Cardiff v Arsenal Review – Arsenal struggle but hang on for crucial away win

With Arsenal’s terrible away record we were all hoping for a fast start at Cardiff to settle the nerves, and the Gunners tried to get at the Bluebirds right from the start.

Aaron Ramsey scored twice on his last visit to his old club and he nearly opened the scoring again after 10 minutes, but a brilliant last-ditch save by Neil Etheridge denies him. The very next minute Granit Xhaka stepped up and sent an excellent corner which was met just as brilliantly by Mustafi’s head to give Arsenal the lead. We can breathe a little more easily now.

Ozil could have made it two just minutes later but it was a very poor effort from the German. Arsenal still maintained most of the possession but on 20 minutes Cardiff were very unlucky not to equalize after some defensive mishaps by the Gunners as usual. This gave them a bit of confidence and they started to get at us more, and had another couple of very good chances before the half hour mark, but down the other end Lacazette dummied a pass and instead his shot from outside the box unluckily bounced back of the post.

After that Arsenal just seemed happy to cruise through to half time but Cardiff had a good spell and came very close just a couple of minutes before the whistle. Then suddenly as the clock ticked down Cardiff’s Camarasa finds the ball at his feet in the box, and Cardiff get their first goal of the season. Unbelievably it is 1-1..

The Gunners seem to have improved in the second half of this season’s game so hopefully Emery will work his magic (and bring Torreira on!) and we can kick on after the break.

Arsenal started the second half in lively fashion and yet again it our our defenders who come closest to scoring as Mustafi gets his head to a centre which is brilliantly saved by Etheridge. Arsenal carry on attacking and Xhaka skies one, but Cech only gets his first touch of the half after a back pass in the 12th minute but straight after their first shot (from ward) is also well over the bar.

Cardiff get one dangerous free kick but Arsenal take back control but still can’t get through the sea of blue to get near the goal. But the pressure finally pays off when Lacazette, who has been very dangerous, lays it off to Aubameyang and he puts it in the back of the net. Other than the goal we’ve hardly seen Auba all game! Hopefully this will give him his confidence back.

Guendouzi and Xhaka also get booked to add to Monreal and Bellerin and we will have a nervous last 20 mins.

Even more so when Cardiff come forward and Danny Ward gets his first ever EPL goal with a brilliant header. Arsenal have let Cardiff back in. Can our away hoodoo continue? 2-2…

Finally Emery brings on Torreira for Guendouzi, therefore closing the stable door, but there are still 20 minutes left….

Laca gets the next big chance with a glancing header from a corner but it goes straight at the keeper, and Cardiff are set to crowd the defence again and try and hold on for a point. But they can still break fast and a ball through the centre somehow leave our defence floundering but Cech stops it.

Arsenal fly back down the other end and we see Lacazette take a though ball brilliantly and lets it fly into the net. Not many keepers would have stopped that one. Arsenal take the lead for the third time and just needed to hold on for another ten minutes….

For some reason Emery puts on welbeck for Ozil. A proper winger perhaps?

And then the Gunners decide to crowd out our half and use Cardiff’s tactics of defending deep and try and keep the ball. Torreira is looking very composed and again we have to ask why he is not starting every game.

Cardiff go looking for the equalizer in stoppage time and Morrison nearly gets it as Cech goes walkabout, but he luckily puts it over the car or it would have been curtains for Arsenal.

Again Arsenal have dominated with 73% of the possession but they have hardly been commanding. But a win is a win is a win. Let’s celebrate just a little? At least we are in the Top Ten in the League table!



  1. gotanidea says:

    Cech’s lack of ability to play the ball and the CBs’ inability to cut the crosses might cost Arsenal when they play with a better opponent in the next matches:

    – Lacazette: Hardworking and was very sharp, a predator in the box

    – Aubameyang: Was not impressive as a winger, but playing as an inverted winger made him able to cut inside and score with his stronger foot

    – Ozil: Sucked again as a winger. I’d prefer Nelson to be the right winger instead, but Ozil had to play due to his mega wage

    – Ramsey: Hardworking as usual, but no big impact

    – Xhaka: One bad pass has cost us a goal. Maybe Torreira would start ahead of him in the next match?

