Can Welbeck become Arsenal’s own `Killer` striker?

Before Arsenal made the short trip across London to face Premier League rivals Chelsea, most of the talk was about the former captain of the Gunners, Cesc Fabregas, and his first game against the man he credited with turning him into a star, Arsene Wenger. But the Frenchman seemed more worried about Diego Costa.

IN an report, Wenger praised the way the Brazilian born Spanish international had hit the ground running after his summer transfer from Atletico Madrid, describing him as a killer and suggesting that keeping Costa quiet was a key part of our game plan. And we did for most of the game but when he got a chance he took it, making it nine goals from nine games this season.

Our own new striker signing Danny Welbeck has also done pretty well, better than many of us expected, but can he become the same sort of `killer` for us that Costa is? He does have the attributes. We already knew that Welbeck had pace and power but he has started to show that he has the movement and finishing ability that could make him great.

And we must remember that Welbeck is still only 23-years old and has had very little opportunity to play through the middle. It is worth noting that Costa did not really start to grab the headlines until he was the age Welbeck is now. He only scored 10 La Liga goals for Madrid in the 2012/12 season before exploding with 27 in the next campaign.

I feel that Welbeck has the right players around him to create the chances for him to develop into a goal machine with Arsenal. He just needs time. Do you agree?

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  1. Gigi2 says:

    I am well impressed by him.
    Didnt see the game vs Chelsea though.
    Costa, he is a late blossom, i was wrong in thinking he would not give another season scoring s lot, but imo there is a psiquis issue,
    Hope Danny boy gets there for us, i like him,

  2. Ljungberg's Cool Red Hair says:

    Welbeck is looking good.

    My concerns are about how many time will take injurys to get to Welbeck AND Chambers , a year like giroud? Six months maybe? It’s like a virus you know, players come healthy and then depending on his condition they will eventually fall apart . Crap training methods and lack of rotation to blame . The most experienced m├ínager in the EPl doesen’t know how to rotate his squad. God help Arsenal, welbeck is our only proper striker until Giroud comes back.

  3. SUNNY13 says:

    If Welbeck gets the pass that Costa got from cesc, then who knows?
    The main problem is Wenger and his stubbornness. Ozil played quite nicely in no 10 position against Villa and Gala but still played at left wing and some how Ox was not in the team.
    As a supporter of big big team like Arsenal, we must not be console to just have played better against Chelsea.
    Flammini should not have allowed Cesc to deliver that kind of pass. Natic wont give us that opprortunity.
    Every body is lpointing our forwards like Wlebeck and Ozil but the main problem is our defence.
    1.How can you allow Hazard to dribble three Players, Only Messi doiong that is acceptable,
    2. How can you allow Cesc to pass that freely.
    3. Costa was surrounded by BFG and Kosc, how did he get that much space in between. Metz is too slow and Kosc needs to up his game against big teams.
    4. Sezzny almost given Costa a chance to score while kicking the ball.

    Defence needs to improve….
    I have no complain with our offensive play this season….Walcott and Ramsey are not in the team

    1. Lost says:

      Not too into it but if you plan to play Ozil against Matic then you have a serious trouble waiting to happen

      1. brpowers23 says:

        I don’t agree. Ozil’s movement when playing the CAM is excellent. Matic would need to work hard and it would be a good battle. If Ozil has protection (4-2-3-1), he is fluid and excels; play him anywhere else and he struggles.

    2. Hafiz Rahman says:

      Did Wenger deliberately change the formation to lose the match???

      sometimes i wonder he just do not want to win….

      1. brpowers23 says:

        I actually have to agree with Hafiz. His comment is accurate this time. I wondered the same.

      2. Justsoccerfan says:

        That’s what I am thinking. So many matches, the way he chose his line up, making me feel that the match is fix.

  4. Gundam says:

    Too many English in the team.

  5. tnarl says:

    Everybody knew that Chelsea was gonna win. Only Wenger didn’t forsee it, because if he had, he would not have prescribed such crap tactics.

  6. What did we have going for us last season? Rambo. Rambo came bursting from the jungles and started assisting and scoring like a mad man. He was the one that kept us going until his injury on boxing day.

    But that’s what we need right now. Another mad man like Rambo especially since he’s injured yet again. So far, I think Welbz or Sanchez will be up for the challenge. They’ve been scoring, but I think they can score more goals. If we get them going I believe we might be able to get our season going.

  7. brpowers23 says:

    Realistically, Chelsea was well organized. This is why they are at the top of the table.

    We will be competing for 4th again so I’ve already set my expectations. I read today that we have won just 1 match out of our last 20 against top 5 EPL teams. Wenger gets a free pass that most managers simply do not get and I can’t believe that it has anything to do with coaching or transfers because he has struggled with both. I’m not saying he should go, but he should be more accountable for his failures and explain how he is going to right the ship.

    Hopefully Wenger will switch the lineup back to the 4-2-3-1 for the next match so we have something to cheer about.

  8. brpowers23 says:

    As for Welbeck, I think he played a very solid game against Chelsea and I like what he brings to Arsenal. He is completely composed on the ball and has headup to find players. His technique is excellent and he is beginning to gain confidence in this finishing. He is a very good reason to watch Arsenal.

  9. Jogon says:

    People saying Walcot is going to change the team, he not going to add anything we don’t have right now. He can’t even dribble past any player on a 1:1 situation and no one is going to give him space to just run. All he is going to do is put Sanchez In Ozil’s situation. Don’t get surprised seeing Sanchez playing right back just to accommodate Walcot in the team.

    1. Gunnerphyte says:

      Lets focus on what we have rather than what we don’t – walcott may not be a good dribbler, but what he does best is out-run the last defender to the ball on space. Thats how he usually gets his goals and assits…it works like a charm!. Thats what has earned him an automatic place on the england team starting lineup. if you want a dribbler, we got sanchez! From an attacking point of view, we are going to be one of the most devastating sides to face when walcott returns. Even walcott himself has said that before.

  10. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Welbeck is a good player but let’s not lose the run of ourself. One good game does not make a super striker. He was totally out of the game against Chelsea I know he done a lot of good runing off the ball let’s just see how things pan out.

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