Can Wenger really be blamed for the main problems affecting Arsenal FC..?

Arsenal suffer from 3 inter-related problems by Terry Barry

In order of significance…

1. Under-investment in players – Guardiola spent £448M on buying players in his first 19 months – his squad cost £420M more than Arsenal’s!

2. A complete loss of form and confidence – due to the need to reassemble the team post-Sanchez departure, and the demands of a hectic schedule including the damaging loss of League Cup.

3. A lack of true Arsenal supporters – how can anyone carry a banner saying Wenger out to a match involving our club. Where’s the support in that? Pathetic.

Given that Arsenal, as a global business corporation, enjoy huge financial success (currently in the 6 highest revenues in the world and the 3rd highest in the EPL), and the chronic underinvestment relative to the 2 Manchester’s, Chelsea and Liverpool – the question has to be asked; Why aren’t we spending more money on the squad?

There is a clear correlation between investment and league position – why do we act to buck the trend and our performance suffers accordingly? Anyone seeking an explanation as to why this happens at the Arsenal needs to address this question and find the answer before rushing off on a witch hunt to castigate Arsene Wenger – unless of course he is to blame for this state of financial incompetence. Some might say he is the victim of this failure – taking the public hit for others inactions.

Food for thought and investigation.

Terry Barry


  1. Shortboygooner says:

    The problem is that if you do not have the finances say so. And if we dont then why do we not. Arsenal is not a club in financial dilema. We are rich mate. So either kreonke isnt giving up the good or wenger is a twat and dunno how to spend. Either way wenger is in trouble as he is not saying listen guys I cant spend or he just cant manage anymore. And tbh a squad with aubambeyang ozil mikitarian xaka mustafi kos bellerin. Lots and lots of experienced player who have trophys behind them. If tthey cant stick in top 4 or atleast nit struggle so much. Then this team is pants and the manager too.

    1. Wenger out
    2. Release fund
    3. Clear dead wood.
    4. Win CL or prem and any cost and out arsenal back in the lime light .

    1. Vicbklyn says:

      Agree with you, just not the same order. I still wonder if Wenger could win if we had a properly funded squad. Wenger greatest strength & weakness is his loyalty to the club. He will never speak up. Kroenke is my #1 because no matter whois the mgr, no money=no trophy. We have spent less than 18 clubs in England’s top 2 divisions. That is the same model Kroenke runs his American businesses with. Spend money on players that sell jerseys (a DM sells no jerseys but I blame Wenger for not finding a proper wall/DM to shield the Defense in at least 10 years). Kroenke wife is a Walmart Heiress & that is the same model as our club.
      1. KROENKE OUT aka #silentstanout
      2. Gooners be honest- no more praises Wilshire, Ramsey, & players no other top club wants. Set our standards higher
      3. Deadwood
      4. Spend Big
      5. Wenger contract not renewed

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        partially agree with you…

        we do need a quality B2B like Viera, Toure, Bakayoko….

        not many are around…..

        Wenger weakness is not getting tough on the players…
        but we do not know whats going on behind the scenes

        Hiring Raul is a good start to secure player deals and contracts
        Mislintat should be able to recommend better players to the club….every managers rely on scouts recommendations….

        Sometimes its not that easy to clear the deadwood at one go….unless its City….without funding for new players…clearing the deadwood means the club has to rely on 17 or 20yo to play….

        We did well in strengthening our attack this season with Aubameyang and Lacazette….

        hopefully we are able to strengthen our defence next window…

        Its quite obvious that Arsenal are a club that run on budget and cant strengthen heavily on every areas at one window

      2. mikey says:

        Seriously a properly funded squad, thats not our issue, compare how our players play for their respective countries compared to our club, thats the issue here how is it that their commitement, skill level, work rate ect drop to such an alarmingly low rate when they play for Arsenal. That my friend is down to the coach he should have addressed it a couple of years ago.