    – Guendouzi: Worked hard to pressurize the opponents

    – The fullbacks: Performed decently in attacking and defending

    – The CBs: Have to deal with the crosses better

    – Cech: His last year on the contract and the competition from Leno made him perform consistently well so far. But he has to practice more on the ball, otherwise big teams would punish him

    1. kev says:

      Auba at RW will not work.This is against Cardiff which is a real candidate for relegation.Against a top team any decent RB shuts him down easily.Why are we trying to shoehorn them both in one team?Their best position is CF and no other position.I hate seeing us doing the same thing but expect different results.

      1. gotanidea says:

        He played as a left winger

        Agree that it might not work against a better right back, but Arsenal got no one else. Mkhitaryan, Welbeck, Ramsey, Ozil and Nelson suck as a left winger

      2. Sarmmie says:

        When did we shoehorn them into the same team that it backfired?
        Or which different result are we expecting from what happened when we supposedly play them together? When did we even play them together?
        Aubameyang has started in the cf role thrice this season and he only got better when laca came on, so whats your point?
        This is the first match he scored this season and its the same LACAZETTE that assisted it
        Until things go bad due to them playing together, I only think its best to enjoy the rewards of doing so

        1. kev says:

          What match were you watching?Things were bad.I didn’t wait for Auba and Laca to be played together before stating Auba at RW won’t work.Im not the plastic kind of fan.I stick to my word when I know it’s true.Now there’s absolutely zero penetration from RW and LW due to Auba and Ozil respectively.Its my opinion.I don’t buy into this playing them together thing because so know it won’t work and today is only a sign of things to come.Also don’t forget it’s against potential relegation candidates Cardiff.

          1. Durand says:

            Two best scorers and you don’t want them playing together? Auba scored, Laca scored and assist. Who cares opponents, it’s 3 points and adds teeth to attack.

            Interested what you think is better?

          2. kev says:

            Auba was poor.If Gervinho gave his performance today people will be calling for his head.He has was bad and if he hadn’t scored I’d have called his performance average.Was also bad on the wing under Wenger but stats covered up for him.I mean what kind of team do we have?Players placed in wrong positions all over the pitch and we expect them to do well.I didn’t see anything which tells me I’ll be wrong.

          3. ozziegunner says:

            Aubameyang took his goal well; would Gervinho have scored that goal? Don’t think so.

          4. mobella says:

            Yeah you did say several times that PEA on the wing won’t work out but what i don’t know is what qualified you to make such pronouncement. I know it an opinion but base on what happened into today’s match we now know that having an opinion doesn’t equate to knowing a thing or two about football.

          5. kev says:

            He waa average apart from the goal.What did he do?How many times was he reliable on the ball or successfully beat his marker?If it was Welbeck he wouldve been battered.I was vindicated today.The goal only papered over the cracks.Its a good thing you remember what I said.I’m sure you were also around when I said it takes only five games for us to see the real problem there?
            I can also see that having eyes doesn’t know equate to watching something well.

          6. Robin Vanpayslip says:

            PEA is always average apart from his goals. He has always been. His only redeeming feature is his goals – which he is very good at

          7. Nine says:

            No what game was you watching Kev? Both got goals and one assisted for the other. Would you be making this much noise if it was 3-0? It is true that auba was not and will not be as involved in every scoring situations. But regardless as far as I’ve seen, they make eachother better.So enjoy it while it lasts! What we need to figure out is the middle.

          8. kev says:

            Yeah yeah yeah I expected that comment.He scored and what not.All I said is it won’t work in the long run plain and simple.I say it like how it is and how I see it which may not be how you see it.

          9. Durand says:

            Kev fair enough, true you said it’s only your opinion, and my opinion differs. We’ll agree to disagree, at present Auba and Laca offer more than anyone else we currently have.

            Cheers, and at least we’re both Gooners, that’s what’s important.

