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Can Welbeck’s England topple Belgium to win Group G?

World Cup Finals Group G Predictions by Dan Smith

Danny Welbeck is Arsenal’s only representative in this one…..

Belgium 1st
Looking at their squad on paper it’s understandable why some say Belgium can go all the way.
The game of course is not played on paper. if this side has the mentally when it counts is another story. In that regard, they remind me of England’s so called golden generation. While they have got to the quarter finals in their last few tournaments, they have yet to have that decisive moment against a big name to suggest they can go to that next level. The Euros was a big opportunity missed, they were beating Wales away from a major semi final. Doubts remain in the key moments of games if they have the game management to be serious contenders.

England 2nd
I promised myself after Euro 2016 never to take anything for granted again. There is no point in wrapping up our young team in cotton wool, the reality is this draw has been so kind that even if we were below par we should qualify. Anything else would be up there with the Iceland humiliation. Expectation is so low that success would be enjoying watching England again. It’s been a few tournaments now since we were a joy to watch. The way this draw has fallen makes it not impossible for Gareth Southgate to do that. We play Belgium when qualification might be secure and looking at who we would face next, it doesn’t seem vital that we top the group.

Tunisia 3rd
One of Africa’s most improved sides with many predicting they would be the regions best bet of getting the furthest in the World Cup. That was ’til the draw was made. Most of their players are based in their own league but the fact they start the competition ranked 14th in the world shows what an organised outfit they have become. If England take them lightly they could take points off them while Panama gives them the golden chance to earn their first World Cup win since 1978.

Panama 4th
A country half the size of London, and the first time they ever reached the World Cup, the highest level their players play is the MLS and a nation more famous for hosting the 3rd season of Prison Break then any kind of footballing landmark. No wonder the USA are having a nationwide review of how they finished below a side who they dwarf in terms of resources, and I am sure that followers of sports gambling in the United States will see an upsurge in bets on their tiny neighbour. Qualifying led to a public holiday in Panama such was the lack of expectations. They’re riding a wave of momentum where anything else would be a bonus, in that regard the pressure is off. Any other chapter would be the shock of the tournament.

Dan Smith

31 thoughts on “Can Welbeck’s England topple Belgium to win Group G?

  1. drew

    Sorry to burst the English bubble but Tunisia is coming second in the group. No offence but England are chokers in these big tournaments and I’m African so I biased lol. only one gunner in the squad? what’s up with that? the sooner England bow out, the better for Just Arsenal website because we can get articles on Arsenal and not about England or the world cup which both have nothing to do with this forum. Sorry guys, I’m sour coz my country never makes it to the world cup hence the rant hehehehe

    1. gotanidea

      I feel this Southgate’s team is different. They might have learned from Leicester City’s strategies and only a few teams can match English player’s physical abilities in World Cup

      Most people also underestimated the Greeks in Euro 2004, but they embraced their limitations and played with a very defensive tactic

      1. kev

        This England team is really really poor.Their wingers are hardly the assistive or goalscoring type.A player like Sterling was really helped by Guardiola’s system.They are really going to struggle against the top teams.
        Their only hope to get far is to rely on their defence which they won’t do.Expecting another failure from them.Just not good enough.
        Also I feel Wilshere would’ve helped them with more creativity and drive through the centre.

    2. Pain

      I’m African too mate
      I honestly don’t see England making it far in this world cup the best they can hope for is a lastrading 16 exit. I’ve watched their friendlies and they seem set on playing with 3 at the back and their midfield doesn’t convince me

    3. jon fox

      I am interested and depressed at the way you blithely say “I’m African so am biased. lol”. I find this admiitting to bias a depressingly unintelligent comment. Yes, many fans, most even ARE biased and THAT is equally depressing. Until fans everywhere, in Africa, Europe, South America or ANYWHERE ELSE can start being honest and leaving bias behind , when making conclusions, those same conclusions will always be tainted by what amounts to dishonesty. I may well be well out of step with the vast majority of fans but I FIND DISHONESTY WITH ONESELF, which is what bias is, will always hold back making correct and intelligent decisions. A judge in a court of law is supposed to be unbiased, which is why they are chosen as judges. Ordinary fans are not less bright than judges but are held back by their inability to shed harmful bias. I expect to get shot down for saying this. But that will only go to show the almost universal truth of my remarks. BTW, you may well be right about Tunisia coming second. Or you may not be. But those are not what I am talking about.

