West Brom to do Arsenal a favour against Man City or stay on holiday?

Because of the way things have gone in the English Premier League this week, the chances of Arsenal getting another top four finish under Arsene Wenger are looking slimmer than ever, despite the fact the the players put on a real show to power past the Potters and secure a rare away win at Stoke.

We still have six points to play for while Liverpool only have three, but because they scored four goals yesterday it does not look like a draw in their last game would be enough and while it is feasible that Boro could take a point it is hard to see them winning at Anfield at the weekend.

So unless we go goal crazy while winning the last two games against Sunderland and Everton, I see Man City as being the team to catch. They also have two games to play, at home to West Brom tomorrow and away to Watford on the final day.

It would be good for the Gunners to go into that final day either level with City or just a point behind and that could happen if West Brom do us a favour at the Etihad. Looking at the recent form of the Baggies that does not look good, but they nearly kept Chelsea out in the last game and I am sure that Tony Pulis will not want them to end the season with a string of losses.

Could they do Arsenal a big favour tomorrow and keep the top four fight going?



  1. Noel says:

    We don’t deserve top 4. Hope we don’t finish in top 4. Season after season we do the same only to be fooled. This time I don’t want to be fooled.

    1. Dublin Gunner!!! says:

      Go support Spurs!!! What do you mean you hope we dont get 4th. Cant believe you think your a gunner

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I hope we win our remaining PL matches and the FA Cup final

    Whatever is in our destiny is not in our hands thanks to Wenger

  3. Twig says:

    Forget it

  4. Lugdush says:

    Wenger has been on holydays last 10 years, working with any presure, doing what he want to in the club and taking the big fat paychek every month (too much more than he deserves, like other players on the team, in the expenses of other players who earns a half of their value)…now when arsenal depends on others he -the genous one- complains about how do the smaller teams play…what a joke of a manager…and the greedy old men will continue here next season…that is embarasing to all of us arsenal fans…mostly to british fans, who are paying the most expensive tickets to watch our team being humilated…arsenal is playing bad, dont make it wrong because of the last match guys…arsenal without alexis is not better than west ham or the “in holydays teams” using “professor” wenger words…

  5. GrahamB says:

    Not sure of your thinking Bob but if Pool draw with Boro and we win both our games we end up a point better than them or have I got my maths wrong?

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      No-no, you’re right mate, Don’t worry about Bob, he must have found his Rizla’s ?

  6. Ozzy AFC says:

    why would ANY other team help us get into the champions league??? they dont owe us anything anymore than we owe them? the fact that Wenger is ranting about other teams not helping us shows that he is desperate and knows he has messed up.
    Sorry day when such a legend as Arsene Wenger stoops so low as to expect help from other clubs.
    Time to have a change at the top and re assess what we really want to achieve as a football club

  7. chris okah says:

    Arsenal will smile next season if we qualify for a champions league sloth. Wenger has learnt his lesson

  8. chris okah says:

    Arsenal is on top.

  9. Fatboy Gooney says:

    The last time that West Brom beat Man City was back in 2010.
    Yeah,the pressure is on City, anything less than a win tonight will leave them in the scrap on the final day for champions league football next season.
    I’m hoping that WBA Nick a point from them, they’re in 8th position at the moment and they are playing for a top ten finish,which would be respectable for them.
    Of course, we need to smash Sunderland tonight, I hope that Wenger doesn’t rest too many players for this game but according Live score.com’s predicted line up, Wenger won’t be starting with Kos,Ox and Sanchez for tonight’s game.

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