      3. Johnny Rotten says:

        Auba has played many years on the wings and his speed and ball control allow him to play from the LW cutting in to his right foot. We are simply a better team with him and Laca playing together. Maybe not for every game but defiyagainst weaker teams I would always play them together we will get goals.
        Torreira needs to be the first name on the team sheet, I can’t understand why he is not at the moment.
        Xhaka needs to sit on the bench for a while.
        I can’t wait to have AMN back and see him play with Torreira in the middle.
        Guendouzi is a wonderful talent but needs to be eased in slowly.
        Ozil has no place in a 433 can only play AM if and when we play 4231.
        We don’t have a right winger and I think the best bet there is Mhki. I would even try Bellerin there with Licht. As RB.
        And We need to start bringing Leno in for Cech. Why did we buy a 20M GK who is an expert playing from the back if we are not going to play him.
        This will be a tough year for us, I think Unai needs at least the next two windows to form the team he needs.

        1. kev says:

          Well I respect your opinion.Auba as a winger was not good enough for a top team seriously.He was later moved to a position that made use of his talent and covered his defeciencies.Sending him to the wing will cost us seriously.But it takes time for people to see things so I get your point.Its all about patience and the cracks will eventually show up.
          Take away the goal and this is just an average performance.I’d even give Welbeck a go at RW.To me as at now I see both RW and LW as dead if both Auba and Ozil play.

          1. Sarmmie says:

            Aubameyang is always average apart from his goals
            And the are other strikers like that, not only him
            Inzaghi is the name that comes to my mind
            He drifts in a lot, cos lacazette moves a lot and at times he’s not in the cf position
            Believe me, as long as the middle and defence is sorted out, those two guys will score well over 50 goals at the end of the season

        2. Neil Sen says:

          Great win. Team are at least showing a bit of fight. Need this year for Emery to know who he wants and what he needs… January window will see some new faces
          Auba and Laca must play together…
          Back 5.. we got great results season before last and allows our best forwards to play in their best positions :
          Cech / Leno
          Bellerin Mustafi Kos / an other Monreal Beast
          Mikhi Ozil Auba

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Unfortunately Monreal was poor for both Cardiff goals; not a “beast” today.

    2. Dave says:

      Can’t we play 4-4-2 diamond?

  2. Sue says:

    Thank you Laca!
    Edge of the seat stuff yet again

  3. RSH says:

    This team cannot defend. Has always been the problem for the past decade! Xhaka, as i have always said is no DM. Take that responsibility away from him. Cech, isn’t ever going to be comfortable passing. Play Leno if you want that. Torreira MUST START. Bellerin, much better than his past games. No good winger to harm him tho to be fair. Ozil… turned up for about 5 minutes. Another poor display from him. Auba scored but can do better. Standouts today were Lacazette, Ramsey and Guendouzi. Laca with a goal and assist and really held the line well. Guendouzi handled midfield pressure well. Continutes to impress. Ramsey, got behind defense alot, put in some good balls, did some decent tracking back. MOTM is Laca though. Well played my friend

    1. gotanidea says:

      Good observation bro

      No real pressure on Bellerin this time

    2. Sue says:

      Where would we be without Laca???

      1. His goal was exquisite. ?

    3. kev says:

      Xhaka is no DM nor is he good enough in an attacking sense.Arsenal can’t afford to rely on Xhaka in a two man midfield because he’s not reliable in terms of possessing the ball under pressure.He’s used as a DM so that he won’t have to be relied upon heavily in attack.All he can do is pass the ball upfield and nothing much apart from that.So since he’s not good in defense or good in attack what should we do?Sell him!

  4. kev says:

    This Laca and Auba starting together thing is overrated.Auba’s goals will paper over the cracks and I’m sure people will forget his performance and look on that.I said here several times that Laca and Auba in the same team won’t work and that it should be one of them not both.Auba is not that good of a winger because he cant beat his man one vs one very well and is poor in a creative sense.Please dont let the goals stats at Dortmund deceive you.He became world class at CF not RW.If Auba was still playing as a winger at Dortmund chances are he would never have moved to a top team.I’d easily start Welbeck,Iwobi,Nelson and Mkitaryan over Auba at RW not because they are world class but because they offer more.Face the truth that it should be one of Auba or Laca not both.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I agree with you, but we don’t have good inverted left winger

      Mkhitaryan, Welbeck and Nelson suck there

      At least Aubameyang can cut inside from the left and score

      1. kev says:

        I’d pick all of them over him tbh.He’s a waste over there.This is even against Cardiff.

