Can you believe that Samir Nasri wanted to rejoin Arsenal?

Samir Nasri refuted any claims that he asked for a return to Arsenal. There were reports going around that the French attacking midfielder approached his former Arsenal boss with a view to get back to the Emirates stadium.
The report claimed that the former Gunner is now unsettled at Manchester City and spoke to Arsene Wenger. But Nasri sought to quash any such rumours by taking to Twitter. He posted two messages on his official account to say that the reports had nothing to do with him.

How true is this bizarre story? The story claimed that the 28-year-old Nasri has been told by Wenger that the Gunners squad is packed with creative midfielders. And that he would be surplus to his current requirements. This could be true because Wenger is surely blessed with many midfielders in his squad now. That’s not the question. The real question was if Nasri actually asked for a return.

Nasri played for Arsenal for three seasons between 2008 and 2011 during which he represented the club 125 times. His transfer to Manchester City was acrimonious and most of the club supporters can never forgive him for the circumstances. The transfer was unforgivable for most of the fans because Nasri proclaimed that he moved to City joining a club with “more passionate” fans, and of course the old nugget “I want to win trophies”. No mention of his 150,000 a week contract then?.

City are expected to freshen up their midfield this summer. The squad was ridiculed for lacking new ideas and new recruits are being lined up to take City to the next level. Paul Pogba, Kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling are just some of the names that are being linked up with Manuel Pellegrini as he looks to ramp up the squad and challenge for honours next season.

It was almost confirmed by the club sources that Nasri would be one of the first to be sold. He had very little game time for City last season though he made 29 appearances for the club in all competitions. It was significantly lesser than the games he could get in the previous three campaigns.

Nasri may have won two Premier League winners medals with City but is now close to an exit. But, this in no way guarantees that he would look to get back to Arsenal. Even if he would like to, Wenger may not want him back. Even if Wenger would agree, there is every chance that a majority of Gunners fans will not welcome him back.

What do you think? If this is a true story, will Nasri be welcomed at the club? Is his exit easy to be forgiven?


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      1. Chi-chi-chi-le-le-le Viva CHILE! Alexis you’re veins must be as cool as ice haha! So deserved! Trust Gonzalo to flop for Argentina once again.

    1. Words came out from your mouth is belong to your listeners. Samir Nasri will join Adebayor, Cole, RVP, and Fabregas in Arsenal history book chapter “Traitors”.

  1. He is welcome together with van persie they can help us win the title.Anybody can make mistake not like they are murderers,they contributed to our fourth trophy record.I appreciate also their wining mentality even king henry left us and we love him,once gunner always a gunner!

  2. But Alexis is playing so well while Messi is quiet. Please Alexis, get the trophy. You are Arsenal man. Who is mentioning Nasri here? Please give me a break.

  3. Hleb and Nasri are two similar players. Great control with the ball and skillful. They made a mistake leaving Arsenal. Hleb admitted He made a mistake and Nasri Career is going down the drain. Having said that’, This article is irrelevant!

    1. with some of our luck maybe Wenger had already agreed to bring him in and was only waiting for the copa to be over hahahahha

  4. Alexissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Love you man.. no homo..

  5. And my Alexis Sanchez won. So happy. Was he not contributing better than Messi in the match? Please bring the form back to Arsenal. You won fair and neat. Bravo. Please Wenger get another Chilian.

      1. Gary Medel?
        what a working machine!!
        And breaks every freakin play!!
        where does he play?



  7. YESSS SANCHEZZZZ! Brings home Chile’s 1st Copa :). And Higuain flops AGAIN, who would pay big money for this guy, sorry….

  8. adebayor and nasri are two players who betrayed arsenal the most…despite leaving in a negative style they went on to talk negatively about arsenal in interviews..if any manager welcomed him back i would curse him…i loved Nasri most but now hate him most in soccer arena.

    1. I personally feel most aggrieved about van persie. This was a player who had struggled for fitness in a number of seasons since joining and only showed true value a season and a half before he left for man u… AS OUR CAPTAIN. I was equally annoyed at Wenger but it was just straight disrespectful that a player Wenger brought in at 21 kept even though injury prone, which no other top four club would have done, developed into a world class striker and then goes to our biggest rival citing the fact its an honour to work with ferguson and we weren’t showing ambition. He should have been thankful he wasn’t dumped by us years prior because god knows where he could have ended up the ungrateful tw#t

    2. Arsenal wanted to sell Adebayor. V.Persie, Fabregas and Nasri betrayed us because it was their choice to leave. Wenger wanted to extend Nasri and V.Persie contract but they refused. Fabregas took pay cut and refused to train to join Barca.

  9. Super Sanchez can win us the bpl and UCL singlehandedly.

    #Arsene triple his wages!!!!!!!

  10. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side Nasri. Probably the one player i’m happy with not being a gunner anymore. He needs to grow up and learn some respect. No longer in the french national team anymore and guessing how City do things, soon to be replaced by the nest “big thing” Downhill from now on?
    Truth or not we moved on and we replaced him well.

  11. Nasri won 2 titles at City.
    Like all the others who
    left he knew he would never
    win a title at Arsenal and
    he was right.
    May be he wanted to come to
    Arsenal, and cruise because at Arsenal
    there is no pressure to win any thing.

  12. Argentina v Chile
    another snooze fest.
    0-0 after two hours.
    All that talent can’t score even one goal.
    Players should be ashamed of themselves.
    Boring!!! Complete waste of time.
    Better to play 7 aside
    10 mins each way in extra time.

  13. There is no way Nasri would want to join Arsenal because he would have to take 30-40k pay cut.

  14. Feel really sorry for Higuian. This would be second crucial spot kick he’ll miss? Good player but poor at penalties :'(

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