Captain Odegaard fires Arsenal into a five-point lead going into World Cup

Arsenal have clinched the win at Wolves this evening to send us five points clear of Manchester City in the Premier League table going into the World Cup.

The game started slowly, with Granit Xhaka taking a blow in the opening minutes, but he eventually run it off and was able to continue initially. 10 minutes later he had to be replaced by Fabio Vieira however.

We looked to have taken the early lead, with Gabriel Jesus being played in behind the defence and smashing it into the side netting, but he was rightly spotted to have been offside when he was played in.

The game got quite scrappy after that, with neither side able to create much space in attack, and there was a number of physical challenges being allowed by the referee. We went into the break level, but the ref did eventually start dishing out the cards, with both Toti and Boubacar Traore going into the book.

We didnโ€™t have to wait too long after the break to get our opener however, with Fabio Vieiraโ€™s run in behind the defence being the key factor, with the midfielder beating the goalkeeper to leave Odegaard with a tap-in close to the line.

The Norwegian then added the next 15 minutes from time, taking advantage of the home sideโ€™s failure to clear the ball from danger, leaving us on course for a victory which would take us five points clear of Manchester City in second in the Premier League table.

After a tough 45 minutes, it was probably important that we got the breakthrough so early into the new half, and while Gabriel Jesus was unable to end his goalscoring drought, we have still managed to continue our fine run of form with yet another victory.


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  1. Jesus became the instigator of our opening goal again. I wished we took the risk to pass to Martinelli in the first half so he could cut inside as Jesus did, but Arteta’s boring game plan worked well

    1. Here you go again looking for negatives in our game play, “arteta’s boring game plan”.


      Arteta set up the way he always sets up, it is Wolves who were playing 5 at the back to try to nullify saka and martinelli.
      Are you pissed that your precious man city lost today?

        1. Taih tasu nu…biggest defender?…๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ—ฟ๐Ÿ—ฟ๐Ÿ—ฟ๐Ÿ—ฟ

          1. IN ARTETA WE TRUST, Give it a rest, if you don’t like Gotanidea post just skip it, must you comment under his post, you are starting to sound like a child.

            1. There must always be cheap agenda on this site. I don’t even understand why people call him negative. He’s been defending Arteta for a long time and even used to talk about how we should wait when Arteta gets his own striker. Today many who have run cheap agenda against Arteta in the past such as calling him an average player which wasn’t even true portray themselves to be a fan of his.

              1. We are Arsenal fans who want to see the club at the top. Unlike Arteta fans we criticise and give credit according to results.

                1. The so called “Arteta fans” are actually that part of the Arsenal fan base, which saw the potential way earlier and believed he just needs time to complete his project. The people who were calling for Arteta’s head after every bad game were just shortsighted.

                  1. Fans that didnโ€™t support Arteta were not shortsighted but saw for his first 2 and half years some awful football and results that were even worse so had every right to be worried ,this season heโ€™s picked up but didnโ€™t forget hes spent nearly 400 million so OFC we should be seeing massive improvement ,which we have at last ,so long may it continue.

                  2. R, so obviously true!

                    It is indeed about having foresight compared with not having it, where fans are concerned. Where some said he could not handle big players and had an ego( a ludicrous slur, of course), others among us could clearly see his steely resolve to rid our club of harmful influences, even where such players had inate talent but would not use it for the teams good , rather than for their own wants.

                    I admit his early results gave me doubts, but I stayed loyal to him and our club BECAUSE that obvious resolve and sense of clear direction was bound to come through, given thr necessary time all new managers need.

                    Far be it from me to over praise the unlikeable Stan Kroenke, but standing by his manager and allowing him real time to build proper team harmony was an inspired act of wisdom.

                2. @HH And that’s exactly where you go wrong.

                  If you can’t see the bigger picture of what it takes to rebuild a club and you can only see immediate success/results then perhaps it’s best to learn from Abraham Lincoln (“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt”).

