Can Wenger and Ozil make Arsenal GREAT again?

Despite rumours to the contrary, the Arsenal boss is still fully behind his club record signing and Mesut Ozil is confident that with the Frenchman’s help and belief, he will prove to be a fantastic signing for the Gunners. But while it is clearly good news that Wenger and Ozil are pulling in the same direction, is that the route back to the top for Arsenal?

The boss revealed the other day, in a report by The Mirror, that his playmaker would not be back in action until the new year but he also defended the German from his critics, putting the blame for the start of this season on an injury picked up with the national team and declaring that Arsenal will soon see the best of him.

Wenger said, “He will not be back until January. He came back from the World Cup with an injury.

“He had a very good first season with us. I think we will see the best of Ozil in the seasons to come.”

Ozil has also been speaking this week, in an interview picked up by the Daily Star. The 25-year old restated once again that he wants to improve as a player and that is one of the reasons for him choosing to join Arsenal and work under Wenger.

Ozil said, “He [Wenger] knows what he wants and I know he can bring me a step forward; he trusts me in that way and I trust him, completely.”

He also suggested that personal goals as well as trophy success is what drives him on, saying, “For a team, it [a trophy] is the biggest thing to get and we got it [last season with the FA Cup], but as a player, there are other things – being the best player in the world, other cups, the Champions League.”

I personally like Ozil, the way he plays and what he brings to the team, but I can also understand why he gets the criticism he does, especially when you see what Alexis Sanchez has done and the effort he clearly makes on the pitch. But when Ozil is fit and able to play again, will the two be able to take Arsenal to the next level under the guidance of our manager?

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  1. Tope says:

    Why pick a single player? I will rather have you say wenger and the team. Unless you are expecting the bashers here to litter the comment section. Anyway, arsenal was, is and will continue to be a great club to me. Finito.

    1. KickAssFan says:

      Ozil is good, we all know. But the major problem is Wenger and some of his team-mates.

      Wenger, for the umpteenth time, should stop playing him on the flanks. Also, apart from Sanchez, I don’t think there’s anybody in the Arsenal squad that very much fall in the class of players Ozil was used playing with at Madrid.

    2. muda says:

      @tope, I see nothing wrong in writing an article just about our best player’s performances (achievement). Remember when he did it, he did it for arsenal too!

  2. Hafiz Rahman says:

    of coz Wenger will….

    Ozil will retire having player every single position….from Gk to defender to midfield to striker

  3. Jogon says:

    If we get 2 tall hard tackling world class central midfielders plus CB and left winger then we have a chance.

  4. SUNNY13 says:

    Wenger Knew that Ozil was not fully fit and and needed rest. Still he played and hima and that too out of position. He he been rested for let sat 3 weeks, we woud not have lost him and if fitness was the real issue, we would have got the real Ozil by this time of the season.
    Wenger is tio be blamed .
    Even after Chelsea game wenger acknowledged that he knew Ozil was playing with injury..


    1. proffetic says:

      How can a player perform if he is carrying an injury? Especially in the EPL. This just doesn’t ring to me. Besides it takes more than one player. We have a glut of attacking options, but a dearth of quality defenders. How can a “Manager” allow this to happen? If this isn’t sorted in January then should we expect Sanchez to stay and right now what top player would want to sign for us? Should have been Summer business!

  5. almostawinner says:

    wenger: he do love the money too much to leave.

    and he’s a megalomaniac so he believes he’s the still
    by far the best manager that arsenal could get.

    and he’s deluded so he believes his team should
    be able to win no matter where he plays who
    (“I turned Henry into a striker”…)

    and he’s cheap so he tricks himself into believing
    he can start the season w/o paying for the
    over-the-odds prices that all the worldbeaters
    command nowadays.

    a perfect storm.

    1. Int. Gooner says:

      You’re analysis of Wenger from the completely superficial information that you know about him is mighty impressive. It’s similar to the information that I can draw about you from your poorly paragraphed post…

  6. SaveArsenal says:

    Arsenal can never be great again if Wenger has any involvement in the club.

  7. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Reporter: Why don’tyou buy a DM?

    Wenger: Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.AM. get the money, dollar dollar bill y’all

  8. goldfish27 says:

    Wenger out for all I care…..

  9. muda says:

    @tope, I see nothing wrong in writing an article just about our best player’s performances (achievement). Remember when he did it, he did it for arsenal too!

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