Carl Jenkinson wants to play every week (Not at Arsenal!)

The lifelong Arsenal fan Carl Jenkinson wants to do nothing more than play for the Gunners, but the problem is that Arsene Wenger doesn’t quite trust him enough for the 23 year-old to have a regular starting spot in the team yet.

After Bacary Sagna left for Manchester City last summer, Jenkinson was hopeful of being an automatic starter in the team, but he realised when Wenger bought Debuchy that he would be spending most of his time on the bench again. That was when he decided that he would have to look elsewhere….

“It was a big decision,” Jenkinson said. “But Debuchy came through the door for £12m, and I kind of knew a club doesn’t pay that money for a player and not play him.

“I didn’t want another season of just sitting on the bench, so I spoke to the boss and he agreed it would be a good idea for me to get a season of experience under my belt in the Premier League.

“It’s definitely been the right decision for me. It’s been the first time I’ve played regular football week in, week out, and that’s all a footballer really wants to do.”

Jenks has impressed over at West Ham, but his absence has probably made it even harder for him to win his place back at Arsenal. Wenger also bought the young Calum Chambers in the summer, and Hector Bellerin has been even more impressive in his position while Debuchy has spent long periods on the treatment table. If he still wants to play regularly next season, he will probably have to look elsewhere again…


  1. The best situation would be for jenks to stay on loan at west ham for one more season. Then after that Debuchy, can leave ( he wants to finish his career in France). Then we will have two young top quality Rb’s for many years to come! Chambers is more of a CB not a RB, but he is can cover if needs be.

    1. I agree.

      Out: Flamini, Diaby, Campbell, Miyaichi, Podolski
      Loan: Martinez, Chambers, Jenkinson, Hayden, Bielik, Zelalem, Gnabry, Akpom, Sanogo
      In: Laporte, Schneiderlin, Dybala

      Squad for next season:
      GK – Ospina, Szczesney
      LB – Monreal, Gibbs
      RB – Debuchy, Bellerin
      CB – Koscielny, Paulista, Mertesacker, Laporte
      CDM – Schneiderin, Coquelin, Arteta
      CM – Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky
      CAM – Ozil, Santi
      LW – Alexis, Chambo
      RW – Theo, Welbeck
      ST – Giroud, Dybala

    2. Jenks and Chambers very similar. Good attacking right backs. Not the best on defense. Bellerin is superior besides aerial duals. We have to focus on keeping Bellerin. Don’t want to lose another great right back like Sagna was for us.

  2. Jenks comes home this season. We have two RB (Debuchy/Bellerin). They will be injured for 8 weeks each. You know that. We need Jenks.

  3. I never knew a time would come under Wenger when we would have soo many to choose from in almost all positions 🙂 🙂 🙂 …but we need to win the ucl 🙁

    1. Every season for the last three we have had 2 additions raise the level of our squad. Two more this season and we are there. Some you may be impatient and in your fantasies wanted Wenger to spend 200 million instantly, but Arsenal has a budget each year for transfers and Wenger maximizes that limited budget.

      We get two “top top ” quality players this summer, and the world is ours.

  4. I would prefer Jenkison to stay and be our 3rd RB with Chambers concentrating on CB and DM.

    If Jenkison does go on loan again, we should make sure we can take him back anytime we want. He is too valuable imho

    My hope to start next season

    CB- Mertsacker, Koscielny, Gabriel, Chambers
    RB- Debuchy, Bellerin, Jenkison
    LB- Monreal, Gibbs, New LB
    DM- Schneiderlin, Coquelin, Chambers

    1. I just like when Jenks takes the piss out of the Ox. Callum tries but he is too slow to match the Ox. Ox, Chezzer and Jenks talks the most smack on the team.

  5. Come on Jenks stay and be part of something big. You can be a regular in the first team just like Bellerin and Coquelin will be.

  6. off topic guys what would be the best logical result for arsenal in the chelsea-united game?? your thoughts please..

    1. not logical but best result would be for boh of them to loose:-) . I would prefer if they would draw.

    2. Best logical result is a draw. Mathematically a draw does not change what Arsenal has to do to beat Chelsea but draws us a win closer. Man Utd, conversely, will slip to 3 points behind us and will need to beat us/have us slip up in order to beat us. I would say realistically a Chelsea win is probably better than a Man Utd win anyway – I don’t see us realistically beating Chelsea to the title so any points dropped by teams below us is an advantage to us.

      Side note: Red cards would be nice

    3. For me a draw would be best result
      I know a win for United gives us a better chance of winning but with a draw we will remain in 2nd and still have a chance to challenge Chelsea to 1st if we beat them. If we beat Chelsea we can at least cement 2nd. Chelsea also has a game in hand so getting 1st will be extremely hard whether Chelsea get 1 point or 0 points.

      I do not want to finish 4th or even third this season. I know you don’t Win anything for second but being second will give our players belief for next season.

      1st and FA Cup will be amazing
      But 2nd and FA Cup would be decent too

  7. Can a paceless Gunner fit into Arsenal midfield holding role? I think Jenko should stay at Arsenal next summer to fight for a place at RB which will naturally come. But whenever it comes, he must try to hold on to it as nailing down a starting position between Debuchy, Bellerin and himself will be most competitive. If by the winter window, Jenko’s RB defending grade is still short, he can then ask the boss to send him on loan to another club where he will be having regular game time under his belt to further develop the quality of his game.

  8. Jenks is still very young..he should remain patient cause soon Debuchy will leave,look at his age he’s getting old…I love Jenks a lot and be it in our jersey or not,we all know he’s been impressive this season, he should stay on loan fr another season then come back to fight for his place….
    Now this brings me to this i just had to take a look at our players on loan and the youngsters who could impress next season + new signings we’ll get in the summer..i bet the squad will be filled with talents and we’ll push for the title race..i pray we keeping this form and take it on to next season. And bout the league? i don’t think of it and neither should the team,they should focus on winning..even if we dnt get the league i want chelsea’s ass to be whooped at the emirates,that with the FA cup and 2nd place isnt a bad season

  9. I like Jenkinson, and I think he could be a good RB for us, but Bellerin has to be the priority at that position. Both have some versatility as I think Jenkinson’s size and strength lend to being able to play CB occasionally while Bellerin could play RW as well, and could still end up there eventually.

    Jenkinson is still a great talent, but he really needs to play regularly and I think if Bellerin and Debuchy are healthy he would be third choice next year.

    Nice problem to have at least.

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