Can Wilshere really inspire Arsenal to seal Champions League spot?

After the latest on pitch disappointment from Arsenal, which saw the Gunners fail to break down an obdurate Sunderland side and head back to north London with just a point, Arsene Wenger admitted that he was worried that the Gunners could fail to finish in the top four and make it into the Champions League.

But as well as the problems and pressure that have come from our latest match, there was a big positive for Arsenal in the shape of Jack Wilshere, as the England international star came on to kick his first ball in anger since before the start of the current season.

As well as wanting as many minutes as possible on the pitch to prove his fitness and form to Roy Hodgson ahead of Euro 2016, Wilshere was reported in The Mirror saying that he is desperate to help the Gunners secure that top four finish that has been ridiculed in the past but which every club in the Premier League sees as a huge prize.

He said, “I’ve got another week’s training, I feel fitter, sharper and we will go again next weekend. Now it’s interesting, we still feel we have the quality (to reach top four).

“We’ve got Norwich at home, a game we feel we can win then it will come down to the game after that with Man City away which is going to be massive, we know that we will have to be ready when that comes.

“I said to the boss after my third game for the under-21s that I felt good, I spoke with the boss, said I was ready, he agreed and he put me in to come to Sunderland.

“The boss is not one just to put you in. He has to feel you are ready. It was great to be back on the pitch again.

“For me personally, it was massive to be back in the first team again. You can play, you can train, be involved with the under-21s but out on the pitch is where it matters most.”

I personally feel that Jack could have a big say for Arsenal over the next three games, just as he did when coming back from injury at the end of last season, but do you think Wenger will put his faith in the 24-year old from the start next week? Or do you think the boss will stick with the same side that struggled in Sunderland?

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  1. But Wilshere can’t inspire or help himself to stay fit…

    How I wish the title reads:”Can Wilshere really inspire Arsenal to seal the EPL”??…

    Having said that, I hope Wilshere starts against City at the Etihad,with Elneny and Coq behind him..wanna see how he will perform…


  2. It’s a challenge even for jack to remain fit and healthy, so him inspiring us to get a top four spot is a tall ask!

    1. Don’t want to sound like an a … e but yes please sell him while he is on his 2 feet, Injury prune, smoking like a chimney, talent…. well there somewhere……. how low are we that we are now placing hopes in this fella

  3. Some of this articles (titles) are as annoying as Wenger…

    1. Leicester (Champions)

    2. Tottenaham

    3. Mancity

    4. Arsenal (Yay, we finally won our trophy again. We missed out on it last season)

    Next Season: With Wenger, just press the repeat button….

  4. It is great to see jack back. Whilst we were paying off stadium debt top four finish was vital, otherwise we woud have to sell even more players. Some may laugh at the “wenger trophy” but i doubt they could name one good player in european pfofessional football who does not want to play in the CL. if Jack can help us secure it then great, but he needs to stay injury free.

    Personally I think Wenger will leave at end of season, CL football will be more attractive to attract new manager and players. One problem will be Kroenke, prospective managers and players will have read that he does not want to win championships. Same goes for existing players.

  5. I had a vision of these 3 men taking arsenal to the future:
    1 Diego simeone
    2 Alisher usmanov
    3 David dein

    1. David Dean lol, he is even older than wenger 72 years old if I am not mistaken.

      We don’t need to wheel out the old timers. We need to get fresh blood. I read people saying we want our arsenal back and I wonder exactly what era they want back? Do they want back the period before the first double? When we went 17 years without a trophy and 18 years without winning the league. Or may be they want the arsenal from the period after the first double? when again we went 18 years without winning the league, collecting just 1 fa cup and almost getting relegated. Or perhaps it was that period of 9 years from 1986 when we won the league twice, the fa cup once, the league cup twice and the cup winners cup, but played the most boring football the world has ever seen, more often than not finishing outside the top 6

      No my bet is that they want “their arsenal back” from the period when arsene wenger was manager, that period where wenger collected 6 fa cups and 4 league titles including 2 doubles, went through a whole season without losing a league game and delivered a top 4 finish every season, and always finishing above spurs.

      I do not want Stan kroenke at my club and only if he goes will it be worth replacing wenger, but give me my arsenal back? Just becareful what you wish for and define clearly which arsenal that is?

      1. Yeah, you are one of those people. Always holding us to the past. And what has happened since you last won the epl? What have you done in the champions league being in it for the past ……you know when????????????

  6. OT, the scoota advert is back again making this site virtually unviewable on my ipad. I understant from previous posts that I am not alone with this problem.

    1. Who is thumbing this down, must be trolls. I have tried emailing admin but had no response. The advert covers 95% of the screen,

      1. I believe this is a malware on your phone. We have 25000 visitors a day and only two have complained about it…..

  7. It seems that any negative comments about Arsene Wenger is not posted…
    Bias like the all Arsenal structure…
    Like I said before, in order to get where we really want to be, we will need a TOTAL cultural change from the board, the managerial core and the fans attitude and thinking…

    Mediocrity has become an institution in this club, sadly….!!

    1. @lockay
      Every post for the past few months are filled with negative AW comments. What more is there to add?

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