    2. Tdg1944 says:

      People on here keep using the word “investment”. Investment is spending money in appropriate amounts at appropriate time on appropriate resources towards a realistic objective through the application of an appropriately aligned strategy and tactics. Does that sound like the Arsenal board or Arsene Wenger? I suggest not. We just spend.

  2. Nayr says:

    Because leicester won the league by spending how much?

    Arsenal problems in order of significance





    1. gotanidea says:

      Ranieri, Klopp and Simeone got major trophies by using much lower budget than what Wenger has and in the leagues that are dominated by giant super-rich clubs

      1. Buddie says:

        Be real man, where is Leicester city and Ranieri now? Give stats to show Klopp and Simeone spend lesser than Wenger. How ,any trophy do they have in their cupboard in the last 4 years

    2. John0711 says:

      Massively well said and makes this original post completer BS

      1. Agreed. Also remember EVERY transfer window sitting there watching Arsene dither over signings in the past few years whilst others pick up key players. I’m tired of the excuse of money, and ‘we could have got so & so player’. So yes, we do make a profit most transfer windows at the expense of the squad but that has been down to Wengers transfer policy supported by a tight board, but that still doesn’t excuse tactics, man management, etc,etc

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          Leicester won the league

          This is why every season 19 managers should be sacked every season for not winning the league

    3. Pearson says:

      Look at the latest accounts there is a cash sum over over £130 million in the bank but the financial statement along with the accounts states it is not for football purposes.

      In the last transfer window we sold three players to be able to buy ONE – the club is run on a blue print of you can only spend what profit you make.

      Man C – Chelsea – Man U shop at Harrods we shop at Poundlnad or Mothercare but we still have to pay the market price.

      Long gone are the days when you could unearth a gem without other clubs knowing about it.

      The change that the CEO promised is to bring in a scout to find youngsters who hopefully will be good enough for the first team and hope we can supplement them with two or three established players that do not cost the earth.

      The problem is deeper than Wenger – just imagine if the Arsenal directors would have sold to the Manchester City owners – they did offer ot buy the club – but our mb chose the yank instead.

      1. John Ibrahim says:


        This is why we hire Mislintat to scout for better players and Raul to secure players transfer and contract renewals which Dein used to do….

  3. gotanidea says:

    I think Wenger has been given expensive players: Ozil 42M, Xhaka 30M, Mustafi 35M, Aubameyang 60M, Lacazette 56M, Sanchez/ Mkhitaryan 33M, Cech 15M, etc. Total purchase could reach around 300M

    Wenger did not play the ex-players at their preferred/ best positions and did not extend their contracts after 3 years, hence they left and he has to reassemble the team in short time. But he has more than five years to get his players, whereas Guardiola only did it in less than two years

    Regarding the supporters, maybe most of them have spent more than one decade waiting for Arsenal’s major trophy. It never came and it is normal that they are fed up with it

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      All the players were not signed in 1 season, you do know that
      Ozil was signed in 2013
      Sanchez was signed in 2014
      Cech in 2015
      Xhaka and Mustafic in 2016
      Lacazette in 2017
      Auba just about 6 weeks ago

      Pep signed about 20 players and spend over 400m in just 3 windows…..this could be done because he has a financially supported country owners…not to mention Pep already has De Bruyne, Aquero, Kompany, Toure, Stirling, Silva in the team….the core is there for at least a year to build coordination and communication

      No one knows why players are not play at their normal position…maybe they did well in training…but then again….players like Henry, RVP, Fab, Carzola etc….have all excel in other positions……

      1. John0711 says:

        Oh so you admit wenger has been spending money year after year and f%#%ng up

        1. Break-on-through says:

          And that’s the thing Gotanidea, we won a major trophy in every decade going back a very long way, but this time it looks like we won’t be and we might even go through the next one without too. That was a record to be proud of, but because Wenger wont just let go he’s after breaking our streak.

