing. There’s a significant transfer in the pipeline should you believe a man who’s called about a 8 transfers this window alone, pour yourself a drink and let the next 2 weeks pass before moaning.

      We could sign Reus and Carvalho within the week and you’d all of a sudden claim we’re gonna dominate Europe. Just bin the amateur dramatics and let the club conduct its business….our recent track record has been pretty good.

      1. “We could sign Reus and Carvalho within the week and you’d all of a sudden claim we’re gonna dominate Europe. …let the club do its business”. Man you always sound like an all knowing grumpy warden.

        Soopa is right. It’s not like the guys now bought by the other clubs are the very ones we exclusively want at Arsenal, but truth is that there are only few very outstanding players out there at the moment and the sooner we get them, the better for us; just one or two.

        And by the way, ChaCha, what do you know exactly about the “club’s business”? Just becuz u used to manage Portsmouth on Fifa don’t mean you know a shilling.

        1. Did you even read what he said? Clearly not. In fact seems you have trouble reading altogether….where did I state that I know the clubs business?

          Alas, you’re the type to use the old Fifa chestnut to try and diminish a point of view, how very sad. Feel free to think all is lost this window on July 13th, I choose to reserve judgement until no moves can be made any longer. I hope you managed to read that ok.

    3. We ain’t buying ANYONE else you can count on it. The first chance we’ve had in ten years to really make a challenge and the board AND le fraud have opted for financial prudence and downright bloody contrary behaviour yet again. WELL BECK OUR MASS DESTROYER??? YOUR HAVING A LAUGH!!!!!!! I for one am sick of the lack of ambition and I’ve been a full blooded goner for forty years it’s a travesty what’s going on inside the boardroom and it needs to stop.

      1. I think a few of us wish you were a ‘goner’ with such a flippant attitude. Sad how a man your age can be such a toddler during a transfer window.

        1. LOL
          Normally Id take offence at such comments and offer to show you just how much a “Toddler” like me can school you in certain things, but as I normally agree with a great deal of what you say I can understand where such a patronising comment has come from.
          Yes you are right that there are still quite a few weeks till the end of the window and yes you are right that there are many things going on that we as fans are unaware of BUT, can you really absolutely say for certain that we are ARE going to get the two new key signing we really need? I doubt that you can, any more than I can really stae categorically that we wont.
          It’s just the frustration of seeing top notch layers who we all know can do the jobs we require doing in the squad going elsewhere. Chelski and Man sh!tty are already in front of us with their financial muscle and there’s many Arsenal fans who feel that the club is once again sitting on its hands for too long, three or five years ago that would be acceptable but not now, not when everything has almost come together and we are two major signing aay from really and I do mean REALLY being able to compete.
          As you know its not just being injury free it’s about the right amount of maturity at the right time and about players really believing in the squad, we have tat no for the first time in a decade but we are still short, you can’t tell m that you dont suspect that here won’t be any more major signings because it’s the demon at the back of every Arsenal fans mind, I mean its not like its not happend before is it?
          We are two players away and its that simple, but an article like this incenses me from the start as we all know that Danny Welbeck is a great squad player but only that he WILLNEVER be the goal scoring machine that we need and anyone who thinks this is deluding themselves in my view.
          On a personal note don’t be so insulting in future as you may disagree with me and that’s your right but my fellow goner opinions are like Ar$eholes mate everyone has one, there’s no need to be derisory or to question my loyalty to the club I’ve supported since childhood just because you don’t like what I think. Lost a little respect for you now which is a shame.

          1. I didn’t question your passion as a fan I simply used the mispelliing of Goober to make a retort.

            If you want to lose respect for someone because they criticised you be my guest. It was entirely warranted given your childish outburst. You’ve taken the assumption we won’t buy anyone and given a scathing review of the board and Wenger. Totally and utterly jumping the gun.

            No I don’t know if we’ll sign anyone else this window, but while it’s open how can I sit and act like I know we won’t? My judgement is reserved for when the window ends. Period

            As far as watching players get bought who could improve us, name the ones you’re mad about missing out on. I think a defensively inclined midfielder is needed and I think a ST is a must, yes schneiderlin fit the bill but what if we get Vidal? He’s better. Then what if we land Higuain at last… Yes some players have went who could’ve improved us, but there’s several left who can improve us still and note importantly can improve us more than those who’ve already moved.

            If you were offended by my comment please don’t be, i don’t judge you personally but I strongly reject your approach to this topic.

    1. there’s a clause “CouLd” … your speech…… Boy! It could be anyone’s season, but we definitely need those quality additions…..else we are doomed when injuries hit

  4. Welbeck’s potential is huge, a rare combination of speed, power, physique and technique. He’s a similar case to Ramsey a few years ago in that he consistently finds himself in scoring positions yet lacks confidence in finishing. Movement is the hard part, which he has in abundance. Wenger will help him sort out his finishing and he will be lethal.

