Can Wilshere really become Arsenal’s own Pirlo?

The Arsenal midfielder was used in an unusual role by the England manager Roy Hodgson this week, as the new Arsenal striker Danny Welbeck grabbed the headlines by scoring both goals against Switzerland to give the three lions an excellent away victory in their first Euro 2016 qualifying game.

Wilshere was used at the base of a diamond with Fabian Delph on the left, Jordan Henderson on the right and Raheem Sterling at the point. And although he initially struggled to find the space he needed to really affect the game as the England boss hoped, he did grow into the role and received a fair bit of praise. Even his recent critic Jamie Redknapp agreed that Jack could make that role his own.

The player himself also spoke about it, as reported by the Daily Mail, and although he realises that he has quite a bit to learn in the role, he did enjoy and plans to study some of the best players in that position and see how the likes of the great Andrea Pirlo do so well there.

Jack said, “I spoke with the manager and Gary Neville in the week and they told me they wanted me to play that role and I quite enjoyed it.

“It was my first time ever playing there, so over the next month or so I am going to look at a few videos of the game and of players who play in that position regularly – Pirlo, Mascherano and players like that and I’ll get better.

“I felt it went well tonight but next time we meet up I feel it can only go better.”

If that is the role he is set to play for England, I would not be surprised if Arsene Wenger tries him out there for Arsenal as well, especially as the Frenchman seems to have something against a traditional defensive midfielder. But in the fast paced and frantic Premier League, can Wilshere really become Arsenal’s own Pirlo?

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  1. Why not? If he wants to follow a legendary players footsteps, he will need to be determined and committed.
    Also, Jack will have to stay consistent week in, week out.

    1. Wow really.. how can you be so bloody negative

      You are one of the reasons why there is so much criticism in the media, which has a negative effect on the confidence of Jack. Like it has on every player.
      Of course, I don’t only blame these critics for the bad performances.. I also blame Jack. But he knows he should be doing better and to be honest I trust him. How many times do we have to give the example of Ramsey’s case?

      And if he really used to be your favourite player, show him some f*cking loyalty. He’s probably the most loyal player we have and a Gunner throughout. If you had some sympathy you would understand that he has had big troubles because of his injuries.
      Besides, he gets way too much criticism. He is the one who gets blamed if things don’t work out. I tell you what, he has been really decent so far this year.
      So stop spreading your own sh!t to others and to Jack and show some loyalty, I actually DO believe he can become world class..apparently his huge talent simply vanished because of some struggling years. Talent is something you will always have

      1. So follow my logic, try to
        If you read between the lines, it says: ”Apparently ”his huge talent simply vanished because of some struggling years.
        It’s meant to be a statement according to the opinion of the critics.. one which I believe is bullsht

    2. Galen,
      you sound like a politician with your contradictions… On one point, Jack and/or Giroud should not be picked on for criticism

      On the other hand, you go ahead and pick out Ozil and Ramsey for the same.

      Any way, your watered down point of treating all players fairly is a good one

    3. Went back 2 years on this site. Read this nice little nugget on Ramsey. It was the top comment. Surely you will find this quite similar. You are not trainers, you have no idea what is seen in these players. By half of this boards standards people were saying in the same comment section to sell Ramsey to Norwich for nothing, and he wouldn’t even make the starting 11. Half were screaming about Wilshire needing to come back to save this team……. How things change. Stick by your damn players. Stop slating Jack, support him and when he sees us gooners are rallying behind him, maybe something clicks. The kid has talent, we all know that. He just needs to find his role like Rambo did.


      No one makes as many crucial mistakes as Ramsey. He is a catalyst for disaster! He’s had more time on the pitch than most of the players that went to Greece, so he should be sharper. Well guess what? He wasn’t, but rather his usual unreliable self.