        2. Midkemma says:

          1 or 2 players a year is what I would hope for if we was competing for the EPL, we need improvement and AFC need to invest in more than 1 quality player a year.

          Now we may say Xhaka is a flop and waste of money, I would personally say he is being used wrong tactually and that is Wengers fault. He was performing very well before he came to AFC.

          I will point to Welbroke who Wenger only wanted on loan, Perez who was panic bought when Wenger wanted Laca, ElNeny who was bought when Wenger was after Xhaka.

          They are signings which do add up in costs and wages and they wasn’t wanted by the manager, they have since proven the manager right by showing they are not good enough to compete for the EPL.

          Good that Gazidis hired Sven and Raul, Gazidis was the biggest hindrance to AFC for near a decade and it took Wenger going over his head for a new contract for Gazidis to step up and make the changes which has been required for years!

          Oh and if it was Wenger who was spending the money and not Gazidis then how come AFC was trying to penny pinch on the Auba deal, initial offer of what, £44 million? PMSL!

          Easy to blame Wenger for everything but it just shows the stupidity, reasoning should be used and jumping on a bandwagon is not good reasoning for me.

      2. arsenal#7 says:

        I can give Wenger 500m in one window and still will not do what Pep did.
        Fact is he does not know how. Not anymore anyway.
        Leicester sacked Ranieri the next year after their league trophy for poor results.
        The point is we are in this mess due to an incompetent manager and a moronic owner.
        Get those sorted out and maybe we can fix this.
        In addition the players Wenger bought or groomed are liabilities and not contributors to
        a SPECIFIC team concept. Pep has a concept and gets the pieces to fit that therefore
        results will follow.
        Wenger is winging it for luck of better word.

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          if wenger spend 500m in a window and cant do what Pep does then wenger deserve to be sacked

          1. Rkw says:

            Jesus perhaps you didn’t notice but We are contending with burnley for 6th place … Stop looking for excuses and explain that coz u can’t make a financial case for it … It’s managerial incompetence period and yes that obviously includes the owner but the greedy yank ain’t going anywhere so focus on what is doable … A new manager who on every footballing count has lost the plot and even the crap players he has brought in … The rest at the moment is just froth

          2. Rob says:

            So when Chelsea blew up under Mourhinho…AFTER spending a fortune, 7 months after winning the PL AND by then were 16th in the PL, that was understandable?

            For pretty much every fu Wenger has ever made its almost certain you’ll find a world leading manager has done the same. Wasted players (you only need to look at Mourhinho again, or perhaps Ferguson). For spending and not delivering results look (other comments) and how long and how much it’s taken the big six (Liverpool, Spuds…still waiting far longer than we ever have or will) to actually win something. Anything.

            For consistency in the PL, since it’s creation, there is no one, no team, that eclipses AFC. Likewise the CL, no team that has consistently qualified as we have.

            So easy to bs about how bad we are. This is not a Wenger defence, just a statement of fact in the face of bs used to substantiate every ridiculous claim about Wenger.

          3. Midkemma says:

            Reason why we are 6th is down to more factors than “Wenger”.

            Wenger has a role to play in this, his tactics and team motivation has been lacking, that has cost us. Along with def coaching. It has cost us.

            Having Gazidis as the CEO for near a decade and only now hiring people to take AFC forward has been an issue.
            Gazidis penny pinching has been an issue, fans been blaming Wenger for that but we seen the same pattern when it was Gazidis, Sven and Huss in Dortmund. No Wenger. Pattern continues. Pattern happened in Gazidis 1st full season with Arsenal… People will still blame Wenger though.

            Contracts have been an issue, is that Wengers fault? I doubt it, AFC has shown the same pattern in letting contracts run low and run out when looking at sponsorships, something Gazidis is involved with but Wenger isn’t.

            We all know it was David Dein who done contracts after Cole released his story about the offer Dein gave him while driving and it was an insulting low amount.