  2. RSH

    Still not getting my hopes up about Torreira. I need Ornstein or then I will get excited. Sky Italia is hit or miss sometimes. Glad there is a genuine interest though, but I always find when the media claims a deal is close to done, it is not really at all. And World Cup days away, this deal is not getting done any time soon and so many things can change. (I realize this post is off topic, but I personally don’t care about England NT, sorry, but good luck to Welbz or course)

    1. kev

      100% now done.They have yielded at last.
      €30m over several years and €3m for the agent fees.Deal is done 100% no jokes.
      Player’s signature will be announced after World Cup.

          1. Break-on-through

            This is why he does it, for those reply’s. We all seen the 30m in installments report. It seems to be moving along, getting closer, it seems imminent. Then Kev steps in, it’s done, they’re just waiting but it’s already signed, now give me that thunder!!!

            1. kev

              Nope I don’t start when it’s imminent.I’ve stopped jumping the gun.Most of these deals have already happened behind the scenes.The rest is media trying to play with minds.Now look the same media are telling us Adli is in London which is actually true but were telling us some days back the player is having second thoughts when in truth the deal was a done deal.How can a player now decide on the same decision he has already made?Laughable really.

        1. kev

          Raul Sanllehi is on Gelson Martin’s case.We are going all out for him.Should the player prefer England it’s very very likely Arsenal will sign him.
          But I highly doubt he has officially terminated his contract and I think he has until Thursday to do that.GK to me would’ve been Leno had he been going to the World Cup.Now it seems we aren’t rushing things since he’s not going and other clubs are looking to sign him.A GK is very much in our plans.

            1. kev

              Yes, very true.Now look the same media are telling us Adli is in London which is actually true but were telling us some days back the player is having second thoughts when in truth the deal was a done deal.How can a player now decide on the same decision he has already made?Laughable really.

              1. Arsene Wenger.

                Some of these media are after selling newspapers and they can change stories to attract buyers of the same

  3. kev

    Torreira to Arsenal is done deal 100%.We have reached an agreement with Sampdoria i.e €30m over several years & wage of the player (€3.5m per year) and with his agent about commission fees (around €2-3m).He would be announced after world cup.

    100% done and will be announced after the World Cup.Now Raul Sanllehi is also persuading Gelson Martins to sign and tbh we are one of the leading clubs in England for his signature.

  4. Eddie Hoyte

    Why after the world cup??? you do realize things could change and we’ll hear excuses later on right? Not until I see a picture of him signing the contract and shaking Emery will I believe you. I’m not asking for an unveiling in our jersey, Just a tweet from our official Twitter or the player’s personal Twitter.
    don’t blame me, I won’t pit myself in the part of heartbreak

    1. kev

      I get your point but the Lucas Torreira deal has really been overhyped the media when all that was the problem was the payment plan and not the fee which was agreed ages ago.The agent fee was also a slight problem but now all things have been resolved.They have agreed to our offer (€30m over several years) and the agent will earn around €3m.
      Simply put the deal to bring him here is done.
      The only problem is the player can’t be in London right now I assume.

      100% done.Hold me on my word for this.Wilshere will also stay.

      1. Pain

        Has he signed on the dotted Line? Or is it done in principle?

        @kev are there any other wingers we are looking at bar Mertins and Dembele (still think he will stay at barca after he shows the world what he’s really made off)

        1. kev

          @Pain and Eddie Hoye the deal has been agreed in principle.The agent has lowered his demands.
          The only thing now is that the player is in Russia.
          I don’t know if an arrangement will be made for him to sign but in my opinion the announcement will be after World Cup.
          All I can say is we and Sampdoria have agreed the terms of the deal and there’s no changing it.
          100% will be an Arsenal player.
          As for wingers we are also looking at Pavon,Berwijn,Draxler and co.

          1. Arsene Wenger.

            He should have a medical I’m Russia and let the agent take the contract to him to have it signed.Msn city might decide to please him to Citizens after a good display in the world cup

      2. Eddie Hoyte

        Kev tell us he has signed on paper, if he hasn’t then anything can still happen

      3. Arsene Wenger.

        Are we after any keeper so far?What about Soyuncu and Gelson martin’s deal.Is it still on the radar

        1. kev

          Soyuncu would likely have been signed quickly or deal agreed in principle had he been going to the World Cup.The same happened with Leno.In fact Soyuncu was close to joining us until he said he wanted to decide his future after the friendlies.Due to him not going to the World Cup we have decided to focus on the immediate one’s like Martins and Torreira.However,we are still very interested him.

          1. Arsene Wenger.

            The same laxity made Chelsea assume Lukaku was their obvious signing not until Man Utd overtook them and closed the deal before them.We need to act ASAP.

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