Can Wenger hold out as Barcelona push for Bellerin transfer deadline?

If you believe the Arsenal transfer rumours that were coming out of Spain a couple of days ago concerning our fleet footed right back Hector Bellerin, the club and Arsene Wenger have just eight more days to hold out under the transfer pressure from his former and boyhood club FA Barcelona.

The news from the Catalan papers and reported by Metro was that the new Barca boss Ernesto Valverde wanted to have this summer signing wrapped up before the start of their pre-season training schedule and will turn his attention to other possible players if we do not agree to sell.

So far Wenger and the board have remained steadfast and this has surprised the Spaniards apparently, because the Gunners have not always been so firm in the past, but there are still eight days to go and Barca may well come back with a massive bid.

We also have the possibility, in another report by Metro today, that the 22-year old who is currently on international duty and has helped the Spain under 21 team into the Euro finals, could try to force the hand of his manager, as did Cesc Fabregas when he wanted to head back to the Nou Camp.

Bellerin does not strike me as that sort and has often spoke about owing Wenger but will Arsenal still have him on the books when the new season begins I wonder?



  1. Cmon bob we’ve had this at least twice before. It’s like arsenals seasons or the transfer window same thing over and over and over and over and over and over oops now I’m doing it ???

    Goretzka price has just gone up 20m I’m guessing we have no chance now lol

    Like we ever did ?

  2. 1. It’s the Catalan rags whom Barstardlona regularly use as part of their tapping up campaigns
    2. Why don’t we just tell them, “no, thank you; now, please phukk off at your own convenience,”?

  3. As I said the other night, we have a squad capable of winning the Europa league (currently our best chance of qualifying for the champions league again) the fa cup and efl cup. What we don’t have is a squad capable of winning the EPL. I also think we don’t have the funds available to achieve that, so is there any point?
    We have all our players under contract, in fact we have 36 players born 1995 or before currently in contract, so we can actually pick and choose who we sell and keep. If alexis doesn’t want a new contract then fuck him, pay him £140k a week, that’s a £10m saving straightaway and we get to keep a player that will be itching to prove he is worth more. Same goes for any of the others. Don’t let these players hold us to ransom and don’t let other clubs think we are desperate. Winning the EPL might give u a trophy and entry into next seasons champions league, but so does winning the Europa league and believe me that is so much easier to win.

    If we cannot get our targets, wipe our mouth on the sales, save the funds and then go for it the season after, when all the players are looking at being a year older but still in the champions league with us and £400m to spend!!!

  4. I was watching a clip from espn where one punter told that he had spoken to Lee Dixon regarding the widely reported roumer about Sanchez being a right miserable awkward person,

    supposedly hard to get on with and posible the whole team hates him and could of been hindering progress of the whole team, if you think about it just about when he started throwing wobblys just around the time of defeat to Bayern

    up untill then we was doing fantastic so if it’s true which I’m begining to belive it is because you have to be a bit of a a.s h..le to go to your revels by throwing temper tantrums to force a transfer

    1. The whole team has been struggling for years, no more evident than this year when we become the definition of a ‘one man team’. Without Sanchez we would have easily have finished 7th in the league, and wouldn’t have won anything!

      Doesn’t bother me that he upsets a few people here, and there, because he delivers on the pitch. Most of his team mates probably have the right attitude off the pitch, but it’s only Sanchez that has the right attitude on the pitch…and it’s what happens on the pitch that counts! Ronaldo doesn’t have a good attitude, but look what he does for Real.

      I saw the same clip, and get what you’re saying about him possibly being a disruptive influence, but you get that in most teams, and generally in work places. In fact, it’s more of a rarity to have everyone getting along with each other. Before questioning Sanchez’s attitude, it would be more productive to question the attitudes of the likes of: Walcott, Ozil, Debuchy, Wilshere, etc…and of course the attitude of Wenger.

      1. This all Wenger plan. He knows Sanchez is leaving. To give fans a cooling effect he has asked Lee Dixon to spread that Sanchez was a disruptive influence. Which is not true. Prepare yourself for Sanchez leaving. To see him what he actually is or tbelieve false negative rumours about Sanchez is upto the fans..

  5. Sell Bwllerin if they pay a huge amount.. we can then let Ox become a nee Dannia Alves as he has professed he likes.. so keep one player who has started to show his talent and move on another who stalled a bit this season… stops us strengthening Liverpool and make ua 40 to 50mn! that can go straight to ozil and sanchez or to pay for Lemar / Mahrez

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