            We all read about Huss Fumey being taken from Sky team to deal with player contracts, we are witnessing Gazidis hire people to cover his failings… Yet people mindlessly blame Wenger.

            I do believe that Wenger can still spot good talent but AFC have not backed the manager fully since AFC got sold to Silent Stan, There has been a power struggle between the manager and CEO. Up until recently the CEO has been failing more than the manager and it has been infuriating to see so many people focus on Wenger and ignoring the bigger issue. A weak CEO who in the end proved how weak he is when he couldn’t stop Wenger from getting a new deal after dropping out the top 4 and hitting profits.

      3. Gunner22 says:

        True, pep inherited pelegrinis team and added costly players to those going out, I say pep is a genius as he goes to well set clubs having money.Tell him next to back to Spain say with Deportivo lets watch his majic, Arsene built this club, Ivan & Co are taking it………

        1. Rashid80 says:

          I cant believe how ignorant some of you are.. Arsene built the club? Ffs the club existed and won trophies way before wenger stepped foot in North London..

          1. Gunner22 says:

            How many

          2. I turned the whole world down to be here with you says:

            Check history. The team Wenger inherited had been winning trophies regularly under Graham. It was two bad seasons prior to Wenger joining (Graham being sacked and Rioch) but the team was essentially ready to win.

            Let’s not rewrite history. Arsenal were still winning before Wenger came along.

          3. Gunnerforlife says:

            This is Arsenal Football Club not Arsene FC. Arsenal are already great before Arsene came.

          4. Gunnerforlife says:

            How dare you ask how many trophies Arsenal have won before Wenger. Do you really support Arsenal Football Club ?

          5. Rob says:

            C’mon. AFC were grinding out 1-0’s, playing ‘boring boring’ football and yes we had a couple of great teams and great days, but nothing like the style or panache that Wenger brought in. Been a fan for 40 years and there is no doubt Wengers teams, when they rock, have been the best.

        2. Dennis Moriarty says:

          Arsene built this club!!! Are you a total imbecile? There was a club and managers long before Wenger came here. What about Neil, Mee, Graham, Howe? What a pathetic thing to say. I hope when Wenger goes he takes fans like you with him to his next unfortunate club.

          1. Admin says:

            Please don’t call people names. I don’t accept personal abuse….

  4. bob cratchet says:

    No investment!! Are you mad? The purchase cost of the current squad exceeds £525million….Our wage bill is almost double that of Spurs…..

  5. John0711 says:

    What utter AKB BS

    Meanwhile In the real world the travel plans for the game v AC Milan have been cancelled due to lack of interest

    1. Midkemma says:

      AKB, AOB…

      Notice how both sides are obsessed with the manager?

      As bad as each other.

  6. Innit says:

    Can a duck float on water ?
    Quack Quack

  7. Durand says:

    Easy to explain.
    (1) Wenger refused to ship out deadwood to offset costs of new transfers.

    No leaders AT ALL in current squad. Done deliberate by Wenger. Now this is major problem going forward

    (2) How many 2nd, 3rd, 4th, unlimited chances he given to undeserving players? How confident you feel seeing sorry Iwobi starting AGAIN?
    Or Chambers as RB facing pacey attacker?
    Cech in goal?

    None of the above fill anyone with confidence, not like Wenger picked the lineup,….er wait a minute

    (3) Fans work very very hard to earn money. Players paid millions, no fight, no bottle.

    Fans not giving up hard earned money for spoiled players who won’t fight for the fans.

    Author, fans aren’t lemmings.
    You don’t want supporters, you want lemmings just like Wenger does.

    I just want him gone now. He is petulant, narcissistic, uncompromising, and more arrogant than ever.

    No legends rushing to his aid, tells you so much really.

    1. Hayzed says:

      I agree with you completely.

