Can Wilshere/Ramsey combo solve Arsenal’s midfield problems?

Ask an Arsenal fan what they think has been one of the biggest problems with the team in recent years and a large number will point straight to the lack of a proper defensive midfielder. But it seems clear that Arsene Wenger does not want a player that will just break up play.

The Fre4nchman has experimented with a certain amount of success by converting Mikel Arteta into a deep lying playmaker, operating a bit like Xabi Alonso and using his passing ability to control the game rather than energy and tackling. But the Spaniard is getting older and slower and is often exposed in the bigger games when he is put under serious pressure.

Wenger has also used the double pivot at times, with Flamini alongside our captain and I wonder if this could be the template that Arsenal use in the future, but with Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere as the deeper lying central midfielders.

There are potential benefits to this system. Both players are young and full of talent and energy and they would grow into the role. Also both have the ability to get forward and link up with the attackers, so as long as the other one stayed back it would be very hard to pick them up. Mark one and the other bursts forward.

Wilshere would need to be a lot more disciplined than he has been in recent years but his form is really coming back now and he has started playing that role for England, with two Man of the Match performances suggesting that he is getting pretty good at it too.

What do you think of the Wilshere/Ramsey combo for Arsenal?

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    1. Dramatic much ?
      Even if we played rambo & jack in d middle we’ll not finish lower than fourth !!!

  1. Theo Walcott has returned to first-team training after 10 months out.
    Can’t wait to see him and Alexis on either flanks.

    1. Can’t wait to see Theo period.

      Guy is hugely underrated IMO, he offers world class output in terms of goals/assists. Hope he finds his level ASAP.

      Welcome back Theo!

  2. Starts the article with a stupid title, ends it with a stupid question..

    Do you even know what our midfield problem is?

      1. it’s from the Bayern Munich saying “Mia san Mia” which means we are who we are.

        So Ozil said it, he basically meant “we are Arsenal.” In other words, “f*ck the media. I’m staying at Arsenal.”

  3. i kinda have this feeling cazorla will have a good run of games and make everyone realize ozil was just a luxury signing and not our genuine need.

    1. People just want to dismiss Cazorla because he did not come from Madrid or cost £42 million and on £150,000 a week…

      The guy was flying in his first season with something like 15 goals and 15 assists, but he lost his form last season and everyone keeps saying how he had a very bad mediocre season.. But when you compare his stats to Ozil’s, you will find that Cazorla was only 1 assists behind, Ozil got 8 assists while Cazorla who was a bench player got 7 assists and more goals..

      In the summer 90% of Arsenal fans were calling for him to be shipped out even though he contributed more to the team than some other player..

      He was crucial in us winning the FA CUP and CHARITY SHIELD.. But people will try their best to dismiss all his contributions..


      1. Not sure I saw too many dismiss Cazorla outright.

        There were constant murmurs about Atletico wanting him, and for me I would have cashed in and replaced him with Fabregas of that was feasable. What can’t be disputed however is his performance level (numbers aside), which has certainly dropped since Ozil came. It’s almost as if he has an inferiority complex and accepts Ozil as better.

        Now that’s just what I see/feel from the stands. But he hasn’t been the same player HE was his first year irrespective of how he compares to anyone else.

  4. To answer the title of the article….NO

    Ramsey/Jack partnership needs an anchor because neither are able to play the DM role.

    Put a luiz Gustavo or schneiderlin to sit and Jack/Rambo can be an effective central unit, but again where does Ozil feature? Nice options to have, but it all comes undone without the defensive foundation.

    I see people talking a lot about Fabregas given Ozil stories in the press…..can that just stop? Fabregas would have improved our AM role a little more than Ozil currently, fair enough. But a bigger improvement would have come in the form of a top drawer DM. So bury the Fabregas story. It’s been done.