    1. You see well, amigo. I’ve often said it that Welbeck has got something huge in him (excuse me, I’m talking about potential).

      If Wenger does not sign a striker—I’m praying he just signs someone classy—he should play a front three of Sanchez, Welbeck and Theo (they could interchange upfront).

      The only problems with Welbeck are “positioning and finishing. He should play more often as a striker. He’d do very well; I pray for that lad, dunno why I inexplicably like him. Hopefully, the English virus (pride) that kills potentials does not get to him.

      A fast front-three will be good for Ozil’s career at Arsenal.

      1. Welbeck is a great squad player and yes he has potential in these area’s but his biggest failing is he does not know when to pull the trigger and if he doesn’t know this by now, he never ever will do

  5. @ Muzzi Ozcan…….. If we don’t see our signing of the summer before this week runs out, you will hated for getting our hopes high…. Its been a more than a week …..counting the days

    1. Cummon dude.. Literally all these imaginary deadlines do is create anxiety. He has yet to be wrong on anything this window and broke Sterling and Schweinsteger before anyone. Give it time

      1. Arsenal is the only destination where an Anonymous player is Linked to…… Don’t targets all have names?

    2. It’s someone from the Bundesliga he said. A cf. Can’t really get excited coz the only cf I would want from Bundesliga is Lewandowski. I hope it s Bendtner (one can dream).

  6. Welbeck will prob score 10goals playing from the wings ,playing mainly in domestic cup matches and filling in when needed in the league and in Europe whilst putting a massive shift him using his pace and dribbling effectively. everything u expect for 16m these days . Useful squad player happy to have him . But he will never be WC

  7. We’re starting to sound a little desperate on here asking whether Theo and Welbz can be our secret weapons for a title challenge…

    Let us simply remain hopeful that some necessary business will be done on our part and we can have plenty of known weapons to help us lift the league title. We don’t need any secret weapons, a couple of good additions and everyone will be aware of our capabilities.

    I must say United are making the most progress this summer so far in terms of buying what they need. I’m not fretting as yet because let’s be serious….they needed a proper overhaul. That being said they’ve offed some high earners offering little, and seem to be adding in the right areas of the pitch. Little while to go yet, but signs point to a dangerous United side next season…..hope we close the business we need doing and we’ll be ready for a battle.

  8. “Mourihno devasted and annoyed with the board for showing lack of interest in the transfer window” …….. That weird moment when Abrahmovic releases 100miL for transfers, it will be bye bye to Arsenal targets

  9. @aeon, who are these “everyone is gone” you are referring to? Oh! You meant the media-trumpetted ones right? There are a lot of players out there that can improve this team. I dont know why people are shitting their undies on the shineiderline to man u story.its obvious that we are not interested, so i dont understand the whole adrenaline surge. Sheneiderlin (pardon my spelling) aint that stupid to go to where he would be benched when 90mins of futbol action is guaranteed somewhere else. Arsene should just sign whoever he wishes to on time. Thank God the sheneiderline rumour is dead.waiting for the Next rumour from metro and the rest

    1. There’s is a reason why the media Tote these players names abut, and there’s also a reason that other players are less known with smaller prie tags andthts because thay are NO as good I don’t like the way it is in football but Money mot certainly talks in this world sad to say.

  10. funny cuz i Love us doing our business right and early…… The last time we did that, we got Sanchez…… Wasn’t the feeling great?……. Tell u a secret… Get a world class player early, and a host of players will see your statement of intent ….. They will be hoping you bid for em to sign (but we can’t sign everybody, only what we really need)… Get the business done in good time, then as usual (if we must)…..wait for the transfer deadline to panic buy our last player on the wish-list (LoL)

  11. i’m only scared of what Liverpool could do with the sterling money…… I know em so well to know they ain’t scared of splashing the cash…… They could do something crazy and annoying like bidding for Lacazette….. Lord pls!

  12. I like Danny Welbeck’s ethos and I like the energy he brings to the team. BUT — he has a lot of work to do on his first touch in tight areas and his finishing in similar scenarios. He has also spent so much time out wide and running the channels that I’m not sure his natural centre-forward’s instinct is all that sharp over a number of games.

    I’m more than happy to wait until the transfer window is done before I do my moaning. A lot of media-touted “targets” have gone elsewhere but we all know AW doesn’t do as he’s told by the media unless the pressure is so great that talks of him being replaced are filling the sports pages.

    And all it takes these days is for a striker to score 20+ goals in an average European league for one season and he’s being touted as “world class” (I don’t remember Real Madrid paying £40 million for Kevin Phillips either). A little sensibility needed. There are other striking options out there that we’re less aware of.

  13. Welbeck!!
    Like I said before, Man United got back at us as most of the comments were that they got RVP in a overpriced “scam” because Wenger seemed to be an acute negotiator (which he is not… His records show different…!)… We paid £16millions for Man U worse player, that is just a fact. That guy could not find the “goal” even to save his life… “Secret weapon” ? Arsenal fans would write anything to cheer themselves up!