      1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

        So do I. The change in the characteristics of the Arsenal players selected by Wenger over the last 10 years has been dramatic. A team that used to be feared because they could outplay teams with skill and physicality. If the opposition wanted to get down and play dirty, Arsenal could match them. The phsically strong, self motivated players with leaders all over the park have been lost. Wenger does not want strong characters in the dressing room.
        If Wenger was a strong person with the credit he had accumulated over his successful years, he would have gone to the board with an ultimatum requesting greater support and resources. He did not because where else would he earn the money with the security of tenure he has had at Arsenal regardless of results. Weak manager, weak players.
        The decline has been evident over the last 12 years; however the final straw for me was the signing of no outfield players, when Cech was signed in 2015.

  8. Innit says:

    Is it April 1st already?
    I can’t believe im answering this question
    Seriously. I thought it’s a fact that Wenger has put us in this position
    He is the one that has filled our squad with very average players
    He is the one who has still yet to get a Top quality defensive midfielder like Kante, Matic, Wanyama, Fernandino etc.
    He is the one who has let our defense become weak
    He is the one who signed Xhaka for £35 mil
    He is the one who can’t motivate our players
    He is the one who messed up Lemar transfer who was ready and willing to come here and will now go to Liverpool
    He is the one who didn’t get Mahrez who was pleading to come here
    He is the one who plays players in the wrong positions

    I don’t blame the players for giving up with management like this. Alexis, Theo, Oxlade, Giroud all left for pastures new

    So the answer is No
    Wenger is not the problem
    Hes great LOL LMFAO ROTFL ?????

  9. Paul says:

    If Kronke is holding back the funds. It probably won’t matter which manager comes in. The investment in the team will be the same. Just another yes man on a big salary. That’s probably why wenger has lasted, way past his sell by date.
    Potential quality managers, will want assurances of their budget before considering a move to the Emirates. Without real investment, it’s gonna be more Thursday night football until someone who loves this club with deep pockets, buys out silent Stan. And puts this great club back where it belongs. #1

  10. mOxla says:

    Time has shown that the real deadwood in Arsenal is nobody except Winger. Until he leaves, Arsenal will remain in deep shit.

  11. Mobella says:

    People need to stop all this lack of leadership nonsense. This is football and not politics. If the coach structure his team very with every players have a role and their responsibilities their won’t any need for captain except for change of flags.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Football has a lot of politics in it, or do you think a fairy comes along and does all the negotiations etc for new faces?

      You can not separate the two.

      Lose def of politics is the debate between parties who have power, happens all the time with transfers and contract negotiations.

      Leadership doesn’t always mean politics, a leader leads.. not so much debates. May lead through communication but less of a debate and more of order style.

  12. ThirdManJW says:

    Excuses, excuses, excuses! Wenger is, and has been, very poor at his job, for a very long time. Why cannot people just accept that?

    1. John Wick says:

      Delusions mate Wenger has rubbed off on them! The man can do no wrong in the eyes of those people it’s everybody else’s fault

    2. Midkemma says:

      He has, can you admit that the CEO has also been very weak and contributed towards AFC being in their current situation?

      I would love to see AOB and AKB fade away, become gooners again.

      One way for that to happen is to recognise that no individual is responsible for all of our issues.

  13. chinedu says:

    Wise dissection. the very reason that made David Dien leave arsenal is exactly what is playing out now. The problem of arsenal is purely managerial policy. Any time the Arsenal Board and Management will shift emphasis from financial stability and profitability to success and competitiveness from that time will the fortune of arsenal will ma
    ke a 360 degree turn around. No coach or football manager will work under the current policy situation and manager can thrive under it except Wenger mind you.

  14. Phil says:

    The Writers criticism of supporters waving WENGER OUT BANNERS is wrong.Supporters have every right to show their contempt of this man who has now made himself the point of ridicule and a laughing stock within the football world.Im talking opposition supporters,tv and press as well as the ever increasing majority of the Arsenal Fanbase.Who ever wrote this article has misjudged the mood of the support and is badly mistaken if he feels his comments will carry any credibility.How many WENGER IN banners are held up each match?The only chants for Wenger to stay are from our opponents fans.Of course they want him to stay.Why wouldn’t they?

