Can Wenger finish his Arsenal career in a blaze of glory? How?

My Dream Scenario for Arsene Wengers last 18 months as Arsenal boss by Sean

I would love nothing more than Arsene Wenger to go and spend some of our money to strengthen the team in January with two players needed to go on to lift the title in May. Then again in the summer, to push on for bigger n better things next season (UCL) with a complete sweep for his final season at the club. I’ll explain;

Arsenal have money to spend on players in the next two transfer windows and with winter’s window approaching in almost 2 weeks, I was thinking as to what realistic signings we could make to help us! We are in need of a decent Winger/Attacker and a DM for cover and competition for Francis Coquelin – when he is back or in need of a rest – Flamini is okay for the moment but can only be short term. He can’t last and Arteta isn’t good enough for Arsenal FC anymore, never mind being our Captain! We have injuries galore and now with Danny out basically for the season as well, so a new attacker is needed too.

Now keeping in mind not a lot of top players are available in January and they will be approached hopefully in the summer, as I’m sure we will do big business on a CB and Striker. We need some new blood in the squad to help with this title push and against Barcelona in the UCL last 16 games.

Our last few signings have been nothing short of brilliant!! Our record breaking keeper and our Number 10, Peter Cech and Mesut Ozil respectively, just awesome. and, as well as our explosive gifted star player Alexis Sanchez, shows that we CAN make a great signing or two! With the team we have so far, injury free, we are only a couple of signings away from having probably the best squad Arsenal FC has ever had!

If Arsene Wenger is really going to step aside once his contract is up at the end of the 16/17 season, he might just have a complete squad heading into his last campaign as Arsenal Boss! If he signs two players in each of the next two windows (LW and DM in January, CB and ST in the summer) he will have a team ready to go on to win the league this season and possibly have a great squad, not just first X1, to challenge on all fronts next season. Obviously players will be sold and leave, be loaned out or coming back from loans, so that all that has to come into it as well. Arsenal also won’t give up on their philosiphy of nuturing young footballers from the Academy to the First team and we have a lot of real good prospects in there, so what do we do?

Winter – Buy Wanyama and Mahrez
Summer – Buy Stones and Aubameyang

Sold or leave in 2016: Flamini,Arteta,Rosicky,Debuchy,Ospina, Sanogo,

Loaned out for 16/17:
Ox, Hayden, Akpom, Iwobi, W.Silva, Szczesny, Zelalem,

Back for 16/17:
Jenkinson, Martinez and Gnabry

Academy players: (can help also)
Bielik, Adelide, Crowley, Malen… there’s a few more too!

Imagine the squad we would have with the 4 signings for next season! The two in winter would help us push for the title in May, and by next season we would be ready to take on the football world! Just my dream;
GK: Cech – Martinez
RB: Hector – Jenko
LB: Nacho – Gibbs
CB: Stones – Boss – Per – Gabriel
DM: Coquelin – Wanyama -Chambers
MF: Rambo – Ozil – Wilshere
RW: Mahrez (ox) – Campbell
LW: Alexis – Welbz
CF: Giroud – Theo – Aubameyang
U21s and breakthrough youngsters also!!

Want to hear your opinions too and to what use think is best? How much would the four players cost? Would this squad be capable of dominating next season? Will two signings be enough to push us on to the league title this season? Would Wenger actually gamble for all the glory in his last hooray for Arsenal? Just a thought!!

Sean O’Hara

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  1. do you really know wenger??lol
    Hes probably going to fish out some youngster from france.
    An unknown player from spain
    or steal someone from the barca academy.

    Thats the best we can expect from him since this deluded manager and his akbs think
    giroud is the best striker in the world
    sanchez can match suarez
    ozil is a bargain at 42mil
    sterling and ox are equals

      1. you guys have completely misunderstood my comment.
        This was a reply to this article.
        Thinking that wenger is will be going after stones wanyama and aubumeyang is not going to be the case.You are solely mistaken.
        Wenger only overrates his players to match other rivals.
        He is jealous of the man united barcelona and bayern academies, of how fast players develop into other teams

    1. Wow you’ve really made me think with that insight into Wenger.

      Jeez, what is your problem? Fighting for the title not good enough for you? Our deluded manager being ahead of Pelegrinis oil fuelled city, Mourhinhos failing Chlesea and LVG’s misfiring Utd not reason to be happy? Are you a gooner…simply can’t be…or just a bot recycling someone’s else half arsed comments? Goon thinker…lmao!! Think you’ve got one n too many in there.

      Just spending money, very clearly, is not even half the story, yet your comedy analysis goes no further. Mahrez, one of the players of the season so far was 350k – a great find by Leicester. Bellerin ‘stolen’ from the Barca academy is the real deal, Ozil is the best in the world In his position and worth very penny. Sanchez is much the same.