                  1. @IDKWIC
                    This is a good point. Remarkably, some people continue to insist that they were right when their perspective has been comprehensively discredited.
                    It takes time to rebuild unless you have unlimited resources. You also need a carefully thought through plan which has the appropriate support. We are now seeing the potential of such a process.
                    Arsenal are playing some of the best football in the league right now and getting results.
                    One can only hope our players come back after the World Cup ready to take off again.

                    1. Thank you David, good to see a sensible take on this after the nonsense that was posted below referring to this post.

                      Like you , I hope the WC doesn’t change the dynamic.

            2. You don’t have idea at all…I just want all the manager given time,transfer what wrong?.. this gota always negative after we win a match….most importantly my name is in arteta we trust from the beginning…๐Ÿ˜

            3. My limited English..if only my English is better maybe I can write an article in English..๐Ÿ˜ ok mate.take a break and enjoy the next tournament..looking ahead for the game Involving our player.

            4. How hard arteta job..?

              1. Manage a team full of overpaid underperforming and deadwood superstar ..ozil etc.

              2.get raid of them.
              3. Make Emirates fortress for away team.
              4. Non negotiable rule
              5. Promote young player that coachable..Saka,martinelli,smith Rowe,nketiah.
              6. The most hard things to do is stick to the plan.

      1. Couldn’t watch the match cos its late here. Though I predicted exactly 2-0 to the gunners. Am happy it came through, going into Xmas we will be 5 point top

          1. Savage, Did he actually say it was “after they had eaten”, as I did not hear him say that when interviewed?

            He talked about sickness but did not mention food as the cause, so I wondered whether it might even be Covid. Anything is possible and I do NOT say it is definitely not food but he did not mention food , unless you heard something I have missed, which MAY be the case.

            1. I’ve read this elsewhere Jon, so you have to ask who is in charge of what our players eat, how it’s served, and by whom. Not the first time this has occurred.

        1. Got an idea who ever read your post long enough will know you have been an arteta backer for a long time, we understand your point. I understand. Even when person like myself wanted arteta gone you stood up saying give him time. I understand that for you it’s meant as a compliment.

      1. Even Arteta says we need to improve much after wins. So it doesn’t mean we can not point out negative after win. Is this platform for only singing praises? If its discussion panel then both negative and positive comments make it interesting and meaningful. So yes, there are still room for improvement as we could still have been more efficient in counter when wolves were pressing us and we looked more complacent in dying mins losing easy ball, which could have cost us when we were 1-0 up. But happy with the win though and let’s hope our player can com unscathed after world cup to keep the momentum on

        1. Agreed… players mind was also at the world cup. That’s why they were not interesting in those tackles hehe

        2. All of that is fine but he is always the first one to comment after every win and ready with a pin to burst the balloon.

          Why not just praise the team first and then point out the improvements he thinks can make the team better. Why always the comparison with city or Liverpool even though we are above them in the table.

          Would you be happy with him if we win the league and the very first comment you see is that we are no match for those teams and can’t continue it next year?

      2. A troll or a spurs fan he is….lol..

        Wolves sat back and decided to play on the counter with their pacey strikers. Thank God we scored first and killed the game with a second goal..

    2. Martinelli started off the first goal after coming all the way inside before giving it to Zinchenko in space

  2. Hardest game of the season. So patient. Martin Odegaard 10//10. Well done Fabio. Well done Gunners.

    1. Odegard was sensational, a lot of our fans under rate him. You see how important he is to this team creativity when he is not playing. Hope Xhaka is fine.

  3. Feels great to be going at top during the world cup.
    Still feel we need reinforcements in Jan for a title push

  4. It’s a real shame that this bogus World Cup has come at this time. It will give some of the other shambolic top teams time to reset but it’s also good for some or players who have worked very hard. I pray that they go and come back stronger physically, spiritually and mentally no matter what happens. Well done to them today.

    1. I think it’s a blessing. Our squad is very thin. We definitely need few more bodies on the team and another 6 weeks of hectic fixture list could’ve derailed us.