  15. Yossarian says:

    “3. A lack of true Arsenal supporters – how can anyone carry a banner saying Wenger out to a match involving our club. Where’s the support in that? Pathetic.”

    Are you having a laugh mate?

    If Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Athletico Madrid, Juventus, Inter Milan, PSG, Bayern Munich, Porto, Benfica, Ajax, PSV, or any other club that is the one of richest in their respective leagues had a manager whose reign went the way Arsene Wenger’s has gone, they’d be flying banners clamouring for that manager to leave as well.

    Are you saying the only way to be a “True supporter” is to want your team to lose more and more, while dropping further down the table, winning fewer and fewer trophies, for the sake of keeping an outdated manager that can no longer take the club forward?

    I think you’re supporting the wrong club. Have you considered switching to Nottingham Forest or Leeds United? Maybe Preston North End?

    1. Tdg1944 says:

      Agreed – and Nottingham Forest beat us!

  16. Durand says:

    Akb’s are like gangrene in our club. They refuse to admit Wenger is a the problem.

    You amputate limb to save the body. Akb’s rather the body perish than lose the limb. They don’t belive life can be good or better after the loss.

    It’s alnost like some sick cult of personality worship

  17. I turned the whole world down to be here with you says:

    No offcourse it’s not Wenger’s fault. Pep spent all that money but how dare he improve a player while debuchy goes off and plays well

  18. Sue says:

    What a joke complaining about fans waving Wenger out signs!! Comical!!!
    The guy who wrote this is obviously happy with the state we’re in… loss after loss after loss… no champions league… no St Totteringham’s day…i could carry on all night but you get where I’m coming from!
    I want our club managed properly…. I want us to compete for everything…. I just want my Arsenal back..

  19. AJ GUN says:

    “3. A lack of true Arsenal supporters – how can anyone carry a banner saying Wenger out to a match involving our club. Where’s the support in that? Pathetic.”………….NO WONDER OUR CLUB IS AND HAS BEEN IN SHAMBLES!!!!!!!!!DAMN

  20. Ray says:

    He’s a troll! Calm down. Only a complete muppet would say such silly things!!

  21. Ronny says:

    It is Wenger years of arrogance and stubbornness had unfortunately caught up with him.
    I felt a bit sorry for him today to read that villagers where he lives worry about him being in his own and looking I’ll a lot of the time.
    Basically he’s become a scared old man who knows of nothing but football am to the extent it cost him his marriage.

    Anyway ot
    Emery to be sacked and and gazidis to present Wenger with a business class ticket to Paris?

  22. DANDY GUNNER says:

    This is the Arsenal Board all over looking for the Cheap option if Wenger goes. Mikel Arteta is not the man to lead Arsenal into the future. Arsenal need a real leader Diego Simeone is that man.

  23. GUNNER OZ says:

    It’s not how much he spends being the issue rather than who he spends the money on. We do not seem to have a plan for recruitment, we just seem to wait for those players who are unwanted by there clubs at discounted prices. We do not address positional short falls. We have no width in our side and have a plethora of playmakers. With a cast of thousands wanting to pass a ball with zero players wanting to run into space. Not to mention our short falls in defence.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      which is why Raul and Mislintat were hired…

      Mislintat will provide the scouting and recommendation of players…managers listen to scouts recommendations before signing….

      Raul will secure players transfer and contracts which is what Dein used to do

      1. GUNNER OZ says:

        We can have the best scouts in the world, however if the boss says he doesn’t want true DM’s or wingers in his system. Than it’s pointless for the scouts to be looking in that direction. We play with overlapping fullbacks, without defensive cover in the midfield than we are often exposed if we loose the ball high on the pitch and fullbacks are out of position. Which is what’s been happening. The boss sets the system, scouts find the best players to fit that system. Unfortunately we don’t have the quality of players to suit that system, our fullbacks do not have the quality going forward and are often out of position defensively (Monreal the exception) and our Mids do not track back when fullbacks are in advanced positions. So while I applaud the arrival of scouts, directors of football etc…. Our system is broke with the players we have on the books, with the buck solely resting on the bosses shoulder.