        1. Drayton says:

          We score 3 goals with Lacazette and Auba each getting one, they linked up for Auba’s goal, and your reaction is to stop playing them together? Of course Auba is better as a CF, but he can score at anytime around the box, and he and Laca clearly have a connection growing.

          1. kev says:

            As I said the goal papers over the cracks.Assuming Auba didn’t score could anyone here have said “Auba didn’t score but he played well today”?No.No one here could’ve said that.Im not asking you to share in my view or forcing anything on you.Auba’s the kind of player that if playung at RW he doesnt score or assist then it means his performance is bad.All I’m doing is sharing my opinion on what I know won’t work in the long run.Sick and tired of the same mistakes being made.With Auba and Ozil against top teams our wings is basically dead.

          2. Goonerboi says:

            How can you make the argument “assuming he didn’t score”. He did score. That’s what he’s on the team to do and not to provide width. Auba doesn’t make chances. He takes them. It’s the boards fault for starting the season with zero wingers in attack. Auba and laca should definitely be playing together maybe in a different formation but I would 100% rather play both than any of Nelson, Welbeck,iwobi, Myhkitarian. None of those players can finish like Auba

          3. kev says:

            Well that’s your opinion.He was average for most parts of the match as I said he will be.Its not his fault but his qualitues do not suit his position.What I hate is the same lovers of him will come for his head after strings of poor performances at RW which imo should be expected.I’d also rather play Welbeck,Nelson and Mkhitaryan over Auba.He finishes well but due to the quality of our team he’s expected to create some chances from there.Your comment even shows that Auba should be played at CF and not RW.

          4. Admin says:

            We do have wingers. Monreal and Bellerin can hardly be called defenders!

          5. kev says:

            Yet what width do they offer?Mind you Andre Santos was a far better attacking threat than these overrated two who I will be happy to see the back of.

          6. Admin says:

            Are you saying Santos is better than Bellerin and Monreal? Your sanity has always worried me ever since you told me we had signed Soyuncu and Dembele and Ramsey had signed a new contract, and thats not even mentioning Higuain!

          7. kev says:

            Your sanity also worries me a lot.I’m kind of ashamed at your comment.I never knew you were this classless.I didn’t say Santos was better than Bellerin and Monreal.I said his attacking game is better than Bellerin’s and Monreal’s which is actually true.He beat his man very well,had good technique and his crossing was ok.People would’ve liked him as a winger tbh.
            When did I say Ramsey,Soyuncu and Dembele have signed??
            I said Soyuncu was a done deal which didn’t happen and said Ramsey will sign a new deal.I also said Barca rejected a bid from Arsenal for Dembele later confirmed by Kike Marin.

            What about Iwobi’s and Nelson’s contracts,Sokratis,Torreira and Lichtsteiner?You’re a very bias person and a hater too.

      2. Declan says:

        Stop with the inverted winger crap, a position you have made up.
        You’ll be saying next you’re an expert at underwater hang gliding!

    2. Samuel Inabuaye-Omimi says:

      you are so right. during the summer break i kept on hammering to my gunner friends on the need to sign a fast paced tricky left winger.
      when sanchez left arsenal, he created a vaccuum that have not been filled. with the signing of Auba, we only increased quality and competition at CF without filling the vaccuum. we had the summer break to make it up but somehow emery thought it was not neccessary. we have to live with that till january and hope he sees the need.
      We just have to make do with what we have at the moment. and personally i think a diamond 4-4-2 (as in 4 dEF- 1DM- 2 CMs- 1 AM and 2 CFs) with suite us better considering the players we have at our disposal. this formation will allow Auba and Laca to do what they do best as we saw today with the first goal. we dont have reliable wingers at the moment.

  5. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Even Elneny is a better and reliable player over Xhaka. There you go Emery, stop benching Lacazette and keep playing both of em for fvck’s sake!

    1. gotanidea says:

      Poor Elneny might not get any chance in EPL now, because of Xhaka and Torreira

      He’d better move in the next transfer window, otherwise his talent will be wasted

  6. Southwest says:

    Ozil must not play cos if his mega wage, we are better off without him. The board should accept his luxurious weight and focus on the bigger picture. On the wings, flanks, he’s of no good and use for the new Arsenal we all crave for.