      Ramsey haters don’t only blame Ramsey, we simply can’t stand him playing because he is so frustrating to watch! He actually makes the team worse when he’s on, and at the moment we are struggling. We don’t need to make it worse. He’s a shocking player. Seems like he’s getting worse and worse. Time to say, thanks Ramsey, sorry about your leg, but time to piss off but have a nice day!

    4. Jack has had 1 good game, other than that has been as poor as ramsey. The difference is Ramsey scores goals and creates clear cut chances. Walking around and creating 0 chances, making 0 tackles, having 0 interceptions, scoring 0 goals, making 0 key passes and being an absolute passanger until your subbed doesnt = played well as the wilshere fan boys seem to believe.
      Yet its funny how wilshere fan boys are so quick to criticize ramsey.
      And ozil is a poor LW everyone but arsene can see that play him CAM or bench him. But even when hes playing sh*t he still does something like how he put it on a plate for sanogo against leicster but sanogo dummied it for only reasons he knows.

    5. Ahem, Didnt the genius Wenger himself state this already at the end of last season? Wilsheres future is in the DM role because he has fantastic burst of pace and can get the ball from defense into attack very affective. Old news for me tbh.

      1. No one agreed with it though because hes not Tall or a Destroyer type but technical skill can rule height.

  2. I personally favour tough tackling cdm like martinez or mascherano, but wilshere can become a great deep lying playmaker like pirlo, alonso, gerard in his 30s

  3. The most important thing is that he have the ability to do it, and he is willing to learn, so he can can certainly do it!

  4. To be frank, I don’t know why everyone is just promoting Wilshere even though stats shows that is is neither good in attacking nor in defending. His pass completion in final third, assists, Goal scored, Key passes are pathetic. And his stats on number of successful tackles, interceptions etc shows that he is not good to be defensive midfielder either. In fact he never leaves the middle of the pitch and hence relegate more technical players like ozil and cazrola on the wings.

    Had he been player of any other nationality, he would not be playing in PL. The only excuse given on his dodgy defense given by his supporters are his solo run with the ball in the middle and his passion.

    1. English media are to blame they make their players better than they actually are,Wilshere can’t hold a torch to any of the top young midfielders in Europe e.g. Pogba,Ramsey,Goetze etc yet they big him up as if he’s world class it’s no wonder the England National team is so poor in World Cups,Euros

    2. Wilshere was good if you compare his stats to the 10/11 season he has regressed in every single department except sucessful dribbles (how ever his successfull dribble % has decreased as now he attemps too many dribbles and just runs hopelessly into opposition players) and goals scored has increased.
      The most notable stats he’s regressed in are Key Passes and Tackles.
      Hes not playing as deep as he used to, he doesnt defend like he used to, he tries to hard to make the final pass rather than start attacks like he used to and hes started getting in the box alot more. He just needs to play his natural game and stop trying to be Ramsey.

      1. finally, someone talking sense.

        wilshere has always been a DLP ppl. I find it funny how only 2 years ago, when ramsey was still a lost bird on the field, everyone was saying ” if only wilshere”, reminiscing his glory days, marked by the barca game we played against.
        those days, he played along side Song, who was bombing forward just as much as Ramsey is now.
        and how did wilshere play then? He takes turns with Song to bomb forward. when song’s gone, he plays as the DM, winning the ball back necessary.

        injury has hampered his progress no doubt, but to say he actually got worse i think is an over statement.

        sure the stats tell you he’s gotten worse, but that’s because his role is different from what he was used to, and he is learning a different game.
        as much as wenger lieks to push him forward, i think in the very near future, or best line up in the mid trio is probably
        CAM Ozil
        CM Ramsey Wilshere with Wilshere playing deeper than Ramsey.

        Wilshere doesn’t need to improve his finishing to the level of a striker, what he needs is to stop being frustrated with himself and our team’s inability to create space and keep calm.
        play his game, play his part, and he will be a great asset for us and England.