    1. Luiz gustavo would be a great signing he is very versatile
      First choice dm
      Third choice Lb
      Fourth choice cb

  5. Does Wenger have a problem with getting a proper DM? Wilshere has improved a lot this season which is good for us. but he isn’t d answer still. We need a Beastly DM and a more faster and Agile CB come January If we are to get anything from dis funny Season. Buzzing to See Walcott Sanchez Wellbeck play together

  6. Wilshere/Ramsey combo… I don’t think so… You cannot have a crippled midfield to start with…!!
    Ozil/Ramsey combo… Guaranty we will have results and more efficiency…

    Wenger is obsessed with Wilshere and some of the football specialists (not in England of course as Wilshere has become something of a “GOD” here, you know, “local boy” thing… Like they (and Wenger) found the new “Zidane” or “Messi”… Not even close, and never will be) are just baffled by his insistence of playing the boy as the main catalyser of the harmony of our play…!!

    He has not worked…
    San Marino is not Chelsea…!!

    1. Ozil can’t do it either, he had a whole season in his so called best position, he did nothing their while Wilshere and Cazorla were made bench substitutes. No one was complaining last season.

      Now give Wilshere/Cazorla a chance too for this season. Ozil had his for the whole of last season and did fck all…

  7. As long as Wilshere, Ramsey and Cazorla can get back to their best we will be going places.. They just need to find their Top form like we know of them..

    These three were influential in us winning the FA CUP and CHARITY SHIELD..

    Add Walcott, Sanchez, The Ox and Welbeck or Giroud then we will be flying…


  8. —————————Welbeck/ New signing————————
    ——Flamini/New signing————————-Ramsey/Ox————–
    ———————————+ 1/2 new CB————————————-

  9. I have been calling for Gustavo or Tiote for years.. But Tiote is past his best now… I don’t know of any good DM’s now.. Maybe schneiderlin or pole…

  10. Anyone know if the ozil wanting to leave arsenal rumors are true? Bayern offering 30m?

    I know 95% of rumors regarding Arsenal are irrelevant and completely false, but I’ve seen this from a few more reliable sites other than goal and metro and whatnot.

    1. If it’s true he can f-ck off know. No one is bigger than AFC and that includes the board and Wenger.

  11. Lets try again 🙂

    —Welbeck/ New signing–
    Flamini/New signing–Ramsey/Ox
    —+ 1/2 new CB–

    Wilshere is showing signs of being able to create chances playing forward more.

    1. @Jogon
      Thats why I said play Wilshere in a more forward roll. He is looking good playing for England and he just needs to adapt in that position.

      1. @ Andrew AFC between Wilshere and Ramsey one has to be on the bench. Its good to see Walcot back. The question is how is he going to fit Ramsey, Wilshere, Walcot, Carzolar and Ox. We shall see who his favorite guy is

  12. It can’t work. If Arsene is hellbent on Arsenal bossing the EPL with the same style that saw Barca dominate the world, then he’s neglecting 3 key elements, 1 of which answers the author’s question. 4 if you acknowledge the fact that we don’t have Messi, but that really goes without saying.

    1 – Iniesta and Xavi were able to do what they did/do because of the strong ballwinning DM behind. First it was Yaya, then it became Busquet (occasionally it was Seydou Keita). They just stayed behind them, and won the ball everytime they lost it, and had the speed to cover the wide area vacated by the outside back getting forward. We need a proper DM to make this work.

    2 – 2 speedy CBs. Puyol was a monster for Barca, since his departure they haven’t been the same. They then partnered him with Pique, Abidal, Masche, etc. All with above average pace at minimum. Allowed them to be competent on the counter. Koscielny needs a speedy partner.

    3 – In their prime, Barca pressed high, quickly, and with a lot of speed went at you. Yes they had the tiki taka, but they had a purpose. We seem to go side to side with no purpose, opting to penetrate last.

    We now have the players to go forward with purpose, but Arsene won’t send out a propely balanced side to do so. We hope that he’ll play Alexis and Theo together, but there’s a chance he’s still goin to play a 10 outwide. Sadly.

    1. Very interesting opinion it is also said in the premiership stats that arsenal are the best pressing team so some of the points you made is very interesting. If you look at our recent signing they are all very good presses of the ball. Laporte would be excellent as he is quick n strong cb/Lb #vermaelen replacement

      Our new dm won’t be khedira in my opinion as wenger stated he sees him as a cm box to box. We need somone like matuidi,schnederlin,mavouba they are all great tacklers and highly energetic.

      Cavani is also a monster of the ball when it comes to work rate so if rumours are true he could be the perfect fit

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