Can Zlatan do for Arsenal boss what RVP did for Fergie?

There is only one man who really knows if things would have been different if Arsenal had refused to sell our striker Robin van Persie to Premier League rivals Man United or if the Dutch centre forward had not had such a storming first season at Old Trafford.

I have a suspicion, though, that Sir Alex Ferguson might have given it one more year at least as he wanted another title or a major trophy to step aside on a high. And I reckon the same could be true of our own long serving manager. I don’t think we will find out this summer though, because Arsene Wenger needs a minor miracle if he is to get his hands on the EPL trophy again at the end of this season.

The Frenchman does still have a year left on his current contract though and as another year without the title would have us fans driven to distraction, perhaps the boss should be looking for a player that can do for hom what the little boy did for Fergie.

How about the PSG and Sweden star Zlatan Ibrahimovich? He proved once again last night, setting up the French champions first and scoring their second to cap a top performance against Chelsea, that he is still a class act and he is apparently available ion a free contract this summer and is looking at a stint in the Premier League.

Not only is the Swede a brilliant footballer, he is a winner. Since winning the Dutch Eredivisie with Ajax in 2002, Zlatan has claimed a Champions medal 12 times and is set to make that 13 at the end of this season. He has done it with six different clubs in four different countries and would surely bring a much needed winning mentality to north London.

So should Wenger be giving the big man a call?

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    1. ofcourse he can ,question is,is Wenger even interested? of course not, why sign zlatan when we have sanogo? Wenger logic for you

      1. Even if he signed him he will still play him as CDM and claim he’s very strong that’s why thinks he better suited that position. #WengerOut for good.

        1. in the past 19/20 years we have been linked with many World Class players who now will not join Arsenal for reasons and Zlatan was one of them, in fact he felt insulted by AW,

          But saying that AW should swallow his pride and beg Zlatan to join Arsenal if not for his goal scoring abilities but for his hunger and experience of wining trophies,

          And it will be a fantastic team and opportunity for Zlatan because of the amount of service he will get to score goals at Arsenal

          in fact i would give him the captains arm band if he joins us

          1. We have been linked to many and then the board refused to pay for them so some simple fans blame Wenger even though the evidence is clear to read that Gazidis and Silent Stan are the variables at fault.

            Malaga only paid £18mil for Cazorla and then we got him due to financial issues at Malaga.
            Why did we miss out on him? We only offered £16 mil while he was finally sold for £18mil.

            Wenger paid over the odds for Nasri who had just resigned so I doubt it was Wenger who thought “ooh, £2mil is too much to pay”…

            We have been linked to top players but I seriously doubt Wenger has said no to them or refuses to pay a couple million more, he has never shown that ignorance in the past so it leads to the question of !WHY?!

            Sometimes it is the board that stops the manager from getting who he likes or who he wants, sometimes the fans need to blame the board so we don’t end up losing Wenger and having him replaced by the head of Barclays… Well profit is all Silent Stan cares about…

            1. “even though the evidence is clear to read that Gazidis and Silent Stan are the variables at fault” : how do you know this? you have inside info?

        2. Lol……really hilarious. Wenger wud say d pace of epl is too much for his tired legs nd his experience nd vision wud be more useful at d midfield. Tired of these logics.

        3. That is why Wenger tried to sign Zlatan as a kid and he was going to be a CF but Zlatan turned Arsenal down as he doesn’t do trials.

          Your are are idiotic.
          At least my opinion has a foundation based on the truth, yours is a opinion based on stupidity and a lack of ability to think for yourself.

          Gazidis and Silent Stan are the issue, how about we all target the real issue and not just an employee who will be replaced by an accountant if us fans complain too much and force Silent Stans hand.

      2. Gazidis logic.
        Gazidis is the one who says no to big transfer fees.
        This site has even done an article about when Gazidis said Wenger had no clue about player value…
        Strange that Gazidis should say that while Dein use to just get who-ever Wenger wanted and that resulted in Arsenal breaking their own record numerous time with Wenger and Dein.

        Wenger even broke the Arsenal transfer record in a Jan to buy Arshavin and he paid extra to get a Nasri who had just resigned a new contract to force Arsenal to pay more… and Wenger did without question.