  7. No matter how ugly it was we secured the result. Hopefully Xhaka shall eventually find his rightful place on the bench. Anyways, we won.

    1. Sue says:

      Very ugly ? 3 well taken goals though. Now come on Burnley & Watford

  8. Kieron Blandford says:

    What a bloomin mess at the back.
    Ozil is a tricky one as even if he leaves he needs to play to keep hia value up but otherwise why is Emery persisting with cech and xhaka!?
    We’ve conceded the most pl goals against so far and Cardiff had to go and score their first goal for an age against us didn’t they!
    Happy for the win but come on its time for Leno and Toreira!

  9. Uche says:

    Xaka..has no business starting

    Aubameyang needs to step up..he a world class striker

    Lacazete..very strong and making things happen..he should ease up on the flicks though

    Anthony Joshua still hates Arsenal…

    Two goals.. Cardiff didn’t score one was given to them by xaka the other was Anthony Joshua..the rubbish man even refused to blow the final whistle..

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Lacazette assisted Aubameyang with a flick!

  10. Pires says:

    going forward we’r deadly.But the defenseis the weak link

  11. Sean says:

    Going from the 1st 4games we can see;
    1. Cech is too old to learn new tricks, AKA, passing out from the back. Leno should be given a chance as Cech will cost us goals.

    2. Bellerin needs a winger who will help him & as much as I love Mesut,Welbz has to start on one wing and Auba on the other, Ozil is a AM.

    3. Ramsey or Xhaka have no place in this system other than coming off the bench as fresh legs. Torreira made an instant impact again & Guendouzi looks like the best CM we have to partner Lucas.

    4. Laca starts as our CF no doubt about it. Ozil or Miki in behind him.

    Good game, defensively very poor & needs a lot of work. Sokratis & Mustafi should not start together. Great to get the win in the end. COYG

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Sean, Bellerin’s near future until he learns how to defend from Lichtsteiner is as RW, or the bench or a career as a male model.

  12. Jerick says:

    We could have scored more goals if Ramsey didn’t slow down our counter attacks twice. He should have been subbed instead of Ozil. Reason being was because Ozil was dictating our game by coming deep and making some decent passes. On the bright side though, great link up with Aubazette ❤️⚪️

    1. gotanidea says:

      Did not see anything special from Ozil in that match

      No through balls, no dribbles and no pressure

      At least Ramsey worked hard to pressurize the opponents

    2. john hodges says:

      what game did you watch.

      1. john hodges says:

        i meant jerrick.

    3. Namo says:

      Exactly my thoughts. Sometimes a simple pass will do more damage but Ramsey rather dwells on the ball for too long. I know Guendouzi is good but I observed he’s also slow on the ball and this draws the opposition close to him and sometimes leads to errors. A couple of good defensive signings in January and we’ll have a formidable team.

  13. ozziegunner says:

    Defending again a joke. Xhaka is not a DM; Torreira is. Therefore play Torreira as the DM and if Emery wants extra height and physicality in the mid field play Xhaka further forward.
    The defense needs leadership, experience, tactical awareness and discipline, that’s why Lichtsteiner must start at RB. Once Emery makes the switch of Bellerin to RW or on the bench, the Arsenal defense will improve.
    Thank you Lacazette, otherwise another embarrassing away result.

    1. Sue says:

      That was hard to watch!!

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Torriera’s positioning was great, he almost single handedly stopped that first ball knocked back into midfield before they fought for loose ball or broke towards our defenders. He shields it well too, and the lad can see a pass.

    2. ozziegunner says:

      By the way, how does Cech pass the ball straight to Harry Arter early in the first half; is he colour blind?

    3. Kenny Rolfe says:

      100% right Ozziegunner, the defence needs leadership and who better than the former captain of one of the best defences in Europe, Lichtsteiner. An absolute must.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        ?Kenny we’re on the same wavelength!

  14. Innit says:

    Too many complaints
    It was an away win
    I am very happy with ANY win, ugly or not, especially away

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Innit, agree that a win is a win, but not “complaints”, just wanting better performances against a newly promoted club, which hadn’t scored in the 3 previous games. Emery has 2 World Cup playing internationals on the bench in Lichtsteiner and Torreira and appears reticent to start them.

