Can Welbeck persuade Wenger that Arsenal DO NOT need a new striker?

All Arsenal fans (and Arsene Wenger as well!) were surprised when the Gunners signed Danny Welbeck in the dying minutes of last summers transfer window, but now that he is here, do we think that the England international has the talent to become our first choice striker in the future?

Welbeck certainly won’t be happy with his haul of just 8 goals so far this year from 27 starts, but he has usually been deployed on the wing (as he was at Man United) and the player himself thinks that this season has been a learning period. “It’s been transitional for me, moving down to London, playing in a new system for a new manager and a new team, getting used to new things around the club,” Welbeck said on

“I’m happy about the move to Arsenal and I think things will go well for me in the future. It’s a good group of lads and everyone’s been class with me since the day I arrived.

“It’s not just my team-mates, it’s the staff around the training ground, at the stadium – everyone’s made me feel welcome. The fans have been brilliant as well so they’ve made it very easy for me.

“It’s not just one thing [that has improved]. My all-round game, getting used to the different systems and different players means you learn a lot more, gather more experience and you just develop naturally.”

We will all expect Danny to improve drastically next season, but if Wenger follows all the pundits advice he will be going into the transfer market to buy a superstar striker to compete with Olivier Giroud. And if that happens what sort of future would Welbeck have at Arsenal?

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  1. If AW doesn’t buy another striker, I don’t thing it’ll be Welbeck that convinced him not to but rather Giroud’s form..
    Welbeck needs to concentrate on getting his shooting skills right, and he should get more discipline into his game and forget about that Headless chicken manoeuvre…

    1. I do think it hinges on Welbeck actually, and in particular if Wenger sees him as a viable ST in the next couple of years or if he prefers him as a wide forward. Depending on which it is I think you’ll see us get someone who can be a ST or a wide forward to let Welbz play as ST. But who we get is linked with where Welbz is going to play IMO.

  2. Does anyone need convincing to know he needs to buy players like KONDOGBIA,REUS and LACAZETTE? …..

    1. I really like Yannick Carrasco from Monaco. Speed skill. Works well off ball. Liverpool got Divock Origi for cheap last year. Interested to see how he does in EPL.

  3. Welbeck isn’t good enough in his movement or hold up play to be a lone striker at the moment. He should work on his movement, finishing and ball retention and then he’d become a class player. Before that he is just fast with a great work rate and good ability on the ball. Currently best played out wide and may never be a lone striker.

    1. A great deal of credit must go to our Wingers for our new found defensive qualities.

      Welbeck Sanchez Ox have helped turn things around. Someone i read earlier pointed out that why is only now that our team has grown up why hasnt this happened three to four years ago when we had a very good starting eleven also.

      I would have to say its because of the wingers being different to those ones, i never understood fans who did not want shot of Arshavin. Arshavin plain and simple was lazy and a liability. Nasri a very good player especially in our colours but not at all decent at defending. There was that clown with the giant forehead.. enough said. Walcott also. I think Theo will have to put much more effort into his all round game or it bodes badly.

      Back then even if Song played brilliantly and we where getting men back behind the ball that is all they done.. they got into position but didnt challenge man or ball nor make a block. Our wingers where the worst culprits.

      I salute our hard working Welbeck, Ox, Sanchez, and hopefully Walcott.

      1. Yea but Arshavin just isn’t a winger so to lambast him for not being a hardworking one is daft, he was Ozil before we got Ozil….except he never got to have the roaming role.

  4. Wenger must stop commenting to the public about how close he was to signing Ronaldo messi , hazard etc…. There will be no excuse this summer when Reus , kondogbia, lacazette etc would be available as well as prisable (its all about the money) …. Business must be done early

  5. King Henry and now Mourinho said we need couple of top class players, but I can see there are still fans over here believe that we are good enough to go for the title … we all can see there is an improvement (slight one) from the previous season, but is it good enough? I don’t think so …
    Forget about injuries, it is shame we take it to justify our failure of wining anything valuable over the last 10yrs … even with our full squad (except for Ox) we didn’t manage to break down Chelsea …

    1. You leave out that chelseas main goal was to not let us score, not score themselves – and that chelsea this season has been the clear #1 in the league – and that mourinho is the best defending manager in the world. A tie was a good result, even though one could say that Özil should’ve scored in the last minutes.