    2. I understand your thinking. Nobody wants the momentum to crumble
      At the moment, Iโ€™m looking at a team that are not showing that mentality at all.
      Awesome to feel elated again

      1. The fixtures would’ve heaped even more pressure on Man City. I saw more losses coming for them if not for this break but it is what it is.

        1. Is it possible that City are going to prove to be a team in transition? Jesus and Zinchenko moved on and Grealish not yet a sensation for a ยฃ100 million. Itโ€™s nigh on impossible to be at the top of the pile indefinitely. Some of their finest players are becomingโ€™seniorโ€™

          1. I don’t think those are big losses to them looking at their team. Now that they have a CF there will be matches they may struggle in when he’s taken out of the game. After the break I expect them to come back much stronger.

          2. Yes people seemed to think that Jesus and OZ were surplus to requirements at City, but Pep clearly said that he wanted to keep them but also understood that they were not going to stick around to be second stringers.

            Jesus had been putting up with it for a long time, so with Haaland arriving he knew that he was never going to see game much time and at 25 his career’s wasting away (not to mention his chances of making the WC squad – probably he wouldn’t have made it without the move to Arsenal).

            I’ve always felt that Pep underutilised Jesus, except when he first arrived (he was so good they were talking about selling Aguero, until Jesus broke his foot).

            So you’re right to say they “moved on”, rather than “they were moved on” – the difference is important.

            Strangely, buying Haaland may turn out to have been a silver lining with a massive dark cloud attached (for City that is).

          3. Sue P, I see a real element of change in what was a pretty settled squad not long ago and one orf wto of their regulara becoming “old”!

            I look at Citys away record withjust ten scored from six games, with only three of those won.
            We have only conceded only four away goals from eight played and won six, while scoring fourteen compared to their ten AND from two fewer games. It seems we now also have the tighter defence.

            We have two home games in hand on City and, though I still think we are more likely to finally finish second, the odds on us winning title are now only around 11/4 and shrinking weekly. I am trying not to get too excited but can’t stop myself!
            But we HAVE to strengthen in JAN, SURELY?!!

  5. We are going to win the league ๐Ÿ’ช. Love it, how our rise to top is making most ppl losing their sleep. From retired players to all city licking pundits. I don’t understand the logic behind city us beast no one can beat them, we’ll they have been beaten year after year in CL so why anyone else in EPL can not.

    1. Exactly, some fans here on this page even said city were going to break our unbeaten record this season and that they wouldn’t lose a single match. Some of the commenters here praise city to the highest of heavens.
      Im preety sure they were upset city lost today.

  6. I thought it was a very good 2nd half-performance. As soon as Wolves made the mistake of getting more adventurous we punished them. After that, we controlled the game. The defence was very good.

    1. Yes it was a worry since Adama Traore is phenomenal on the break – if they hadn’t come out of their defensive shell a bit, it might’ve been harder.

      I remember Chelsea buying Hazard for exactly that type of game, the manager back then said that when they park the bus you need someone with tight dribbling skills to unlock them – someone who can beat a man, which forces them to react and once they’re out of position things open up.

      I’m wondering if Jesus is that man, or maybe we need an Eden Hazard type in January more than reinforcing any of the other positions we’ve been discussing here for the last few weeks. I haven’t seen enough of Mudryk to know if he might fit the bill – anyone know?

      When even Chelsea is parking the bus against us *at their own ground* we can expect to see a lot more of this going forward.

      1. I think mudryk is the kind of player who can open teams up with dribbling, although he reminds me much more of arjen robben than hazard – the question is whether he’s good enough to do it immediately at PL level. No idea if we could buy him though, and what his signing would mean for martinelli, who’s been doing a great job for us.
        I’d also say Jesus’s dribbling, and at times just the threat of his dribbling, *has* been key to opening teams up at times this season.

  7. I was delighted when we scored our first goal because I wanted us to score first simply because of the way wolves set up to play. They sat back and wanted to use their strikers pace during counter attack…

    I screamed when we got the second. Welldone Arsenal..

    It is time for every one to take Arsenal very very seriously..

    5pts clearrrrrr. I hope we keep this momentum after the world cup.