  15. Invisible says:

    We won????

  16. Kenny Rolfe says:

    The things to come out of today’s game is first of all a welcome win. Secondly , this has got to be Cech’s last game. With the ball at his feet , he’s a joke, laughable. Thirdly, Bellerin is a winger playing fullback, can’t defend at all, a perfect example was when the ball was floated to the far post and instead of attacking the ball, just waited for it to arrive, could have easily cost a goal if the Cardiff player had been more alert. Fourth and by no means least, surely Xhaka’s time is up. For a central midfielder to give the ball away 50% of the time is criminal, cost us a goal, could have easily cost us a second with a stupid handball near the end. Lacazette, fantastic, looking forward to a great partnership with Auba. Torriera, when he came on looked different class and has now got to be a definite starter. Ramsey, done a lot of work but again run around like a headless chicken. Got to be replaced.

    1. Sue says:

      Yes I agree Cech is such a donkey! Torreira must start our next match.. At least we won, but God dis we make hard work of it ?

      1. ken1945 says:

        Sue, remember that Cech is playing the way Emery has told him to.
        Of course it’s not the way he has played all of his career, in a way he’s never been asked before.
        This doesn’t make him a donkey however, rather harsh in my opinion.
        What I don’t understand is why Emery isn’t using his new signing when implementing a new system that Cech clearly is uncomfortable with?
        The same goes for all the five new players.
        I can only think he was going to bring the new system with him and, therefore signed those players to help implement it, wouldn’t you?
        The more I see of Bellerin, the more I think he would make a good attacking”winger” with Lec behind him.
        Torre must really start in my opinion, but a win is a win, so let’s see what Emery does next?
        Still early doors to be panicking, but puzzling over his selections that’s for sure.

        1. Sue says:

          Ken… I’m sorry but every time the ball is at Cech’s feet, I’m a nervous wreck!! That was from 20 seconds on the clock!! He clearly cannot play that way, whereas Leno can… so why not give him a go??
          I’m glad he started Laca, as today he put a real shift in & was my MOTM.
          Why on earth he hasn’t started Torreira yet is absolutely baffling…. hopefully he will after the break.
          Like you say though a win’s a win… which I’m glad about, I just hope from now on it’s more convincing… as I don’t think my nails or heart can take much more of this!! ?
          3 really good goals though ?

  17. Durand says:

    1. Cech is disaster with his feet, deer in headlights stuff.
    2. Auba and Laca together is a must
    3. Torreria is a must
    4. Guendouzi still more composed in midfield than Xhaka and Ramsey together.
    5. Laca showed what proper flick looks like, Ramsey take note.

    Lichtsteiner will strengthen defense, and Torreria continues to impress EVERY chance he gets. Matches not for faint of heart.

    3 points

    1. Sue says:

      Totally agree Durand!
      My palpitations have just eased off ?

      1. ozziegunner says:


    2. Tongabull says:

      Can agree more but for Auba and Laca to play together upfront we may need to go ? diamond in midfield with Torreira at the base, Miktarian at the apex, Ramsey and Guendozhi on the sides

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        I like the idea of a diamond Tongabull but without to replace him.

      2. maxi pimpi says:

        Spot on mate. diamond is the best we’ve got for now. we dont even have a decent winger at the moment. our strength is in our CFs. we should maximize it. we are better with a two-headed snake than one.

  18. Break-on-through says:

    Love the way Lacazette only needs half a yard and what a sublime finish. He’s a very intelligent player, its dangerous to leave him on the bench because I could see some bigger clubs wanting to try him out. Aubameyang with a Thierry like finish was great to see, we’ve missed that we’ve been used to walking the ball in, its great seeing such composed finishing at the Arsenal once more. Right now I’d have to liken this team to Klopp’s pool in his first season, it reminds me of Klopp’s early days so we need to just hang in there and see if we can eventually dominate.

  19. ThirdManJW says:

    Downside is that we’re still as bad at defending as we were under Wenger, but there’s been a MASSIVE improvement in our attacking play. We’re scoring more, and creating so many opportunities, and space in the final third. That’s now 8 goals in our last 3 games, 2 of which were away from home.

