Can you make money by backing Arsenal in every game?

Think about the profit/loss record before backing Arsenal blindly by Ben

The Champions League final and the Europa League final will be all English affairs and that means we can expect fans from all four clubs to be placing a significant number of bets on their team.

Liverpool fans will be very confident that they will lift the Champions League trophy but fans of their opponents Tottenham will be just as confident even if they are significant underdogs.

The Europa League final, in terms of the betting odds, will be a much closer affair between Chelsea and Arsenal and again, you just know that the fans from the respective clubs will go in heavily backing their own team.

And that has got me thinking, does it pay to support your team blindly in every game or is it the quickest route to the bankruptcy court and divorce.

Of course, the fans from the four finalists will back their teams regardless but how many of them even know if it is a profitable exercise or not to back their own team in every game they play.

Well, those guys over at Betway have produced a fantastic video highlighting which Premier League club would have made you a profit if you would have backed them to win in every game throughout the season to a £10 stake and it makes for some very interesting viewing.

For me personally, I was most interested in the Arsenal figures and depressingly I would have made a loss of £12.90 over the season using a £10 stake backing the Gunners to win every game.

But the thing is this, why back your team blindly week in week out? It makes far more sense to be selective in both match selection and finding value.

This graphic from Betway gives a perfect illustration of how one can maximise their returns when choosing the right match.

BBC Football

Once you have concluded your analysis then go to a well-respected sportsbook like Betway to identify the best odds and take the long term view with sensible staking, that is the far better option than just betting blindly week in week out. It can be profitable if you are lucky but it really is fraught with risk and not what I would recommend doing.

As an example, logic tells me that backing Arsenal away at Manchester City is probably not the wisest move and backing them at home against Chelsea surely was.

You should also consider the other type of betting options available to you outside the simple win/draw/loss markets. There are goals markets, bookings, time of goals, first goalscorer, correct score and so much more for your consideration and if you want to make your betting pay then it is the more astute thing to do to be selective in your betting.0


  1. gotanidea says:

    We all know the famous Calciopoli scandal, that relegated Juventus, Fiorentina and Lazio to Serie B. I suspect Serie A is still rigged, because Juventus are benefited a lot by the officials’ decisions in the field, as what Man United had in the past during Ferguson’s era

    In developing Asian countries, the match fixing is an open secret

    Do you guys think it is possible to rig EPL games? I wanna bet, but I’m afraid some EPL games are rigged like Serie A in the past

    1. Jezzy says:

      “Do you guys think it is possible to rig EPL games?” Singular games aren’t outright rigged, it’s more the results across an entire season. You know how certain teams always seem to get favourable decisions? That is this type of match fixing in action. If they want certain teams to do well then their direct rivals will suffer poor decisions as a consequence (as is the case with Arsenal).

      Because it is not done on a singular game basis this is what makes it so hard to prove. In case you didn’t realise, this is exactly how it happened in Italy, and the only way it was proven was via phone taps.

  2. Drew says:


  3. Nayr says:

    allegri fired as juventus coach.

    niko kovac to leave bayern munich.

    sarri to leave chelsea after europa final.

    alot of managerial merry go round.

    glad we have unai emery,he was the only one willing to work with a limited budget.
    lets give him a chance.

    1. Sue says:

      I’m surprised at Allegri…. you forgot to mention the greatest manager ever – Tony Pulis ??? I can’t stand that man!!

  4. jon fox says:

    You are correct of course but we have free choice whether or not we wish to use the betting sites Pat, the admin, makes money from advertising on his site. Betting is not illegal in Britain and though it is well to warn naive folk, as you have rightly done, ultimately the decision to bet or not is their own personal choice. I write as a pro bettor who makes money by betting , though I both back and lay (or the reverse). I am in reality a trader buying and selling odds and you need both a keen and quick brain and lack of bias to make money that way.

  5. Declan says:

    It’s a mugs game, especially if you rely on sentiment.
    Unless you know what you are doing, like @jon or my Dad, don’t bother.

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