Cancel, stop or suspend, what should the Premier League do?

The Premier League will have a big decision to make very soon.

The Coronavirus outbreak is directly affecting sporting events and the Premier League is no different with one game already postponed.

If there is to be a break in the Premier League, what form should it take?

Here are the three options open to the Premier League.


Probably the most controversial option available. If the league is cancelled as if it never happened then Liverpool would not be crowned champions and one would have to assume that the European spots as awarded last season would be the same again. You can only imagine the outrage from certain clubs and not just in the Premier League, what about Leeds United and their promotion ambitions?


If the season stops now then Liverpool would be crowned champions but you can take it to the bank that the clubs missing out on European qualification and those that are relegated will be seeking out lawyers left, right and centre.


The most likely option but it would mean the postponement of Euro 2020 until next year and there would have to be a cut-off point, there are still a good amount of games left to play, how close to the next season would they be played up to? Where would the rest be for the players come from? They would in effect be asked to play 11 games of this season, whatever cup competition games they are involved in, then go straight to next season, then straight to the rescheduled Euro’s and you have a logistical nightmare.


There is no simple solution and whatever option is chosen could easily lead to legal action. However, if I had to bet which scenario is the most likely it has to suspend.

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  1. I would say suspension would be the best bet, finish off the league in the summer, postpone the euro’s permanently as international football is dire anyway! Can’t see how football will continue as if one player tests positive for covid19 then possibly the whole squad has to self isolate 🙄 on a better note it was great seeing Atletico put Liverpool to the sword 👊

    1. Ppl have gone into panic mode, the way stick markets are crumbling n businesses are shutting down…world is going to die with finencial crisis before coronavirus. More people in world die by normal flue every year then corona virus put together. This panic state will put bring the end of everything, we need to try n keep things as normal as we can. So league should go on, probably behind closed doors but it should not stop. Life can not be put on hold or locked down. We have already seen worst finencial hit taken by stick exchanges around the world ever since 1987. ….n stop stock pilling toilet rolls for heaven sakes lol!

  2. Finally, I just put a comment on how Justarsenal was not infected & affected by virus.

    Liga is off for at least a month, so far. Because real players had to be confined home 2 weeks even tho not infected or contact with Real basketball infected player.

    If 3 Leicester players are infected, common sense will be to see all Leicester team confined and therefore EPL canceled.

  3. Everyone else: Cancel
    Liverpool: Keep going!

    To be fair, if Arsenal were 2 games away from winning the title we’d be saying the same thing. But we’re not. What are the rules if this season does get cancelled I wonder. Hopefully we dont get a 9th place finish. But I’d be shocked if EPL goes on much longer since players are starting to have to quarantine themselves now… Doesn’t even seem fair either.

  4. You need to start a new website, no EPL, no EL nor CL; what you gonna talk about?

    Confined home and nothing to say!

    Gotta take a break, we got Coronavirus news all over every minute.

  5. Seriously.

    1) Every players should be tested and stay 2 weeks. Can’t be international games, that period makes up the 2 weeks

    2)!Ones tested positif must be taking care of as for any other sickness, Juventus player infected is safe most people do not die unless health issues putting them more at risk.

    3) Beyond outrageous ticket price club charges to fans, in such a critical time, club must use 5 Euros from ticket income and facilitate a supporter kit, received when a ticket getspurchased.

    A kit containing pair of gloves & a mask.

  6. The answer to the articles question will ultimately be settled not by the PL but by what government and medical advisors recommend or even enforce. That is clear! WERE I IN CHARGE, I WOULD CEASE ALL FOOTBALLMATCHES NOW AND ABANDON THE SEASON BUT AWARD LIVERPOOL THE TITLE. To deny them the title would be a monstrous unfairness and though some on here, including certain long standing fans and posters, seem gleeful at their loss yesterday , others of us are not SO small minded. Ultimately lives and the countries health are FAR more important than football. Sober minded realists know this.

    1. It is said that the village idiot and in this particular case the site idiot is the one who goes around telling people they are small minded.

    1. They won’t! if players confined, home is only place they will be asked to stay behind closed doors.

      1. I said that “I think” but you are sure “they won’t “.
        We are all speculating and will see eventually. The government have just confirmed there will not be any restrictions on games at present but of course this will change, I’m sure, in the near future.

        1. You accurate tho, behind close door is what is first considered and in effect, indeed hard to predict next 24h, things pop every hour…

  7. I still cannot decide whether we’re overreacting or not? I’ve worked in the Care industry, specifically aged care, for a long time, and the flu kills far more, yet we never see this kind of panic.

    I would always make sure my staff were well informed about what precautionary measures to take, and that they had plenty of PPE, but no one was staying home, all businesses were still running. I remember one care home losing three residents over a Christmas period to the flu, and I’m not even sure it made the local news, let alone the nationals.