  24. Ronny says:

    Ironic advert at the bottom of this page!

  25. Ronny says:

    Can’t argue with #1
    2….post sanchez?? I thought all the players wanted him gone and his ‘positive overly demanding expectations’ that set too good an example for the rest of of the team. We should have seen a good reaction post sanchez and we did for 1 game? Everton?
    3……you don’t have the right to call banner holders pathetic, passionate frustrated and heart broken maybe,(thinking of the radio 5 live caller who was a tearful very disturbed and upset arsenal fan).
    These people feel powerless and know this is the only place where tv cameras will see and hear them.
    I put it to any akbs that think this pathetic that 1 there deluded if they can’t see the current were in and 2 they likely have no kahoonahs like that scrote Deeney said about our players.

  26. John Wick says:

    Don’t bring the Wenger out banners just don’t bother coming at all until le fraud has been sacked empty stadium speaks louder than banners we can’t have le fraud managing our team next year no how no way let PSG take him they’re well suited they can’t get past the last 16 in the Champions league and neither can Wenger!

  27. O'Blck says:

    Dear Terry,

    1. Under-investment in players – How about Leicester City? How much did they spend when the won the Premier League compare to Arsenal? You know, it’s not always about being able to spend more money than your competitors.

    2. A complete loss of form and confidence – due to the lack of leadership and tactics performed by the manager.

    3. A lack of true Arsenal supporters – utter AKB BS.


    1. John Ibrahim says:

      that is why wenger and all other 19 managers that failed to win the league should be sacked

      1. Splendid says:

        Non of the managers of the current premier league clubs has kept his job for 13 years without winning the league – except Wenger!

      2. O'blck says:

        Nope. Just wenger. Don’t care about others team manager.

  28. wenger says:

    People are shallow, we think Wenger is the problem, of course he is, but the root of the problem is the real boss, Stan. Who renewed his contract despite strong criticism against it? Man city project started in 2008, it took them almost 10 years with heavy investment on and off the pitch. They hried the best coach, mentors, lawyers, marketing, PRs and professional possible.

    Arsenal were doing everyting right, but were just slower in terms of investment. Arsenal was a ticking bomb. Go sign Ancelotti, Pep or Ferguson, nothing will change.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      do agree..nothing will change…any managers if not financially suppor by the board will never improve the club…

      he will only have to rely on internal players

      trial and error to succeed

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I believe Ancelotti would get us CL football at best, I don’t think he can rival Pep nor Mourinho with our finances. He had Chelsea when Chelsea were in their pomp. He had Bayern only good team in the league it seems. R Madrid again a pattern here. I don’t think he can take a sixth placed team and rival these clubs. Pep would not give Arsenal a second’s thought, he has a pattern too, if things ever become difficult for him that is when he takes downward steps. Fergie, no point even mentioning, would be very interesting though.

        When we got CL place after CL place some fans talked like that was the worse thing that can happen, not even winning cups could change their mind. It can always get worse, being a part of the living you should know by now that things can always get worse. Fans share some of the blame for what we have become, it’s very toxic and it’s constant even before the sixth place finish. They/we have legit cause/reason but we also share some blame for seeing the wort Arsenal side since the early eighties. Maybe Wenger served this mess up on purpose so to lower some expectations and try and get a large part of fans not put their nose up at an FA cup and a second place finish,, doubtful, but I don’t think many seen this downward spiral coming was repetitiveness that was eating away at them.

      2. Cliff says:

        My friend, if i was appointed arsenals head coach today with the current squad i will still put out there a well organized team that can compete against any opponent.This Wenger character is out dated with absolutely no clue on how to field a first eleven with the players he has.#Wenger out..