      Other than that, I agree that we need reinforcements/upgrades.

  6. Welbeck? He had his chances when Giroud was out but did not take it. Le Coq took his chances very well that we are talking about support in-case he’s injured and not replacement. We need a better additional striker if we are serious. Other should convince us in capital one cup next season.

    1. “KickAssFan is always the bad guy, he never sees things as the are. Bla, bla, bla!!!” Dude, do u even realise this is his first season with us? And that he never started the season with us??????????? ———-echooooooo——-

      1. Welbeck should go out on a loan where he can play all the games up front, not playing from subs on mainly a wide position for us. Untill he’s 15+goals per PL-season for i.e. Newcastle, he is unwanted by me on top.

        Lacazette, now that’s a proper goalscorer.

    2. Can you remember Giroud in his first season? even king henry in his first season struggled. I can remember any striker that we bought part from say anelka or eduardo that was on fire from the start. But the rest all grew and became better. RVP Adebayor henry Wright Smith kanu Dennis etc.

      I want another forward but welbeck should be respected. In his first season at the club i think he has done well and improved so much. His first touch and finishing is not great but at 24 he will definitely get there.
      I understand the cry for lacazette. he will be a good signing though. and the fact that he is different to Giroud makes him very appealing.

  7. Why would we forget about injuries when they have such a massive impact on a teams overall season performance…

    1. Because there were no back-ups thanks to our manager. RB and LB stood in for CBs, whose fault? The manager. Le Coq is an example of what a good back-up can do. Our No. 1 RB was injured but did we feel the impact much? Blame our manager. Ok?

  8. We do need another world class striker some wgo is more mobile and skill than giroud and as for welbeck he is not good enough to be a striker dont even know who bought him

  9. If there’s a player with obvious flaws whom I yet love, it’s Danny. There are things in him that I see but quite can’t explain. Positive things. If he adds goals to his game, he’d be phenomenal. He’s thoroughly well built for a striker. Goals!!! He just needs goals.

    I think he needs good wingers on his either side, and a creative midfielder behind him that will regularly feed him the ball. But, like the best of them, he has to be calm and composed in front of the goal.

    1. You speak my mind @KickAssFan. Say all you like about Sanchez, but I think Danny is our best player on the left wing. He nearly scored Bale’s goal against Barcelona the other day. I’ll like to see Danny on the left, and Chambo on the right for at least 30 games next season. That’ll be something.

  10. _______OFf tOPIC____

    “I was an absolute firebomb, I was absolutely mad!”____Arsene Wenger.

    WeLl, there you have it, folks. Emphasis on “WAS”, in the comment above. The man has changed, age has taken its toll, he’s gone soft like a panda’s poop.

    In the game today, you need to be and remain “an absolute fire bomb”, you need to be and remain “absolutely mad”.

  11. We are in a situation where we shud either buy a striker or buy a left winger and make alexis our striker. Dere have been rumours about cazorla joining athletico. I think we can strike a cazorla+cash deal for athleticos antione greizman.dat guy is really good. Also it will allow us to give more balance to d team as we hav tooooo many centre mids in our team, so many dat ramsey has to play wide. I heard greizmann has a 43million release clause. Chelsea want him, we must move fast!

  12. Welbeck is not good enough to be in a team that wants to win CL/EPL. He had his chance when giroud was injured and aside from speed he has nothing else so i honestly believe welbeck/theo/wilshere/jenko/ podolski and release rosicky/flamini/diaby. That should generate enough money to go and buy a top quality GK/DM/CB/ST

      1. No, RVP did while welbeck sat on the bench and watched. Are you saying role players are to louded because real stars like RVP/Rooney won them the title? what a complete joke!

        if this is your mindset you really need to wake up

  13. Sonago was a bit of a shocker – sure.

    But Wellbeck – his been a thousand times better. Lets be honest we’ve needed a superb striker for a long time. Giroud is now a very good striker, and hope even better next year-

    I’d say Wellbeck is as good as Giroud was in his first year, he still has great potential. Of course Im not going to complain if a better striker comes in- but I just want us to support Welbeck- he could be very good for us

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