  5. In ten years time maybe, in the meantime we need to see him drive the team forward and split defences with his pas.sng, in short, exactly what Cesc is doing at Chelski, controlling games, to be fair, Wenger is probably aware of this

    1. Doubt it or he would have brought Cesc back, simply a different class than Jack.
      Jack will never be as good as Cesc, that decision baffled me, he still has 4-5 yrs at the top level in him but Wenger passed on him, typical.

  6. do you guys remember the Chelsea in the capital one cup where Ramsey and wilshere played as the deeper midfielders they were muscled out and bullied and it cost us that match. to be sincere we’r missing a veira song type of players to fight in the middle, he wouldn’t cope. I don’t know why we didn’t get song back on loan.pls arsene get a real defensive midfielder.

    1. Song??there’s a reason he’s gone to a bottom half team in West Ham,he was a terrible DM who had no discipline for his position,his job was never to make assists but to protect the back four which he failed at dismally!!

    1. Ha ha.
      Injuries and being told he
      was a world beater when
      he was 17 has messed
      with Wilshere’s head. Fans are now
      always disappointed no matter what he does.
      Walcott Chamberlain and Ramsey
      only have to make one good break
      or score one goal and suddenly they are
      the next Messi or Ronaldo and valued at 90 mill.
      Chambers when he plays his next
      good game will be hailed as the next
      Bobby Moore. Sanogo after scoring
      goals in the U21 game is now Ibrahimović 2
      whille Campbell will be the next Tostão 🙂

    2. Wilshere is just another overhyped English player like Wayne Rooney who they make seem as if he’s Lionel Messi!

  7. All he needs is an astute discipline,an undivided focus and concentration,a sound awareness and an unselfish ball distribution.
    All this he can develop,if only he can work more and talk less.

  8. Lol… Wilshere for CDM for Arsenal??? … Although he’s good with his passes n other stuffs i dont tink he has the physical attributes to play in that role….

  9. Wilshere does not work in that position at the moment, he will end up losing the ball and committing fouls too often. His skills are in his runs and passes when attacking and he will naturally find himself out of position.

    If he wants to play as CDM he will have to bulk up, simplify his game and have much more discipline but it could be a wise move for both his international and club careers as Arsenal and England are crying out for a CDM.

  10. Finally some realistic honest fans on here, no way can he play that role ppl forget pirlo has/had the likes of gattusso,de rossi etc tough tacklers also in midfield with him to do dirty work. Who have arsenal got? Arteta,ramsey,santi,ozil realy!!!!!
    Pirlo was one of a kind lets leave it at that.

    and plz lets not get too carried away with ramsey yes he had a brilliant season last year, but lets not put him up there in the “world class bracket” just yet. Hes got to do it for a good 2,3 years atleast to be considered world class, consistency is key.

    Big test saturday at all cost a win or draw, MUST NOT LOSE GAME.

    1. Waoh! I get ya. Just like Diego Costa has done it for the past 3 seasons? And you consider him a world class. When Rvp was leaving, you considered us loosing a world class player. Huh?

  11. Never mind this Ramsey’s injured now, another ankle injury, bloody artificial pitch!
    Hopefully it’s not too bad.
    Jack Pirlo? Come on really!
    Jack needs to be box to box or further up the pitch. He doesn’t have the defensive awareness or pace to sit back and cover.

  12. Let Wenger try him there and it will be raining goals behind him as he misplaces passes and causes free kicks due to his poor tackles.

  13. @Dee@ease

    No offense, but every time I want to place a comment, you have already clearly stated what I am about say…!!

    Reach Pirlo level? Not a chance !
    We are talking about discipline, hard work, commitment, sacrifice and union… He is 22yo and you can clearly see he has no knowledge about those words.

    Yes, another overrated and overhyped English footballers (since talent is so rare in this country) who thinks he already made it.

    The best player in the team are Welsh, Chilean, Spanish and that’s about it. The rest is just for show and make the numbers.

  14. The only possible Pirlo is Cazorla.
    The perfect line up would of been:Fabianski-he should of been #1
    We’ll beck,Giroud,Walcott

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