    Please don’t get the wrong idea from me, it’s about survival, and if that means locking everything down, then so be it. I am glad everyone is being cautious.

    But are we going to be doing this every winter when the flu comes around? And surely the entire tube system needs shutting down before the cancellation of any more events, because our many people use it, and being squashed up against each other.

    1. Thirdman I’ve had this conversation with my sister the flu indeed does kills thousands every year yet we never see or hear about it and it’s most certainly not headline news.. of course any virus can be serious for the elderly and vulnerable but I think the hype is causing a lot more problems for people, there’s anxiety, tension, people panic buying in supermarkets etc.. this would never happen during flu season and I know Convid19 isn’t exactly flu but it does still kill a lot of people nevertheless.

    2. The flu doesn’t have a 21% mortality rate with people over 80(confirmed cases). People are also afraid that despite China superhuman efforts to contain the virus, it still spread worldwide.

    1. GB,
      You have hit the nail on the head. Because it is new none of us has any immunity to it. Flu has been around for years and we probably all had it when we were younger, hence better immunity. The elderly can’t fight the flu so easily and that is why seasonal flu is a killer for them.

  8. I know a lot of planning goes into fixtures months before they actually take place, so surely they can just suspend until the pandemic be declared over? Or at least when we know that 100% of active cases of the virus are confined to hospital or home. If too many months have passed then just conclude the season with the current table final. That gives European leagues the perfect excuse to switch to a January start for 2021 and 2022 to accommodate the world cup

  9. By the time that Arsenal are given the all clear to take on Man City for a big PL match at the Etihad, Arsenal could be very well prepared by the time to better take on Man City and beat them to the collection of all the 3 points at stake in the match. This is because I believe the Gunners who will be selected to play the match would have had sufficient time of rest to recover from any fatigue suffered by any Gunner in the team that should give him the chance to recover well and be in premium position to play the best PL football at this closing stages of the season. Which if it happens, Arsenal will prevail over Man City with a win in the match.

  10. As others have pointed out this is all ‘Much Ado About Nothing’.
    Have you ever had flu? Still here?
    If you are healthy and catch Covid19, or whatever it’s called this week, you’ll feel a bit like when you had a mild flu or a heavy cold. Your chances of dying are minimal.
    I read one report that said 3% of people who caught it have died. They didn’t mention that 2% were already in hospital, some in intensive care. This leaves 1%. These were probably in a care home or already very ill. According to the WHO 80% of people recover with no treatment whatsoever. The people who are more at risk, the other 20%, probably already have some sort of medical condition.
    For instance if you suffer from such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and take Methotrexate (as I do) this drug weakens your autoimmune system and you have a bit more chance of dying. Then again, I’ve got just as much chance of dying from catching the flu and there’s no big hoo-haa about flu is there?
    So to answer the article Cancel, Stop or Suspend the other option, and correct answer, is DO NOTHING and carry on as if you were in the middle of whatever was the worst flu season (season is usually Dec to March but sometimes Oct to March). Whenever it was you’ll find that no leagues were cancelled, stopped or suspended although some players were ill at the time. I think the total number of deaths of those players was zero. And there was no fuss about it either.
    So if you are fit and well stop acting like a big girl’s blouse and get on with your life.
    Well said Shakespeare.

    1. My husband also takes methotrexate for arthritis and like you has a weakened immune system. We are in our early 60’s and I know that every time he gets a cold it is many times worse than mine and takes much longer to recover
      None of us have immunity from this virus unlike the flu virus and we are very concerned about his ability to cope should he become infected I think you are underestimating the impact on the weaker in society

      1. Yes, like your husband I take longer to recover from colds etc. than others. However none of us have immunity from the flu virus either as a new strain of flu seems to appear about every 5 minutes. I notice there’s no big deal being made about that.
        I’m 74 by the way and I also go to the pub and play in pool competitions at least twice a week and join in a fortnightly pub quiz, so no need to wrap ourselves in cotton wool.
        Since I started taking pure, cold pressed coconut oil and lots of pure honey I don’t seem to catch colds etc so much these days anyway.
        My best to you and your husband.

      1. Quote from MA ““This is really disappointing but I took the test after feeling poorly. I will be at work as soon as I’m allowed.”
        That’s the attitude to take!

  11. The obvious solution, which will require a degree of European co-operation. Suspend EPL till start of next season. Play remaining games then. Then Immediately go into a shortened 20/21 season, say 30 games. Domestic cups and all Euro competitions similarly shortened after other leagues have taken similar action to EPL for rest of 19/20 season. Back in sync by end of 20/21 season. Euros postponed a year or cancelled altogether. Sorted.

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