      Classic FIFA football fan, with no real idea and parrot like comments.

        1. Agreed Ozil is the best no10 in the world!! Around the Emirates all i want to hear is;

          He assists when he wants,
          He assist when he waaaants…
          MESUT OZIL
          He assists when he wants!

          (Got it off AFTV, see the video of the jack grealish song sung by Arsenals great awy fans)

  2. By buying players like Granit Xhaka who is good in many things. Very important poz we need to strengthen.

    Then by spending money on star players who are up for sale by chance by big teams. Sanchez was for sale and we did mve fast which was good. Suarez approuch rather was bad. Should have gave them the big money.

    If players like Lucas Moura, Mahrez or Michy Batshuayi are for sale. Arsenal should be obligated to move, no matter if we have decent players in Campbell or Sonogo already playing in the team. If you are serious in competing, you make use of that clubs money, or some else will do it.

  3. A very warm and Optimistic Article Sean,
    Maybe you fell asleep next to the Open fire and you haven’t woken up yet ?

    Firstly, As long as wenger has a hole in his ass,
    He will continue being the manager of Arsenal fc.

    Secondly, It would take more than the Christmas spirits from the past, present and future to give Mr Ebenezer Scrooge a wake up call, to sign all those players that you mentioned.

    As wenger will say…. ” Humbug is like a new signing”

    1. Have that festive feeling in hope that Arsene does the business in the coming window ?

      Our new DM “HUMBUG” ? very good mate!!

      1. Hahaha ?
        You can’t beat the Christmas spirits mate ??
        And laughing is the best medicine for everything! ☺

        If Only Humbug excised lol..
        your song would be:
        “OH Humbug” “He defends when he wants too”
        you won’t get no change out of him ?

  4. nice write up
    thats the players we need to add to the team to transit to Glory

    wenger will not buy 50% of those players
    wenger is weak and naive

    no urgency.
    He is mentally debased
    his decision making is mertesacked.


    im patiently waiting for the 2016/2017 season to come and go.
    i need fresh air
    tired of this same wenger, never learning and changing.

    its boring.

    For every discontentment of any arsenal fan, There exist a property called wenger. The stubborness of wenger is a necessary condition for the same old arsenal.

    SMH vigorously.

  5. Get lucas moura-carvalho/bender-lacazette..and the EPL will be ours for years to come..but spend..specially DM in January is A MUST.

  6. wenger is the best manager we have ever had.
    so he doesnt have to leave in a blaze of glory..but fergie left when they won the league..thats how u leave the room in style….

    that academy is looking fresh though…crowley, adelaide, malen, zelalem, gnabry…jeeze
    thats no joke

    1. Isnt there!! Im really impressed with what prospects we have in there.

      Was wondering why wenger was recruiting all these youngsters but if you look at it he has set our academy and Arsenals senior team in really good shape for the coming future for now and when he leaves!

        1. I think we already have an Henry type in Welbz if he would take lessons from the king himself when he is back… i believe he something about him that im sure Wenger can click and get out of him! Thierry was a winger at Juve sure ? hes put so someone is needed!! I like Akpom too

          1. Must admit I hope the same. I was kinda hoping that welbz would be reborn as a killer when he’s back. He’s got a lot of what’s needed just lacking that first touch and ruthless, confident finish. Henry could be the answer. Akpom, personally I’m just not sure. He’s not setting the world alight at Hull despite getting games. He’s got the physique for sure, but has he got the ability and the attitude?

  7. Guys Wenger’s hands is tides when it comes to signing. Yes the board gave him money that is enough to buy any robot stars in the name of Messi, xstiano and Lewadolsky but will they agree with Arsenal wages philosophy put in place behind the closed door by the board? No players shall surpass £130k a week? If you can convince Suarez,or any top player to reduce his wages to that amount without Man Utd,Chelsea and City awareness please let me know then I will personally convince Wenger to open the cheque book as quick as possible even if he cost 80m pounds

  8. I’d like to get Lukaku then Aubameyang.

    Lukaku is premier league proven, young, strong and best of all we can laugh at Mr special face when Lukaku scores 30+ a season for us.

    Grioud is great, but he is turning 30, and we really need someone with similar presence as him to not be too one dimensional.

    I hope to see W.Silva in action next season.

    1. Really like your thinkning in Lukaku then he would be the big summer buy along with a CB… Tried looking at prem players for Jan and a CB but thought maybe another foreign player like Alexis/Joel/Neymar etc… who all ave that never die attitude and bust der balls for the team!! Whos this Rugani player from Juve were trying to sign?? Is he any good because hes nt really playing for juve at all bit supose to be one of the brightest defensive prospects coming out of Italy atm?

      1. No chance we would get both Stones/Lukaku from everton in the same window… id rather take stones tbh!!

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