    Let’s get 1 or 2 players in January. Stay grounded. Don’t get carried away…

  8. Job done, and so many other results going our way. Let’s hope the World Cup is kind to our players and they return fit and ready for the challenges ahead.

  9. 5 points clear ๐Ÿ˜‚ as an Arsenal fan this is dreamland! Thank you to the squad and the backroom for making this happen!

  10. A huge sigh of relief after that – it has the potential to be a banana skin that we’d have slipped on for the past few years.

    But we negotiated it and but for a few lucky results elsehwere in the last few weeks (City last week and Spuds have had a few, including this week).. we could’ve been miles clear.

    I had to smile when the ref was giving City their usual Fergie time (maybe it should now be “Pep time?) and the chance to nick a win in God knows how much injury time… and Brentford score in the 98th minute! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Poetic justice. Takes back 1 of the 2 they were given last week.

  11. Terrible first half ,picked it up second ๐Ÿ‘
    Again the defenders best of the bunch ,so much better than last year and it shows .
    Zinchenko MOTM for me ๐Ÿ‘

      1. Heโ€™ll probably give the REAL MOTM Marty O a 5 in
        his player ratings. Just incapable of giving credit
        where credit is due.


    1. He got a right second-half bollocking from Ramsdale for the mistake which might have caused Wolves to score.๐Ÿ˜

  12. We’ll now be top of the league until Boxing Day – and actually, with a 5 point cushion… for the rest of the year ๐Ÿ™‚ Woot

    1. Aaargh I take it back, we’re playing on the 26th (WHU) and 31st Dec (BHA), so not quite guaranteed for the rest of the year.

      Brighton away on New Year’s Eve… hmmm. Maybe we should send them anonymous Xmas hampers, use by date 30/12/2022 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. I seriously don’t understand what some of the fans here have with Gotanidea, if you don’t like his views or opinions you can scroll down is not a must you guys reply him.

    1. Fair point. His views are often technically knowledgeable and there are plenty of negative posters who have a lot less useful input than GAI.

      1. GAI has a very individual way of looking at things and when I do disagree – it is at least done kindly. GAI never resorts to being unpleasant so gets the same back from me in response

        1. Agree Sue, the idiotic responses from IDKWIC are just uncalled for. GAI, does have an honest way to put his point across like me and he is right. Some of the football just bores the opposition into submission but while we are winning, we can accept it. I dont particularly like the style of football we are playing but while we are getting results, we all accept it. Maybe it will evolve into something more dynamic.

          1. While the comments on Got were harsh and uncalled for, his constant love affair with Mcity and Liverpool just pisses people off moreso when he is usually the 1st comment you come across.

            The ability to ignore users would do good on this site.

          2. And Reggie, word of advice: you need to learn to moderate your language. You’re like a kid yelling in a school yard using words like “idiotic”.

            And “I don’t particularly like the style of football we are playing”? Fluid attacking football not to your taste then? Maybe you’d like Conte to come and bore us to death with his cattenaccio style?

            When results take a downturn, I expect you’ll be among the first to start complaining.

              1. It’s a quote, not a direct accusation. The point being that if he doesn’t understand the rebuilding process then commenting on it isn’t a great idea – it’s not directly calling him a fool.

                The difference is too subtle for you, it seems.

                Meanwhile, you had nothing to say to Reggie about accusing me of attacking GAI when I actually supported him? Of course not.

                I’ve long suspected that some combination of you, HH, Reggie are the same person – same jaundiced views and you always jump up to defend each other. But then Pat seems to monitor these things so perhaps not, unless you’re using a good VPN…

                Maybe you’re just a cabal of perpetual whingers exercising their sense of outraged entitlement.