    1. Sarmmie says:

      Five actually, five away from home

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        I meant two games away from home haha

    2. Admin says:

      4 games

  20. waal2waal says:

    …we did it (we won away), for the moment 3Points as expected from this championship-side is all that matters – *Onwards &.Upwards.

  21. Break-on-through says:

    I’m gonna watch the Wat – Spu game, usually I’d never watch them but I have a feeling we might see a draw in this one.

  22. Gilbert Muhwezi says:

    I am seeing Nelson here and there. Wasn’t he loaned to some German club?

  23. jon fox says:

    My thoughts on the game: Cech must not play again , unless we abandon playing out from the back and the keeper. He is useless, almost Xhaka style , with his feet . Xhaka? I prefer not to comment lest the police visit me. Torreira, why is this man not a regular starter? Lacazette, Motm, by a country mile and must play with Auba, even though Auba is almost as lazy as the man who has given up trying , Ozil. Bellerin is now playing as an out and out winger and might as well stay there as we have NO wingers otherwise. As a defender he is the worst regular choice RB we have had since Santos and for decades before him too. Lichtsteiner should be RB with Bellerin as RW. Our defence is still all over the place and will be until we get some decent CB’s or Mavropanos at least is started and Kos is fit again. Guendouzi is a real talent , mobile and a key player for my money. I would not play Ramsey even though he was better today. He is too slow in passing and destroys passing pattern. My preferred team for next Prem game is Leno, Lichsteiner, Monreal, Mavropanos, Sokratis. Torreira, Guendouzi, Auba, Mykitaryan, Lacazette, Bellerin(RW)

    1. kev says:

      Even Santos offers more attacking threat than Bellerin and Monreal which says a lot.

      1. Goonerboi says:

        Strongly disagree, Santos couldn’t cross to save his life. Monreal is our best leftback since Ashley cole. (Yes he is better than Gael Clichy). I agree that bellerin couldn’t cross to save his life but his cut ins and running into space is expert like. He has 3 assists in 4 games. Adding to the fact that he has had close to zero support from Myki and Ozil who are awful at defensive cover (the latter is and has been awful all round if you ask me)

        1. kev says:

          What are you saying?Santos deficiencies lie in defense not attack.He could beat his man very well and if I’m not mistaking his crosding is about as good as what Bellerin and Monreal offer.Monreal is our best full back since Ashley Cole?Well imo he’s one of the most overrated players to have ever played for us.He’s another player who’s strength lies in defense and not attack and currently or for two seasons now he’s been average in that regard so I don’t get you.
          Eboue at his best attacks better than Monreal and Bellerin.None offer as much penetration as him even evident in Eboue’s game against Real Madrid legends.

          1. Goonerboi says:

            What are you talking about? Santos couldn’t run for more than 60 minutes. He’s one of the worst fullbacks to ever wear the jersey. Yes he fired a few goals in but monreals return is definitely better (i meant to say *leftbackautocorrect messed me up lol) and bellerin has 3 assists in 4 games so no Santos isn’t better than him. He does cross like a headless chicken and is awful defensively but offensively he’s one of the best in the prem. Noone in their right mind would think Santos is better than anyone of our fullbacks in ANY DEPARTMENT. He was one of the worst panic buys I’ve ever seen. He’s on the same level as Jenkinson. Eboue although he was one of my favourite arsenal players ever, objectively speaking was a donkey defensively and only half decent going forward. Bellerin needs cover to help him defensively but besides his crossing attacking wise he has been excellent.

          2. kev says:

            Never said Santos was better than Monreal.Read my comment well.He was a better attacking threat.Fact!That’s why some wanted him converted into a winger because he wa terrible defensively.If Monreal was average defensively do you think people would want him to be a winger?No because his attacking isn’t good enough.Hes good defensively.However, still overrated in my eyes.

          3. Goonerboi says:

            How’s it fact that Santos > Monreal at attacking? Read my comment properly. I said he isn’t comparable in any department he was an awful football player. Attacking wise and defensively which is why he was sold within 6 months and was/is completely irrelevant. Nacho Monreal gets into the national team before Alonso because he is quality

          4. kev says:

            Monreal is far better than Santos but please compare their attacking ability.Santos had skill,technique and could beat his marker even though he was average.Monreal has none of these three things.Some people advocated Santos a winger because his attacking was decent.If Monreal was average defensively noone would say he should be a winger because he doesn’t have the qualities of a winger if I were to base it on technique and dribbling.

