Can Wilshere be Arsenal’s Ozil cover for EPL start?

We have been hearing this week from the Arsenal and Wales international star Aaron Ramsey on why he might not be ready to play for Arsenal at the start of the Premier League season. The reason for this is that Arsene Wenger would normally give his international players a month of before coming back.

Arsenal begin the EPL campaign against Liverpool on August 14th so the Welshman would have only had a week or two of training and he thinks that might not be enough. I am not so sure as how much fitness will he lose in a month? Plus he did have a break of over a month towards the end of last season with injury so perhaps Wenger might cut his summer break by a week or so.

However I do not think the Arsenal boss could do this with Mesut Ozil as the German was a constant throughout last season and so he will almost certainly miss the opening game, leaving us with a problem in that number 10 position. We do have one or two options such as Alex Iwobi or even Ramsey himself but my first thought is Jack Wilshere.

The England international hardly played last season and did not feature all that much at Euro 2016 and he is doing everything he can to be fully fit and ready to make an impact next season. Pre-season will tell us a lot about his form, of course, and Ozil will no doubt be straight back as soon as he is ready but can young Jack help the Gunners get off to a good start in the German’s place?



  1. I think Wilshere would be better as Cazorla cover unless he knows how to share responsibility for defensive duties with Ramsey

    1. So who is fit for opening day? Considering Ozil, Ramsey, Sanchez, Giroud, Koscielny will all be on extended rest period. And considering only current Arsenal players.

      Bellerin – Mertesacker – Gabriel – Monreal
      Xhaka – Coquelin
      Campbell – Cazorla – Iwobi

      Subs: Ospina, Chambers, Gibbs, Elneny, Wilshere, Oxlade, Gnabry

      1. You’re right and based on what I’m seeing we have a very weak front line, Wenger seriously needs to add a winger and a striker

  2. For me, it has to be Cazorla all the way!!!!!!

    I miss him seeing him in the hole with his unpredictability and sexy style of play, Wilshere should be behind him..imo…

    Wilshere still has a LOT to learn..

  3. im geting rather frustrated at constant reports of Sanchez leaving, he has not pored cold water over the roomers so I’m presuming it’s true, dose anyone have solid info pls share

    1. @ Tas…

      Juventus are really stupid with that kinda derisory offer for a player like Sanchez…especially if they eventually sell PP for 100m????that’s penny pinching beyond even Wenger..

      Having said that, if they really want Sanchez,70m just to start negotiation, anything below that, F**K off Juve!!!

      1. Juventus are just being sour, isn’t that were we picked up the PLs deadliest ever striker ..for peanuts. A serious note though, wtf are they thinking by offering 25m pound. He’s better now than when we bought him, the copa king. At least Wenger is just as fair when pricing his own players to sell. You cant penny pinch on the buying, but then hold teams to ransom when selling. Greedy buggers.

  4. OT:

    Chelsea have launched a 31.5m for Kalidou Koulibally and are even trying to get Marc Overmars as their Sporting director or something…I will say Chelsea are gonna be very strong next season and they are not in the UCL so they may cruise to the title again…

    We have to be ruthless NOW!

  5. He’s not ideal, but if enough injuries occur, then I see no reason against using him there. Ramsey and Cazorla would be ahead of him in my mind, but Arsene probably would go with Jack in the hole, I think he did at one time.

    I’m starting to get to the stage of being sick with all the rumours. Earlier I was eating them up, I thought we’d get a few more early ones in. Just tired of trying to decide which ones hold more truth, which ones are just bs, etc etc. After Gabigol signed a new deal, Janssen not even our radar and worse still, us likely pining over a spud player by the looks of it. Rodriguez not a target, and now the other fullback signing with Monaco. I’m just a bit sick of them. I don’t mind talking about the striker though, I feel this signing will have to happen, would love to know who we are really keen on. I reckon Lacazette, but that’s only because the one we’d love, we could never get. But I’m preparing myself to all of a sudden see this one fall by the wayside.

  6. I say give the role to Santi and play El-neny and Granit in the double pivot. That’s a hard-enough Midfield to ‘fight’ against Liverpool.

    And more importantly they’re all rested. Can’t think of any Liverpool midfielders who’d for themselves a hectic summer.

  7. Don’t get me wrong, I think Jack is a very good player when fit, can he fill in for Ozil, the way he currently plays, no. Ozil is all about moving the ball quickly, whereas Wilshere holds the ball too long and tries to take on too many players.

    Slightly off topic, was I the only one you got really fed up with Wilsheres’ constant pointing when he played during Euro 2016, it drove me up the bleeding wall, it looked like he was directing traffic, not playing football.

  8. I think that position behind the striker is actually the best spot for wilshere, however, Cazorla is actually my first choice player in that role (even before ozil) and i am glad someone said this Campbell could also play that role and could become a very interested player there, there is also an Iwobi. Those 3 players are ahead of Wilshere for me.

    But we are not Wenger who plays the english core whether they are fit or good enough for the role

  9. Jacks a busted flush…I wouldn’t trust him anywhere on the pitch, to be honest…At least not playing for AFC.

  10. yes, he will be our english ozil and will tear up the epl along with the iranian messi, ghanian pogba and japanese ronaldo that wenger is going to buy this season

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