‘Captain’s table’ – Campbell names three players who should lead Arsenal together

Kevin Campbell has named the three players who he would install to lead Arsenal following Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s removal as captain.

Mikel Arteta dropped the striker from the squad which took on Southampton at the weekend, and was later announced as remaining out for our upcoming clash with West Ham tomorrow.

His absence was made known whilst the club officially announced that PEA would no longer remain as captain of the club, and Kevin Campbell has revealed who he would pick to lead.

“Gabriel and Kieran Tierney are the two names that stand out,” Campbell told the Football Insider.

“Gabriel is a monster at the back. He would be a really good captain.

“Tierney would be a good captain as well but there are question marks over his injury record.

“Gabriel as captain and Tierney as vice-captain would be my preference. No Arsenal fan would complain about that.

“I’d have [Aaron] Ramsdale as the third choice. That trio should sit at the captain’s table. 100 per cent.”

There are the exact three names that initially came to mind for the role, as these three players have been showing their leadership on the pitch throughout the new season. They have been vocal, passionate and communicative on the pitch. Unfortunately we look set to continue without a permanent captain in the mean time, but that could well help for the right decision to be made on who will take over the captain’s armband in the long run.



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  1. For me, the perfect Captain for Arsenal would have been Rob Holding!
    Holding is Young, calm, disciplined, has leadership qualities and he is English!
    He reminds me of John Terry in those 2002,2003 Era!
    Quite a pity he has lost his place to Ben White!

      1. I agree wholeheartedly on Holding, but I accept that the nominated Captain should virtually be an automatic starter.At the end of the day I am not convinced that the pedigree for a captain in Football is as important as it is in Cricket for example when the man in charge has a far more onerous task.

    1. @Vinnie2000, it’s unfortunate that some fans are trying 2 pick our next captain based on nationality rather than on merit. Why on earth will someone even pronounce a bench warmer 2 be our next captain? Holding won’t even captain Bolton where he came 4rm. Give back the armband 2 Xhaka, or Gabriel. And if he must be an Englishman, give it 2 Ben white instead. Arsenal is a multinational futbol club, so stop this racist mindset.

    2. “…and he is English!”


      Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but since when is being English a criterion for Arsenal Captaincy?

  2. To me what Mikel is doing in Arsenal FC is not good coz he is dividing the team first he fell apart with ozil, then matteo not far from that pepe is in the bracket now its Abu. What Mikel is doing has made Arsenal fail in even winning ways so let him not think that his days will also come he was a player he should behave and have leadership skills

    1. Mikel is doing a great job by getting rid of indiscipline, talent alone is not enough if you want to create a great team Arsenal can be.

  3. Gabriel looks the obvious choice as he has the personality / presence and is a nailed on starter. Only ramsdale can also say that right now but he needs at least a full season at the club imo.

  4. As @Arsenal2win rightly pointed out,what is it with some fans,that the captain has to be British/English?using the language barrier as an excuse/arguement.as someone who speaks English as a 3rd language, Gabriel by now should be speaking English well enough to be captain and communicate with his teammates,you only have to look at Auba,Laca,Leno who no problems giving interviews in English only months after arriving to Arsenal.i remember as a kid, Glenn Hoddle captaining AS Monaco and he didn’t speak French,there is many more examples.

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