          5. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Sorry Kev, agree with Goonerboi on this one, Monreal is our best leftback since Ashley Cole.

      2. Chuky chuks says:

        let’s be realistic, to me I don’t see any much difference between wenger and unai except for few things, one, he is not afraid of substituting any body be it Ozil or Ramsey, two he is not afraid of benching any and he makes his substitution early, apart from these I don’t see much difference between him and wenger. I have said it before and am still saying it that this is not the man to take arsenal to the promise land. I have watched his games in PSG over and over and can’t see that much pressing and tactical game he has been talking about, my only happiness is that Mr fraud wenger is gone and even if unai fails we will have opportunity to bring in another manager.

  24. Ngaa says:

    If Arsenal win or lose Ramsey is a problem. Why? I’m always amazed by many comments on him. Someone said ‘worked hard but …… While the other said good game but’ . For all the past four games Ramsey is the only culprit in the team? I wonder when the fans will realize his effort. Sime complain about hus inclusion in the team. I don’t know maybe he’s not good enough for Arsenal.

  25. Break-on-through says:

    Three players who stood out for me were Torriera, Ramsey, and of course Lacazette. Torriera very assured and made an instant impact. Ramsey worked tirelessly in a Ray Parlour esc away performance, tired towards the end but was very good in first half and put some good work in in second half. Lacazette worked his socks off, got into dangerous areas and made it count in the end. These three had very good games for different reasons.

    Guendouzi promising but allot still to learn. Xhaka never seems to learn. Monreal some bad positioning throughout and we expected better. These three probably disappointed me most along with Ozil who I expected to see a man of match display from.

  26. ruelando says:

    3 nervous points, but for me, we were better than the Westham games.


    – Cech is still having issues with the passing game, will be lucky if he is in goal for next match.

    – Sokratis is not a left foot CB which also causes Cech problems

    – Aub and Laca Combo not perfect but will get better

    – Xhaka, xhaka ……….. xhaka (taking deep breathes)

    – Ramsey an Ozil on the field at the same time is something i really hate, grant you, Ozil looked the player he should be coming to the middle and distributing in the latter part of the second half. Ramsey decision making was not the greatest and needs improving.

    – Torreira showed he is an excellent passer of the ball and has quick feet, still puzzled why he is not starting, perhaps the size issue

    – Cardiff used their body size to the fullest, but it was actually our stupid fouls and errant passing in the midfield that kept them in the game.

    Arsenal is still lacking a defensive structure in which confidence will grow from, we have to start working harder for clean sheets

  27. Break-on-through says:

    Watfod!!!!! yeeeeah!!

  28. Sue says:

    Troy Deeney…. He’s been to weight watchers??
    Come on Watford

    1. Welbeck says:

      Haha I was reading the HYS in BBC and a minority of Spurs fans were slating us because we “struggled” to beat Cardiff. Now look who got beaten by Watford as they maintain their unbeaten start

  29. Break-on-through says:

    2 – 1 Yeaaaaaay

  30. Sue says:

    Get in there Watford

  31. Sue says:

    Thank you Watford ?

  32. Break-on-through says:

    Well done Watford, four in four, crikey, Watford are the new Tott.

  33. Grandad says:

    As I predicted earlier today we scraped home and failed to keep a clean sheet.Pre season and 4 league games in what can we learn from the Emery era so far.Well we seem to be working harder to regain possession which is a positive step forward.Unfortunately defensively we are as bad as we were last season.The reason for this is because , Socratis apart, Emery is using the same players as his predecessor.They let us down last year and have continued to do so.Czech , Bellerin , Mustafi, Xhaka, and Ozil have no idea how to defend and never will have.Until Emery sees the light and plays his new signings including Mav we shall continue to leak goals.Let’s hope our new Manager puts his trust in Lich.Torreria and Leno before too long.

  34. Seng says:

    Xhaka had a worse game from the lot Swiss mystro my a……. He needs to do better

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