    As we start the tour (here comes the cash… In that case we are amongst the best in Europe, because football wise we are still an elusive entity) we made one singing… Cech, who, apparently, will resolve our GK problems…!! Again, some easily forget that he was Chelsea NUMBER 2…

    If Cech was that good he would have put a serious fight with Courtois for the top spot… As usual, Chelsea deadwood (sorry Cech) is Arsenal first choice between the post. Why would Arsenal fans be thrilled by the news is quite incomprehensible… Some people will say it is normal as Chelsea is a top club and champion.

    Again comments said it is still early in the transfer market… REALLY, even a “fool” cannot believe that…!! Wenger thinks “he has a squad” (like every season and ends up playing the same guys because his arse is on the line again and no major trophies will come to our end, again!).

    The only consolation so far is the signing of a new “team” of Physio (including one who worked with the German Manschaft, another one) who will hopefully stop or reduce the injury “butchery” we are witnessing religiously every season…

    Reading the newspapers it seems that they got the idea that Arsenal will make a run for the EPL and the CL… I wonder who told them it was the case…!!!
    Because with the squad we have right now (and with no additions) it is just a “fantasy”.

    Well, still time (like some fans said) to do some businesses… So I guess we will have to see.

    1. As much as I would like to hate your comment above I have to agree with what you’ve said here I know there are a hardcore of bloggers on here that will be derisory and downright insulting (Keyboard warriors are always really tough) but unless we have the two new additions we need then we will sadly be another fourth spot contender again, its as simple as that the current squad is nearly there but nearly there is not THERE and I hate to say it but I think its gonna be another case of Wenger stubbornly trying to convince the world he is a genius by winning things without spending much OR by lamenting the injury problems and bad refs and being desultory about big oil funded clubs while the Club we love turns a fat profit for the board and we see no silverware at all.
      I hope not but I can see it happening again.

  14. I truly do hope welbeck steps up this season but not sure he has the natural skills to do it, fingers crossed as I love his heart and work ethic!
    On transfers I’m trying to keep cool but meanwhile I watch LVG building quite a nice looking back line. Darmian and Depay both have incredible engines and can attack and defend well, Sweinsteiger and Schneiderlin in Deep midfield also looks strong. If they sign Ottamendi and Ramos, (If we let Kos go for Benzema we are helping MU get Ramos) then Oh S*it what a back line that is!
    I hope that Wenger can get this so called huge deal over the line in the next few days, Lewandoski, Reus, Cavanni?
    I still would favour Krychowiak and Lacazette over one expensive striker.
    Keep calm and carry on!!

  15. Chelski has Costa, Remy, Falcao
    City has Aguero, Bony, Dzeko, Jovetic,

    we have Giroud, Welbeck and Akpom as CF. Maybe also Walcott. That’s still not good enough

    If we play Walcott as CF then we should have gone for Pedro, Greizmann, Reus etc.

    We need someone like Lacazette, Cavani, Benzema
    to compete for 1st place. I’m a Giroud fan but he isn’t enough and Welbeck is NOT a quality CF.

    1. Always love how people list every striker in another team’s squad and then omits Alexis from our list. If you are comparing centre forwards then you ditch Aguero and Jovetic from the lists, if you are comparing all strikers then please include Alexis.

  16. Lots of harsh comments on here for Danny!
    Let’s not forget his goal against MU that enabled us to go on and win the FA Cup.
    Give the guy some love, not his fault Arsenal bought him.

    1. Agree Ronny – I just let them get on with it, if it makes them feel better about themselves to mercilessly slag off Welbeck then good for them. I am always amazed on here that some cannot differentiate between a 30-man squad player and a first team nailed-on regular. I think DW is an amazing squad player and there is a reason SAF loved this guy and why many of the hardcore Stretford End said the day DW went to AFC was the day MU lost its soul. Decent lad who deserves better from some fans – and at the very least a bit more time. Never even had a pre-season with us and was thrust straight in with the OG injury.

  17. People keep talking about Theo, let’s not forget he’s yet to sign a knew contract.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he waits until the window has closed before signing a new contract, to see who we bring in, if it’s a new striker I can see him leaving, plus if we don’t improve a lot on last year I can imagine the likes of Sanchez and Ozil looking elsewhere to win major trophies in a years time. This isn’t scaremongering as Sanchez has already said he was disappointed not to win the league or be in the CL final in his first year at the club.

    Some players have the ambition and will to win top honours, some are happy to meander along in the top 4, sadly we have more of the latter at the moment.

  18. Agree. Walcott hasn’t signed a new contract so we don’t know what will happen with him.

    Also he isn’t an experienced CF. I’m not saying he can’t be good as a CF but it’s better to sign an experienced CF

  19. I’d love to see Welbeck come good at Arsenal, he seems a top young man with a great attitude, plus it would rub LVGs nose in it. He has the strength and speed, but he needs to work on his touch and finishing, if he can get these two things right we have a real player on our hands.

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