                1. No you implied he was a fool .
                  Maybe that famous Lincoln quote-would not look out of place on your posts buddy.
                  Yes Myself ,Reggie and HH are the same poster ๐Ÿ˜‚
                  โ€œ a good VPN โ€œ lols

                  1. Why would I say a thing to Reggie ,he was right about you ,simple really ,and Iโ€™ve been chatting to these 2 for years ,you on the other hand ,if your not sucking up to Pat or the admin your telling us how marvellous you are ,oh wait sounds like someone else on here ,maybe your using โ€œA GOOD VPN โ€œ๐Ÿคก

                    1. Rant much?

                      You really add so much to this forum Dank kit, one can only wonder what it would be without you.

                      I’m definitely not your “buddy” btw.

                    2. There you have it !
                      What I ADD to this forum is my own opinion nothing else,if I want to backup fellow writers from pretend no it alls I will ,and for youโ€™re information Iโ€™ve fallen out with Reggie and HH over the years itโ€™s just that I respect them now .
                      You on the other hand want to control what is written Theres the difference .
                      Oh and buddy where Iโ€™m from means a โ€œNO ONE โ€œ hope that helps BuDDY .

                    3. Seems I can’t respond directly to your latest guano below, Dank, so I’ll do it here instead, while avoiding sinking to the childish insults that are all you seem capable of…

                      It’s clear that you don’t really understanding very much and not only about football. You didn’t detect sarcasm, just as your rants show that you failed to understand other figures of speech.

                      I have to wonder if you’re still at school since you speak and behave like a schoolkid.

                      You repeatedly fail to understand that no-one has to “respect your opinion”, only your right to have one – others are free to disagree with it (and free to believe that you’re an utter twerp for thinking that way). Basically, other people are entitled to have an opinion about you – and about your opinion.

                      But all this has been explained to you before, by various people, it just never sinks in to your grey cell. It’s obvious that you just don’t have the thinking tackle to contribute meaningfully to any debate – your posts are utter drivel, without exception. That is *my opinion*. And according to you, you have to respect my opinion, right?

                      Try not to waste any more of my time Dank, there’s a good chap. I’m not going to waste my time responding to you further.

                    4. Lols .
                      Where youve tried to be cute and edgy as completely failed there old cHAp
                      But good try ,see you on the next one .

  14. Viera has been rightly criticised for his recent performances but he looked a player out there tonight. Hopefully he can build on this.

    VAR has been rightly criticised and it will continue. Head scratcher went Saliba’s way in first half. Penalty all day long.

    1. Have seen them given, but that’s a play where once the onfield official make a decision VAR wont over rule.

      So technically they can go any way

      1. Yes, it’s interesting that rugby adjusted their use of VAR along those lines.

        They used to just call up the VAR replays and talk it throug hto make a decision (fans in the stadium and at home could hear and see everything they saw and what they said which football should do), BUT…

        Then they changed it so that the ref had to state an on-field decision without VAR (he can consult linesmen) and then ask for a VAR review, the rule being that they have to see clear-cut evidence in order to overturn the on-field decision.

        They may be doing that in football in a more informal way – perhaps they should formalise that so that everyone knows where they stand. Rugby is miles ahead of football in its use of VAR.

    2. Agree, Viera looked solid and very comfortable on the ball. Gave me Bernardo Silva Vibe with his ball retention amid press from multiple players.

    3. @Voyageur, why rightly? Fabio Vieira was injured during the pre-season so he did not have time to settle down properly to a new country, new team, new league, new tactics. It is so easy to criticize without looking at the underlying factors.

      He thrives when playing with the best players and it showed today, and it showed against Brentford.

      Give him a break.

  15. Great win today. Thought the game would be cagey, but arsenal control the game for the most part by keeping possession of the ball and nullifying wolves on the counter. One game at a time and another great win.

  16. Nobody knows what will happen after world cup but Jesus ,Martinelli,Ramsdale,White are unlikely to play from the start so they should all come back pretty fresh!

  17. We dodged a golden bullet in the first half, dont let me hear any fool say VAR is against us and biased. Great to be top of the league, 5 points clear and setting positive records. Well done so far, the team, the manager, Edu and the krankies. I thought Partey was an absolute beast again, he is class on glass. Good team performance, all deserve a rest, well some anyway. Good luck to all in the World Cup.