        Your ignorance is an insult to all human kind, how can someone be so thick?

        1. “Gazidis is the one who says no to big transfer fees.”: please point us to the article which says this.

          ADMIN: midkemma twice direct insult :
          “Your ignorance is an insult to all human kind, how can someone be so thick?”
          “yours is a opinion based on stupidity and a lack of ability to think for yourself.”

    1. Completely agree, sure he tears it up in the CL whereas others become a shell. What I like too is his height and strength and how he uses it. He brings me back to when we had huge opposing figures in the tunnels and players were scared before we even started. Our strikers and all the way through were like this, would love to see Zlatan standing in the tunnel wearing a Gunners top. Must admit though, I am more keener on signing him now than when rumors started two or three seasons ago, I think it’s because of the difficulty we have in bringing in players like the ones of old.

  1. Giroud will bench him for sure, no doubt …
    Here is the possible scenario:
    Ibra will confront Giroud in the dressing room … Sooner you will have a WWE fight between the biggest bullies … A trial by combat …
    In this situation my advise to other players is to evacuate the dressing room immediately …

      1. You can’t say that the man doesn’t love the game though – And which footballers do not have money as a top priority? You say that like he is an Adebeyor, this dude loves scoring he loves assisting/playing and he loves himself way too much to ever become an Adebeyor.

        1. @Trevor
          I say it like it is. Dude is 34. He probably has a couple years left in him. BPL defenders will have fun with him though…
          I never questioned his love of the game. I lived in Sweden when he was just breaking through for Malmoe. He is a deadly striker in his own right. But he ain’t coming to the BPL because he likes it. He’s coming for that last good payday…

          1. For a last payday – USA or UAE are better, I think he still has something to prove and would like a big check to go with it.

            1. @JimBeam
              He might get paid good in UAE, but the MLS will never pay him anywhere near what Chelsea, City or Pool might pay him. The Chinese are the new big spenders though. Turkey also…

    1. Chelsea NO WAY because of the obvious no Champions league next year and MAN-U could be the same lets see.

  2. My answer is hell yes, Ferdie was completely right with this call. Arsenal need a different kind of personality to what we usually buy. For me, you can’t find a bigger personality in the game than Zlatan. Even his – Zlatan doesn’t do trials, tells you a great deal. I don’t care about would we get one season or two seasons, the man just has so much talent and finishing abilities that to not partner him with Ozil Alexis Cazorla would be a crime. He is a free, personally I do not see it as a risk and it would help us to sign more big names, something which we had trouble with this season. Zlatan is a joy to watch, not just his goals, his many assists, but also the out of the ordinary and over way your head stuff is a joy, his type of stuff is why people began supporting Arsenal as their second team. Right now Oxlade is probably the biggest character we have of the outfield players – know what I mean without saying much? Zlatans character is perfect for a striker, if he was a defender he’d be seeing red every week, we need this player. All you need to do is imagine if he had been on the end of Ozil & co’s record breaking chances this season, and ask yourself – IMO would Zlatan have gotten PL double figures or chase the golden boot, I think he would. This type of signing is a better resemblance to the type we were used to in Henry Bergkamp & Wrighty.

  3. You have to admit that he is awesome for a player in his mid 30’s
    He still scores lots of goals and can be counted on for game winning
    I don’t see RVP playing like him at 34

    Our Rosicky is also our best over 30’s outfield player and he is our oldest in mid 30’s too
    Unfortunately we may have seen him for the last time with his injuries

  4. Love Rambo to bits, but I think he has been trying too hard to be the superstar he thinks we think he should be. To that end, him not being in the team could mean it will be better balanced than it has of late. I think Joel has done a much better job on the wing than Rambo ( though I’m not sure AW will play him as first choice over Theo). As for the centre of the park, Rambo’s desire to get forward has left our central defence open all too often. The pairing of Coq and Elneny looks like it may have addressed that issue to some extent. So, I’m rather hopeful. I think the league may be out of our reach now, and to be honest, we messed this one up badly. But a 3rd FA Cup in a row is sensational if we can get it. A good show v Barca something I hope to see. Another finish above Spuds a must, and a few more sensetional goals a dream.

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