Can Wenger still get the Arsenal players motivated? Like Simeone?

How motivated will the Arsenal players be to play Barcelona tonight?‏ by KM

Hello fine ladies and gentleman! How excited are you to watch the all mighty Arsenal face Barcelona tonight? I’ll watch the game with a bunch of friends and I’m fearful of the scoreline. Arsene said we will be going gung ho on the attack.

“I am convinced the players have decided to give a strong response. We have to deliver something special. I am convinced it would be a big boost for us to have a great game tomorrow”. This is a dry statement for me. Why didn’t the players decide to put a strong game against Watford? Isn’t that the manager’s job?

“I have no doubts about my huge motivation. I built this club with hard work, without any external resources and, if you compare where we are today to when I arrived, we have moved forward and without any money from anybody, just the money we produced from the work.”

Is this the champions league or a business meeting? He “built” the club? I thought he was an employee at it? Maybe he named the club after himself, after all he’s been here so long, some people don’t know Arsenal existed before Wenger! The younger generation coming up know Arsenal as the failure club, but who cares about them right?

Oh right, Barcelona! Enough praise has been heaped on them, so I’ll jump over to the other team. Imagine you are an Arsenal player right now. You’re probably low on confidence, overplayed, out of form, generally not that good either and you have to play Barcelona from 2:0 down at home.

Worse you have a manager who doesn’t have a clue how to beat Watford, let alone the champions of Europe. I’d just be hoping the game is over sooner rather than later, so that we can live with another humiliation, which at Arsenal is treated like bad luck and special circumstances.

It’s never the reality though. I can safely bet a ton of money tonight that we’d not progress, because the expression on the faces of the players says it all. I watched Atletico Madrid and PSV yesterday and I saw two very disciplined teams. Disciplined over 180 minutes + extra time.

The managers had a real tactical game, where either team wanted to win, but never went too far over and never left itself exposed. If anybody wanted to score a goal, they needed to work hard. Tackles were flying, bodies were on the line, but nobody let their guard down and it went to penalties.

Diego Simeone was waving all the time, screaming, shouting, taunting the fans to show their voice and eventually it worked. It got to the PSV player and he missed the seventh spot kick. The kind of desire that man showed was electric! It made me feel fired up watching on the TV. I’ve not seen the Emirates feel like that ever.

I have not seen the Arsenal players put out such desire since the first 20 minutes of that 3:0 win over United. And I don’t expect to see it tonight. In fact I expect us to be hammered, just like Bayern did to us in the group stages. Not that it really matters, for Arsene it’ll be just another special circumstance. “We tried to attack and got punished” or something like that.

He’s the master of excuses and he’ll have another, then he’ll say he doesn’t want to discuss his future because in reality there’s nothing to discuss. He ain’t leaving, because no other manager can spot a better striker than Giroud and because nobody can do so little with 8.5 m salary a year.

We’re no longer moving forward. We haven’t moved forward for at least 5 years! This is the truth and I’ve accepted it as it is. When will Arsene accept it?


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  1. no he cant he never has.
    pat rice would throttle players at times an he would intervene saying ‘dont do that, dont shout at him’
    he shows them a respect, he runs the club that way- everyone is equal.
    admirable but in competitive sport does it work?

    back when we were successful, thierry patrick ian tony would gee up the team . they went – there was no-one- still is no-one

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    1. Dude you’ve already won my heart over. Wish I was there in London to lead charge for this ousting! I would’ve showed some chickens how it’s done!

        1. I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but we have a game tonight. Wenger isn’t even going to have his contract discussed until the end of the season, so instead of stirring up trouble now while we still have ten games to go, can we start supporting the team?

          1. I’m behind the team @admin all the way!

            Couldn’t be more against Stan and Co though and AFC is for more important than one small spanking at the hands of BFC.

            There is no dichotomy for me as the club (the badge, colour and heritage) is more important than any individual who may be present be part of it.

            Enjoy! The game..

            1. Okay, so no more WengerOut posts in every thread please until the end of the season. Lets get back to talking about football…..

              1. Was my post removed @admin ?

                I am only offering a banner design with kroenke as colonel saunders for free to protest against the board!?

  3. I am sure the players will be motivated, but the problem is that they never have any direction from their manager. For years now, Arsenal as team just look lost on the pitch, there never seems to be any definitive tactics in place. Top players usually bail us out of trouble, but when they’re injured or out of form (Sanchez), no one steps up, because the majority of the squad are average/poor footballers. The reason Arsenal struggle so much, even against rubbish teams, is because we’re so predictable, we all know the team line-up, formation, tactics and even substitutions (barring injuries) long before game day.

    Wenger just cannot motivate any more, and I do wonder if he ever really did. Arsenal were at their best with real leaders on the pitch Petit, Vieira, Henry, Adams, Lehmann, etc, maybe that’s where the real determination, and will to win came from.

  4. Has he ever been a motivational manager? All i can remember see from Wenger is the academic economical manager who sits on his ass throughout 95% of the match, entertaining himself with some sick air-guitar skills during the winter.

  5. It’s in this kind of nights that I miss Podolski 🙁
    I’ve probably never seen a more accurate player when through on goal.
    He has his flaws, yes, but boy does he know how to hit ’em shots!

    1. Deluded wenger once said “He doesn’t hit it in the stands” …….. The gaffer went on to sell him without replacement (to date, the No 9 shirt’s vacant)

  6. Okay Okay! Enough’s enough AOT!
    I said earlier that you have already copied it to over ten threads. Only ONE a day from now on….

  7. As long Arsenal 3-0 it will be good for the team but a thumping can’t be handled by the players with fragile minds like Giroud. A decent 0-0 would go a long way and dignity comes with it. But Barca knew what Wenger is all about in the first leg, One of the reasons why Fabregas and Henry were not favoured by Guardiola was that Wenger never kept his players under tactical setup which is where Arsenal will crumble.

  8. OT: Elneny reminds me of a mix of Fellaini and Kim Kardashian. Safety first passes, no risk taking or adventurous passes. No long balls. No dribbing or beating defenders with pace. Always being safe first. Though Fellaini a much better header of the ball.

  9. One thing for sure, Wenger will start Giroud even though we all know that most of the 90 min will be spent in front of Arsenal’s box and thus we need players with pace, who are quick in transition.

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