  18. Great performance .. we basically took the game to their side and kept it there for more than 60 minutes or more.
    Jesus still missing the final touch and maybe some luck however he did great and kept their defence working for most of the time.

    Well done MA with controlling the game and keeping outside confident especially after Xhaka’s injury.

    Ode Ode Ode !! =)

  19. Delighted, to say the least. Am more and more impressed by them with every challenge that comes their way. I’m gonna change my mind here and now predict that new faces or one more to arrive in the next window, listened to Arteta mention that they will try. He and Edu will have a keen eye on the world cup I’m sure.

  20. 5 points clear and we have probably had the tougher set of fixtures in comparison to ManCity who have only played two of the big 6 teams ManUtd(h) Liverpool(a) plus Newcastle(a)

    We now have a tricky run of fixtures post World Cup from December to February with the FA cup to contend with too but if we could add at least two players, maybe three at a push in the transfer window it gives us the best chance to cope with that tough period.

    P.s Newcastle are dangerous side and without European football will be a real threat for the top 4, make no mistake they will definitely strengthen in January. Hopefully we keep them at arms length, the January fixture is huge but we are at home.

  21. As much as there are lots of positives at the moment, we’ve won 12 in 14 and everything is looking good. My issue will be the overreaction from arsenal fans after losses. Please be realistic as we are still gonna lose at the very least two matches in the premier League and some drab draws like the Southampton.
    This is football….no overreaction, just be realistic.

  22. We did the job! This squad is still finding its feet. Its incredibly well performing and more is still to come. The composure on and off the ball, the absolute team spirit and comeraderie is so unique to us, we will win the league. Belief can play a huge role in team sports. We believe, the players believe and “Super Mick Arteta” believes! COME ON YOU GUNNERS!

  23. Odegaard is a really unique player, no doubt. There is none like him in the league, as was Ozil in his prime.

    And over Ozil, Odegaard has the right mentality and the leadership to boot, lack of which paved Ozil’s downfall in the later years, despite having unquestionable talent.

    I love how Odegaard presses relentlessly, and yet his presses are as subtle and sneaky as his passing and movement. He reminds me of my favorite quote by Bruce Lee, “Be water, my friend.” He just flows through everything.

    Long may our Captain keep the reign. Ode to Joy!

    1. ๐Ÿ‘…he is my favourite player next to Saliba. I have always been a fan of both even when they were not playing for Arsenal. I like players who have this extra ordinary composure on the ball and can show twinkle feet. There is some thing with these left footed attacking players they look more elegant. It’s been a long time since Santi we have a players who comes even close to him, well he is not two footed like Santi but his ability to come out of tight situation with ball and eye for pass does some what remind me of Santi.

  24. Credit should also go to owners, we can see on amazon series Josh takes interest in the club. He has backed the process, has been in constant communication with Arteta n Co. They have invested heavily as well. So I think most of us got it wrong about the owners or maybe Josh should have had more control from strat then Stan. A big thumb up for our owners as well ๐Ÿ‘

    1. January window. Strong Partey cover. Also a creative Tielemans type. Gakpo or Mudryk. 3 players…..because we will never get a better chance. We MUST get strength in depth. Happy making season.

  25. Well, this part of the season is done until boxing day
    We sit top and 5 points clear of 2nd place

    We are digging in for results when called upon
    We are a playing some great stuff when we can
    We have won 12 big games …10 behind last season total
    I am not one for getting carried away as we still have 24 to go and who knows what will happen in the 2nd half.
    I have tried to stay strong and keep believeing when it was falling apart around us
    Some on here l question the amount of money we have spent to get to the summit but who cares and money alone doest buy you success
    A program to work too and not wavering from it when it looks like it was failing

    People on here know I don’t gloat but to everyone who kept faith, stuck with the manager and team
    Endure moaning and non constructive slaggging off
    Onwards and upwards people
    Christmas is red

    1. Alanball08, I salute you
      The hardest part has been knowing that the unpleasantness is meted out by Arsenal supporters on to other Arsenal supporters – and graphically at times.

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