  29. Break-on-through says:

    Pep is very bad for the English game because No1 he’s some! coach!, and he knows how to not let things get stale, I take everything back that I said about him last season even though I believe he needs a certain spend to do what he does as well as he does it. No2, the money city are playing with is unreal, it dwarfs R Madrid who were the only team on the planet who got who they want when they wanted them (except our Patrick the Gunner Vieira of course). I don’t think even Mourinho can stop Pep if he spends the same, Mourinho’s teams are old fashioned dogged champions, they win the league by not being beaten easily but pick up away draws from time which would usually be considered clever or hard earned result. This city, an away draw is good for the home team, even if it’s Arsenal, you cannot compete with that. Depending on how much money Liv give Klopp, he might be able to build something similar such is the attacking threat over there, but he needs more numbers like Pep has for his bench. Also if Tott build their stadium and get good funds quickly they might have an outside chance, that’s if they can keep their best players too. But still, I think the best chance they will get is when city get so used to winning that they go out expecting just to be there to be enough to win, that happens no matter how successful a team you have. In England Manu under Fergie was the closest I’ve seen any-one team being consistently good at what they do season after season, but performances still drop from time all the same. As for Arsenal, we are galaxies away from ever seeing the hat again.

  30. AndersS says:

    How can you claim to be an Arsenal fan if you defend Wenger??
    I thought it would be clear to even the most imbecile, that AW is killing Arsenal FC.
    Only a Spurs fan would want him to stay.

  31. Konstantin Mitov says:

    I’m sorry but Bournemouth, Watford, Swansea and Brighton do not match anywhere near Arsenals spending power, yet we keep losing to teams like that. Wengers incompetence in match management deserve him the sack alone!

  32. Grandad says:

    Managerial incompetence is the reason for the decline of Arsenal. We have glaring weaknesses on the pitch in Goal, at Centre Back and DM.Until these major deficiencies are resolved the team will continue to leak goals to even minor teams and i mean no disrespect to Brighton who are doing well under the guidance of a very fine Manager.Despite our huge defensive issues Wenger decided to buy 2 attacking players in Mik and Auba .Complete and utter incompetence no wonder the TV pundits are having a field day..

    1. Midkemma says:

      The manager didn’t decide to sign Auba and Mkhi, that was our new head of recruitment, Sven.
      The manager actually said he wanted def signings but the CEO was trying to penny pinch on the Auba deal with a low bid and took the whole window to sign him.

  33. Tim says:

    It doesn’t help that the players are deliberately playing crap because they’re pissed off with Wenger.

  34. King says:

    Old man just can’t step down. Too arrogant and selfish. Be a man. If u can’t get correct key to open d door, doesn’t mean others can’t do it too. Step a side n let someone else try. Basic knowledge. If a management encourage n keep such a person, then the entire management leaving with same mentality. Wenger have build a legacy here n he is a legend. Management must understand more than enough time given to restore back arsenal squad to win epl. Damage is done, let Wenger manage till end of season n send him with respect. This must b done. No more Wenger next season.


    Wenger is the problem… last Season he had Lucas Perez and Joel Campbell at the club and when they played they performed but Wenger kept playing Walcott, Giroud, Welbeck, Iwobi….etc. We had a decent CDM with Coquelin but Wenger could not find a formation to fit him but kept playing worthless Xhaka. We could have played something like this…

    1. ALBERTOGUNNER says:

      or even something like this

  36. Midkemma says:

    The manager has a lot to answer for.
    So does the CEO and players…

    I didn’t like this article, fans have the right to protest and as much as it infuriates me to see knee jerk reactions against the manager, it also bugs me to see mindless support for the manager.

    Why do fans have difficulty with debating issues?

    Has to be the managers fault like everything is or can’t be his fault as nothing is…

    One end to the other…


    Are we not all gooners?

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